Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From just Comfort to including Appearance concerns

I have never really cared about how I looked. Whenever I can get away with it, my appearance reflects that. I don’t look fashion challenged, just extremely casual. At times eccentric, I am told.

When pregnant, I asked my friend Cindy if I would have to become more appearance conscious for my child’s sake. She said usually the mama becomes appearance before conception.

She and I met when we were 3 years old. She knew I have never done anything in my life in the normal order.

Now the child in question, my daughter, after her 1st week of 1st grade has provided some insight.

She was in tears this weekend. She explained how much she wants me dress pretty and wear makeup and do my hair.

I’ve been researching plus size clothing looking for the feel good fit. So at least I know what fashions are out there in my size.

And I had kind of seen it coming. Earlier this year, which I wrote about here, I did start trying to put together outfits.

Good thing I’ve been developing a concept.

My daughter could not wait. She made me dress up, to cook. I picked a t-shirt dress from before I had a 38 inch waist. Put on my favorite bra. And one of my currently fitting shaping panties. Flexees’s version this Bali control panty. The effect was, dressier with bulges.

The high waisted Spanx power panty would have done well. It is a shame I out grew the pair of power panties I had. Though not high waisted, it would have helped.

Then I’d need their, or some one’s body smoothing camisole to handle the upper bulges.

And it would likely all be worth it, depending on how many t-shirt dresses I really have. Two I can think of off the top of my head.

I’ll be looking at the whole concept of wardrobe now. Trying to avoid the make up issue till the humidity leaves our New Jersey life!

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