Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trendy Baby Phat Plus Size Lingerie on Sale!

Now Baby Phat has plus size lingerie on sale at 15% off. Their current lingerie line features a leopard print and lace baby doll and boy short set you can see about half way down this page. You can use our new Hot Plus Size clothing at Baby Phat link in the right column here and then select Lingerie from their left column menu to see all their lingerie styles!
Pink Chemise

Besides this bubble hemmed chemise shown above, a teddy, plenty of sexy panties and thongs and what I’d call lounge wear.
Below is just one of the 6 boy shorts and 4 thong styles on sale now at Baby Phat at 2 for $20!
Here is one of the boy short styles on sale now in sizes 14 to 28!
Heart Cutout Cheeky

It seems Baby Phat full figure lingerie is all in sizes 14W to 28W. And now the size charts at each item’s description are completely useful with regards to plus sizes! Well at least in Baby Phat’s Lingerie section. I have not had a chance to check out the rest so far.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Women’s Swimwear Sale and an Apology

All Just My Size’s swimwear is on sale now. And all Just My Size swimwear is just for full figure women. Now till February 3rd you will get an additional $10 off their swim suits and $5 off swim separates too! Click on this Just My Size swimwear sale banner to go straight to this sale.
Now for the apology: For a long time I posted women’s plus size swimwear and bra sized swimwear information here. I usually wrote here about new styles and sales. Then a few months ago I started another blog called Full Figure Women’s Swimwear. And that is where I have been posting the plus size swimwear, bra sized swimwear and full figure active wear. As well as Fitting in Fitness.

Not too surprisingly, I am having no small problem fitting in fitness in my life. It reflects in that part of the swimwear site’s blog. Any ideas or tips on how to fit fitness into one’s life would be greatly appreciated. Comment here or at the swimwear blog, I’ll appreciate it either way.

So now I will put a link to the swimwear site in this blog’s right column. I am sorry about the my not doing so earlier.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An entirely different kind of Question, Is Obesity as a Lifestyle Choice?

I subscribe to the Full Figure Plus blog. It’s the only one I subscribe to so far. I don’t read them all, just the headlines that catch my mind. This one poses a question to all of us curvy women. Is Obesity a Lifestyle Choice of the Rich and Famous?

The writer of Full Figure Plus has his ideas about why Americans are getting larger. He asks what our ideas about obesity being a lifestyle choice are.

I posted mine there already. OK what I actually ending up saying was why I thought we are getting larger. None of which touched on lifestyle choices, as it turns out.

If you have ideas or opinions about this, take the link above to read his small posting about it and add your comment too!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Two Plus Size Bras Sale reminders and some Questions

Lately I’ve been so enthused about the excellent sale prices on plus size and full busted bras I’ve been finding lately. So much so that it’s all I’ve been posting.

Well the Figleaves sale is over. The Bare Necessities one is on till the 31st. Today I posted a more direct link to it at the top of this page. I would have posted it here as well, but I can’t find one that works here. Or you can use the directions from their 10% off full figure bras link I included in the post here on Jan. 10th.

And the sale at
is still on. I do not really know when it ends. They usually have good savings at their sales. This one is no exception. Use code “winter” when ordering and get an additional 10% off till ordering. That’s good till Feb 29th!

Now for the questions:

Did any one reading this blog benefit from my posting from these sales here?

Because I’m a plus sized and large cup sized woman, I’ll still be looking for good prices on these kinds of bras.

Seeing as how I will be looking anyway:

Does anyone want me to look for a particular size and style in full figure bras that are new or on sale?

Likewise any other plus size fashions, lingerie styles or swimwear I should keep my eyes peeled for and report back to you-all here?

I’ll be looking anyway. It could save you some time and effort! Who wouldn’t benefit from that!

So please let me know. Feel free to comment here. I do not moderate, change, edit or exclude any comments. And one of the whole reasons I started this blog was to get in put with out exchanging email addresses. Who need more junk email? Or even email you just don’t have time for? Not me. And I expect not you. You can check in when you are looking for plus size fashions, and it seems especially plus sized and full busted bras. Or you can subscribe and just delete the emails whose headlines don’t interest you!

And if you are looking for something in particular, Like I said, I’ll be looking anyway. Let me know and I’ll post it here!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

2 Half Price Fantasie Plus Size and Large Cup Bras till Monday

I just though I’d take a look at Figleaves sale to see if one of the bras I wear often is on sale. It sure is! This Fantaise Specialty Smooth Underwire Bra #4500 was on sale at half price in both black and white for just $24 of its normal $48! It’s out of stock already in white. But still available in black in sizes: 30 to 38D to G, 40D, DD and E and 42DD and E! I highly recommend this bra the STRAPS DO NOT SLIDE, unless you mean to move them!

And the one I should wear, Fantasie’s fuller cup under wire bra pictured below. It only comes in H and HH cup sizes. I started wearing the #4500 when I was still trying to figure out my cup size. I find its G cup size adequate, and less expensive by far than most HH cup size bras, at full price.

Anyway this bra is also on sale at $24 of its usual $48 and still available in its nude color in sizes 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38 in H and HH cup sizes!

Clicking on either of these bras should take you straight to them at Figleaves. Lately I am finding that clicking on pictures from Figleaves no longer does this. Lately it seems clicking on their pictures takes me to their current sale pages. Sometimes I find clicking on the picture while holding the control key works. Sometime this does not even seem to work.

But you will get to Figleaves if you click on these pictures. Where you can narrow down your search by your bra size and then brand, then Price: lowest to high. That’s another way to get to these bras on sale while they last! OR till the sale ends on Monday, the 21st.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Large cup Plus Size Bras for just $8.40 to $14.70!

Figleaves has incredible saving on plus size and large cup bras. But these bras are going fast. Look under this page’s second picture to find out the fast easy way to find what bras, and other intimates, are on sale in your size while they last!

Now for a few more plus sized and large cup bras at outrageously low prices!

This Elila bra is on sale at Figleaves now for just $8.40 and it comes in bra sizes up to 38D and 46DD/E. This plus size bra is still available in large cup bra sizes like 42H and 44G!

This Aviana lace underwire bra is now just $14.70 in black in sizes 40E to 46H

And Figleaves has other large cup plus size Aviana bras at similar prices now too!

I could post more and they could go out of stock while I look them up and get pictures of them up here. But you can click on the bras above pictures to shop for them at these great prices. Or use the info near the top of the page I provided the link to above in the near future, while its there, to get straight to the bras and intimates available in your size(s) at Figleaves’ winter sale prices.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Large cup and plus size bras starting at $19.99!

At Bare Necessities Winter Clearance You’ll not only find Panache’s very large cup, to 40J and 38K Tango II Full Busted Bra, in its apricot, color for just $23.99! You’ll find other Panache large cup bra from $19.99 to $39.99. And a large cup plus size bra by Glamorize and Lunaire for just $19.99! As well as other DD+ bras at 25% to 50%off!

This Lunaire seamless underwire bra is just $19.99 and still available in 36, 38 and 40C, DD and DDD! Just a small example, and a nice daily wear bra too.

Yes sizes are limited, but at $19.99 and up it’s worth the trip to see if the bras you like are in your size and style.

To get to this sale take this link
Then select DD+ Clearance 25% to 50% off when you get to Bare Necessities.

To try to get another 10% off your order:

  • Click on the Bare Necessities banner to your lower right on this page.
  • Select “Sale” under “Features” in their left menu column.
  • Select their Winter Clearance banner in that page’s right menu.
  • Then, of course go to DD+ Clearance 25% to 50% off.

I’ve gotten 10% off bras already on sale using that banner. So can you!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Plus Size Lingerie styles for Valentines day and spring!

Looking into what’s new for Valentines Day in plus size lingerie, I found this full figure bra and boy short panty set at Hips and Curves below. And there is lots more full figure Valentines Day lingerie styles at Hips and Curves for us curvy women. Just click on this bra and boy short set. Then look down their left column menu a bit. You'll find their on Valentines Day section. There you can see all their suggested styles!

Yesterday I was checking out the new full figure bras and lingerie at Fredericks of Hollywood. They have new plus size lingerie mixed in with their average sized women’s lingerie at the moment. You can find them by taking this Valentines Day is Hotter than Ever at Frederick's link. Then look into “What’s Hot” at the upper left of Frederick’s page.

So far the most full figure lingerie styles are in Bras, Panties and Lingerie. They also have some plus sized alluring tunics in Trendy Tops. I especially liked Fredericks new Full Figure Corset Bra. This bra comes in sizes up to 42F and is already on sale in 2 of its 7 colors. I guess it’s called a corset bra because of its ribbon lace-up accent between the breasts. You can see it at the top of this page now.