Thursday, June 28, 2007

Writing Your Opinion Could Get Plus Size People Better TV Programming

Regarding the last post: Kellly Bliss wants us to watch this Video. Click on this
Google video of Kelly Bliss and Joy Nash confronting Meme Roth to watch it.

Then take a few minutes to give it a nice review and rate it. Also you could contact The Morning show, using this link. Tell them you love the June 19th show with Joy and Kelly.

This is all in the hopes that this kind of positive review will give the media reason to create TV programming that gives plus size people a positive image!!

For this she is offering her:
1: Self-Care Extraordinaire for YOU! ...with Standing Aerobics
Package 2: Self-Care Extraordinaire for YOU! ...with Sitting Aerobics
At $15 off, using this coupon code 9A33E206
You can find these self care workouts at
Solve your "weight problem" for good! Get Fit, Eat Healthy with Kelly Bliss!

You’ll find them under Plus Size Fitness under Package Deals.

Or you could watch this video and write these reviews to help all of us communicate to the media that all large folks are not eating bonbons on the couch all day as a job, but rather normal, hard working folks who deserve respect! And to be shown in a more realistic light, a good one!

Naturally I still could not view these videos….I’m just basing my above statement on what little of the show I saw. And having seen prevailing attitudes on TV shows, and received and heard myself, in life. Venturing a guess here as to what needs to be communicated to the media.

I did however manage to get Google tool bar to translate Rodrigo’s comment yesterday…. And being a t-shirt wearer myself, and in terms of communication…
It appears he knows a about custom t-shirt making. If you are into the commentary t-shirt check out his Camiseta Personalizada blog. If you can’t read it, you can translate bits of text or the whole url using Google’s language tools!

It’s a Portuguese blog. It promotes a site that sell, it appears, I really don’t really have time to translate the whole thing, various, personalized t-shirts. One says No Racismo. Needs no translation really.

How nice it would be if people stopped treating each other like bodies. Treated each other like spiritual beings. No Isms race, gender, size, what have you…

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kelly Bliss and Joy Nash on TV this AM! Some thoughts on Joy Nash’s Fat and Oppression Paper

Did you happen to catch Kelly Bliss, (of Solve your "weight problem" for good! Get Fit, Eat Healthy with Kelly Bliss! and the Plus Size Yellow Pages!) and Joy Nash debate with some thinner woman. I did not get her name. It was on this Tuesday, June 19th 9:AM EST on Fox TV.

If you missed it, the show said you could find out more at, but it won’t load on my PC at the moment. OK for the last ½ hour, so I really don’t know.

Granted, I tend to live in my own little world, usually made up of trying to keep up with my 7 year old daughter. I had never heard of Joy Nash before.

I read her term paper on Fat and Oppression .

It’s a worthy read for all us larger folks. It points out the mechanics oppression and how they relate to this anti large folks society we live in today. It points out a lot of things we all should be aware of.

One thing in particular got my attention. When Kelly Bliss first mentioned to me the prejudice against plus sized people in our culture, I was stunned. I thought only us smokers were legally discriminated against….

She suggested the two books I now promote in this blog’s right column:

Children and Teens Afraid to Eat and Women Afraid to Eat…

These 2 books are good and informative reads! They gave me info to work with, such as my daughter no longer fusses about our weight. In part because I promote exercise, well skating, you know, fun stuff, (!) perhaps, but I always did. They books gave this perspective to share with her “honey if those things on TV worked, there’d be no chubby people any more right?”

I ordered them from Amazon. While I was waiting for them to come in:

I remembered all those little niggling things various folks had said to, or around me. And the way the women in a friend of ours, whom we visit with most holidays, seemed stunned when I fail to take an interest in their latest diet….Yeah I get it that they assume I’m dieting myself….and I never got why it was assumed:

A) I’d care
B) I’d be dieting too

OK. I’m plump. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been a beauty, I did not notice the loss.

Maybe it’s stomach problems I had in my mid teens and again in my mid 20s which lead me to be under 100 lbs as an adult. Because I could not digest food…..

For all I know it could be reading about the 900 day siege of Leningrad….
Regards, in a way to starvation and siege: A man who, for some time now, apparently will not give up on me, emails me various things: One of which was “ keep eating and smoking and your daughter won’t have a mom much longer… words to that effect. Look I can see loosing the smoking, but he’d advised me to quit eating! Why would one treat themselves like an enemy? And is social pressure to be thin so rampant that women, and now young men, do just that? Much suggests it is. PRETTY SCARY STUFF, SOCIAL PRESSURE.

I just don’t get diets not prescribed by you doctor for a real specific reason. Like the excruciating pain comes from those stones in your gall bladder. Don’t eat any fatty foods till after we remove you rocky, muddy gall bladder, and you can skip the pain.

But I could not help but notice, that if you are a woman, if you are plump, it’s assumed you are dieting. If you, as I have been, are thin, you will be questioned as to how you get or maintain that…

But I have to get it now, because as early as my daughter’s 5th year she started being concerned about her weight and mine! And I don’t even diet! Or fuss about my weight!?!

Even after I read those 2 books, one thing I did not get.
Joy Nash addresses this in her term paper:
How long has this anti fat attitude been prevalent?
Her paper is a really good read!

I seem to recall when my esteemed elders where much bigger folks. AND THEY WERE MY ESTEEMED, LEARNED AND MUCH LOVED ELDERS! Hey I’m 47 now. Neither old nor young. Anyone else remember that?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quest for pockets in plus size women, ok any women’s fashions, revisited

My daughter saw right through me when I asked what she’d think of me wearing the mini skirt, overall style I last wrote about. Yep! She knew I’d mess up the shape of it with my wallet in my back pocket and my keys in my front! What she said was it’s fine if we happen to be on a farm..

Then 2 days later she selected a denim jumper she has made along the same lines. She decided, with a nice enough shirt, and not too much stuff in my pockets, an overall mini skirt would actually look just fine on me.

How did I get pocket obsessed? Am I alone in this? Alone in the obsessed part, perhaps. Alone in wanting pockets in my apparel, no. Just last week found me discussing with another mother the problem of no pockets in women’s swimwear. I did tell her that Junonia
does have plus size board shorts now with a zippered back mesh pocket. These board shorts are also sun, salt and chlorine resistant! Junonia has them in their swimwear under cover ups now.

She, the other mother, like myself, do not understand why it is, that with all the beautiful plus swimdresses out there now….why no one has put a zipper pocket in between the swimsuit’s skirting and swim brief??

This is how I became obsessed with wearing pockets. I like my hands free. And that was before having a child. And I became completely spoiled by wearing a vest like the one you’ll see here. Except the ones I found over the years never had removable sleeves!!

Many years of wearing multi pocket vests will spoil you. Now that I know where to get one…haven’t told my daughter yet……

A little feed back ladies, if you would

How do you think this vest would look with a pair of black leggings capri length with lace trimmed hem. has a nice, inexpensive pair in full figure sizes!

And my favorite high heels
Sofft - Caitlyn (Manna Tan) - Women's

High heels that get excellent reviews for comfort and appearance from 8 women reviewers and myself. I love mine! They come in 3 other colors in wide, medium and narrow widths!

I should wear a nice blouse…. Well I’ll get there someday. Knowing me it’ll be a t-shirt first.

Perhaps I can develop a style of my own, that is acceptable by my daughter. I know it likely strikes you as a bit off…dressing for one’s daughter. But she cares more about my appearance than I do. I just care about comfort. But then she actually sees me quite often. I almost only see me when I brush my teeth. How would I know?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cute and trendy, sexy mini skirt overalls

Well Baby Phat calls them Nuclear wash Skirtall but this sexy, cute and trendy plus size clothing style is also practical! It comes with classic blue jeans 5 pocket styling.

Nuclear Wash Skirtall

Actually when I first saw these at baby phat’s, checking out the new dresses, I didn’t see it, how will this wide horizontal hem would be flatter in a plus size women’s dress style.

Then today, I saw a woman coming out of a store wearing this. This is just like last year when I didn’t see how cropped pants could do a full figure woman any good, visually. Later I saw how becoming the cropped pants look is on even petite full figure woman I know.

The above skirt with overall style is pictured with baby phat’s orange with shirred short sleeve shirt. For slightly less money and far more practical for many women’s wardrobe, I like it with their classic polo featured on this page at the moment.

I’m enthused to see practical and classic styling in Baby Phat’s sexy, cute and trendy plus size women’s clothing. I’m slowly checking out other urban fashion designers who make women’s full figure clothes too.