Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Full Figure Chantelle Bras on Sale at Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities is having a Semi-annual bra sale which includes five Chantelle Bras that they place in both their plus size and DD+. Naturally you will find plenty of other bras by other great brands at this Bras Up to 50% Off at, and actually much more than bras too!

Chantelle’s Mouvance Demi Bras

These bras are in just the DD+ category but I felt they are special and have an excellent review from one woman who calls herself Curvy! These bras are on sale in this blue, for $56.99, but down to sizes 32 and 36B, D, E and F
 Apparently the new color in this bra style is black, which is full price, $83, and available in the 32 to 38B to G size range.

I hope to have a chance to look more closely at the above mentioned five Chantelle bras that fall into both categories…

Enjoy this sale while they have the most sizes.
Some of the select sale styles are just on sale in one color,
others are simply on sale!
This sale ends on 6/9/14.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

BOGO 50% Off Trendy Plus Size Fashions

I do not know about you, but I feel, Fashion to Figure tends to have some of the most on trend plus size clothing these days, at the best prices.
Their full price styles are already inexpensive and now they have this especially nice Shop Fashion to Figure's Memorial Day BOGO: Buy One, Get One 50% Off with Code BOGO50, making their fashions even more affordable!

They not only have trendy styles but wardrobe staples, we call can enjoy for less, some with a fresh new spin!

Updated Dress Styles

Fashion to Figure’s form fitting one shoulder color block dress is just $34.50 and available in all sizes 1X to 3X, as all their styles I am showing here today are!
Vegas Colorblock Dress
A head-turning dress for a fun night out, we love its form-fitting silhouette and bold ... [More]
Price: 34.50

The extra strap detail on their coral flare dress is especially nice as is that it is made of comfy pointe knit.
True Romance Flare Dress
A pretty flare dress that's fit to perfection, we're in love with this romantic style. ... [More]
Price: 42.50

This is one of several very flattering flare dresses we can find at Fashion to Figure now!

New Twists on some Tanks and Tops styles

This fitted tank can be dressed up or down and is made of a soft jersey knit!
Celine Jersey Tank
Constructed of soft jersey knit, this tailored top is a perfect staple for the office. ... [More]
Price: 25.50

The front belting and keyhole back of their new peplum top makes it a bit more special, and draws attention to your waist, while its shark bite hem flatters and elongates your torso!
Rita Belted Peplum Top
An asymmetrical peplum waist adds a dynamic edge to this spectacular top. Designed with... [More]
Price: 28.50

I think the button front placket accent of this stretch tank makes it a bit more unique than just another tank top. Its full price of just $22.50 makes it an easy and refreshing wardrobe addition too.
Shauna Button Front Tank Top
A form-fitting stretch tank, this beautiful blue top features a flattering scoop neck, ... [More]
Price: 22.50

This is what I love about Fashion to Figure’s styles,
Most, if not all of their styles make it easy to update your style!

Their current discount makes it all the more easier!

Besides the trends I last posted about they now also have:
  • Cropped Top and 
  • Maxed Out, (maxi dresses!) 

styles under Trends at Fashion to Figure!

This offer does not include Spanx or Squeem and ends at Midnight on Monday 5/26/14, so enjoy this soon!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

BOGO 50% Off E.L.F. Makeup and Beauty Products

E.L.F. has high quality makeup, nail and beauty products endorsed by seemingly all major fashion magazines and people like me, who wear it daily!

Now we can enjoy their already inexpensive makeup for less with their current BOGO: Buy One Get One 50% Off on orders $25+ with Code BOGO50 we can enjoy more of their highly rated makeup and beauty products for even less!

Here is look at some of their best-selling and new eye, lip and face makeup and a primer.

E.L.F. Best Selling Cream Eyeliner

You can create smooth, precise lines with the slanted brush that comes with this eyeliner. It is smudge and budge proof as well as water, sweat and tear proof and comes in 11 colors, $3.00 each! e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner One of the things that also jumped out at me about this eyeliner is its 4.3 Star average out of its current 1457 reviews!

New Moisturizing Lipstick by E.L.F. Studio

Their new lipstick below has vibrant color, luminous shine plus Shea and vitamins A, C and E. This lipstick comes in 10 colors, ($3.00 each), that lasts long and seal in moisture for long-lasting wear and comfort. e.l.f. Studio Moisturizing Lipstick
 They also have a highly rated, (and best-selling), Lip Exfoliator, also infused with great Jojoba oils, Grape, Avocado Vitamin E. It exfoliates with sugar.

You might have seen this in Real Simple. This sounds like a nice way to get your lips ready for the brilliant pigments of the lipstick above! These are just $3.00 too! e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator

E.L.F. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer

What can we tell about a face primer by its picture?

If you click on it, you will see it has a 4.2 Star average out of its current 1288 reviews.
Paints some picture to me!

This primer is developed to combat excessive oiliness as well as flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines!

It come in Clear, Radiant glow, (think flesh color) and two tone correcting (green and lavender), colors, for $6.00 each.
 e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer
This is among the Best-Sellers there. We can also find Hydrating and Poreless face primers in New at E.L.F..
e.l.f. Studio HD Blush
Their Studio HD Blush is a best seller that comes in 5 colors, (this is one of the lightest), for $3.00.

Enriched with Vitamin E to condition and hydrate while it delivers a rich and creamy blush that sculpts and highlights cheekbones in a velvety soft, yet all day, high pigment color!
 e.l.f. Studio HD Blush
Remember, besides makeup, they have
  • nail color
  • face wipes, (moisturizing and exfoliating)
  • makeup brushes 
and so much more, for some much less,
even at full price at E.L.F.

Start Enjoying E.L.F. makeup soon!
You will find more your money in your pocket,
where it belongs!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Plus Size Levis / Hue Legging at Zappos

I have known for a while now that Zappos had apparel, yet only recently thought to look there for full figure fashion. While some of their trendy styles are pricey, they do have some really nice classic wardrobe staples for less than $50 and with Free Shipping!

Hue Plus Size Jeanz for $34

These jeans / leggings are normally $42 and we can get them, sorry only size 2XL left, for $33.99. They have an excellent review! HUE - Plus Size Original Jeanz Legging (Midnight Rinse) - Apparel 

They also have black plus size cotton leggings by Hue in size 2XL, at $28, which is full price.
 HUE - Plus Size Cotton Legging (Black) - Apparel 
These happen to have 3 totally 5 star reviews!

Levis Plus Size Jeans, for Under $50

These are one of the many plus size jeans styles on sale at Zappos for under $50! These are available in sizes 16W to 24W, in a variety of other washes / colors as well! These have a 4 star average out of their current 32 reviews!

This is just a picture of these jeans.

You can find them using this link:
  • Going to Clothing under Shop Women’s
  • in their left column
  • Then selecting Plus Size 
  • under Specialty Sizes 
  • To go straight to these styles 

I simply used their $50 and under price range to find some sale, and as it turned out other, styles.

Zappos has a wide variety of cut offs and Bermuda shorts, capri, cropped pants and more on sale in full figure sizes by Levis too! 

Zappos also has full figure bras, panties, shapers, tops, bottoms, active wear, sports bras and swimwear at sale prices, or just plain under $50. Naturally they have full price styles too.

I aim to browse Zappos often to see if they ever have trendier styles at excellent prices and will let you know what I find here!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Panache up to K Cup Bra Styles for Less

I find that HH to K cup size bras are far too pricey. Yet if this is what you, like I, need, we pretty much have to look harder for deals, also where the price is consistently nicer helps too. 

Recently I found a few styles by Panache for less at Bigger Bras, and even less at Bravissimo.

Panache’s Rumeur 30 to 40DD to K Bras

First, a rather limited in K, less so in J and much better in HH cups sizes at, but for under $50 beautiful Panache bra! If you use this Panache Rumeur bras New with Tags, in some sizes 30 to 38HH to K link you will find these for $48.36 at Buy it Now, Not Bid, prices at an eBay store!

Or you could click on its picture to find it, full price $62, in the 30 to 40DD to K size range at Bare Necessities…

The eBay link also currently has these in the 30 to 40 in the DD to GG size ranges, except H, which is sold out, using the same link!

Cheaper at Bigger Bras up to K Cup Bras

You can use this Panache Elsa, 6691, balconette bra icon at Her Room link to find it in more colors, for $62 at Her Room.
If you want it in black or nude, (called Vintage), for $55.80 you can use More link below this beautiful bra style’s info to view it at Bigger Bras.
Both stores have these bras in the 30 to 38D to K size range!
Panache Elsa Balconnet Bra 6691
Underwire, Balconnet Bra, Three Section Cup, Leotard Back, Adjustable Straps [More]
Price: 62.00
Sale: 55.80

Bigger Bras has other Panache bra styles we can find at Bare Necessities and Her Room on sale already.
However, they are slightly more than we can find them at Bravissimo!

K cup Panache Bras at Bravissimo

Bravissimo has their own bras that cup up to 40L, (today their Alana bras are $47.14!). For the price is nicer K cup size bras, their brand is worth checking out!

That said, back to the price differences between the Panache styles of this ilk they currently have!

Bare Necessities has Panache’s Envy bras for $65,
Bigger Bras for $58.50

and you can click on this bra’s picture below to find it with the most, (4 star average), reviews for $53.87! All three of these stores have these bras in the 30 to 38D to K size range!

Panache’s Rapsody bras, below, are available in the 28 to 42DD to K size range for $62 at Bare Necessities. Her Room has them in the 28 to 40D to K, 42D to J and 44DD to FF size range for the same price.

Owing to the price being better, $48.82 at Bravissimo, when you click on its picture below, you will find it, today, in sizes 28E to H, 30DD to JJ and still in stock in all sizes 32 to 40DD to K.

If you need bras in cup sizes smaller than K, (such as DD to HH or J), you will likely find more of them, for less than many other stores, at Bravissimo.

This is just a brief look at some of the Panache up to K cup bras available for less there.
Different colors Different stores Panache K cup Bras
While Her Room, and if you click on this bra’s picture below, this is where you will end up, has Panache’s Floris balconette bras in the 30 to 38D to K size range in this new purple floral for $62.
Bravissimo does not have this color versions yet. Bravissimo does have these bras in most sizes, (some are out of stock), in this print below, for $50.51
I believe this is an older print, because Her Room does have this one above as a sale style, for $49.95, but without going through each size there,
I cannot tell you what sizes this sale color is available in at the moment…

Panache’s Jasmine bras have 40 reviews, (4.5 star average), so far at Bravissimo below. They are $48.82 and available in the 30 to 38E to K size range in this new print and in limited sizes in a solid wine color version!
Click on the animal print of this bra style to find it in the same sizes at Her Room for $62. icon icon 
Bare Necessities also has this bra style, in both prints above, as well as a solid champagne pink color, for $62, but only in the 30 to 38D to J size range.

It does have a 4.6 star average out of 15 reviews there, and a comparable rating at Her Room.

I will continue my quest to find HH to K cup bras for less, because I wear them too.

Figleaves is also an excellent place to find large cup bras, quite often for less than Bare Necessities and Her Room.

More later!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Fashion to Figure Inexpensive Trendy Plus Size Fashion

Have you checked out FTF’s styles yet? They tend to be on trend in within many women’s budget’s Here is a look at their Crop Top styles, starting at $15.50!

Belize Tiered Crop Tops

These airy rayon / spandex tops are the $15.50 style and they are still available in all sizes 1X to 3X!
Belize Tiered Top
A cute crop top for summer-ready-fun, we love its soft jersey fabric and frilly, tiered... [More]
Price: 15.50

The back does not have the tiers, but rather a racer-back that hangs loose!

Cropped Kimono Floral Top

This lovely kimono top is a $24.50 poly / spandex style. It is down to sizes 2X and 3X though…
Floral Flavor Cropped Top
We love this crop top, featuring a sultry floral print. Kimono sleeves and comfortable ... [More]
Price: 24.50

Two black Cropped Top Styles

Their Angie lace trimmed top is just $18.50, and being a likely style to wear plenty of ways, and a price like this…These tops are down to size 3X…
Angie Cropped Tank
A classic black cami, this treasure belongs in every girl's closet. Designed with a cut... [More]
Price: 18.50
I can just see these tops under sheer tops now and sweaters, jackets, and vests later in the year!

Their Chiffon Selena Fringe crop tops are still available in sizes 1X to 3X for $24.50.
Selena Fringe Crop Top
A classic black tank, this airy chiffon top pairs well with everything. Style features ... [More]
Price: 24.50

These would be a nice bra friendly alternative to spaghetti strap camis, if you prefer the now bra strap showing style in versatile and beautiful black tanks!

FTF, (Fashion to Figure), currently has styles in the:
  • Flower
  • Lace
  • Peplum
  • Mesh & Sheers
  • High Contrast 
  • and Blue & Coral 
trends. All nicely priced, at full price, as the above styles are!

They also offer free shipping on orders of $75, which is always nice too!

I I have been checking them out for a while and Fashion to Figure has consistently flattering, fashionable styles at excellent prices!  So I will be showing them here more often!

More Later!



Thursday, May 08, 2014

20% Off Curvy Kate K Cup Bra Styles

Right now Figleaves is having a 20% Off Curvy Kate sale! While they do have some bra styles that only go up to J cup sizes, we can enjoy plenty of their D-K bras for as little as $36, some even less, although sizes are extremely limited on those…

Two $36 Curvy Kate K Cup Bras

Both Curvy Kate’s Gia bras and their Princess bras come in a variety of colors in the 28 to 38D to K size range. Below are these bras in two of the colors they have in an abundance of sizes on sale for $36!
This is their 5 star Gia bra, which comes in four colors.
 Gia Balcony Bra 
And this is the currently 4 star Princess balconette bra, which comes in six colors. Princess Balconette D-K Bra 
I could show you more of these sale bras in up to K cup sizes!

Knowing how difficult it is to need an unusual bra size and to get bras at a good price I will keep this short.

So you can browse this sale sooner while your size is still in stock.


Current Tips for Shopping K cup Bras at Figleaves

If you click on any of these pictures and
  • Go to Figleaves
  • You will find View all Curvy Kate under each style’s picture there
  • Click on that 

You should, and in the past I believe I did,
Use their left column search menu to shop by size.
However, now, for some reason The sizes there only go up to J cup sizes.

Do not worry.
Many of the other Curvy Kate bra styles,
and they are not just the ones with D-K in their title,  
actually do go up to K cup sizes
and Are also on sale at 20% Off!

I plan to look into this further when I have more time.

Till then,



Wednesday, May 07, 2014

$10 - $15 Off E.L.F. Makeup, Nail and Beauty Products

If you want quality makeup and beauty products starting at $1, you should try E.L.F.! I did and I am not going back to pricier products!

Now they have this Get $10 off orders of $30 or more with coupon code MOM10 or get $15 off orders of $40 or more with coupon code MOM15 at This offer is valid until Saturday, 5/10. Shop now! discount we can take advantage of!

They have makeup, beauty and nail products! Many of their new stuff I recently wrote about that was largely out of stock is back in! E.L.F.’s Essential Smudge Pots appear to be available in all of their 9 colors.

You can use these as Eyeliner & / or Eyeshadow! Made to enrich and hydrate your eyes delicate skin, they are $2.00 each! e.l.f. Essential Smudge Pot Just one of their already highly rated new makeup, nail, (their Essential Quick Dry Top Coat for nails, $2.00, is another one!) and beauty products that have returned to stock recently!



Saturday, May 03, 2014

Trendy Plus Size Fashions for Less by Igigi

Igigi by Yuliya Raquel plus size fashions are well known, award winning, mostly dress, some separates and accessories designed just for full figure women! You can read more about this on our Igigi page.

These styles are also known to be pricey. On the bright side, they do have a sale section! The following are some styles available in at least a few sizes in the Sale section at Igigi!

Igigi Sale Fashions by Price

This Condessa Plus Size Top In Raspberry has 4 excellent reviews and is still available in sizes 12 to 32!
Condessa Plus Size Top In Raspberry
Build up your basics with this easy-to-wear jersey boatneck top. Wear this seasonless s... [More]
Price: 45.99

I see this style in black in the sale department too!

Their Brooke Plus Size Dress in Burgundy has mostly 4 and 5 star reviews and is still available in sizes 12 to 20 and 26 to 32!
Brooke Plus Size Casual Dress in Burgundy
We're absolutely smitten with this origami-pleated piece! It hits the mark for everythi... [More]
Price: 69.99

I believe I saw this in black there as well.

I love the unique cuts of both the (I think this would be curve accentuating, perhaps even creating for some of us!), top, and this body skimming dress style!

Their Larimar Dress in Topaz is down to limited quantities of size 12, 18/20, 26/28 and 30/32. It has noting but 4 and 5 star reviews and is available elsewhere in the Sale department in an Amber print too!
Larimar Plus Size Casual Dress in Plus Si...
Time to shape up with winter's new graphic prints! Simply chic and flattering boat neck... [More]
Price: 89.99

I think the pleat in the front makes this an especially nice style.

Perhaps, like T-strap shoes, the straight drop of the pleat has a visually elongating effect?

What do you think?

Their very bra friendly, (and as one reviewer put it, work appropriate neckline!), Golda Dress in Eggplant has 3 excellent reviews, and is available in sizes 12 to 32, but is almost gone in size 30/32
Golda Plus Size Casual Dress in Eggplant
A timeless warm-weather silhouette that captures the seasonĂ¢€™s free-spirited sensibili... [More]
Price: 106.99

Currently you can also find;
  • Skirts
  • Hi-lo dresses
  • Maxi dresses
  • Evening Gowns
  • Color Block dresses
  • Form fitting dresses
  • Wrap and Faux wrap dresses
  • Cardigans
  • Accessories 
  • and many other styles, mostly dresses, 
in the sale department at Igigi!

If you are looking for that special addition to your wardrobe, be sure to check out their What’s New and Back in Action, in What’s New, for what appears to be highly rated styles making a reappearance!