Monday, December 18, 2006

No more Moo Moo BBW fashions!

The other day I got a response from HoneyBee regarding the geriatric state of many bbw fashion styles she’s seen.

Fortunately she herself is a designing woman who has designed apparel for friends and family. Plus she dreams of being a fashion designer. Aiming to design sexy and exotic wear for us curvy women! Go for it HoneyBee!

At about the same time I got an email from a mother and daughter team who are already doing it!

Check this out! This is so NOT MOO MOO FASHIONS

Jahqoi, exclusively sizes 14 to 28 fashions!.
Currently featuring uniquely stylized skirts, tops and jackets. Also in an excellent array of colors. Don’t like what you see currently? Get on their mailing list. I bet we’ll see lots of fresh, original styles any woman would be proud to wear with ease and comfort!

Strangely, it was just after Thanksgiving I was requested to find exactly that. A moo moo for a size 1X women. And it had to be cotton. Well at least she’s over 80. That explains wanting to dress that way. I guess.

Well I browsed, with vigor, my plus size apparel site’s merchants. Finally found one. And it was not even cotton. A kind friend trying to give me her business!

Still, all lingerie page , aside most of the fashions my sites promote are not especially sexy either. Well ok, some of the swim wear is too some of the swim wear is too. Especially the some of the bra sized swimsuits. Some are, but it would the depend on an individual woman’s shape. There again I’m a shy woman. So you gotta take it were it’s coming from.

This sparkling camisole could be sexy on some bbw. It comes with built-in lightly padded, underwire support cups, in bra sizes 36 to 48 C, D, and DD.


You can learn more about, or shop for, this cotton knit camisole above by clicking on it’s picture. It will take you to Silhouettes’ online store. Among one of my favorites for full figure style in mostly business and casual wear. I admit some of their tunics and dresses are shaped too close to moo moos for even shy little/big ole me.

However lots of their apparel has this nice shaping like this shirred waist dress below. They even have a drape-neck top shaped the same way.

Shirred Waist Dress

And HoneyBee did point out the problem of the shrinking sizes in her blog,
The BBW Princess. Well you won’t find that if you order from Silhouettes. Their clothing is cut broad!

Another place you should be less likey to find shrinking clothing is Argentina:
On page 291 of my paper back copy of:

Mentions that the Argentina Senate passed a bill on June of 2000. It requires that clothing makers make apparel for women of all sizes. This apparently came about because at that point 1 in 10 Argentine girls suffered from eating disorders. Complaints were that stores only carried apparel for thin women. Hopefully this has stopped by now and things have gotten better.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pro Big Beautiful Women in the news and at home

Glamour magazine, on page 161 of their January 2007 issue, points out a disturbing fact. It seems that in 1993 fashion models were a size 6. Now, in 2006, just 13 years later they are a size 0.

Glamour  12 issues

Why would fashion designers make clothing for people of such an unrealistic size?

Fortunately there are plenty of designers who style apparel for us full figure women now. The clothing you’ll find at this plus size women’s clothing store is mostly a designed just for big beautiful women! The swim and active wear at this swim wear store is also styled just for us full figure women! Even a lot of the bra size swimsuits. Fantasie of England does design their swimsuits to fit both full busted and plus sizes women. But their leg cuts are a bit high for some of us. I wear mine with a swim skirt over it.

In the media full figure women are getting more good attention! Tyra Banks has featured Tyra Banks' Full Figured Top Model Lingerie

Apparently Tyra hosted a Top Model Competition for the next US bbw top model. You can bet they all look better than a size 0! The Tyra link will take you to Hips and Curves. A store that features nothing but sexy lingerie designed just for full figured women!

If you want pretty, yet not too sexy, wear for around the house check this out!

Smocked Nightgown

If it came in petite sizes one would be on the way to me right now. It’s cotton! It’s from Silhouettes. Click on it’s picture to go there. You’ll find stylish fashions just for us bbw! But be warned, their sizes run large. Their quality is EXCELLENT! And they do have a petite section, but this item is not in it. You can find links to their Specialty petite, tall and extended sizes by taking their link in the right side column of this page.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Vote Your Opinion of the Size of fashion models

Want to tell a publication what you think of the size of fashion models? Here is your chance to tell Parade magazine. It comes in Some Sunday News Papers. Their November 12th 2006 issue asked the question on page 2. Read about it and cast your vote by clicking on this link.

Scroll down a bit while you are there and enjoy some reader’s commentary!
When I cast my vote this AM the current stats were:

  • Out of 1708 votes
  • 93% felt models were too thin
  • 7% felt they were the right size

This was all brought up by the Spanish fashion designers banning excessively thin models from their run ways. While Karl Lagerfeld says models are not too skinny. So Parade is kind enough to ask us!

And quickly, before it goes off your news stand.
I tried to find this online for us. But I’m not finding it yet.

Glamour Magazine’s December issue, page 58:
Gives us a graphic showing how Clothes DO LOOK BETTER on Healthy Bodies! In answer to the same issue. Designers being hit with criticism regarding models skinniness. With a little creative photo-shopping they give us a good contrasting eyeful. Same model. Same dress and shoes. A few pounds added and the thin one looks like a woman with a terrible wasting disease.

I’m gonna hang that right by my desk where my daughter can see it! It makes a good point for too thin looks sickly.

Glamour has for some time now been running Dress for your size, at any size and shape type articles. And why not. Why should they mind their readers coming in all sizes? Why should anyone selling to the public?

Apropos to real life:

Personally when I was looking for a amorous adventure I held with a line from a Woody Allen movie: “I’ll take the one that eats.”
And from what I’ve experienced, lot of men like women with healthy appetites too!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The pressure to be Thin is hurting Our Youngsters

Well this social pressure to be thin could be harming folks at any age. But to really destroy lives starting in primary school is just well, tragic. And it’s happening.

Fortunately lots of good people have been researching this and what we can all do about it.
One of them is Frances M. Berg. A licensed nutritionist, family wellness specialist, adjunct professor at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine, and author of 10 books.
One of which is:

Children and Teens Afraid to Eat: Helping Youth in Today's Weight-Obsessed World (Berg, Francie M. Afraid to Eat Series.)

In this book she, using a wealth of nicely noted references. And her own over 16 years of experiences reporting research and information on eating and weight. She is the founder, editor and publisher of Healthy Weight Journal.

The book I mentioned on Nov. 6th post of this year. Kelly Bliss was kind enough to suggest this book to me. I wrote her of my concerns about my, then 6 year old, daughter. My daughter told me she did not want to eat because she is afraid of getting fat.

Well I finally got my own copy and boy is it hard to put down! I bet if I had ever tried to diet to loose weight it would have been impossible to put down.

This book tells us that my little girls fear in not unusual. That many children and teens develop some of 6 major eating disorders. To rather long term ill effects, including death. If it does not kill it reduces the quality of their lives. And that is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

The book has lots of other info too. But perhaps because I’m a parent, I’m kind of stuck on this aspect.

For instance it puts in proper perspective the apparently taken to be gospel on diet now by many. That Meat is bad. No it is not.

And that cutting your intake of calories, and exercise will make you the size some height and weight chart says you aught to be. Quite possibly not. So relax and stop driving yourself crazy. Just aim for health and happiness! It’s a great goal!

She promotes a concept called Health at Any Size. Self and other people acceptance. Communication. A normal diet including a variety of foods, avoiding none really. And taking up healthy activities because you enjoy them. And doing our best to make this culture accept people of all sizes.

Naturally this book is largely about what we can do for the children and teens. But it’s gonna help us all.

Here, rather than tell you about the book, I’m going to make it my mission to act on some of the things we can do.

The book suggest plenty. Read the book!

Here I’m gonna put attention on magazines, TV and other media that get my attention regarding:

  • Good examples of all size friendly publications
  • Examples of the beautiful full figure women, Hey I don’t want to be bias against the slender. But I can’t let my daughter grow up in fear either. Besides slender women have gotten lots of attention anyway.
  • Places that we can give our feed back to regarding this size issue, I’ll be posting one of these tomorrow, if it checks out to be true.

I also brought another one of her books:

Women Afraid to Eat: Breaking Free in Today's Weight-Obsessed World

but it will be a bit before I get around to reading it. Well I like to have something to look forward to. I do that a lot. Like to have a little something put by for later.

But read the book. Get informed and start helping yourself and our youngsters today! We can do a lot to take the pressure off people for simply being large. Find out how!

We can make the move toward a more pleasant tomorrow for all! Well perhaps it’ll be hard on those loose weight fast pill folks. But really they’ve had a long run of making a buck selling unworkable solutions. Lets make a better future for all. They’ll find a better thing to do too!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More wearer reviews of the Squeem Waist Cincher

I’m wearing the Squeem Waist Cincher Vest. I’ve provided a rather informal, and rambling, review on 11/23/06.

To see more wearer reviews of the Squeem Firm Compression Waist Cincher and their High Compression Waist Cinchers:

Take this link to

Click here to visit Galapagos Boutique

  • Select "Squeem" from the horizontal menu bar
  • Look down the right side of the center of the page and
  • Select either the Firm Compression or the High Compression waist cinchers
  • Scroll down a bit on either to read the reviews
  • Both have wearer reviews!

The High Compression one is designed to be made to wear while exercising! As well as to make clothing fit better, as one wearer review states.

I’m wearing the vest style waist cincher. For my current informal test, I will not add exercising to my current activities till the month is up. That will be a 1 month test as of Dec 18th. Besides I normally ice skate twice a week. I’m behind in everything else. I can wait till the 19th to begin exercising too.

This vest does make me feel like exercising though. My normal form of exercise had been ballet grand plies. It’s the Ballet version of the deep knee bend. I’d work up to about 10 sets of 10 daily. About 6 days a week.

NEVER DO THIS ON A CONCRETE FLOOR. NEVER. You hurt the pads of your feet, tendons and ligaments in your legs if you do. I did. They are almost always better now. Almost.

It helps to have good posture to do a grand plie right. It’s hard to start with good posture when you are out of shape. It’ll be the first thing I do after I put my vest on Dec. 19th! Makes for strong, springy legs! This vest’s posture help makes this something I’m looking forward to! And stronger legs! Always an asset when trying to keep up with a 7 year old. Ok. I’m 47 and I’m tired.

I’ve worn mine a little over a week now. And during that time I wrestled with my energetic daughter as usual. And moved more boxes of, mostly books. As well as miscellaneous stuff and furniture. From my friend’s second story apartment to our 3rd floor attic. Wearing this waist cinching vest all along. My back still feels great!

I’ve gotta say it again. I really don’t care if it does reduce my waist size in a month or not. I just feel better with this shaper on. So does my back!

But it seems I’ve somehow damaged the poor thing. A stay is sticking through the inside. And it’s still not poking me! I first noticed it over the weekend, but only got to inspect it this morning. Well at least the moving is finally over! So perhaps it won’t incur further damage. Unless it was from wresting with my daughter.... There again I've been wearing mine for an average of 13 hours a day. It's recommend use is 8 to 10 hours.

I may seem a bit too focused on the NO POKING thing. Because once, years ago as a temp worker, I had to wear a back brace for a job. It was the company’s insurance that insisted on this. A vest like this. But did not made to conform to the body. And it’s stays constantly poked me in the chest and legs. I finally gave up and wore it open, hanging off my shoulders by it’s straps. This is Squeem waist cinching vest is what they should have provided.

Another Squeem waist cincher advantage I’ve found:
It alleviates the pressure of a tight waistband! It’s firm pressure seems to distribute the pushing back of my fatty gut. So instead of the slim, single waist band cutting into me, my waist cincher compacts it all back a bit. But no cutting edge feel of just the tad too tight waist band.

Read my informal reviews, and the other wearers. Choose carefully and ENJOY!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Kei This Waist Cincher is Great! And Comfy!

Lets put it this way, it’s Thanksgiving morning. I’m going to a big dinner with lots of deserts, and I’ll be wearing mine all day.

Or I could put it another way. Due to an ordering fluke, a second one is on my dresser. It is the same size as the one I'm wearing. If their claim is true, about reducing one’s waist size, I’ll need a smaller size in a month. If it’s not true for me, I’m keeping that one too! Though this cincher does have 2 hook and eye rows for adjustment. And it’s sizing is hosiery style, height and weight. So I might need the same size anyway. Well with a 90 day guarantee to see how it goes, I’m not concerned.

I started wearing mine last Saturday. I wore it for 11.75 hours. Now I wear it daily. One day as little as 8 hours. One day, the one with my daughter’s skating class in the early evening, for 15 hours. It looks like my average will be 12 hours a day. Because that’s just the way my day runs. Don’t have a lot of time to change. I won’t know about the claim of waist reduction after 1 months wear till December 18th. Till then I’m keeping records.

As for the comfort of this waist cinching vest, the day I wore it for 15 hours. I could have changed out of it. It just never crossed my mind. That night I skated in it, as I did for about 1 ½ hours to first day I wore it. At last I knew my posture was right while skating! I don’t do any fancy skating, but I don’t want to look stupid either.

I really like the posture thing. It makes me feel better. It makes me feel like I look better. And it smooths out my large gut nicely.

I feel better, and for me that’s what’s count. Besides, that’s gotta show in some way. I’m pretty sure the better posture thing makes my bust look better. But I can’t feel the part between my shoulder blades at all. In future, I might go for the cheaper waist cincher without the vest part.

As for the question I had about can a cincher reduce you one jeans size:
I was wearing a size 16, way too loose. Even before the waist cincher. I had put off shopping for a while.

With the cincher on and off, well rolled up, I tried on both sizes 14 and 12 in Levis jeans.
In several styles. It seems Levis is consistent. Across my big gut the difference between a size 12 and a 14, cincher out of the way, is approximately 3 inches.
No. The cincher won’t pull me all that way in. So I went with the 14s.

Why I like mine:
I feel better.
I feel like I look better.
My lower back has not hurt since I've been wearing it daily!!
My bulges are largely smoothed and NO POKING AT ALL!!
Lots of going through boxes of hastily stored stuff at a friend’s apartment from back when my father died. My friend has to move now. I’ve be BENDING A lot, and still no poking. I’ve been moving furniture. My back feels better than normal!!

It does not feel bad in anyway. It does not smell or feel like rubber. Because it’s cotton lined. The rubber smell is very subtle.

Extra added benefits for me in particular. And perhaps you too?

I have a lot of bikini undies I would not wear because they’d roll down on me. After I sat down and then stood up again. The cincher kept them up when wearing it. But after I’d take it off for the evening, they’ve remained up. No matter how many times I’d got up and down. With a child, I assure you, that’s a lot. For all I know it’s reducing my gut already. Hard to get a good consistent gut measure. Yep I tried that already.

It help protect me from the cold wind on the hill where I pick my daughter up from school.
Yet it’s not so warm that wearing it in the summer might be unthinkable.

With that in mind, I went looking for a simple denim vest I saw. I’m a jeans or shorts and t-shirt person in the warm weather. This cincher will look like a corset under a tight t-shirt. Well I was too late. But I’ve got till it heats up to get more loose t-shirts or a vest to wear over my tight ones.
Yes I’m planning to wear this cincher vest, or just the waist cincher, as a standard. All year. It make me feel that much better. For me, it think it’s the posture. I do feel that I look slimmer. But I wear loose clothing so it’s hard to say.

This is most likely to be a just me and my daughter thing but here it is.
We’ve joked about getting me body armor. My little Tigers, (her 1st nickname, and it holds) head buts me. In my gut. Even with her hockey helmet on. That can really hurt. And some times punches me there. Climbs all over me, all the time. And she’s 7 now. Over 50 pounds and strong.
This works. Now I’ve got a little protection! This is my body armor!

So it seems I could go on and on about this.... well it’s that good for me. Some other things you might want to know:

1stYes you can eat a lot in it and feel comfy. I did. I was cold this week. So I ate a lot. That’s what I do when I’m cold. And while I won’t diet to loose weight I do try to eat high fiber foods for heart health reasons. For me that’s lots of brown rice and bran muffins. Pretty filling after breakfast nachos.

2nd Yes it is CINCHING. You can tell when you put it on. It’s REAL HARD to get the first hooks and eyes closed the 1st time. Once it’s on you can see you look smoother. Well I could. It’s in no way seamless though. Think nicely draping shirts. Or vests.

3rd Don't buy the waist reduction cream they sell to use with this. The insturctions say do not use cream or lotion under your waist cincher.

I also feel my back fat is all smoothed out.

Will write more about it if any other benefits of this waist cinching vest occur. And of course I’ll give a report about the waist reduction shortly after December 18th.

If you have any specific questions about this feel free to ask and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

I’m pretty impressed with mine. I’m also pretty cheap. I Won’t spring for a good winter coat. I Wore a size to big jeans for about a year. Waited for the vest I wanted to go on sale till it went out of stock. So for me to buy one of these waist cinchers, and have another sitting on my dresser. While I’m on the brink of buying my daughter her 1st pair of hockey ice skates. NOT cheap, but she’s toughed it out wearing crummy rentals for almost a year now. That just might say it all.

Monday, November 13, 2006

A comfy full figure waist cincher, Yes Really

A while back I wrote about my search for just how to order a waist cincher. I was disapointed by the results I had in previous waist cinchers I had to return. Being poked by the boning and no cinching.

My search for finding out how to size a waist cincher lead me to find a very special waist cincher. You can read about that here. Or you can go to

Click here to visit Galapagos Boutique

and read about the actual waist cincher from the seller. Just use that link and select “Squeem” from their horizontal menu bar.

I picked the waist cinching vest. It arrived last week. I have not had a chance to give it their claim’s test. They claim it’ll reduce your waist by at least 1 inch. If you wear it for 1 month at least 8 hours a day.

Here is what I want to do first. Measure my waist size. Get a pair of jeans that actually fit. Or perhaps wear it to our local Gap, I wear Levis. Then find out if this cincher allows for a size difference in the same style of jeans. You know. By trying one fitting size and one size smaller on 1st with out, and then with this cincher on. OK I’m curious by nature.

The jeans I’m wearing these days are about to fall off. In fact my daughter grabbed me by their waistband last week while we were ice skating. Almost caused a huge moment of embarrassment for us. They nearly slipped off. So the trip to get a new pair of jeans is way over due. I may not have the previous size kicking around the house. They were purchased after summer. For me the season of elastic waistband short. I have given up looking.

I found out last spring break just how loose those pants are. We ended up ice skating every other day. I got from the drivers seat of my car, and the jeans remained seated. Fortunately we were in our driveway! And that was less than 4 hours of extra skating in one week than what we normally do. So you see ladies, we don’t need to diet. Just find something fun to do. Then do a tad more of it!

At present, I don’t have time for that, just yet. So I go for the pants that fit now. Try the next smallest size with the cincher on. If they fit with it, I’ll likely go with that pair. Or perhaps 1 each. Why?

Because that very special cincher is warm!! And I sit in the skating rink each week for ½ hour. watching my daughter have her pre-hockey class. And I freeze. Then I skate for ½ hour practice with her.

Also it does help ease the lower back pain!
The flexible boning does not poke me anywhere!
And it does give me a gentle reminder to sit up straight. Which is easier to do when not freezing!

So begins the tail of the comfy waist cincher. Round 1.

Monday, November 06, 2006

about the Importance of Size Acceptance

Can a woman who promotes, tries and even wears full figure shapewear promote size acceptance? Actually I do and I can.

Here is why. I believe in it. And more importantly I believe in the importance of accepting yourself at whatever size your happen to be. At the moment. Any moment.

It’s important for you if you feel you are overweight. Because it’s better to be at peace with your self. Especially if you want to do good things for yourself. Like get yourself in shape and be healthy. You can read a great deal more about that here at Life & Wellness Coaching for people of all sizes, twelve different Plus Size fitness workouts, and TONS of info on self-care / self-appreciation!.

And it’s important for the children you come in contact with. Very important. They are growing and need fuel from food to grow. And many, including my daughter, who turned 7 today, are afraid of eating because they are afraid of getting fat.

Yes, that is what she told me when I asked why she will not eat breakfast. Afraid of getting fat.
I explained to her that all the growing, learning and playing that she does would make getting fat near impossible. If fact she might not even be able to do these things well if she continues to avoid food.

The first I heard of this, from her, was years ago when she was at daycare. At that point in time she accepted my guidance more readily. She quickly resumed normal eating. I assumed the ladies at daycare, were discussing weight loss diets in front of the children. These big beautiful women appeared to take lunch with or near the children.

Now I am overweight. My daughter sees some commercials. She says “Mama, you should get that.” This is regarding the latest commercials for weight loss fast pills. I tell her, no mama just has to get some exercise.

I’ve read a little about protecting your child from fear of getting fat. This is what I’ve read:
Children and Teens Afraid to Eat: Helping Youth in Today's Weight-Obsessed World (Berg, Francie M. Afraid to Eat Series.)

It seems to be about not giving your child the idea she has to finish what’s on her plate. Or making food a reward for good deeds done. And not putting your self down about your size in front of her.

I don’t even diet in front of me. I’ve been on two, totally doctor prescribed diets. One, for an ulcer like condition, the bland diet. I was not over weight then. I was underweight and losing. Losing stomach lining too.

Then in my mid 20s, in lots of stomach pain. After an ultrasound my doctor told me to not eat any fats. Just for several weeks. Not till a while after he removed my stony, muddy gall bladder. And it worked! No more excruciating pain!!

I never believed in diets to loose weight. Never believed I’d like to try that. So I did not. I enjoy cooking. I like to spend all Sunday cooking and have planned left overs ½ the week. When it comes to diet for myself, alone during my work week, it’s gotta be fast. With an quick clean up.

I am intrigued by shapewear because I hope to fit into clothing I’m too cheap to replace. I figure I can loose it fast enough when I start exercising regularly in this December. I also figure if it took 5 years to get this out of shape, it will take at least half that time to get back into shape.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A great gift giving idea and opportunity

Get some excellent full figure lingerie or sleep wear for yourself using this Figleaves banner below.

Then use the 10% off voucher and to get a gift card at Figleaves.
Here just use this link to get to their gift cards:

Give the Gift they'll never return...a Gift Card - Because it's what's underneath that counts!

This could be just the thing for that certain man or woman in your life who has everything. Figleaves carries quality men’s and women’s swim wear, underwear and robes. Their women’s shop by bra size and the rest of their search facility is the best I’ve found online yet. And they have an excellent selection of average and full figure women’s bras, panties, shape wear and luxury lingerie.

So for the people in your life you can’t figure out what to give, but who no doubt wear underwear....This could be the prefect gift!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Great discount on plus size shapewear and bras!

Now till the end of the year you can go to
and get 15% off your whole order. Just use the code “mist” when you order. When you get to their site you’ll see a 10% off code. That is their apparent standard. Bigger Bras gave me the “mist” code to share with you. And I tried it. It works!

They have a wide variety of full figure bras and plus size shape wear. They also have plus size bridal bustier as well as full busted and plus size swim wear.

Their standard shipping is very quick too! I get my orders from them within 2 days! So you can enjoy the great savings. Look your best in your formal and daily wear. Buy quality shapewear that’s easy on your checkbook for a change! So go ahead and get something nice for yourself this season while you are gift shopping!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From just Comfort to including Appearance concerns

I have never really cared about how I looked. Whenever I can get away with it, my appearance reflects that. I don’t look fashion challenged, just extremely casual. At times eccentric, I am told.

When pregnant, I asked my friend Cindy if I would have to become more appearance conscious for my child’s sake. She said usually the mama becomes appearance before conception.

She and I met when we were 3 years old. She knew I have never done anything in my life in the normal order.

Now the child in question, my daughter, after her 1st week of 1st grade has provided some insight.

She was in tears this weekend. She explained how much she wants me dress pretty and wear makeup and do my hair.

I’ve been researching plus size clothing looking for the feel good fit. So at least I know what fashions are out there in my size.

And I had kind of seen it coming. Earlier this year, which I wrote about here, I did start trying to put together outfits.

Good thing I’ve been developing a concept.

My daughter could not wait. She made me dress up, to cook. I picked a t-shirt dress from before I had a 38 inch waist. Put on my favorite bra. And one of my currently fitting shaping panties. Flexees’s version this Bali control panty. The effect was, dressier with bulges.

The high waisted Spanx power panty would have done well. It is a shame I out grew the pair of power panties I had. Though not high waisted, it would have helped.

Then I’d need their, or some one’s body smoothing camisole to handle the upper bulges.

And it would likely all be worth it, depending on how many t-shirt dresses I really have. Two I can think of off the top of my head.

I’ll be looking at the whole concept of wardrobe now. Trying to avoid the make up issue till the humidity leaves our New Jersey life!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Underwire One piece swim suit, a Consideration

I had intended to get an underwire tankini top. Because I have a young child, I often have to hurry. Rushing out of the bathroom for instance. I wanted a 2 piece suit for easy and quick on-and-offs.

But when I went to order it, it was out of stock.

Thinking my daughter is a bit older now. So I have to rush out of the bathroom a bit less often.

So I ordered a one piece underwire swim suit. About which I am very happy. It fits, it’s comfortable. I’m full busted so I have to order by the top size. While the top fits, the bottom hangs loose. I have no hips So I wear a swim skirt over it. The whole arrangement looks and feels fine.

I love the underwire support and coverage of this suit. All the swim suits I’ve had in the past have shelf bra support. Makes you look like a speed bump. Feels icky to sweat in. Not this swimsuit!

Just one problem with this. Even without rushing, it is kind of hard to get a wet one piece underwire swim suit back on.

Next year I’ll order early and get the tankini.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The joys of a no-bulk down vest!

Found this beautiful down vest by Junonia. Currently, till Sept. 25th, you can get it for $19 off!! They have plenty of other nice outerwear styles on sale now too. Including ski wear, in their outerwear section.

It reminded me of my old vest. I used to wear it for cross country skiing and hiking. Also, because I:

had a old 66 Plymouth
lived in the land of alternate side of the street parking
got tired of sewing the sleeves back on my winter coat.

My old car had what I called hand over fist steering. I believe it was called a “worm gear” steering box.

I got a duck down vest, on sale in the spring! Took to wearing it with an old oiled wool sweater underneath for my winter coat. Worked great till a kind friend of mine “washed” my oiled wool sweater. Sorry I didn’t keep it. I did not know back then I’d have a toddler some day... oh well.

Any way, this Juno one is much better. Well it’s prettier. Faux fur trim on it’s high collar, arm holes and hem. It’s got a zip chest pocket. My old one didn’t.

The other thing mine did not have was the length. This Juno one has length and side vents. So you have ease of movement and a warm lower back!

And it comes in sizes 18W to 32W. My old one was a size XS. What a surprise, in the time of the desk job pays more, I gained weight. Bet that’s one main reason why we do. Hey that’s why your parents wanted you to go to college. That’s why you want your kids to do the same. So why do full figured women and heavy men get treated poorly in this society??

Sorry. Got a bit side tracked there. Anyway now we know where to get the non-bulk vest.

Do any of you ladies out there know where I can get on oiled wool sweater in like a size 2X?

With an oiled wool, repels water, sweater
a down vest
and a woven shirt under it all
you’ll have the best warmth, ease of movement, and wind resistance I’ve ever know!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Mid-thigh length plus size suit jacket

I’m real enthused about this jacket I wrote about yesterday. First of all, I like the longer suit jackets. Second, it’s got a back vent and flap close front pockets. It’s a good color too. I’m sorry I can’t get a picture of it for us.

I need pockets, and I prefer a back vent. I’d also like an interior checkbook size pocket in my suit jacket. My father had them in his when I was a child. Why don’t women’s suit jackets come with this feature? Do men’s suit jackets still come with them?

I’ve always been concerned about comfort and fit. Now my 6 year old daughter wants me to improve my look. To actually care about how I look. To wear nice clothes and make up, color my hair, that sort of thing. So now as I research clothing for the 2 web sites I post, I try to consider things beyond comfort.

It’s not always easy. But then I have always liked fall fashion. So perhaps now is as good as it’ll get for me. In terms of getting into how I look rather than feel.

Do any of you find yourself going through that sort of change for your child?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Grenier’s Extra Comfort and Support Full Figure Bra

I found a plus size and full busted bra designed to provide the maximum comfort! A full coverage bra in sizes 34 to 44 in cup sizes C, D or DD. Sadly, for me, it only comes in cup sizes up to DD. I’m still a H cup size making due with a G cup bras...but they are good ones!

The best price I’ve seen this bra at so far is at Bigger Bra’s online store. Take the link at the top right of This page to go straight to it. This bra has:

Cushioned underwires

Wide stretch comfy straps

Molded cups that adapt to your natural shape

It’s front center is designed to alleviate pressure to your sternum!

Plus it’s a smooth seamless, yet pretty bra. Prefect for under t-shirts or any sleeved wear! Makes me want to get down to a DD cup size again!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Excellent Full Figure Bra on Sale news flash

Right now, you can get as much as $26.49 off the Le Mystere Dream Tisha Seamless Full Fit Bra!! If you know nothing about this bra it’s one of Oprah’s Favorites, which you can read about here. It’s my favorite, and it does not even come in my size. But I have to compromise a lot. Well who doesn’t? You can read about why I like it here. This bra is well worth it’s normal, this year, cost of $66.

But if you just want to know where to get this excellent bra
at 33% off
and then 10% off that
Read the top right column of this page!

A real likely bra sized swimsuit for plus sized, full busted woman

It’s Fantasie’s best selling under wire bra sized suit. It’s also the least expensive one I’ve seen. And believe me, I’ve been looking! It’s called their Bahama 1-piece underwire swimsuit #8009. Which you can read about and find a link directly to it at the top right of this page here.

Perfect for plus sized women who need underwire bra support in sizes up to 44D to FF! And slender women who needs underwire support in bra sizes 34 to 38D to GG.

You can adjust the leg of this swimsuit down for more bottom coverage. You can’t do that with Fantasie’s Fiji underwire plunge swimsuit. Although it’s made for plus size women, with a soft control fabric.

Find out where to get this suit here. I wish I had before I got their Fiji one piece swim suit. See post of July 24th. I have the inverted triangle shape, which is to say my hips are 2 sizes smaller than my waist. So I kept Fantasie’s excellent Fiji Underwire Plunge swimsuit 1- piece for it’s excellent bust support. And covered the draping lower half with a swim skirt.

For me it’s “Oh well, maybe next year I’ll get it right!”

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Classic and trendy boots to go with comfy stretch cotton capri

I saw nice and comfy looking workout wear stretch cotton capri pants yesterday. You can see them here, 2nd picture down or read about them here. Anyway I thought, in their darker colors, they’d be nice with these slouchy corduroy boots I saw earlier. The boots you see below now.

Corduroy Boot

Then I checked out Silhouettes’ other boots and thought, well these other, more classic boots below would look great with them too. And they’d never go out of style. Besides, they have stacked leather heels. I love stacked heels!

Round-Toe Leather Boot

Either of these boots would go well with the above mentioned stretch cotton capri. But they’d also go good with this comfy skirt I have. Except the high classic boots might be better. I have ankle boots. Both pairs have zippers that do a number on my stockings. I get around this by wearing stockings less. But it might wreck the voile trim on my extremely comfy skirt. The classic pull on boot above won’t.

I’ve recently seen good buys on classic boots at the stores featured here. those stores carry women’s footwear in narrow to extra wide widths. But for the medium to extra wide width women’s shoes Silhouettes, who carries the boots pictured above seems to have the trendiest footwear in wide widths sooner. You can get to Silhouettes by clicking on either of the above boot pictures.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fantasie’s control, 1-piece underwire full busted bra sized swimsuit

Are your hips is in the same size range as your waist? Are you a full busted, full figure women who wants a bra sized, underwire one piece bathing suit? If so you have a REAL good chance at great comfort, beauty and fit with this swim suit!

This is Fantasie’s Fiji Underwire Plunge swimsuit. A one piece suit made by Fantasie for full figure women. It comes in full busted sizes in small and large band sizes:

  • 32DD to G
  • 34, 36 and 38 DD to GG
  • 40 DD to FF
  • 42DD to F

    It has a deep v-neckline with wide comfy straps and a cottony, compared to other swim wear, feel. It’s made of a control fabric. But it does not have a harsh binding or constricting feel. It’s also Chlorine resistant and quick drying! You can find it by taking the link of this swim suit’s name above.

    I wanted Fantasie’s Fiji Tankini bra sized swim top. Because my hips are 2 sizes smaller than my waist. But it was out of stock when I tried to get it. It’s back in stock now. But at the time I couldn’t find it anywhere else. I couldn’t find any other bra sized tankini that went up to at least a G cup. I need a GG, but have learned to make due with a G cup for both bras and swim wear.

    I doubted a one piece swim suit would work well. Suffice to say I an loath to return this one piece suit. But the hips are just way too loose. So I didn’t. I’m wearing a swim skirt over it. Well I was going on vacation and last years suit was shot. Like a suit with no bust support at all. It’s ok. But Just. What I really want is a bra sized, empire waist swim dress. So far it seems to not exist. If you find one let me know!

  • Saturday, July 01, 2006

    A brief review of an excellent plus size women’s stylish clothing store

    I’m wearing their clothes now. I love them. And now YOU can enjoy their great style, quality and comfort with Free Shipping till July 12th. Go to the link "here" in the next paragraph. It'll take you to the page where The free shipping link to the store is.

    Silhouette’s online store. An exclusively plus size women’s fashionable clothing store. You can see several of their plus size dresses, suits and other apparel here. On any main page at anytime these last few months. And likely in the months to come, no doubt. Because now I’m wearing them and I look and feel a whole lot better!

    They carry great, figure flattering and stylish pants and skirt suits in their “Ensembles” section. plus size dresses, even little black dresses. Made to make you look great. Comfortable too. I know because I wear two of them now.

    They have lovely and stylish shirts, blouses, pants, swim wear, shoes and accessories. And right now you can enjoy their excellent apparel made for us bbw with free shipping. Just take that link in the first paragraph here.

    Some things I could tell you about buying from them. Their apparel is cut a bit large. No problem really. For instance, I’m usually a size 2X. Right now I’m wearing one of their size XL sized twist on the same old t-shirt style. They have plenty of dressed up T-shirts. I’ve got plenty of room to spare! That goes for their dresses and skirts too. Order a bit on the small size, you’ll still look great and have lots of room to move.

    You might become join their “Frequent buyers club”, I did after my first order. Do not be alarmed that the 10% off does not show up on your online invoice when you order online. For some reason their web site lacks the capacity to do this. But you will be charge 10% less.

    So feel at ease when you order from Silhouettes. I ordered on This Thursday, the 29th of June. My order arrived today, July 1st. Yes 2 days. That’s standard shipping. So DO NOT bother with extra shipping fees when the above free shipping offer expires.

    Me, I just ordered a sorely needed swim skirt this morning. Mine is getting holey. I can’t wait! I most likely won’t wait long. Meanwhile Silhouettes is helping me take t-shirt dressing to a much more appealing level!

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    A plus size shapewear review

    I wrote of looking forward to trying Fredericks Waist Cinching Panty here back on April 30th. Here is what happened when I got the size XL.

    It fit well. But apparently this style of shapewear will not work for me. When I wore it the broad waist cinching band folds down, more folds than rolls, when I bend. This must work for someone, but not for me. Perhaps I just bend too much.

    So far the Spanx power panty works the best for me. But it’s got too much leg for summer. So I should try their Hide and Sleek shaping panty for summer. But that is not a hosiery sized panty.

    If your like me and have a waist that is considerably, (mine’s 2 sizes), larger than your hips, you’ll likely wind up with a skirt effect around your back side. This happened to me once with another panty.

    Not bad if your gonna wear it with jeans though. Perhaps I’ll try that and write it up here as to how it went. See I saw it in a store over the weekend. It looks so smooth, soft, silky and light.

    Another thing I saw was a great Le Mystere bra, their full figure Carina. It’s straps are incredibly smooth and soft, yet none stretch! Sadly, I’m just a little too big for that. Maybe later. If you’re not over a size G cup, it looks real comfy, pretty and supportive!

    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    Reasons not to wear a corset, for some of us

    Yesterday I mentioned why not, even as a shy woman, wear your corset around the house on a hot summer day? Here’s one good reason.

    While I imagine my 6 year old daughter would have big fun untying the back lacing and retying me to something....

    I thought perhaps it’s the thing to wear under that sparkly dress, see post of April 14th, my daughter is so fond of... at least the top would cover the back lacing for a bit....maybe....

    But I mentioned yesterday, I’m kind of limited to the Renaissance Corset, which comes in white, a deep red (Well ok, red. And a neutral color they call Antique Rose. My daughter is sick of me in neutrals to begin with.) Or black. Now I’ve had enough of black....

    Sometimes there is a plus side to being a day late and a dollar short! There’s a decision I can put off!

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Corsets as outer wear, and which corsets for larger than DD Cup sized full figure women?

    I wrote just previously about skipping a long torso waist cincher if I could not get the right size and would rather confront boning in a corset. Here’s some ideas about that.

    Why shouldn’t a full figure woman wear a corset as outer wear? Queen Latifah wore one, or so it seemed, in a movie with Steve Martin in 2003.

    Why shouldn’t you or I. OK I’m kind of shy for that kind of thing. But around the house at least, why not?

    If I wore a corset as a waist cincher, and at the same time as outer wear.
    Well that’s one less layer for a hot summer day.
    Like this one:

    It has a lace up bi-directional back, so you can adjust this to your fit. So if you gained or lost a bit of weight, you could adjust the back a bit. Fredericks corset fitting guide tells you to trim the back lacing strings after you get the right fit. I’d be reluctant to do that. Keep the extra room to move! Or in this case adjust.

    It does have a hook end eye front. To get in and out of with out blowing your adjustment. It’s the easy way to get in and out of a corset. It’s hook and eye front is not mentioned in Fredericks online or paper catalog. So I called. Found out a few points of perhaps interest.

    Many of their corsets are bra sized. Like their Dream corset and their Bold Hook and Eye Corsets. Customer service tells me that when their bra sized corsets say up to DD cup, believe them.

    I asked what does a women, who likes their corsets, and who needs larger than a dd cup bra size do?

    I suggested that perhaps the size 3X that their Renaissance corset comes in, could be adjusted out with it’s bi-directional back lacing and still pull in tight enough to fit the rest of you. She said this was very likely.

    She, customer service, told me they run big to begin with!Unfortunately of all the lovely corsets Fredericks makes for full figure women, only the Dream Corset comes in 1X, 2X and 3X, (Small to Large too). On the bright side their 1X, 2X and 3X sizes are very generous, as I’ve posted here.

    I’d like to try that out and get back to you on the results. But that might take a while. If it does work for me that would be a great leap for rang of Fredericks corsets. I need at least a H cup on a 38 inch frame, with currently a 38 inch waist.

    It’ll be a while before I can try this though. If any large busted women out there give it a go before I get around to it, please let me know if it works!


    Sunday, April 30, 2006

    The waist cinching panties and one long torso waist cincher

    Last time I wrote here I mentioned shapewear I was waiting for. I wanted to see if it would make the dress you can see in the previous post look better.

    And both pieces showed up about 3 days later. One was a long torso waist cincher, the other a waist cinching panty brief. I ordered both in “nude”, what Fredericks calls “Rose Chintz”.

    The dress, being one outfit, I was planning to wear these shape wear styles with is fully lined. This made wearing these shapers with it more likely. Then I had fit problems, which you can read about here. It is largely because the only full figure size these styles of shape wear do not come in. Size 1X, the one I need.

    I ordered a size 2X. Which, at my largest part, is 3 inches larger than a size 1X. Both the waist cincher and waist cinching panty brief were way to large. I figure it may have been fine, fit wise for some other styles of underwear. But I guess shape wear has to be at least the right size, not larger.

    I returned the waist cinching panty briefer for an exchange. Gonna try a size smaller this time. Who knows? I’ll find out and write about it here, so you can find out when I do!

    As for the long torso waist cincher, I returned it for a refund. It has boning. When I talked to the customer service people at Fredericks, they said it did not. If it had been the right size, it might be fine. And I might try it later, if the waist cinching panty briefer in the size smaller than I need works. Fitting loosely does no shaping to speak of, of course. Also one gets poked in the chest. Boning.

    My take on boning is that if I’m gonna wear it, I won’t be poked in the chest. It’ll be boning in a corset that will go up to and include my breasts. I have a few ideas about that having to do with corsets. Or in my case one corset. Even if it’s just one, I’ll have to save up for it!

    Friday, April 14, 2006

    One plus size summer dress review, from 2 perspectives

    In my last post I was extolling the virtues of 2 plus size dresses. This was so true I ordered one. I forgot that the visual effect of a tiered dress. Might not be the thing for a plump, short woman. I’m 5' 1 ½" short. I did remember, being short, I’d likely be taking up the straps.

    When it comes to buying for me, I’m thinking of comfort and function, mostly.

    Well when I got this dress below I learned a few things. And when I showed it to my daughter today I learned a bit more...

    Crochet-Trim Dress

    First the things that were not written correctly in this dresses description. All to the good by the way. I changed them already in the article about this dress.

    It has lots of subtle sparkle. Maybe if you back up enough it looks non-sparkly as in the above picture. But as you take it out of the bag it has lots of sparkly threads.

    I wrote that the skirt was lined originally. Well so is the bodice!! Less underwear worries!!

    I wrote that the U-neckline was draw string. Nope. The waist is draw string, the neckline has a tie, but no draw to it.

    Well One the one hand it felt right for summer, even with all that sparkle. I believe it will absorb sweat and then hang loose and dry nicely.

    One the other hand, even with taking the straps up, it’s a bit low cut for me.
    On the other other hand, I have a bust, what’s wrong with showing a bit of cleavage at home.

    I wanted some thing to wear at home during the hot summer cooking season. Why not. Everything I wore these last two years is, well threadbare. I, as a rule have more concern about comfort than appearance. And I hate our summer’s heat the humidity. We do not have central air in this old house.

    Then there’s the: well essentially I look like a sparkly little dumpling. You know, short, with a thick waist, lots of horizontal lines. The waist line, the tiers...

    I’m still waiting on some shapwear, which I may or may not actually wear in the summer.

    I did learn that I had plenty of time to decide, even after the shapewear comes in.

    Because I received this dress 2 weeks ago. And the expiration date on the free return shipping label is June 30th of 2006. Another reason to Shop Silhouettes!

    So I was waiting for the high waist shaping panties and waist chincher.

    I mentioned this dress to my 6 year old today. She was against it from the start. When she saw the picture of it when I was first writing about it. Now she loves it. She feels I’m ready for the ball. Well she is 6, Cinderella and all that.

    Now it’s a keeper for sure. Even before I pointed out that it is still better than my current round the house look.

    For what it’s worth. Even with the straps taken, well pinned, up, there is still lots of room in the bodice’s back. If you have a well padded back, this could be a real advantage in a woven cotton summer dress! If you’re tall. Or if you have more hips than waist, (I’m the opposite), this would look great!

    I will be content with pretty, yet plump, while cooking this summer look, and feel!

    Saturday, March 25, 2006

    2 stay cool warm weather outfits for us full figure women

    How about this dress which would be cool, scoop up a breeze sometimes and is made for big beautiful women in sizes 12 to 26

    with these stylish shoes, or a similar sleek version.

    either of which would go with this dress, which at the moment you can see here

    Which has a lined skirt, but if you need bust support, and your top might show have a bit of show through. This bra is pretty convertible full bust support! Which comes in which comes in sizes 30D to 42E, in a neutral bamboo color, which would go nicely with the second dress I mentioned earlier.

    Ok so that’s 2 outfits, Guess I’m still thinking about the warm weather to come. I usually dread it and want to be more ready for it than I usually am.

    Just incase you do too, it’s a thought.

    Tuesday, March 21, 2006

    Want to spruce up your business & / or casual look this spring? For less?

    Getting away from that sweatshirt look? But don’t want to give up the comfort? How about a more refined version? And on sale at that! For $19.99 in sizes XL to 3X and $24.99 in sizes 4X to 6X, you can get this cotton, relaxed fit knit below in lime or fuschia colors, just click on the picture below!

    Relaxed Cotton Sweater, XL-3X

    And you can view a stylish, comfy, figure flattering, plus size pants suit perfect for work. Or if you wanted to have a more polished casual look. Right now you can see it here. This 4 piece women’s suit would be a handy addition to any wardrobe! It comes in sizes up to 3XL. Affordable and useful fashion!

    Friday, March 17, 2006

    Great Swim Wear Sale for Plus size women and the whole family too!

    Where can you find the new It Figures solid black surplice cut plus size swim suit for $84 rather than the $106 you’ll find this new for 2006 swim suit style at other plus size swim wear stores?
    At the Swim suit’s for All Pre-Summer Swimsuit Sale Going On Now! 50-70% Off Select Styles! Only at

    There you’ll find:

    • plus size Speedo skirtinis and one piece swim suits, Delta Burke skirtinis
    • plus size bathing suits by:
    • Christina
    • It Figures
    • Carol Wior
    • Longitude
    • Liz Claiborne
    • Baltex

    Sarong style one piece plus size bathing suits, swim wear, plus size swim dresses by other swim wear makers too!

    You’ll find bra sized swim wear for dd cups and larger too!
    such as Anita’s Camella Bikinis. Their China Doll bikini and one piece swim suits up to D cup sizes, Chilli one piece in B and E Mango leaves C cup and others bra sized styles of swim wear!

    Plus swim wear for the rest of the family as well at great prices NOW!!

    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Affordable plus size fashion that you’ll want to create your own style with!

    Yes! Really! And not a bit too soon. It’s almost spring. Soon it’ll be too hot to hide under layers of jeans, slacks and sweaters. And what are us full figure women gonna do about it?

    I’ve been thinking about this, ok dreading it, until I found this. Silhouettes’ online store. Where you’ll find dresses like the one you see here.

    Their Twin Print dress will drape nicely on you. And me! Catching the breeze with it’s, shorter in the front than the back hem, when we walk. It’s little short ruffled cap sleeves cover our full figure bras. Sheer, but lined, so no worries about the slip. Then we can just pop it in the wash! This dress isn’t expensive either!

    But it’s still cold out. And some of us have special occasions to go to. Formal wear is required. So check out Silhouettes Outlet Store. Currently, for formal wear they have this

    Matte Jersey Rhinestone Dress

    Still available in some sizes, likely going fast. But just a small sample of the great full figure fashions made yet even more affordable at their online store!

    I don’t know about you, but I think their affordable, yet stylish, fashions are going to be part of my summer wear solution!

    Thursday, February 23, 2006

    Blow out sale 80% off full busted, bra sized swim wear and lingerie

    Right now, and act fast these bathing suits, bras and panties are moving out of stock fast! You can currently find bra sized swim wear by Freya, Fantasie and Anita swim as well as Anita Maternity swim at the BLOWOUT SALE - 80% OFF 1,000+ PRODUCTS - LINGERIE, SWIM, SLEEPWEAR & MORE. SHOP NOW!

    You’ll find Freya’s Milla underwire cutout swim suit still available in many full busted bra sizes at the moment. And other styles, but act fast!

    For non-sale items save $ by using their 20% off coupon you’ll find at the top right corner of this bra sized swim wear page. That coupon is good till Feb. 28th, after which I'll try to find another one. Figleaves seems to carry the best selection of, and has the best search facility for bras in general. And the widest selection of bra sized and full busted swim wear I've seen online so far.

    Monday, February 20, 2006

    Need a strapless plus size or full busted bra for your prom or wedding gown? Or summer dresses and shirts?

    Recently I’ve found several full figure and plus size bras and bustiers to wear with strapless and near strapless styles. If your planning your wedding or prom, or need evening wear these bras and bustiers will broaden your possible choices. Then you can wear more styles of summer dresses and blouses too! Why shouldn’t wearing these styles be a breeze for us full figure women!

    I was looking into which bra you could wear this beautiful Calito evening gown with. It has an extremely deep cut back. When I found this beautiful bustier/bra. It’s by Ballet, who makes nice full figure and full busted bras. I’ll have to look into them further! Anyway this one is available in sizes up to 40F. And it’s so beautiful, feminine, but with clean sleek lines, not too frilly. Pretty enough to wear under your wedding gown, and / or as bridal lingerie for your honeymoon.

    Or for daily summer wear. Think of all those strapless and near strapless styles we pass on even trying. Because we never think to go with out bra straps! I think us full figure and full busted women should start trying these and feel cooler this summer! This Ballet bra, being a bustier, will also give us additional shaping too! And that’s just one of the strapless styles of bras I’ve found so far.

    More on plus size and full bust strapless bras and bustiers later. I’ve found much more already and will write about them soon. One, well possibly two, I definitely plan to try myself!

    Friday, January 27, 2006

    Fredericks Ladies sexy underwear is for Full figure women!

    You’ve probably heard, read or even seen Fredericks of Hollywood’s lingerie store. And you may have noticed that they never use full figure women in pictures in their online or paper catalog, but they carry many styles in plus sizes. You may have been reluctant to try their underwear, plus size shapewear or lingerie.

    I was. Then I saw exactly what I wanted in a pair of lace boy short, at a good price. The price was too good to not try it. This is their Lace Boy Panty. When I wrote about them here, I mentioned they are extremely comfy and wear well. As in the waist band does not roll. Although near thong like, they do not go up your backside.

    I had no idea if I looked better in them. I see myself in the mirror about once a day brushing my teeth. I’m all for comfort. I have no time to spare and am not too concerned about the way I look. But having written about them I felt I should. As it turns out they do look a whole lot better than the undies I had been wearing! At least from the front! I figure I have a considerable gut protruding from just above the pelvis. So I figure almost nothing will make me look good from the side. But that actually looked a bit better too!

    Another surprising thing about shopping Fredericks is these panties came with a prepaid return label. I called customer service, where it’s easy to talk to a human! Sure enough they assured me you can return panties to them, for any reason. I’m keeping mine. And I’m getting more. For $5 a pair with both comfort and good looks, what else would a girl do? Try some of their other styles that’s also what I’m planning to do. More later!

    Saturday, January 21, 2006

    Chlorine resistant full figure women’s swimwear on sale this week

    Are you plan on hitting the pool a lot this year to get, or stay, fit? You can get Juno’s high quality plus size chlorine resistant bathing suits and swim separates on sale this week. It’s just till Jan 27th. You can get them for 28% to 42% off now. See the top right side of this page! to find out how.

    Thursday, January 12, 2006

    Sexy Italian high heeled dress sandals in wide widths

    Need dress sandals to wear with your formal wear or pants suit? These ankle strap dress sandals come in Bronze, gold, silver and black. They have 3 inch heels. The heels and forefoot are designed to absorb shock. Wearer reviews of other shoes utilizing this manufacturer's patented high heeled shock absorbing design are impressive! Most reviews are enthused about this brands' comfort and great looks!

    The ankle strap avoids your heel completely. Many women have very narrow heels, even when their forefoot is wide. Having the strap avoid the ankle keeps your heels blister free! The hand-woven Nappa leather uppers will adjust to your forefoot for a perfect, soft glove-like fit. If that is not enough, they are beautiful!

    These sandals are made by “Oh! Shoes”. To read more about these stylish high heeled these dress sandals and where to find them and other women’s wide shoes by this footwear designer click here!

    Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    Avenue’s Final Clearance Sale!

    You’ll find plus size women’s suit jackets at Avenue’s “Final Clearance Sale” right now. Like their unique Boucle suit jacket, and other suit jackets, currently all on page 4, there under “tops” in final clearance.

    But all those sales items will be going fast. These and all the other business, casual and intimate clothing prices will be steadily reduced. One dollar a day till they reach $9.99. So the sale ends when the supply runs out. Some items are actually under$9.99 now!

    So take advantage of these prices while they still have your size, in the event that they still do.

    They have many new fresh, colorful and stylish spring plus size career wear outfits in now. Well worth checking out too!

    Monday, January 09, 2006

    Outerwear plus size sports bra, up to size 56G, now $9.99!!

    Right now these sports bras are on sale at Just My Size’s online store. Find out more about them and the easy way to find them there here.

    And if you want plus size fitness pants, or a jogging suit, now you’ll find soft fleece pants in sizes up to 40W at 42% off and matching jackets on sale at 37% off at Juno’s online store. See the banner below to your right to get there.

    Do you have New Years resolution to get or stay fit? The active wear these stores carry will help you look and feel great while you’re working out. And at easy on your wallet prices!!

    Sunday, January 08, 2006

    Fredericks Semi-Annual sale ends today

    Well today is your last chance, till later in the year, to get excellent prices on Fredericks of Hollywood’s unique and sexy lingerie. Don’t think that just because you are a full figure woman they have nothing for you. Many of their bras, panties, corsets and other lingerie styles come in plus sizes. And all that do could easily make you feel and look sexy and beautiful.

    Like their innovative Extreme Cleavage full figure bra. This bra has unique graduated removable push up pads which give lots of lift and support. But they do not add bulk! Right now these bras and available matching plus size thongs are on sale.

    Tomorrow they may still be on sale, even after Fredericks’ semi-annual sale is over. I have seen many of their bras and panties have price breaks if you buy 2 or more all year.
    But I’m pretty sure that the plus size corsets I mentioned last month, at often $10 off, will not be on sale tomorrow. I have watched some of them closely thorough out the year and they are rarely on sale.

    If you are in the market for sexy lingerie or bra and panty sets, check out their lingerie sale today!!