Thursday, September 14, 2006

Underwire One piece swim suit, a Consideration

I had intended to get an underwire tankini top. Because I have a young child, I often have to hurry. Rushing out of the bathroom for instance. I wanted a 2 piece suit for easy and quick on-and-offs.

But when I went to order it, it was out of stock.

Thinking my daughter is a bit older now. So I have to rush out of the bathroom a bit less often.

So I ordered a one piece underwire swim suit. About which I am very happy. It fits, it’s comfortable. I’m full busted so I have to order by the top size. While the top fits, the bottom hangs loose. I have no hips So I wear a swim skirt over it. The whole arrangement looks and feels fine.

I love the underwire support and coverage of this suit. All the swim suits I’ve had in the past have shelf bra support. Makes you look like a speed bump. Feels icky to sweat in. Not this swimsuit!

Just one problem with this. Even without rushing, it is kind of hard to get a wet one piece underwire swim suit back on.

Next year I’ll order early and get the tankini.

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