Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spacer foam and Cotton Summer Full Figure Bras

If you use Her Room’s banner to your right today, you will find their 8 best Beat the Heat bra choices. Among them are some full figure bras and large cup size bras that use good old cotton or Spacer Foam, (lightweight, breathable foam lining), for our comfort.

Space Foam bras

I have yet to try a cotton bra since I have found my real bra size, but I can vouch for Space Foam's cool light, comfort in Elomi’s Hermione full figure bras I am smitten with, this is the best cup lining yet! The straps on these bras are the best too!

Elomi’s Hermione large cup size and full figure bras are among the 8 recommended by Her Room for beating the heat too. These bras come in sizes 34G to HH, 36 to 40DD to HH, 42DD to H and 44DD to GG and 46DD to FF.
Her Room does not mention this bra’s spacer foam, but Bare Necessities description of it does. You can find it for the same, (OUCH), $69 at both stores, now in fawn and it’s new charcoal color.

Oh, I snapped that charcoal one up right away. I have many black t-shirts. That lace overlay on the side support panel, NEVER SHOWS!

You could also get these bras in their fawn color, at 15% off using code mystyle at Bigger Bras, to your top right, until 8/3, or 10% off with their usual discount after Aug. 3rd. However, you currently have to back order most sizes in it there.

I ordered my charcoal one last week from Bare Necessities, standard, free that day, shipping, and it showed up on Monday!

Another spacer foam full figure bra style Her Room Recommends is Chantelle’s Icone Basic Spacer Bra below. These bras come in sizes 32 to 36B to G, 38B to F and 40B, C and D in this toffee color. They are a bit pricey, $82, and have only 3 reviews so far, all 5 star!
They also carry Chantelle’s Sublime full figure spacer bras, with 15 of its current 17 reviews receiving five stars, which is what I like to see when a bra costs $80. Those bras come in nude, soft pink and black colors and come in comparable sizes to the Icone style.

Another style they recommend is Simone Perele’s Caressence bras which feature spacer foam and the promise of non-itchy pretty lace! These bras come in ivory, Peau rose and black in sizes 30C to F and 32 and 34 B to F, 36 and 38B to E and 40B, C and D!
These too are highly rated!

Of Cotton bras:

Her Room recommends Hanro’s Cotton Sensation brasicon, which only come in sizes 32 to 38B and C.

Should you need larger cup or band sizes, and want cotton bras,

You can get Best Forms’ which appears to be Vanity Fair, at both Figleaves, buy clicking on it’s picture and Bravissimo, whose link is in the right column of this Cotton Rich full figure bras page, in Every Day Essentials.

You will find these bras in black and white at both stores, in assorted sizes in the 30D to FF, 32 to 38D to G, and 40 and 42D to DD at Figleaves. Bravissimo has them in assorted sizes, more in black than white, in the 30 to 38D to J size ranges. They are about $42 at either store.

Both Her Room and Bare Necessities have these new Le Mystere cotton bras! They come in sizes 32 to 38B to G and 40C to G at Bare Necessities in toffee and white, and are on sale currently at $10 Off! They have a 4 star out of 6 reviews rating at Her Room.

Neither cotton or space foam styles recommend by Her Room

This full figure Natori Cool Contour bra uses Coolmax to keep us dry and comfy!
These bras come in sizes 32 to 38B to G in cafĂ© and black colors! They get good reviews and are $66…

They also recommend The Wick’em Bra Linericon, which you may have seen on The Doctors or The Today Shows. I have no opinion about these, but take their link to learn more!

They also recommend a sheer mesh Cosabella bra that comes in sizes 32 to 36B to D, in a multitude of colors, for $59, called Soire Sheer Soft Cup Underwire brasicon. Yes, both soft cup and sheer, not my type error…

This ran on a bit, but after it went over 105 degrees here last week, I feel, any effort to get us ready for such things is well spent!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get 40% Off a Baby Phat Style

Today, until 11:59 pm. est. tonight you can get 40% Off One full price Baby Phat style. This seems to apply to handbags and footwear too!

This deal is a bit better than, Dereon and Apple Bottoms’ B1G1 at 50% Off and B1G1 at 25% offers you can find out about at the top of our urban fashion page this week!

Today, Click on this best selling sparkly top, today $29, to go to new plus size arrivals at Baby Phat!
They have plenty of plus size dresses, maxi dresses, tops and some jeans currently in new arrivals. All their best sellers qualify for this 40% Off discount too!

Favorite Full Figure Bras at 15% Off

Figleaves is giving us 15% off much loved full figure bras, panties and shapewear! You will find favorite Chantelle, Panache, Freya bras and some bras are more than 15% Off in some colors!

Click on Fantasie’s Anna full figure large cup bras, up to 40H to go straight to their seven pages of at least 15% off intimates!

Click on Fantasie’s Elodie full figure below and you will find them for $44.50, in rouge, $50 in cappuccino and white colors and 15% Off in its slate color below.
You will also find sports bras, up to 40HH, by Shock Absorber, Spanx and other shapewear and sexy panties at 15% Off!

I do not know how long this discount lasts, but the Bigger Bras’ 15% off regular and sale discount at the top of the right column will be ending on August 3rd, and they are always worth browsing!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Free Shipping today and Luxury Full Figure Bras at up to 50% Off

You can get Free Shipping on Any Order today at Bare Necessities! Check out the top of our full figure bras page for the current sales, or just use the banner in the right column here to go straight to Bare Necessities, where you will find the free shipping code.

Masquerade bras are on sale at up to 50% Off at Figleaves!
Bust 4 Justice’s Magical Masquerade, a sneak preview of Panache AW11 post cleared this up for me: Masquerade is Panache’s luxury bra line.

Figleaves calls them Masquerade bras, and mentions Panache in each bra’s description. Her Room and Bare Necessities calls lists them under Panache and call them Panache’s Harlequin bras.

Click on the Masquerade Lula Mae plunge bra, now 50% Off, in sizes 28D to H, 30H, 32FF and GG, and most sizes 36 and 38D to H.

It will take you to Figleaves’ Masquerade Bras page, where you will find almost all of their bras on sale!
Panache’s Hestia Harlequin full figure bras below are one of the few Masquerade, or Harlequin bras not on sale at Figleaves, who has them in black and ivory, in sizes 30 to 38D to G, for $98.

They are on sale, in the ivory color below for $50 at Her Room. Click no this bra’s picture below to find them there in sizes 30FF and G, 34D to FF, 36F and FF and 38D to FF.
No matter what you call them Masquerade and / or Harlequin bras are glamorous styles that come in several low balconette and plunge styles.

Use link to the Bust 4 Justice article about their Fall / Winter 2011 styles were they show the beautiful styles we can look forward to!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30% Off Best Selling Full Figure Bras

And a few other great money saving offers currently at Bare Necessities

Click on Bare Necessities 25% Off Shapewear banner in the right column, and you will find 160 shapewear styles at 25% off by Bali, Flexees. Wacoal, Yummie Tummie, and other shapewear hosiery, panties, slips and panty brands! You will also find shaping apparel styles!

Click on Bare Necessities’ name in their upper left corner and you will find a Buy 3 Panties, get 1 Free offer, and 30% Off Bras offers!

The 30% off bras include Vanity Fair, Playtex, Olga, Lilyette, and Bali Bras, some of which are in their Full Figure Best Selling Bras, that you can find a link to at the lower left of that same page!

You will find many of the 30% Off Lilyette, Olga, Playtex, Vanity Fair and Bali Bra styles among their best sellers!

Naturally the consistently popular Bali’s Satin Tracings full figure bras is one of them. They have them in sizes 34C to DDD, 36 to 42C to G, 44G, 46D and DD and 48 and 50D, but it, like plenty of the other best sellers is only at 20% Off.
They also have at least 3 versions of Bali’s Passion for Comfort full figure bras!
This version is on sale at 30% Off and comes in 5 colors and a brown on brown giraffe print in sizes 32C to DD, 34 to 38B to DD, 40B to DDD and 42 and 44C to DDD.

Re: Larger than G Cup Size Best Sellers

While these are not part of Bare Necessities 30% off bras sale,

I find it interesting that only 3 brands that I know have larger than G cup size bras are shown

Whose cup sizes run smaller than Elomi and Freya to name just a few. Check out the Cup Size Comparison chart down the page a bit on Bigger Bras’ How to Fit a Bra page.

One Bra by Freya
Freya’s Rio full figure bras, which only come in cup sizes up to H in this particular, style. It is also discontinued and on close out sale at Her Room, below for $40. in white, black and nude colors, in assorted sizes including cup sizes GG and H.

I think every Elomi bra you can find in our large cup size and full figure bras directory, and likely more, is among the full figure best sellers currently at Bare Necessities.

That does not surprise me one bit, as I myself have switched over to any Elomi bra that comes in my size, from my former Panache and Fantasie bras I used to favor.

Which I guess says a lot about why I am not too dismayed by the total absence of Fantasie, Panache and other fine full figure bras.

They are nice, but Elomi bras I rave about here and on our bra page at seem to have them beat.

I guess it is not just me favoring Elomi for large cup size bras.

Also notably absent is Chantelle, whose bra cups, after a certain size, also run smaller than Fantasie, Freya, Elomi and the like.

However if you like Chantelle bras, check them out at Bare Necessities and you will find many of them are coming with Free Panties!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Every Day Sequins? And This Weeks deals, so far

Woman Within’s 40% Off discount and Rocawear’s current deal will end today and tomorrow am..

One Stop Plus gives you 2 tiered discounts to use, which you can find, along with Woman Within’s 40% Off offer, at the top of our home page at

Roamans’ has some excellent discounts this week, which I will get to, but their Deals of the week seem to change on Thursday, and the current one features a fashion trend I am intrigued by:

Daily Wear Sequins?!?
And other shinny apparel, all on sale!

I was not surprised not surprised to find an, especially vertically arranged, sequined Evening Dress.

This sequined evening dress, now half price at $70 to $90, comes with a chiffon overlay in sizes 14W to 34W, in black too.

The Sweatshirt says Every Day and Around the House to me!
I am still surprised!

This is the sequined sweatshirt in black, it comes in a slivery heather grey, rose and pine in sizes S to 5X.

It is on sale at Roamans’ deal of the week for $20 off, but you can likely shop it at the same price at One Stop Plus, using one of their two above-mentioned tiered discounts too!

I imagine this vertically sequined tank would dress up a jacket and jeans look, or make a quick change from you business suit to, swap blouse for tank, evening / club wear.

This sequined tank is on sale now for $22 to $30 in sizes S to 5X and comes in this ruby color, as well as lipstick red, silver and white, and 6 other colors!

It also has a 4.5 star rating out of 389 reviews!
The above evening dress and sweatshirt also have 4.5 star ratings, of under 15 reviews, so far…

They, Roamans and I would have to think One Stop Plus too, have a, now on sale for $14 to $17 sequined down the center panel tank top that gets equally great reviews.

For a more subtle shin
This metallic tank comes in the gold color below, silver and black, with a 4.5 star rating out of 77 reviews and is now on sale for $20 to $25 in sizes S to 5X!

Just As I have been getting accustomed to the idea of dressing with extra added shin, in daily wear, I notice too that fashion magazines like Vogue, Lucky and especially Glamour’s, (right on the cover), August issues are featuring sequined apparel, not just in evening wear either!

So if this look appeals to you, this is a great week to shop it on sale, with One Stop Plus’ discounts!

If you are getting ready for fall, well this extra sparkle will help brighten up the darker days, and be handy for casual party evenings we have in the fall too!

Plus, if you click on Roamans’ Take $20 off $60 or more with code RD31073 link you will find their Buy 1 get 1 50% Off Denim preview event.

They also have a 50% off boots deal you can find at the top of our women’s wide width shoes page.

So here it is 100 degrees in the shade of our side porch, where our thermometer is, and I am checking out fall previews!

I figure it is like planning your garden in the dead of winter!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Urban Fashion Sales and Discounts ending today, at 3ish

All the current sales and discounts featured on our urban fashion are ending at 2:59 pm, Apple Bottoms’ and Rocawear’s, and 3 pm., Baby Phat’s and Dereon’s, est. today.

The best deal price wise, (always depends on what you are looking for, but in general), seem to be Dereon’s 14 pages of sale women’s fashions, handbags and footwear, already on sale, but until 3 pm today, with an additional 50% Off!

Click on this, now $13, snap front, poplin top, (comes in white too) to go directly to these sale styles. The full figure fashions start right below the handbags at the top!

Strangely the Baby Phat, B1G1 50% off on select full price items, did not have those select items posted on their site when I started writing this.

Now, a bit later, these styles are posted again!

This is the deal I took advantage of last week, which is rare, if not a 1st, as I usually hold our for deeper cut sale prices…

Anyway, all the New Arrivals qualify, so if you click on this both Best Selling and New Arrival Batwing, Cold Shoulder dress, which comes in sizes 1XL to 4XL,
you will go to New Arrivals, and
FYI, all their Best Sellers in the plus size section qualify too!

For speed and convenience, here are links for the Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms and Rocawear offers that ends at 3pm today:
Baby Phat
Take 25% off all orders over $100 at Apple Bottoms! Offer Ends 7.14.
Take $25 off all orders over $100 at Rocawear! Offer Ends 7.14.

I once had to call Baby Phat regarding a sale price or discount they did not apply to my order.

Their customer service was polite, and they corrected the price on my order promptly.

Sometimes we have to help others keep their word. Do not be shy about it. Be vigilant and save your money!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Get an Extra 30% Off already up to 65% Off Clearance Full Figure Bras and Intimates

Today is apparently the last say of Bare Necessities’ up to 65% Off Clearance Sale. If you click on their banner in the right column today, you will see it says they have taken an additional 30% off their Clearance prices!

With prices like these, speed counts!

Therefore, shop this sale by size were you can!

I found these excellent deals as examples at the remains of their great sale:
Elomi’s Suzie plunge, underwire full figure bras, in their earlier Chinese Red color, currently available in sizes 36D, DD and E and 38D for just $28!

This lace sweetheart red version of Le Mystere Tisha full figure bras in sizes 34 to 42C and 36D, just $27!

The soft cup version of the popular Keira full figure Goddess bras are just $18, in black, chocolate and fawn colors, and available in many sizes:
  • 38D and DD
  • 40B to DDD
  • 42B to H
  • 44D
  • 46B, C and D
  • 48C and DDD
  • 50B and C
  • 52C and G
  • and 56D

Re: Goddess Bras’ cup sizes

Accustomed as I am to Panache, Elomi and Fantasie bras, when I finally found the above bra in my relatively smaller band size, (34), I unwittingly assumed an I = HH for cup sizes.

A current Goddess cup size I is equal to a G in Panache, Elomi and Fantasie bras.

I should have known better and checked the Bigger Bras’ cup size guide you can find on their How to Fit a Bra page.

Now seeing as how I have had a link to that page in the right column here under Bra Sizing Information for some time now, I should have known better.

So be aware if you are trying Goddess bras, and some cup sizes of Chantelle bras are also quite different than the above mentioned brands as well, for what that is worth…

Gee, it would be great if they would just standardize things like sizes!


Enjoy the excellent sale prices, today is the last day, according to the fine print at Bare Necessities.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Polished and Trendy Plus Size Fashions on Sale

Both Silhouettes and Ashley Stewart both have linen suit separates on sale at 20% and 25% off, (find links to these at the top of our home page at, You will find many sale urban styles on sale in Baby Phat’s $19.99 and Under Sale
icon section!

Not only at Baby Phat, if you click on this Be Beautiful, Be Bold, Be You, Trendy Plus Size Women's Fashion at link you will find;
  • You will find their link to $19.99 Ts, Tops, Swim Separates and Sandals! 
  • Below it is a link to $29.99 Tops, Dresses, Shorts and Crops
  • and to the right, a notice of over 300 new clearance styles!
Torrid Ruched blouse below, (There’s that cut again! Re. yesterday’s post), in on page 2 of Tops in Torrid's Clearance section

Whether new or clearance, many summer styles, like this top, require strapless bras.
If you happen to wear sizes 32DD to DDD or 34 to 42D to DDD, Wacoal’s award winning, highly rated, convertible Plus Size Strapless Bras look especially promising, for reliable and confident support!
Now if they would just make a comparable style in larger cup sizes…

Actually I consider plenty of Baby Phat’s and Dereon’s styles to be every bit as polished as Silhouettes and Ashley Stewarts. This is also true of some Torrid fashions.

I tend to like the basic, yet uniquely embellished jeans we find in urban wear. So far I have only tried Baby Phat jeans. It may take me years to get past them, as I really am so happy with them.

But I always thought the Apple Bottoms jeans with Apple logo back pockets looked great!

Today I found, after a spell of not a lot to mention in plus size urban styles at eBay stores:
Lots of new styles at Two of my favorite urban fashion eBay stores! Check them out at the top of our urban fashions at eBay stores page.
I think it is Pat’s Urbanwear, you will see near the top of the above mentioned page, that has plenty of dresses long out of stock at Dereon, Rocawear and Baby Phat

And Ocean Drive Style of Miami has these plus size capri, new with tags, in size 18W!
They have 2 pairs, at 50% off, for a limited time…
Back to Polished, or Posh, in this case

For a while now we were able to get a free suit with any suit purchase at Womensuits.
This offer ends tomorrow.
If you need really sumptuous dress suits, just use their additional money saving FREE Shipping with Any order! Code: FREESHIPUPS to go straight to their Free Suits Offer!

I still cannot get over how summer styles go on Clearance before August. Not that I am complaining, far from it. I take advantage of it, but it still seems weird to me.

I did take advantage of Baby Phat’s B1G1 at 50% Off deal right after I posted here it early Thursday am, and it hit the porch yesterday pm!

You do not pay extra for that at Baby Phat! Order early enough in the day and you just get it the next day!

For getting summer styles on sale, long before summer begins to end, it’s an excellent arrangement!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!