Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today Only 29% and 30% Off Discounts

I guess it is because we do not see many February 29ths, but for me, any excuse will do!

While the you will find excellent discounts from other stores featured on our Urban Fashion page, today you can get 30% off your whole order at Dr Jays! Dr Jays is a street style mall of sorts, where you will find Baby Phat, Rocawear, Apple Bottoms, Dereon and many more urban wear fashions and accessories!

Click on this Apple Bottoms top, (Already on sale and available in sizes 1X to 3X), and you will find their 30% discount across the top right side of their page!

29% Off Many brands at Bare Necessities, today!

If you click on this Affinitas seductive demi-bra…

Or their, still available in many more full figure sizes, underwire baby doll below

You will find Bare Necessities 29% discount code across the top of their pages.
Affinitas is not excluded from this deal! Neither is Le Mystere and many other makers of excellent full figure intimates!

29% off at Just My Size

who has just about everything for daily life apparel, with much of it on sale!
Use their 1 Day only - Leap year Special - 29% off your order. Valid February 29th only. link to browse their site.

It is a nice way to get ready for spring and summer, at a discount!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Great Deals on Lytess Leggings and other Lytess shapers

If you know you like Lytess leggings and / or shapers, Figleaves is having a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on all their Lytess styles!

They have leggings, capri, shorts, fat burning and sculpting high-waist briefs and fat burning and sculpting belts.

Click on these, oh so comfy, (I know, I wear them), leggings to get the saving code and see all Figleaves Lytess styles!

Currently Bare Necessities is having a 25% off discount. While many brands are excluded, Lytess is not excluded!

Click on these, up to size 4X, Slimming Shapewear Belt Brief and you will see their discount code across the top of their page.

  • Scroll Down to the bottom of the page
  • Look to your left under 
  • More Styles From Lytess
And you will see a link to all 17 of the Lytess styles Bare Necessities carries!

Be aware. While the stretch of their leggings is very forgiving, their bras stretch is not. They are sized quite small. I do not know about their belts, panties, tank tops and anti cellulite sleeves. Have tried their bras and doubt if you are in any way full figure in your bust area that they will fit.

If I am wrong about that, please comment about that here. I so hope they have a bras size and style out there that will fit me!

MY usual source of Lytess leggings is Buy It Now, New With Tags Lytess at eBay stores.

Today they have 32 styles starting at $32 for the Slimming Shaping, Push Up Panties in size L / XL, and

  • $69 for the leggings I am wild about, in size S/M, L/XL and 3XL
Those same leggings are
  • $83 at Figleaves and 
  • $70 at Bare Necessities before their current discount.
  • Sometimes eBay store prices are exceptionally better, sometimes just OK

Saturday, February 18, 2012

20% Off All Brands of Full Figure Bras and More

Figleaves is having their 20% Off EVERYTHING discount! This includes full figure bras by Elomi, Fantasie and all the rest they have! Even large cup size bras by Freya and others! Yes Everything!

While Many stores exclude Chantelle from their discounts, you will find many full figure Chantelle styles you can use their 20% Off Code TWENTY on!
Click on this Best Selling Chantelle Rive Gauche full cup bra, (sizes 32 to 40D to H), to check out Full Figure Chantelle styles at Figleaves!
Click on this pleasantly inexpensive Pour Moi full figure bra’s picture to see all their full figure styles! These Pour Moi Diamond full figure bras are actually on sale too, in this color, for $21, and available in assorted sizes including 40E, 44B DD and E!
Figleaves has a whole lot more than bras too!

Bigger Bras has a 10% Off, No Minimum, deal and their only exclusions are Chantelle and Enell.

They have more Elomi bras than Figleaves like their new, and highly rated, especially by full figure women, Betty Deep Plunging, yet D to HH cup, full figure bras!
Bra Plunge 8170
If you click on this bra’s picture you will find their current discount using Bigger Bras’ Stretch Your Dollar text link at the top center of their pages!

You can use Bare Necessities’’ text link in the right column to browse their $20 off orders of $99. If you click Details, you will find they exclude many brands, Chantelle, Elomi, Fantasie, Freya.

On the bright side, they do not exclude Bali, Vanity Fair and plenty of others! Just check out the Details, on the right side of their discount banner, before you browse for discounted prices… So you do not get unpleasantly surprised at the checkout…

That said:
  • while I did not buy a lot from Bare Necessities
  • Did get into a long exchange process with one shapewear style
  • which I ultimately ended up with a refund for, and they were nothing but pleasant every step of that way
  • Even so, at the end of the year they sent me a 30% Off Discount Code!

All these stores I write about often here have good stock and are a pleasure to deal with. Otherwise, I would not write about them.
A 30% off discount is really nice anytime of year!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Versatile up to Extra Wide Width Sandals style

I was posting One Stop Plus’ current deal at the top of our home page at and was taken by the sort of bootie / sandal style picture with the dress picture I put there.

Later I was browsing New Arrivals at OSP and I think these are them! They are too new for reviews, come in camel, black, pale rose and bone, in sizes 7 to 12M, W and WW, for $40!

Here they are, I think these are the same style, with a feminine dress style!

This style above strikes me as not so trendy you cannot wear it with a dress, yet trendy enough to polish a jeans look!

What gets me about these bootie /sandal styles I have been seeing plenty of in trendier styles in urban fashion and more moderate designs such as above is:
  • You can just as easily wear them with dresses or jeans
  • If you have a wide front of the foot, yet are virtually heelless, as my daughter and myself are, it is still close enough to a boot to avoid the dread heel blisters
  • They come in a seemingly infinite array of styles!

It is so nice to see this style of sandals more and more in recent years available in women’s wide width shoes, in widths often up to extra wide, at One Stop Plus and their stores!

These sandals above are listed as a Woman Within style. You can use their Take 20% off all purchases of $60 or more with code WW66947 discount, until 3/31/12, on them!

I found them at One Stop Plus in Shoes New Arrivals.
If you click on their tiered discount in the right column, note the code first, just in case you want to use it.

You will find their current, tends to be a week long, discount of, this week:
30% off your priciest style + $5 shipping!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bare Necessities For Your Curves section

And its Free shipping code!

Bare Necessities has a BP tab on their page. If you are already on a BP page, you can click on the words Bare Plus on the upper left side of their pages and you will find their New Exclusively for Your Curves home page!

This new section features 81 designer brands, 1000 sexy styles, full figure bras in band sizes 38 to 56 and cup sizes A to N! They also have sexy lingerie, shapewear, clothing and accessories!

You will also find a free shipping code across the tops of the Bare Plus section's pages good for today and tomorrow!

They have a variety of Sexy Lingerie including many bra styles, bustier and more!
These, and several other, Marlies Dekkers full figure bras are among them, and many of those styles are unique, like this one!

Not this particular style, but similar ones come in sizes up to 40E! A matching thong style is available too!

I found this sale style shopping by brand:
50% Off, only size 24W, (53”-46”-54”), left Shape fx cap sleeve dress

You can shop by bra size and even nicer,
If you shop by brand
  • You will notice a series of sizes in the left column
  • Using those you can narrow down the brand of you choice by size!

I cannot do this justice here, you just have to browse Bare Necessities’ new Bare Plus section. They did an excellent job with it and its worth browsing!

Friday, February 10, 2012

20% Off Fantasie and Freya Large Cup Size and Full Figure Bras

This has been an excellent week for certain types of, (wardrobe refreshing and polishing), discounts! Just in case I do not get to them tomorrow, check out Avenue’s current discounts at the top of our home page at and Igigi’s at the top of our Igigi page!

Plus, Figleaves has select Fantasie and Freya bras at 20% Off!

Click on Fantasie’s Belle balcony full figure bras’ picture to check out their full figure styles at this sale! This Belle bra is one of them and they have it in this red in sizes 30 to 38C to FF, 40DD to F and 42C, D and E! The matching panties are also on sale, in sizes up to XXL!

Granted, there are only 7 Fantasie bra styles when in their full figure bras section, you might still find styles at this sale in this larger cup size selection below!

Fantasie’s relatively new Lynsey side support, underwire bra is one that is on both their Full Figure and large cup size bras pages of this sale!
Click on it to view their GG+ styles at this sale and you will find
6 Fantasie and 7 Freya styles on sale!

If you need a larger cup sizes, such as up to K, they have Fantasie’s Florence large cup size bras both the D to GG size ranges and H to K size ranges!

Click on this H to K cup version to find them in sizes up to 30J and 32 to 40K on sale at Figleaves!
Figleaves is always a great place for full figure intimates and large cup bras!
It is good to check with them often for deals on Fantasie and Freya in particular!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

$10 Off, with Free Shipping at Bare Necessities

Click on pictures of these bras below today and you will find a banner across Bare Necessities pages with their $10 off orders of $74 code. Since they give us free shipping on orders of $70, you get that too!

While you will find Fantasie, Goddess, Panache and other fine intimates and full figure bras are excluded from this offer, many others, such as Vanity Fair, Olga, Playtex, Bali Bras and more still qualify for this discount!

Many alluring bra styles, which you might want for Valentine’s Day, (and they have a Just in time for Valentine’s days shipping special too), are included.

Bras like Felina’s best selling Harlow Demi full figure bras and Lunaire’s Seville Scroll bras below qualify!

Both Lunaire’s new cami bra below and Le Mystere’s full figure lace cami bras qualify for these discounts.

Not many large cup size bras styles qualify except those such as Bali’s Satin Tracings full figure bras, which come in sizes 34C to DDD, 36 to 42C to G, 44G, 46D and DD and 48 and 50D at Bare Necessities. They are, like many Bali Bras, on sale at 40% off and on sale in their Bayside, blue, color for $20!

Bare Necessities has plenty of other intimates, swimwear and more you can apply their $10 off discount to as well!

Friday, February 03, 2012

10% Off discount you can use on up to 40% Off on Full Figure Bras

Also 25% Off Shapewear you can use this 10% discount code on!

Currently Bare Necessities is having an up to 40% Off sale on bras by Playtex, Olga, Bali bras and the like. You can use their 10% Off discount code at the end of this post on these bras!

One of the best buys is Vanity Fair’s Beautiful Benefits Full Figure Bras! These bras are on sale at 40% Off, Quality for the 10% Off discount Extra discount below and a Buy 2 get One Vanity Fair Bra Free by mail offer too!
Bare Necessities has these best selling bras in 6 colors in sizes 36 to 42C, D and DD.

While many brands such as Fantasie, and Panache are excluded from this discount below, Goddess bras and le Mystere bras are not excluded from this discount below!

Bare Necessities has 79 Shapewear styles at 25% Off

Brands on sale that qualify for the extra discount below are:
  • Bali
  • Flexees
  • Dr. Rey
  • Maidenform

Bali’s Smooth It Out Shaping Cami below is on sale at 25% off, qualifies for the extra discount, is a best seller and comes in black too, in sizes 34 and 42C, D and DD and 36 to 40B, C, D and DD.

Note the code in this link before you use it Enjoy 10% Off with code SAVE10BN at Ends 02.11.12.
And enjoy these double savings!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

50% Off Everything at Dereon

Dereon have new plus size urban fashion styles in!

Plus, Until 2:59 pm, EST, today Dereon has taken 50% Off Everything!

Click on their new Rolling Hoody Dress to browse their new arrivals!

I prefer shopping ON Sale WITH a Discount.

Dereon’s sale section, which you will find at the lower part of their left column menu, is also all 50% Off!
Today this woven poplin top, which comes in lipstick red, and black as well as this white, in sizes 1X to 3X, is just $20!

If you have an inverted triangle shape, or are on the lighter side of full figured,

Plus Size Short Shorts are at clearance prices, but mostly in small, 12 to 16, sizes and

These new Dereon shorts are just $27 today and come in sizes up to 13/14!
Sadly, Dereon is not featuring size charts currently, and I have no experience to share with you about their jeans or shorts…

If you like the blue on blue logo at the back pockets, Baby Phat has several new styles of twill skinny jeans with their, rhinestone this time, logo cat in monochromatic, or tonal colors. Those new Baby Phat jeans are white, cherry and pink. They were only in new arrivals when I saw them earlier this week, not in Bottoms yet.

Anyway, Dereon also has footwear and accessories, and when they say Everything at 50% Off, once again, they mean it!