Friday, February 11, 2005

Do You need larger Cup sizes rather than band sizes in your plus size bras?

If you happen to be small boned but well endowed and have to look for plus size bras to accommodate the cup size you need, Fantasie of England full figure bras may be what your looking for .

Their plus size bras come in many beautiful, and supportive styles in band widths up to 44 but more usually 38 to 40 inches. However the range of cups sizes in is larger than other full figure bras I’ve seen so far.

On top of that the cup sizes of their plus size bras get larger after an American DD cup
their E = US F

So if you need a larger cup size in your full figure bras, rather than band size this company may be making bras you’d like!

Their very attractive plus size bras are available at Figleaves and Freshpair's online stores.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Aviana plus size bras

While researching plus size bra recently,

I noticed several by Aviana.

Aviana makes full figure bra exclusively for women size 34D up to 46H, but soon to be up to 50Kp>

You can find their bras at Figleaves online store

Along with their their best selling full figure bra, which happens to be a soft cup, (toss in the wash!)

As soon as I can figure out my real bra size, I'm gonna try one.

Ever notice how all the size charts for bras, full figure bras or otherwise, have you wear your best fitting bra?

As it happens, I believe I keep getting this wrong, because after years of buying the wrong size plus size bra, I have not best fitting bra.

I think I am on to working a way around that, without the dreaded trip to the store, where they had neither my size, nor willing sales help years ago when I actually knew my full figure bra size!

But if you already know how to figure this out ...

please drop me a line here!

Thank You!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Are you interested in briefer, or body suit style shapewear? But normally wear plus size bras?

Are you, like me, are considering briefer style shapewear, want something that will not show a waist line, and usually wear a full figure bra?

This body suit style shapewear I came accross might be of interest. The Anita body briefer is a micro fiber, double layer, (like the afore mentioned plus size swimsuits, the miraclesuit), body briefer.

These come with built in, adjustable plus size bras. The full figure bras are underwire bras with an stronger underwire, wide straps and support panel in the cups. In sizes up to 44F!

And this style of shapewear fits like a second skin, which would be perfect under your tightest clothing! Like all your really comfy knits!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Have you tried the miraclesuit plus size swimsuits?

Here’s something I was wondering if anyone out there has tired...

the miraclesuit

see one style here although they come in other styles and colors in plus sizes as well...

These plus size bathing suits have built in shapewear, in the form of an underlaying supportive body suit.

Many of these have built in full figure bras, in cup sizes up to D, available at Shop for Miraclesuit Swimwear..get fabulous control all while marinating a sexy, stylish look! - Free Shipping & Free Returns Always!. And these built in plus size bras are underwire bras.

They are a little pricey, but then I guess a plus size bathing suit that will make you look 10 lbs slimmer by simply putting it on would.

Please let me know if you have tried one and what you think of it,
I’m curious..

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Plus size women’s underwear is being made to accommodate the different types of shapes of full figure women.

As I look into these thing I find that plus size women’s underwear, as well as plus size lingerie, plus size swimwear, see ( ), and other plus size fashions such as plus size dresses, and plus size women’s active wear are made to suit a variety of shapes as well as tastes.

Even if you need wide width women’s shoes, they too come numerous styles these days too.

So it is not just shapewear and full figure bras that are available in wide range of styles and for broader range of shapes.

Are the manufactures of plus size women’s clothing offering what you want?

Saturday, February 05, 2005

I wanted to see if shapewear would make my already plus size dresses, which are actually knits, fit better

When I realized that I was getting no nearer to exercising regularly, but I had to do something about this clothing problem, I started to consider shapewear...

I already was wearing plus size clothing and plus size jeans everyday, I did not want to spend more time or money shopping. I no time to exercise, which I actually enjoy, how would I force my self to shop? Which I do not like.

I needed to get more milage out of the plus size dresses, skirts and plus size jeans I already had.
But I have that, what a book I found calls "O" shaped body. What I had though of as barrel shaped, where my hips are 2 sizes smaller than my waist. So traditional shapewear was out.

When I noticed the shapewear I mentioned earlier, where the sizing is based on a hosiery chart.
I figured my hips might have a chance there...but I was concerned, as I avoid pantyhose like the plague. I never liked them, even before I became a full figured women. In truth I have not worn them at all since them.

That was probably the most surprising thing about the power panties style shapewear I mentioned earlier. That I actually enjoyed wearing them and not only were they comfortable, but they made my plus size jeans fit more comfortably too!!

So even if you never liked panty hose and have a "O" shaped body, perhaps they could help give you a figure flattering silhouette and be comfortable for you too.

One thing though, if you have already stretched out a pair of knit pants, wear the power panties with these and they will bag a bit...which only go to show, yep they are comfortable and slimming too.

Friday, February 04, 2005

One or two other things about the shapewear I mentioned yesterday

These "power" panties I mentioned are durable!
When taking them off I snagged them of a split nail, I though, well that was good while it lasted...
Just to check I pulled them back on and
No runs...
Not even a pull!!
The other thing I noticed when I got these panties off is
even if I did loose weight, I bet they would still work as shapewear
I’d have to loose a heck of a lot of weight for them to not work as such
because they snapped back to their original, rather unlikely looking, size!
Yet these panties where comfortable on...
I’m pretty amazed!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Shapewear for those of us with 2 size differences between their waist and hips


I know I can't be the only women with a waist size, in my case 2XL and a hip size of XL.
I also know that if I buy plus size panties, they had better not come near my waist. The one time I did that, I ordered by my waist size. The effect was not unlike wearing a skirt.

So it came time for me to consider shapewear, this was a dilemma.

Then I saw these power panties and you can see a picture of them here down on the right side of the page.

Believe me I am shapped nothing like the woman pictured wearing them....
They arrived yesterday and I test wore them.

They are great!
actually I really did not like taking them off before retrieving my daughter from daycare.

But I have learned that a energitic 5 year old, (ok, since she was 2 really), can stretch out regular undies by simply trying to climb up on to ya.

So I spared them that

It was like having a preview of what my jeans would feel like if I keep up this exercise thing for a month or so


Not only that but, they were comfortable! this type of shapewear even made my too tight jeans feel comfortably loose
while putting on my boots
while sitting in the car
I never would have thought this would be the case

see it really is my 1st experience with shapewear.

What clued me into thinking these might work for my 2 size descrepancy between my waist and hips was the fact that the size chart is built along the lines of a hosiery chart.

weights and heights
beign 160 lbs at 5 foot 1 1/2 inches, (see nothing like that photo), I ordered a size "c"

when I took them out of the package
I thought
Yikes! this will never work.
but they actually fit!
and that was before I read the handy how to put these panties on instructions
I'll try that next week.

If you have this sort of size dilemma
you really got try these

& if you do

what have you tried??
I am intrigued

shapewear is kind of pricey

so is daycare...

the power panties wearn't very pricey, compared to other shapewear I looked at

along those same lines

there was another brand and style of shapewear with the hoisery type chart

they are a bit pricier though, but the waist looked higher up with a broader band, for when one might really want a smoother line under a knit dress that just nearly still fits...

They should show up soon

will write how they test asap

please let me know if you of any worthy or promising styles of shapewear for the, I think of it as barrel shaped....

looking forward to hearing from you!