Monday, November 13, 2006

A comfy full figure waist cincher, Yes Really

A while back I wrote about my search for just how to order a waist cincher. I was disapointed by the results I had in previous waist cinchers I had to return. Being poked by the boning and no cinching.

My search for finding out how to size a waist cincher lead me to find a very special waist cincher. You can read about that here. Or you can go to

Click here to visit Galapagos Boutique

and read about the actual waist cincher from the seller. Just use that link and select “Squeem” from their horizontal menu bar.

I picked the waist cinching vest. It arrived last week. I have not had a chance to give it their claim’s test. They claim it’ll reduce your waist by at least 1 inch. If you wear it for 1 month at least 8 hours a day.

Here is what I want to do first. Measure my waist size. Get a pair of jeans that actually fit. Or perhaps wear it to our local Gap, I wear Levis. Then find out if this cincher allows for a size difference in the same style of jeans. You know. By trying one fitting size and one size smaller on 1st with out, and then with this cincher on. OK I’m curious by nature.

The jeans I’m wearing these days are about to fall off. In fact my daughter grabbed me by their waistband last week while we were ice skating. Almost caused a huge moment of embarrassment for us. They nearly slipped off. So the trip to get a new pair of jeans is way over due. I may not have the previous size kicking around the house. They were purchased after summer. For me the season of elastic waistband short. I have given up looking.

I found out last spring break just how loose those pants are. We ended up ice skating every other day. I got from the drivers seat of my car, and the jeans remained seated. Fortunately we were in our driveway! And that was less than 4 hours of extra skating in one week than what we normally do. So you see ladies, we don’t need to diet. Just find something fun to do. Then do a tad more of it!

At present, I don’t have time for that, just yet. So I go for the pants that fit now. Try the next smallest size with the cincher on. If they fit with it, I’ll likely go with that pair. Or perhaps 1 each. Why?

Because that very special cincher is warm!! And I sit in the skating rink each week for ½ hour. watching my daughter have her pre-hockey class. And I freeze. Then I skate for ½ hour practice with her.

Also it does help ease the lower back pain!
The flexible boning does not poke me anywhere!
And it does give me a gentle reminder to sit up straight. Which is easier to do when not freezing!

So begins the tail of the comfy waist cincher. Round 1.

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  1. I want one so bad but I want a review before I buy. I will put your blog in my favorites so I can check back.