Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Additional 20% off Sale Full Figure and Large Cup Bras!

Until 11/30/09 you can get an 20% off plus size and large cup bras that are already marked down at Bigger Bras! Just see the details at the top right column. Click on that banner to select which kind of items are in stock and on sale you might want.
Here is what I found bra wise. Lots of higly rated Goddess bras, Panache large cup bras, Elomi and Le Mystere bras, like their Dream Tisha full fit t-shirt bras in, stock in sizes up to 34 to 44H, Already marked down to $58. As well as the lace version of it below
In stock in sizes up to 34 and 36H, 38E, 40 to 42H, 44B to F.
They also have Aviana’s plus size minimizer bra below, in stock in sizes 34D to H, 36D to DDD, 38D to H, 40D – G, 42 - 44D to H and 46DD to G, marked down to $41.
As well as other Aviana plus size bras, like their highly rated plus size soft cup bras in a wide variety of sizes up to 56I, now marked down to $38 and $42
It is true, there a lot of bra sales out there, especially, I expect, this weekend. For full figure bras, buying in stock, on sale bras at Bigger Bras, with their additional 20% discount might be the best money saver!
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

30% Off Minimizer Full Figure Bras!

Only today, almost all minimizer bras are on sale at 30% off at Bare Necessities! That includes the popular Bali Satin Tracings bras, in sizes up to 36 to 44G and up to 46, to 50D. Today these large cup bras are just $22.40!

As well the Bali nipple concealing plus size bras below, for just $23.80!

You will also find this Glamorise large cup, large band size soft cup minimizer below at 30% off. It comes in sizes up to 36 to 46D to G and 48D, in black and white colors.

Shop the sale while it lasts and enjoy the savings!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sexy, (& wallet friendly!) Plus Size & Large Cup Bras and Discounts!

Lavinia bras come in sizes 32 to 42B to H, and 44B to DDD and they are beautiful!
If you click on the Lavinia banner in the right column, the page it goes to shows you their current discounts in their right column; $10 off orders of $60, $20 off $100 and $50 off $200, all until 11/30/09!
I usually wear and write about Panache and other pricier large cup bras. Now that I have seen Lavinia bras, I really hope I am closer to an H or G cup size! Unlike the lovely Harlequin Hestia Balconnet large cup bras I wrote about earlier in the week, yet similar in design, this plus size shelf bra, by Lavinia, comes in full figure size up to 36 to 40B to DD/E. Even women who need B & C cup bras can enjoy this sexy bra style. They are $43 less than the beautiful Panache bras I wrote about on Wednesday!

Their best selling Balcony Push Up Bra below comes in sizes 34 to 40B to DDD, is just $49, and comes in black, white and beige, and has excellent reviews!

Need larger cup bras? Their Full figure lace plus size bra, underwire support comes in sizes 32D to H, 34B to G, to 40B to H and 42B to G! It has a unique menswear and lace look and it’s marked down to $51!
Their semi-sheer bra I have at the top of our Intimates page now is a full cup style that comes in sizes 36B to DD, 36B to D and 38 to 42B to DDD. It’s marked down $11 off. I like the review that says it is not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

Currently Lavinia is offering free shipping, and returns, in the US.

Better prices, Discounts and Free shipping! A good time to check out Lavinia Lingerie!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beautiful new silky style of Panache Large Cup Bras and Basques

So far I have only found Panache’s new Harlequin Hestia Balconnet large cup bras at Her Room in their ivory color

and this lingerie line’s beautiful basques below at Her Room, in ivory, and at Bravissimo, in black as well as ivory.

Bravissimo’s band sizes include 28DD to G, both stores have the basques and Her Room the bra in sizes 30 to 38D to G!
Click on theses bras pictures above to shop for them at Her Room. If you are using US currency, you’ll like the basque’s price better at Bravissimo, $91, as opposed to Her Room’s $129. Sadly, Bravissimo does not have the bra yet…

The basque, in black, might be just the thing to wear under this sensuous looking gown by Igigi.


I was playing around with a price comparison tool I put on our pages at Plus Size Women’s Clothing, it’s in the right column of all of its pages if you want to play with it too.

I clicked on Plus Size Lingerie, put either large cup, or full figure bras into their search engine and ran into a lingerie line I never heard of before:
They have large cup and plus size bras in sizes 32 to 44A to H.
They have lots of balcony push up bras and shelf bras in full figure sizes like this one below.

It comes in sizes 32 to 44D to E
Have you tried bras by Lavinia? If so, how are they?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Win a $50 to $70 Credit toward Bratique Helene Clothing for Full Busted Women

If you shop large cup bras there is an excellent chance you will appreciate Bratique Helene’s shirts and dresses. Check out the video below to see why!

You can win a $50 to $70 credit toward her apparel by answering the questions in her Bustline Quiz #2. Read the rules and take the quiz at Bratique Helene’s Fitting the Full Busted. blog post of 11/8/09.
There are only 5 questions, but I must admit, 2 of them have me stumped!
Enter by Sunday November 15th! Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Large Cup Bras that might give you a perky breasts look!

I was looking at how the side support of Fantasie’s new Elodi large cup bras are structured from the straps right into the sides of the cups. I get the impression these will give our breast that front and center, youthful perky look! It comes in sizes 30 - 38D to H, 40DD to G and 42DD to F.
Click on this bra’s picture below that takes you to Figleaves. Then mouse over, especially the right side, and check this new design out.

What do you think?
Very much like the Savannah full figure bras in blue, whose picture you can also find at Figleaves, with the same side support structure, on its left side, in that particular picture.

iconSadly, there are few reviews, available at Her Room so far. Both seem to have sizing problems. One does mention the front and center effect.
It seem, especially when you are both full figured and full busted, hard to avoid that matronly look. T
This style of side support in full busted bras just might work to ditch the matron form look!
Have any of you tried either of these bras? Or one with a similar style of side support? If so, does it do that front and center, perky breast effect I suspect it does?

Monday, November 09, 2009

Thank you Harpy! Where do you get Custom-sized Corsets?

I have often though Victorian style, I take this to mean with lace up back corsets, especially ones that could triple as sexy lingerie, club wear and shapewear would be the best buy. Your point of being adjustable, for optimum comfort is well taken with regard to this too! Harpy, where do you get custom-sized corsets? I found Hips and Curves has several styles of steel boned corsets, this one below is cotton twill lined and surprising comfort is mentioned in its write up! One corset in this line just comes up to your underbust, keeping the whole bust issue out of it, which is likely best if you wear large cup bras, or if your bust is in a whole other size range than your waist & / or hips.

They have 2 others in this line, that look just great, but they are all in the $130 to $150 price range. A bit too steep for some, like me for instance…Hips and Curves does have a wide selection of much more affordable plus size corsets, many of which have lace up back, but I doubt many are cotton lined. Still good for cooler parts of the year or for erotic lingerie purposes just in the summer. They all look great! This jacquard with lace inset corset comes in sizes 38 to 50!

They also have a wide variety of leather and patent corsets and lingerie, just for full figure women. Where you will find many lace up styles of leather and patent corsets.
This zip-front leather corset also has a lace up back!

Currently, also a lace up, and more to my price range, this mere $62 - $56 lace up the back corset, with side hook closure corset comes in black, purple and royal in two size ranges. Click on its picture to go to it at Bigger Bras in sizes 38 to 44, then scroll down to find it in sizes 46 to 50.
I have long though of some of Fredrick’s, (who have their corset / shapewear section together, likely where they belong), has some nice plus size corsets. Like their Renaissance corset, which comes in sizes up to 3XL, (Bust-54, Waist-46, Hips-54).

This one comes in red and black too.
For a women like my self, who is full busted, I like the idea of shoulder straps, especially if I am not going to be wearing a bra I trust with a corset. This corset does have a lace up back. Judging from how high up its side is in the picture, it may have a moderate to high back too. All of which should help with bust support.
Even if your shapewear is not showing, if you know you look pretty underneath, don’t you feel better? Next to the naturally customizing effect of lace up back corsets, wearing pretty lingerie corsets for shaping will also help you feel beautiful from your skin out!
This is in response to Harpy’s comment on our blog of 11/7/09 about Lytess, Re-Shaping wear?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Wide Width and Wide Calf Boots at up to 50% off!

Silhouettes’ 2 day boot event is going on now! You can find trendy and classic boots, like David Tate’s wide and extra wide calf leather dress boots at $40 off! You will also find some dress shoes, slippers and pumps at this sale. Silhouettes has a wide selection of women’s wide width footwear , usually in widths up to extra wide!
Not only that, you can save more money when you Shop Silhouettes® and Save 20% off $100 or more! - Enter code AFF9PC41 at checkout
Or use their code in this page’s right column to get free shipping on your order of $75 or more.
Zappos has nice prices and a far wider selection of women’s wide width shoes and boots too. Currently you will find this David Tate is now just $99 at Zappos. It comes in 5 colors in sizes 4 to 14 in medium, wide and extra wide widths and has very good reviews.
David Tate - Denver (Black Stretch Smooth) - Footwear
Zappos offers free shipping, both ways if need be, on these boots. You can often find excellent buys in wide width footwear for women. This boot above appears to have a 15.5” calf.
Boots featured at Silhouettes tend to have wider calf. The above mentioned David Tate dress boot at Silhouettes come in both 16” and 18” calf widths.
Want to see an excellent selection of wide and extra wide width and calf boots at great prices? Go straight and boots on sale directly by taking Silhouettes’ banner below!

Silhouettes - Wide-Calf Boots on Sale

The boot sale at Silhouettes is a 2-day event, so act soon to enjoy the best savings if you are in the market for boots.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Lytess, Re-Shapingwear?

When you think about shapewear, do you consider the longer-term effects of wearing it? Maybe we should. I had my own experience with Squeem’s fajas, in its plus size waist cincher vest style, a while back and lost inches after wearing this compression shapewear style.
Now I have been reading about Lytess’ shapewear line with micro-encapsulation of cosmetic slimming agents, like caffeine. You can watch this Enews flick about it here.

According to Bliss’ FAQ about Lytess shapewear page, we can expect to loose 1.5” off our waists and 1” off our hips wearing the Lytess slimming corrective belt. It gets excellent reviews at Bliss.
You will also find Lytess at Amazon
The reviewers of the lytess slimming corrective belt, as seen below at Amazon are not so good. Amazon does have a variety of similar items which some of the reviewers of Lytess shapewear refer to in their reviews.

Lytess also has shaping shorts, Capri and leggings, which two bloggers at Fig leaves blog review after wearing for 18 days, with very good results! Read their Shaping up post where they give a few fashion pointers on wearing these styles!
The up shot of my looking into this is:

  • According to Bliss World, Lytess shaping styles sizes are S/M = 26 – 30”waist, and L/XL= 32 – 36” waist. At Bliss World their products get great reviews.
    Amazon has a similar, yet different, selection of Lytess product, most without reviews so far.
  • Apparently they have a caffeine infused line, and a orange peel infused line, and they even have a slimming arm sleeve, and a slimming push up panty, but the largest size, waist band wise, they have available is the XL, equaling just up to a 36” waist. Not what some women would call plus size shapewear, yet perfect for others…

The woman who wrote the Fig leaves post says she wore the Lytess size small / medium, though she wears a size 14, and that the bike short style fits great under jeans.

The way I look at it:
For me, the only way I am going to confront shapewear is when the temperature is under 50 degrees, for extra warmth purposes as much as any thing else. The rest of the year, it is just too hot.
Shapewear costs plenty, or so it seems to me. As long as you are going to consider buying any, you should, if possible get,

  • Long lasting results
  • Relief from back pain
  • Excellent posture

Yeah why not, it cost plenty; you should get plenty for your bucks.
The only reason I stopped buying Squeem waist cincher vests, is likely because I am short. Apparently after to gut reduction from wearing my first one to smithereens, I ended up getting poked in the underbust and thighs.

If you are taller than 5’1.5” the Squeem fajas might work just as well for you.
Her Room now carries them too! They have them in sizes up to 5XL and they have reviews from full figure women who wear them. They have both the vest style and waist cincher style below. Click on either picture to shop them at Her Room.

And the rubber waist cincher, which has excellent to o-kay reviews from full figure women.

The wait cincher above really does have a rubber smell. One thing the reviews about the Lytess waist belt reviews say is that is smells wonderful!
The Squeem styles really do deliver what I mentioned I expect from shapewear. Now, with even less of a gut, but still one I would like to tame, I may well try the Lytess corrective belt, or leggings or shorts. Many of the Amazon reviewers complain about in the Lytess belt is roll up and down. Bliss wearers do not. Naturally with stays, like Squeem styles, you can not get that. With pant styles, I will not get some more of that back fat off…
A tough choice, Lytess belt or leggings, but possibly a good product worth trying. If you are taller than I, the Squeem ones above will do you good, until spring…then it is just too hot.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Thank you Danae and Plus Size Sports Bra for your comments!

Danae, I can’t wait to see the great full figure bras we can find only online, for most of us, and simply try them on in local stores!
Especially since now that I need a 34J rather than a 36J, I ordered and received one of my favorite bras. When I tried it on, I got that crummy, squished double boob effect by simply wearing a smaller band size.
Yet my every day favorite Panache Tango II Super Bra fits perfect in its smaller band size. Which is just what you would think right? Yet not so my other favorite Panache Harmony bra, I am assuming it is just a quirk of that single bra I received, but now I will be reluctant to order it in a 34J.
It seems you must try each one on, to find out if it fits. There was a time in recent years when I, and judging from some reviews, for a time, other women, received Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha full fit bras with pointy cups. Then other women’s reviews, after that time got better, with no mention of pointy cups! I suppose mishaps will happen.
How nice it would be to simply hand it to the local department store’s bra fitter, explain one’s surprise at these problems and let her take it from there. That would be much better than bringing back to the post office, wondering whether to order it again, or not, in my new band size? Or should I try a larger cup size, or what?

Thank you Plus Size Sports bras! You are right! There are plenty of nice online stores that offer great style and prices! Her own, Plus Size Sports Bra, offers a good selection of Champion and other sports bras at excellent prices.
I still like the Enell sports bra, and find that now, until 11/30/09, using code 20shop at Bigger Bras, on orders of $75 you can get 2 of these excellent bras, if you order an in-stock one, or two. Then you can get 20% off them! They have all Enell sizes 0 to 8, or, (32C to 52DD), in stock, but you would have to order at least 2, or one, and something else. At Bigger Bras these great high compression sports bras are just $54, it is usually $60. Or you could just get one, yet use there code freeship to get it with paying for the shipping, (that offer is good on any orders over $25).
Plus Size Bras and Danae’s comments were on this blog’s post of 10/26/09,
Knicker’s Americas denial of Larger Cup Size Bras has some good news for us full figured, and makes some good points!