Friday, February 26, 2010

Plus Size Dresses starting at $16 by Baby Phat

You can find New Baby Phat plus size dresses today at one of the stores I mentioned on our Urban Wear page, Ocean Drive Style of Miami starting at $16. Granted these are bid prices, but all New With Tags, and sizes are limited, and they have some long sleeve and summer tops by Baby Phat too!

Here is a dress I already checked to see if it was available at Baby Phat’s own website for less, and it is not in the plus size section there at all.

This, New With Tags, Shimmering Palm Cocktail mini dress, here in size 3X, is on bid for just $19.98 in sizes 1X and 3X. The bid ends in approx. 6 days 9 hours. This dress is also available, currently, at Buy it now prices, ($70), on pages 2 and 3 of Plus Size Dresses and top by Baby Phat at Ocean Style of Miami now. You will find it at bid prices on page one where that link takes you.
This is this dresses back

Here is the front

IF you click on this dress when you get there, you can scroll down a bit to see more views of it, and Baby Phat Plus Size Size Charts, which are not always given at the description of each plus size piece of apparel atBaby Phat’s own site.

As you can see, bid prices are lower than Buy it Now prices.

Regards to: ‘I already checked to see if it was available at Baby Phat’s own website’
Here is why:

This beautiful shirt, (I have the short sleeve version of it in chocolate brown. It is excellent!), is available, for bid price $17, in black in size 1XK and purple in size 2XL.on page 1 of Plus Size Dresses and top by Baby Phat at Ocean Style of Miami, for on page 2 in several colors in sizes 1XL and 2XL for $50 at Buy it Now Prices.
The bid price is all well and good, but if you click on this shirt’s picture below, you will find it at Baby Phat, available in sizes 1XL to 3XL for $30, where it is available in black and four other colors! That is a whole lot better than this excellent eBay store, Ocean Style of Miami’s, buy it now price. That is a top seller eBay store with excellent ratings, but you must check yourself to avoid paying much more for what you might buy there just the same!
I will keep an eye on eBay store for urban fashions in plus sizes, as well as other eBay store deals for us full figure women.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

50% Off Baby Phat Jeans!

Ok, I could be wrong about this, the jeans part, not the 50% off select baby phat fashions, but today, between 1 and 3 EST, Baby Phat is having a half off sale on select items. According to the email that told me this, from Baby Phat, these items are select junior, (baby phat junior size jeans go up to size 15 = waist 33.5 hips 43.5) and plus size jeans. Their plus size jeans go up to size 24 = waist 46 hips 55.5 inches.
I know I normally keep you posted on Baby Phat plus size dresses and other urban wear at eBay stores. But this new dress below is new at Baby Phat, available in sizes 1XL to 3Xl and they also have a more bra strap friendly dress, as well as tops in this green and yellow print too! I like the way a handkerchief hem frames one legs!

OK, back to the jeans!

Another thing about Baby Phat jeans is they have a new Knit skinny knit jean that moves with you! I do not know about you, but if you have an inverted triangle shape like I do, this might be just the thing!

We have seen Curvy, Easy, Relaxed fit and so on… ( has anyone seen a no butt, extra gut cut? That would be the one for me!) How a bout real 5 pocket skinny jeans that have a bit of give where you personally need it. Baby Phat says they move with you. They do not say these jeans have give where you need it, yet I have my suspicions, they are Knit after all!

They have the skinny leg cut below in sizes 14 to 24
And Capri cut in the same sizes

I normally wear Levis, or Gap jeans for comfort, yet fit me like a empty sack in the legs and backside. They are now even more expensive than Baby Phat, so why not make a fashion and general better appearance move already, I have said to myself! I have to see if these knit jeans will work in a purchased to fit my hips, camparitviely narrow, yet have extra give in the stomach to make wearing jeans, for me, look like they are not gonna fall off soon, just catching at the stomach paunch. I will get back to you as to how this goes.

Do I thing these new Knit jeans will be on sale at half price this afternoon. Nope! But there are plenty of other baby phat jeans that will be! I find 30 style in plus size jeans at the page this sale info leads me to between $30 and $60. If you need more jeans in your wardrobe, & / or that beautiful dress above or other trendy plus size fashions, you can get more for your money using their money saving deal below, with the sale!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two, similar, elegant Full Figure Bras

Usually I like to tell you about inexpensive, or at least on sale & / or with a discount full figure and large cup size bras I have found. These Simone Perele and Chantelle bras are not the norm for me. Yet you can get the Chantelle one at Bigger Bras, which means with their usual 10% off any size order discount posted on their pages. Consider these, well I do, luxury bras.

Be aware: If you are accustomed to Goddess, Elomi, Fantasie, Freya and Panache bras, according to Bigger Bras Bra Fitting Guide , a G cup in Chantelle bras is equal to a F cup in Chantelle bras. They do not rate Simone Perele bras in their chart.

The above comes up because of the three 5 star reviews that this beautiful Simone Perele Nina full figure bras has, one of the reviewers says this bra is Chantelle’s Legende bra further down this page.

You will find this, comparatively, new Nina bra by clicking on its picture below at Her Room. I figure it is a luxury bra because it costs $99. These bras do come in Ivory, Black and Dove Grey, (which looks like a milk chocolate color to me). These bras come in sizes 32 - 38D to G + 40, 42D to F. The three women who each gave them 5 star reviews wear sizes 32G, 36F and 42D. Click on its picture to learn more about it.
For $88, with an additional 10% off most of the time, you can get this similar Chantelle #2981, Legende full figure at Bigger Bras. The 10% off discount codes tend to be on their pages most of the time, and good for any size order!


These bras come in sizes 32 – 38D to H, 40C to H and 42C to F. They come in coffee, black and ivory in all sizes, on back order, and in café crème, black and ivory in stock in a small selection of sizes there.

Currently these Legende bras have 9 reviews with a 4.6 star average at Bigger Bras and a 4 star average out of 85 reviews at Her Room, (same price, sizes and colors, but without the 10% discount). I figure this makes the Chantelle Legende bra an aptly named luxury bra!

Just because I have been checking out full figure bras and shapewear at eBay stores lately, I just had to try this search:
full figure bras Simone Perele new with tags
What is available there today is not all what I would call full figure bras, but some are, like a 40D with matching XXL panties new with tags of course, for buy it now price of $85. Perhaps this can be bid on as well
and some, notably a large cup size bra and panty set34E and medium boy shorts just $25!
Most of the rest of the current 16 itmes shown are just Simone Perele bras, some large band sized, 32 to 38, in prices from mostly $25 and $35.
Still not bad!
I just had to look!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Womens Plus Size Jeans just $20!

You will find three styles of womens plus size jeans for $20, and if you can wear sizes 0 to 20 jeans, even cheaper, as well as shorts, t-shirts, blouses, camis, flip flops and even plus size dresses at their lowest prices of the season in Old Navy’s Fundamentals Sale below! This sale is a great way to get ready for spring and summer, but it ends 3/4/10.

Additionally, not only does Old Navy have more women’s sizes 0 to 20 jeans on sale, some for less than $20, they also tend to come in short, regular and tall lengths! So especially if length is an issue, it would be worth checking out their size charts!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank you La Tonya Bynum and Plus Size Fashion Week!

La Tonya Bynum wrote us a nice comment recently. She just started a blog Shop 4 Plus Size which she hopes will become a fashion adventure as well as where we go for our next outfit!
She features a wedding dress there so far, a very good start Igigi, who has lots of dresses, and some wedding dresses worth checking out here:
This somehow reminded me of Glen Johnson’s, of Full Figure Plus, invite to join Full Figure Full Figure Fashion Week June 16 – 19 2010 group on Facebook. Which led me to checking out this video below of last year’s fashion week. It is a bit long, but good!

Perhaps because the shop La Tonya’s blog leads us to is located near Little Rock. I believe Glen Johnson is also from the Little Rock area of Arkansas, and his blog also turned me on to Igigi too!

More likely than Little Rock is they both remind me of inspiring full figure fashions I have seen so far!

Thank you again both Glen and La Tonya!

Friday, February 19, 2010

20% Off Full Figures Bras, panties, shapewear and everything else!

Figleaves is having a 20% off sale, until 2/21. This is a great way to get ready for the warm weather ahead! You will find new styles, pretty prints in plus size intimates. As well as these 60% cotton Vanity Fair’s Pure Full Figure Bras at just $33.20 in sizes up to 38G, 40F and 42E in white or black.
If you need them in larger cup sizes Bravissimo still has them, for $38.97 US currency, in sizes up to 38J in both black and white. Some sizes are still available, for $30.39 in Bravissimo’s exclusive pink color there too.

You can shop by size at Figleaves below, to make you searching a breeze, which is good, because this sale ends soon, so enjoy while it lasts!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Buy 2 get 1 Free on the spot Full Figure Bras!

Until 2/16/10 Bare Necessities is having their buy two, get one free, on the spot everyday bras sale! You will find full figure bras by Olga, Glamorize, Vanity Fair and more! These Seductive curves Bali Bras are in this deal. They are on sale at 20% off, come in sizes 34 and 36B to DD, 38B to DDD and 40, 42 and 44C to DDD, and are include in this special at Bare Necessities. Click on this highly rated, at Her Room, bra below to go to Bare Necessities. Or use the banner below it to go to their Everyday Bras special!

This everyday bras special lasts until 2/16/10
Bare Necessities

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Full Figure Bras at eBay

When you can get a highly rated Elomi full figure bra., brand new, for just $1.55, you would look. Right?

I have been looking into full figure and large cup bras at eBay stores for a while now. What I have found is you can use this Current Full Figure Bras at stores that only sell New With Tags and feature Buy it Now link to see what is available. Sometimes there are brand name bras, sometimes not. From there you can choose to see what is for auction as well as view all items.

I looked into several eBay stores and choose three which I give the vitures of in Full Figure Bras and Plus Size Shapewear at eBay stores. You can shop by bra size at these stores. Among them Bella Lingerie is my first choice, and the best one for large cup size bras.

As with other kinds of apparel at eBay I find the best prices tend to be for bras you can bid on. When I see an especially good price, bib or Buy it Now, at reliable eBay stores, on New With Tags full figure bras I will post it here!

Currently I find the Elomi Kristie bra I mentioned last week in the Lift is the Word about Elomi’s Tamarie Full Figure Bras post is still available as well as this highly rated, (4 stars out of 81 reviews at Her Room, and winner of the Undies Awards there), Elomi Full Figure T-shirt Bra.

Use this Elomi Smoothing Bra #1220 in its Cherry color now just $29 link and you will see it on page 1, bid time ending in 3 + days in sizes: 36E and F, 38F and 44F, for $1.55 to $16 at Belle Lingerie.

You will find it on page two of that listing, ending in 21 to 26 days, in sizes 38DD and E, 40E, 42G, 46Fand E and 48E, at $25 to $28 as well as matching panties in sizes M/12 to 4L/22 for $16.

The Buy it Now prices on these bras on page two where that link to them takes you are still nearly half price!

If you click on its picture below, you will find it equally well rated at Bigger Bras, in a wide range of sizes from 38DD to 44H, in nude or cocoa, for $58.

That is why I started seriously looking into intimates on eBay. If you can get a bra, New with Tags, from a reputable seller, for a fraction of the price, well, why not!

You will find the Elomi Kristie bra, and matching panties, available at comparable prices, in different full figure sizes and colors, throughout those two pages as well!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Plus Size Dresses at 30% Off TODAY

eDressMe has a large selection of plus size dresses and especially gowns. You will find them by taking their sale link below, then selecting Shop By Style in their horizontal menu. They have new vintage dresses in plus sizes in too. This one below is not new, but it is vintage in style and comes in sizes up to 3XL, in black as well!
Vintage Holiday Dresses by Queen of Heartz
About Vintage Dresses:
I just added Fat-shionista to our blog roll here. Now She, Sara V. Frenzy, creator of Fat-shionista, is putting together a very good show of vintage dresses, and even swimwear. Real show of your curves style lately, check it out!

Use the dress above or this banner to get to eDressMe, just note the 30% off savings code before you go!


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Days of the Week Panties revisited

In my post of Get Yourself Something Special for Valentines Day Just For You!, I show some days of the week panty styles that come in size up to large and extra large. I said I would get back to you about plus size styles of this kind of undies.
This is what I found, so far. These 100% cotton string bikini panties come in sizes up to 3XL. They are among the best sellers and they cost $30.
Days of the Week Plus Size String Bikini 7 Pack for women
They have an extensive collection of novelty boxer shorts and all other sorts of undies!
WebUndies has fun and sexy undies and lounge wear for yourself, gifts and your children!

I will likely search for them from time to time anyway.
Do any of you know of any other especially nice &/ or other plus size days of the week panties?

Friday, February 05, 2010

Lift is the Word about Elomi’s Tamarie Full Figure Bras

That is what I read the most about in the current reviews at Her Room about this side support, underwire bra, which comes in large cup and band sizes 36 to 44DD to GG and up to 46G and 48FF! You can read my brief summary of its current, (High!) ratings at Elomi Tamarie Full Figure Bras. You will also find out which stores have it in which sizes, colors and matching panties there.

You can shop for it in sizes up to 44GG and 46G, at its, slightly less than other stores prices at Figleaves by clicking on its picture below.

Elomi has other side support bras, and one of them is their Kristie underwire, side support bras #5810, pictured below, only one size left, 40C, at Bigger Bras for $28. If you click on its picture, you will find this is a highly rated bra.
Shop You will find this bra, as well as Elomi’s Smoothing underwire full figure bras in an array of large cup and band sizes, and in the case of the Kristie bra, in 3 available colors, for bid, Brand New With Tags, by using this Elomi Smoothing Bra #1220in its Cherry color now just $29 link. It will take you to a page at Bella Lingerie, where you can shop fine large cup size and plus size bras, brand new with tags, buy it now, or bid too, your choice!

The Kristie bras are more like around $16, but these are bid prices. Most of the bids on the page that link will take you to will only be good for a day or two.

Still Belle’s is a good eBay store to shop inexpensive, new, full figure and large cup bras, and matching panties. This eBay seller is highly rated, they do not deal in seconds, as they call them, and you can shop by your bra or panty size!

Its apparently also a good place to find discontinued bras and panties, like the Elomi Kristie bras and panties.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Get Yourself Something Special for Valentines Day Just For You!

Do you do that? Do get yourself a something special your birthday at least? I think we all should reward ourselves. We all work hard and we deserve special treats too! For sharing with that special someone, lingerie is not only traditional, but can lead to a real good time.

JUST for YOU: How about Something FREE!
See Styles at MyShape that Match Your Measurements, Style and Fit. Get $25 of $100 & Free Shipping Today.
What about you, just you, and for the rest of the year?
Get together with your best girl friend and a measuring tape, for a girls night in! Then get on line to set up your own personal shoppers at My Shape! It is FREE, and you can enjoy their suggestions and discounts from then on.
You can read about why and how you might want to set up a My Shape Personal Shop. Then you get your friend, a tape measure, (Its all about fit!) your favorite takeout food and beverage and enjoy. In addition, My Shape does not flood your email account.

For the rest of the year(s possibly), to come. I’ve been eyeing up

Days of the Week Panties!
Ever been clueless as to what to wear in the AM? Do you spend a certain part of the week, as I do, at brain-dead’s threshold? Both My Shape, (with a little planning, helps set you up with some swift, go to outfits!), and days of the week panties could be of assistance!
Do they come in plus sizes? So far up to XL, or 18, but I will keep looking, because I’m a big fan, and I need a bit more order to my life and wardrobe.
Well the following two, at Figleaves, come in sizes up to what they call 18, which their size charts say equals US L.
At Figleaves, for on sale for just $24.30, in sizes up to 18, or Large
Seven Satin Days of the Week panties! These are in their Outlet, so they may well be on their way out. Click on their picture to shop them. It took a lot to find them when I looked this time.

Also at Figleaves, Suggestive Mary Green 7 Days of the Week Panties, in sizes up to US L, for $99, cotton and spandex. These pricey panties come with suggestions like: For Dancing, and For My Sweetie, its like fortune cookies, but with suggestions as to what to do today. I cannot afford these pricey panties, and I sure do not need anything else to do, buy they look comfy and cute!

Back to the more affordable panties. The Satin Days of the Week Panties were $81, they’d go on sale occasionally, but not too often.

At Bare Necessities, in pretty pastels, on sale for $25, or black and white, with a grey and a pink, for $30 selections of St. Eve’s 7 Days of the Week Boy Shorts, which come in sizes up to XL. These are stretch cotton panties!

Gift yourself, for free, or with making life simpler, days of the week panties on sale. Get yourself something to enjoy the rest of the year!
There you have it, gift tips from the overtired and more than half spent!
Something simple, something sweet.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Igigi Suit Separates on Sale and Couture Women’s Suits at 20% Off

Igigi designs stylish dresses and fashions just for full figure women. However, they are somewhat pricey. Their sale section features great savings! Like more than half off on this stylish, highly rated, suit jackets, still available in sizes 12 to 28, but going fast, size 30 has sold out.
Their highly rated Briana Ruffle Skirt below is now just $39.50 and still available in sizes 18, 20 and 24 to 30!
Igigi’s sale section features plenty of dresses all designed to make the most of our curvaceous curves! Another place to check for inexpensive Igigi fashions is Igigi fashions at eBay Today
Women’s suits is running a 20% off offer, use code SPIRNG2010, until 2/5/10, to get 20% off Womensuits designer couture dress suits from their Spring 2010 collection. This is one of their more sedate suits, another is pictured at the top of our women’s suits page. Most are pretty elaborate, even flashy styles. This one comes in sizes up to 20W, the one on our suits page up to 30W.

Use this banner to go see their new spring line.

Both of the above-mentioned suits feature tulip skirts. As the Igigi skirt on sale featured earlier here, these skirts go in a bit at your knee.
Not unlike the sheath and pencil, and some Igigi dresses I was writing in my 1/15/10, What Sheath and Pencil Plus Size Dresses can do for you! post.
David Brett, of Yogo Ego left a very good comment there. His comment is well worth the read. Especially if you occasionally think you can abuse your self physically and emotionally to become, small. Do not do it, enjoy and celebrate your curves, as Igigi encourages us to do.
Let these in at the knees, tight, or skimming styles be part of it, if it is your style. Not everyone gets to be curvaceous! I do not have curvy hips, but in at the knee styles will make it seem as if I do!
I especially like the Penelope Garcia character from the TV show Criminal Minds
I am pretty, style wise, sedate myself, but I love her style, and so does my slender daughter!

Whoever you are, love yourself, just the way you are!