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Solution to bra's underwires sticking out from your chest

Bra cup size measuring tip

The missing measurement to calculate bra size for fuller busted women

Have you've tried many full figure bras, like I have, and still end up with underwires that protrude from your cleavage? Rather than lie flat against your breast bone?

If you use the size charts as written, it's always "wearing you best fitting, most comfy bra"";. Suppose, like mine till recently, your best fitting bra's underwires stick out.

Here's what I did and it worked! Still wearing your best bra, measure your band size. Some places say it's around your under arms, some around your under-bust. I go with what is smallest on me between the two. It used to be my underarm, till I wore the Squeem waist cinching vest for a month. Now my under bust is as small as my underarm measurement. Just go with what seems right to you.

Then measure your bust at it's fullest. Make sure the tape measure is straight across the back.

Now the missing measurement! Measure you cleavage. From you breast bone out to where your current full figure bra's wires are sticking out. As tape measures lack a certain rigidity, I used an index card that I folded around a bit to get the width right and then measured that. Add that measurement to your bust at it's fullest. Then subtract your band size measurement from it.

Here is my example:

Wearing a Fantasie of England #4500 which was only available in up to G cup sizes where I got it. And I really needed a bra.
  • underbust or band size measurement = 36 inches
  • Bust at fullest = 44 inches
  • Cleavage = 3 inches
  • (44+3)-36=11 or bust at fullest plus cleavage less band size = difference for cup size.
Using Bra Measuring Method One on This Page for Fantasie, Panache and Freya full figure bras, the cup size turned out to be 36HH! So I got the bra pictured above, Panache's Super Tango II bra in a 36 HH and guess what? The under wires do not stick out. They don't poke my snuggly daughter!

They don't stick out of my shirts! And not at all a surprise, the measurements go exactly like sizing charts indicate: Bust at fullest = 47 underbust = 36 The difference is 11 inches! Just like measuring the my cleavage and adding it to the fullest bust measurement indicated! Bringing me to a cup size that allows my bra's underwires to sit flat, for the first time, against my breast bone!

Definitely; try this at Home yourself if other methods are still failing you!

Republished 8/29/13
Anne Hunter

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