Monday, August 30, 2010

Get an extra 50% off clearance intimates at Bare Necessities!

Shop quick! Shop bras by size to get your size while stock lasts! I did not check the panties, tees and tanks or sock and hosiery.

Here is an example of how quick your browsing this sale can be when you use their shop the sale by bra size: currently you will find 8 bra styles for size 40C, but only 1 for 44B.

As far as large cup bras go, they seem to have a good supply of Panache Harmony full figure bras, the full cup version, in black or nude, for just $21.50! They have 14 sizes of the balconette Harmony bras, for just $16.50, in assorted colors!

This is the full cup version, at the is 50% off clearance prices, $21.50, in sizes many sizes from 30 to 36DD to K, 38E to K and 40DD to K.

If you are shopping for this above just click on in to see it at the sale.

Otherwise, just in case the brand you find on sale are not excluded from Bare Necessities 10% off offer,
  • Use their banner to your right.
  • Then select their Shop Now button in their maroon Extra 50% off Clearance horizontal banner near the top of their pages!
Enjoy the savings while they last in your size!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 Great deals on Trendy Plus Size Fashions Today!

You will find select Baby Phat’s sale dresses on sale at an additional 15% off today! Just Click on this dress’ picture to see Baby Phat’s plus size dresses in today’s sale! The pictured dress is now just $25.50, today.
Also today is the last day of Torrid’s Take an Extra 50% off Clearance Items at! Two days only! Ends 8/26!
Where you will find Denim, Dresses, Shoes, Tops Graphic Tees, Accessories, Sweaters and Intimates in Torrid’s Clearance!
This pretty, adjustable strap maxi dress below is on sale today, in Torrid’s Clearance, for just $30.
Printed Border Maxi Dress
You can also take advantage of their back to school discount below!

While at Torrid, it is always good to check out their Deals and Steals section, right next to their clearance section in their horizontal menu!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kiyonna’s Many Styles in 1, Jetsetter Convertible Bellini

 It was just Monday that I said I love dual-purpose purchases, regards to the Elomi Sports and often Everyday large cup sports bras.

Then I alerted you to Kiyonna tops that are going out of stock, and some coming in too.

Then I saw Convertible Jetsetter Bellini, you can wear it at least 5 different ways!

Use this New Arrivals at! to browse these Bellini while they are in stock in both their purple and black colors, in all sizes 10 to 32!
Here are some of the ways you can wear this Bellini!
You can wear this Bellini in many ways, due to innovative button placement!

Open front, of course!

You can tie to one side, or the other, I am not picturing both here.

One over one shoulder look:

Here it is in a scoop neck like style!

Here is the tied in the front style.

So there you have it, one Bellini, at least 5 ways to wear it!
Use the money saving code in the Kiyonna banner in yesterday's post, and the fee shipping for orders of $100+ deal is still on too!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Savings and some new stock of Kiyonna Plus Size Blouses

It is no surprise to me that Kiyonna plus size dresses and tops go from New Arrivals to nearly out of stock so fast! The blouse that I had planned to be our's featured blouse of the month is already down to only being available in 10 / 12 in cobalt blue and magenta, and 30 / 32 in cobalt blue as well.

That is because Kiyonna strategically designs their dresses and tops to make the most of, or create them if need be, of our curves, while hiding tummy, upper arm and other areas we might be shy of showing!

You can save when shopping Kiyonna using the discount code in this banner below. I clicked on it today to find they are also offering free shipping for orders over $100.

Now for the pesky problem of its is in customer favorites, yet out of stock in your size:

I ran into that one yesterday, with the above mentioned intended Blouse of the Month:
Kiyonna’ s Abby top below

Is both in Customer Favorites and New Arrivals!
I believe it is because it has a new color, Vixen Red!

So it appears that like our favorite styles of bras, these styles may reappear in New Arrivals!

Unlike favorite bras I have seen over the years, it appears the Abby Top is also restocked in its previous colors of purple, teal and black! You can find it now in sizes 0X to 5X, or 10 to 32.

Some things I have noticed though, looking closely at Kiyonna’s plus size fashions and reading their customer’s reviews for a while now.

Reviewer mention:
  • Preordering a style
  • Buying a style in more than one color
  • Often are women who apparently wear, or aim to wear Kiyonna all the time

The up shot of this is, dresses and tops go out of stock very quickly!

My Shape
carries Kiyonna, and sometimes they have styles in sizes Kiyonna is out of. You cannot count on that.
So…Take advantage of their money saving offers, and act fast if you really love a Kiyonna style you find.

Now a question for you:

I love the blouse and tank tops I wrote about yesterday, but I hesitated in buying them because:

Probably because they are mostly rayon, which I am lead to believe is tops, for summer wear, however…

Just how long does it take for a blouse or tank top to dry when you lay it flat to dry?

I understand that you can roll it gently in a clean towel first to speed this up a bit, but I do not have lots of drying space…

What to do?

Is there a fast version of lay flat to dry?

Thank you!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Plus Size Sports Bras you might end up wearing every day!

I love dual-purpose purchases! So far, 4 out of 5 women who reviewed Elomi’s Energise underwire plus size sports bras at Bigger Bras, (Where clicking on this bra’s picture will take you below.), like these large cup size bras for every daywear, as well as working out!

Bigger Bras, so far, has the best price, because of their 10% discount code on the right of their pages, and the widest size ranges. These bras come in sizes 38 - 46 D; 36 - 46 DD; 36 - 44 E, F, FF, G; 34 - 44 GG; 34 - 42 H; 34 - 40 HH; 34 - 38 J at Bigger Bras!
Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra 8040
According to Bigger Bras handy size comparison chart at each bra’s description, Elomi’s cup sizes are comparable to Fantasie’s!

These underwire sports bras have won the voter’s 2010 Undies Award for Best Full Figure Sports Bras at Her Room! If you take this Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra 8040
icon link, you will go to Her Room. There you can see, and read, the 70 reviews, giving these full figure bras a 5 star average!

These bras are highly rated for comfort and support by women who wear large cup sizes, up to J and large band sizes, up to 46.

These bras have an unique 4 section cup. As one reviewer observed, the support from these bras comes from the body of the bra, not the straps. This takes a load of our shoulders.

Also, because these are Non-Compression sports bras, you not only get all day comfort I can not get from my Enell sports bra, (not even half a day, I assure you), you also get a nice shape!

You can try these bras today, with free shipping both ways, if need be, at Bare Necessities, but that offer ends today. Bigger Bras still has the best price and size range in these bras. They come in white and black colors at Bare Necessities, Figleaves and Bigger Bras so far. They are no good from low cut blouses, but the cooler weather is coming anyway.

I believe these bras are well worth trying, and as they actually come in my size, when my budget allows, or when I find them at a good price on eBay in my size I will try them.

Naturally, I had to look. These bras are $64 at the above-mentioned stores.
Today, new with tags, in my size, I can bid one for $63…
Here is a link to Elomi Energise sports bras, New with Tags
Where today, you can find, for example: sizes 44E, 46D, E and F, 44FF for $25 to $30, sizes 38 and 42GG at $39. Excellent Buy it Now, not bid, prices!

If you enjoy bidding, you could possibly get them for less! If you click on the link to these bras at eBay I provided, then look at the tabs to your left at the top of these bras listings, you will find a tab for Auction Only and one for All Items as well.

If you happen to be looking these one day and see one in a sizes 34HH to J, at nearer to $30 than $60, Please write me a comment here Quick!

Thanks and enjoy the savings!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

50% off Le Mystere Full Figure Bras!

Use the Bare Necessities 10% off banner to your right, because Le Mystere is not an excluded brand! They have Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha seamless full figure bras on sale, and in plenty of sizes, in candy apple red, at 40% off, until 8/20/10!

You will find this bra for $41.40, then less the 10% off if you use the banner to your right, in large cup bra sizes up to 34 to 40G, 42E and 44F!

It is also no sale in its chocolate color, but somewhat less sizes are left.

This Baroque Dream Tisha hidden underwire full fit bra is just $46 in its mocha and blue brook colors, and still available in sizes up to 42G at this sale!

You will find several styles of Le Mystere bras at this 40% off sale!
Use the Bare Necessities 10% off discount banner to your right for the full 50% off!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just a few questions for You

How do you like our new look here? I somehow muffed up the template of this blog this am when I was adding my Find us on Face book thing in the right column. So, I went with this one. Yep. Still not a techie.

One reason I really wanted to get that up there is, Included within it is a
I have Lots of questions about what you want in full figure bras, but that will be a later, or different survey…Or you could just tell me by posting it on my wall at Face Book!

Within the hour, the reason for one of those questions cropped up.
I saw this beautiful Tummy Yummie shaper, comes in nude too, in sizes up to XL
for $122. It’s too pricey for me. It may turn up, new with tags, at an affordable price on eBay… For me, I gotta funny feeling it will not accommodate my HH to J cup size bust… but I would keep an eye on it for other women, posting it here when I find it at a closer to affordable price…Should I?

Which is why I ask, in the survey, (at Face Book, see our right column here), is
Well how important is cost to you?
Now me, knowing I have seen, and purchased a few of, my favorite large cup size bras, new and with tags at eBay stores…for much less
It would help to know what I should look for on and off eBay…

Am I one of the few full figure women who like Urban Fashion? If not, which ones? I am partial to the Baby Phat logo cat, but how about you?

These are the sort of things I have been wondering.
And more specific things about bras, but I will get that survey up later. Not much later either!

If you have a moment to answer two questions, you will no doubt find me responding to your answers right here, and at

If you want, each of the two questions has a comment space too! And you can comment on my Face Book wall, as much as you like!

Let me know what you want to find when you come here!
The survey makes it easy, as does the Face Book wall!
Thank you!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Urban fashion Steals, and Actual Deals

Steals and deals as in you can get taken, or not, at eBay stores
As well as actual Deals on both eBay and Urban Fashion stores!

This Baby Phat Dress below is a fine example of what I mean by ‘getting taken’ at eBay stores. I go into detail in Buyer Beware, on our Urban Wear at eBay stores page.

Here is the example of a steal, if you win the bid. You could get taken, if you pay the Buy it Now prices sometimes at eBay stores.

Click on this dress’s picture and you will find it at Baby Phat for $50, in sizes 1XL to 3XL. Plus often their New Special Offers, (link near their top left menu), will often have saving offers that let you save more $ on plus size fashions.
Now use this Baby Phat Mini plus size cocktail dress $20 to $60 at an eBay store link then scroll down a little to see this dress there.

True, you can get this dress, in sizes 3XL, for $20 and 1XL for $27, if you win the bid. Scroll down a bit further and you will find it at ‘Buy it Now’ prices, $60, in sizes 1XL to 3XL.

This is what I mean by you really should check the prices at the urban fashion designer’s store whose style you want to buy BEFORE you make an eBay purchase.

Unless you enjoy bidding, I guess…

ON the other hand, currently near the top or our Urban Fashion at eBay stores are Rocawear fringe dresses, sizes XL. One is for $20, the other $50. Both are at ‘Buy it Now’ prices, both New, With Tags. Today you will see a Dereon halter vest, real steal, if you like vests, Dereon no longer has it, and a Rocawear Snake Print, one shoulder dress, with built in bra, for $50.

The 2 Rocawear dresses turn up at eBay stores quite often, in plus sizes! I have never seen these dresses at Rocawear.

Real Deals from Urban wear stores, change so often, I suggest if you like a store’s style get on their mailing list! It is the best way to make sure you don’t miss their sales and discounts.
I though this one was real good today, until 8/12/10:
They have some nice tops in their sale section, new handbags, other accessories and shoes of course!
Rocawear has a similar deal
Rocawear (eFashion Solutions)
Shop eBay with care, or enjoy the excitement of bidding, and enjoy the savings where you find them!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

50% Off Baby Phat Plus Size Blouses, Jeans and Dresses

Between 1 to 3 pm est. today you will find select Baby Phat urban wear at 50% off!

Today’s sale styles are; halter and X-front plus size blouses, a halter dress and other sleeveless blouses you will want a bra like the plus size strapless bras in our previous post today, that tells you how to get them at 20% off!
You will also find jeans and shorts at this salt today.
Click on this halter ruffle blouse below, (also at this sale in red and white colors). It will take you straight to the Baby Phat 50% off, 1 to 3pm, sale styles!
There is also a ruched waist, cowl neck dress and a couple of t-shirts at this sale too!

20% off Everything, like Full Figure Bras, at Figleaves!

8/9/10 update: I am so sorry. I got that 20% off everything code from twitter. Turns out it should work on Figleaves UK site, not on their US one. For the US, they are offering free shipping, until 8/11/10, using code FIGFS1.
Once again I am sorry if this caused anyone an inconvenience. I promise I will never use Twitter as a reliable source again!

Use code FLTWENTY AT Figleaves until 8/11 to get 20% off your order! Like these Elomi plus size strapless bras that happen to come in cup sizes up to GG and band sizes up to 48!

Figleaves has an excellent selection of full figure and large cup size bras anyway. They also have shapewear, panties and much much more.
Not the code, then click on this bra to go to Figleaves!

Bravissimo, whose link is to your right here, has 5 large cup size strapless bra styles. But only one in band size 40. While they all seem to go from D to G, just two in GG and one in H cup sizes…Strapless plus size, as in large band sized, bras do not seem to come in large cup sizes very often.

For me, being full figured is mostly up front, lots of bust and gut, a little extra back padding, but not enough to bring me up to a 36 band size…

For people like me, a 34HH to J bra wearer, even less is available. Anyone out there know of one strapless bra style in this size?

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

25% off Plus Size Jeans by Baby Phat

+ More Full Figure Woman featured in advertising!

If you click on these jeans below you will go to Baby Phat’s page of plus size jeans at 25% off, until 11:59pm est. today.
These, and 9 other styles are down to $22.50. This style is available in sizes 14 to 24.
There are 13 other jeans styles at this sale in prices ranging from $30 to $45.

Full Figure Women in advertising!
Last evening I caught sight of this ad below. It’s great to see more signs of the media realizing that full figure women are beautiful.

Thank you Fruit of the Loom!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Convertible Full Figure Bras, at a Discount, and On Sale!

A bra at in Bare Necessities' Staff picks reminded me of another bra I tried on some years ago. Both are convertible, seamless underwire bras. Both have plunging necklines.
The Mare Jo bra, which I will show below, has a deeper plunge, is a halter convertible, but only comes in band and cup sizes up to 40D.

This bra reminded me of the Le Mystere Carina full figure bras I tried on years ago. I looked it up.
It appears to have the same straps. This is great, because while I found it mentioned nowhere in its description, they were ultra silky when I tried these bras on!

If you click on this bra’s picture below you will find it for just $43.40, in its pecan color, in sizes 40F and E, and 42 and 44E and F. They also have it on sale at $58.90, in numerous sizes in black and neutral colors in sizes 32 to 44B to G.
Bigger Bras also has a near constant 10% off discount on the right side of their pages! This bra’s usual price is $62
 Le Mystere Carina Seamless Underwire Bra 9155
As you can see from the above picture, you can wear this bra regular, or criss-cross. Nice for all those racer back styles of dresses and tops. I especially find many racer back styles in urban fashion dresses. I just have not found a criss-cross back bra that works for me yet. I so wished this one did. The straps were excellent!

Now the halter convertible bra below that got the attention of Bare Necessities staff has similar looking straps. They are stretch straps, which nothing about the above bra says those are…This bra below is by a company called Marie Jo, and I have not looked into their bras until today.
These bras come in this café latte pictured below and black in sizes 32 to 38A to E and 40B to D, for $99.

If you are interested in this bra, using the 10% off Bare Necessities banner will work for a discount on it, as Marie Jo brand is not an exclusion!