Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jessica London Plus Size Fashions, even Better than Advertised!

An earlier post today, directly from my review of my, fairly, new vest does not quite say it all…

I got that vest for $18, and I round UP, because the Jessica London 40% off your most expensive item discount code you will find, down a bit, in this page’s right column, is good for even just one item!

Now Jessica London, who always seems to be having sales, is having a Linen sale! You will find lots of plus size fashions made of linen blends starting at $25 at this sale! Oh how I wish that vest came in linen blends!

So using the discount code in the right column here, this on sale at $50 to $60, cotton linen women’s blazer could be yours for just $30 to $36! It comes in a medium rose color, as well as its white shown below, in sizes 14W to 28W.
Jessica London Plus Size Linen Cotton Blazer
They have a couple of linen blend suits priced at less than this jacket too, as well as dresses, pants, blouses and so on.
That is what I mean by better than advertised, on sale, with a coupon, free shipping return label if needed, good fit and quality!

My Review of Tailored Vest

Originally submitted at

Sophisticated layer with the shape of a blazer. Back plear, front patch pockets. Fully lined. 26" long. Polyester/rayon/spandex.


Make sure you get the right fit. Click on our size chart below before ordering.

Wants More colors and fabrics please!

By Annie from New Jersey on 4/29/2010


5out of 5

Chest Size: Feels true to size

Length: Feels true to length

Pros: Stylish, Versatile, Attractive Design, Hides figure flaws, Comfortable, Durable

Cons: More in other fabrics, More colors

Best Uses: Travel, Everywhere, Work Meetings, Office, Casual Wear, Everyday

Describe Yourself: Comfort-oriented, Classic, Practical

This vest is perfect! I really want to get it, in exactly the same cut & sizing, in more colors and fabrics, like linen blends and denims, more natural fabrics in an array of colors PLEASE!
It is just perfect. When the temperature is up, it is what I throw on on my way out the door. I need more, in summer colors especially, and for when the other is in the wash!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fantasie Large Cup Size and Full Figure Bras at 20% Off!

This week special at Figleaves is select Fantasie bras and panties at 20% off! This sale includes Fantasie’s seamless full figure bras, as well as pretty embroidered bras like their Olivia balcony bras, up to size 40G.

To see the entire sale selection, click on this pretty, new pink colored Evie full fit bra, available in sizes up to 38G, below.

Read on to find out what larger cup, to JJ cup sizes, bras are at this sale, & which store has one of these larger cup sale bras for even less!


For larger cup bras, Figleaves has Fantasie’s Mariette bras in both sizes ranges on sale in white: $49.60 in sizes 30DD to G and 32D & DD, 34D to E and 36 to 40D to G. The larger cup size version is $62.40 and still available in sizes 32J, 34H to J, 36GG to J and 38H and J.
Click on this Mariette bra below to find the larger cup size style in that page’s center and the smaller, up to G, style to your right at Figleaves.

Figleaves also has Fantasie’s popular Belle bras in both balcony, (up to 38FF and 42E), and full cup styles, (30 to 40DD to G and 42E), on sale in white. It is also on sale in its black and bamboo colors. The available sizes vary for each color.

Figleaves also has the best sale prices in this Belle bra in its black and bamboo colors in the GG to JJ cup size ranges

But click this Belle bra below to shop for it in white for just $50 in the GG to JJ size range at Her Room. It is $64 at its Figleaves sale price. Her Room tells us this bra, in the larger size range is being discontinued in white.
Matching panties are also available at sale prices at Fig leaves this week!
I checked Bare Necessities, but they do not seem to have any Fantasie bras in their sale or outlet sections at this time.
Some of the bras at Figleaves Fantasie sale are also on sale at Bigger Bras. With Bigger Bras 10%, (found on their pages), it can be quite a savings. However, available sizes are quite limited…

Price wise, you can often find better prices on New, With Tag, Fantasie Bras at eBay. You can shop by band and cup size from the left column of the page the link in the previous sentence takes you too.

I suggested three good links for full figure bras at eBay stores in this page’s right column.

For the moment, my favorite, Belle Lingerie, has a very nice new site!

Unfortunately, it does not display the US dollar amount… I will try to find an eBay listing for them that includes the USD approx. equivalent for their items, or contact Belle Lingerie, or both…

Thursday, April 22, 2010

$30 favorite Urban Fashion footwear & 15% Off Wide Width Women’s Shoes

Today Only get 15% off Most shoe brands at Shoe Buy. They will donate $1 to the Sierra Club. You will find details at the top of our wide width women’s shoes page.

Get favorite urban fashion footwear by Dereon for just $30 today, between 11am and 2pm est. Just click on their sexy, peep toe platform sandal below to go to the sale!

Oops! It is not a footwear sale! Clicking on the sandal below will take you to their exquisite shoe styles.
Once you get there, click on their sale banner at the to go to Dereon;
  • Sunglasses
  • Handbags
  • Jewerly
  • A pair of Gladiator sandals and 2 sneakers
  • Assorted apparel including plus size tops and t-shirts.
All just $30 !
Well that is what I get for rushing.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

50% off Women’s Plus Size Jeans at Baby Phat

Between 1 to 3pm est. get select Baby Phat jeans at half price!

I believe they have 11 or styles of plus size skinny jeans at this sale, as well as motorcycle, distressed and other jeans styles!

Click on these skinny jeans to go to Baby Phat and check them out!

Maybe you can take advantage of this savings discount below as well!


Tailoring! Because Fit Matters!

In a dream
  • I walk into the supermarket and pick up some Instant Shaping Darts, available in a variety of depths and lengths.
  • When I get home my daughter applies them, because they are fun and easy to apply, (it is a Dream), to mostly the backs, and fronts of some of my blouses.
  • Instantly I loose lots of back fat, and some front fat, visually of course, that was never there in the first place.
  • Just as suddenly the wardrobe I actually wear is expanded, because even I won’t knowing wear something that makes me look many pounds heavier!
  • Now, with shaping darts applied, these shirts can be worn!

In reality I have my nicely shaped Jessica London vest, which I aim to try over the a fore-mentioned button downs.
Jessica London Plus Size Tailored Vest
I also have what My Shape recommends, their numerous discounts,

and Tailoring!

Yes, it is available on line. Yes it is pricey, on line. You can check one company’s tailoring out at . There you can even Build Your Own Perfect Pair of Jeans! Start Designing Now at

If you are in the Houston, TX area you could nip into AG Tailoring. They offer
Custom Leather Suits - and tailoring alterations for all shapes and sizes and tailored designed clothing from sketches or drawings.

I aim to look into on line tailoring to find out the pros and cons of it soon! I do love the idea, if not the price, of Custom Jeans!

If I am wrong about the Instant Shaping Darts, Please let me know!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pleasantly inexpensive New Freya Large Cup Size Bras!

This new large cup size bra style from Freya below is just $34 this week and comes in sizes 30 to 36GG to J and 38H to J. That is because Figleaves is having a sale on Freya bras and panties If you Click on this bra’s picture it will take you to the sale showing the new styles first!

This sale includes Freya’s highly rated Millie full figure bras as well as many other new styles and Freya. If you click on their popular Rio bra at the top of our Full figure bras page you will go to their best sellers, on sale first!
This style also comes in a plunge style in smaller cup sizes D to G.

Another new style, there are more than 2, of full figure Freya bras at this sale is this summer balconette underwire bra. It is now $36 and comes in sizes 28 – 30D to FF and to 32 to 38D to G. Just an example of the range, style of print wise of new Freya bras out now and on sale this week at Figleaves.
A padded version is also available in this style.
I better post this so you have a heads up before your sizes run out. They also have a buy Chantelle, buy a set, get a second panty free deal and other discounts and sales on!
To see the weekly sales at Figleaves, just click on their name in the upper left corner of their pages, and then click on “Offers of the Week”.

Friday, April 16, 2010

2 Full Figure Bra sales and I gotta share this with you about an eyeliner!

Fig leaves is having a 20% off Pour Moi? Bras sale, until Mon. 4/19/10. Pour Moi? Makes full figure bras in sizes up to 48G. Click on this bra’s picture below and it will take you to the styles of bras and panties that are on sale!

Click on Bare Necessities 10% off banner in this page’s right column, scroll down a bit and you will find their Most Wanted Bras sale! 17 styles including Le Mystere's Dream Tisha full fit bras, and a prettier lace trimmed bra by them, my favorite Panache super tango II large cup bra, Goddess bras and more.
Note: You will get an additional 10% by using this link, just by using their discount banner if want Le Mystere, Goddess and perhaps other bras. Not so the Panache bras though. To see their Exclusions to that 10% off discount. Look to the top left of their pages once you click their discount banner. There you will find a link to See Exclusion.
Bare Necessities Most Wanted Bras sale lasts until 4/21/10

Now about the eye liner!
Granted I am sort of a shy, timid person, who feels she looks a bit mousey. Still I got this Guerlain kohl eyeliner, likely not long after it came out, about 3, possibly more years ago, using it occasionally.

Just last week I found a YouTube video by lolipop26
showing how to use it on your water line, (just above your lower eye liner).
I thought I could do this. She just squeezed her eye shut to apply it rather than dragged it.
Then she just pressed the stick along the eyelash line for the upper lid. I skipped this because just the water line had made such a difference!

It was more than enough! Well like I said, I am a bit shy…
The dragging the stick you apply it with along you water line is what you will see in the video I found. I cannot find lolipop26’s video this week for some reason…

So finally this am I got around to trying it.
Except I did not even close my eyes on the stick.
I just laid the stick on my water line.

IT still works so well!

What impact!

I was convinced I was gonna do this every day!

(yes some got in my eyes. Not only does it not hurt, it, unlike mascara, feels like nothing! Yet has SO MUCH MORE IMPACT!)
I suddenly realized I could run out, I may be near out of this eye liner already. GULP
I found Use this link to go to Sephora’s is having a 15% off discount until 4/19/10. They also give you free shipping on orders over $50!
And I found they have 2 styles of Guerlain Kohl eye liner. I am enthusing to you about the terracotta loose power Guerlain Kohl eyeliner.
And now here is the best video I could find, rather than lolipop26’s which I prefer, because there is no dragging of the stick to apply this eyeliner, which made me bold enough to get right up to this, not even close my eyes and still have it work.

I am using the brown color, which appears to have lovely gold speckles in it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Plus Size Dresses at 50% Off at Baby Phat

For two hours only today, between 1 and 3 PM, you will find select plus size dresses at 50% off at Baby Phat. Including the one I posted on top of our dress page for just $34.50!
This versatile empire waist, doman sleeve, with beaded v-neckline dress below is also available in black, in sizes 1XL to 3XL for just $24.50!
Time is running short!
  • Click on this dress, 
  • then click on the Baby Phat words at the top left of their page 
  • scroll down to select Plus from the bottom of that page’s 2 hour sale banner to see all the dress and jumpsuit styles on sale!

The best way to find out about Baby Phat’s great 2 hour 50% off sales is to sign up for their news letters. You will find the place to do that at each items bottom right column.

After the sale you might find Baby Phat plus size dresses at eBay , (I find quite often, listing like the one this link will bring you to will not show all that is available at individual eBay stores), at better prices than Baby Phat. However, quite often I find they are near the same, if not more at times, than Baby Phat’s own prices as I had mentioned in Urban wear at eBay.

The exception to this would be bids at specific stores, which I mentioned a few in the above-mentioned Urban wear at eBay article. Mostly I like Ocean Drive Style of Miami for good bid prices on Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms and other urban fashions in plus sizes.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Women’s Wide Width Shoes &Sandals starting at $15

Today only Silhouettes has select wide width women’s shoes and sandals on sale! It seems all of Silhouettes footwear comes in widths up to extra wide, and that includes the styles I have looked at in this sale so far. You will find strappy dress sandals, casual footwear and dress shoes today at prices between $15 and $47, though the norm seems to be $31.
Like these handy Knot Wedge Espadrilles, they come in sizes 7 to 12, medium to extra wide widths, in the colors shown below and are $31 today!
Knot Wedge Espadrille
These Open Toe Sling backs come in sizes 7 to 12, widths medium to extra wide and are $23 today!
Open-Toe Sling

Actually, there is only one pair of sandals at this sale, by Life Stride, for $47. I do not know if that is a good price for Life Stride women’s sandals, but if so, check it out!

Get the most for your money and note the discount code in Silhouettes’ banner in this page’s right column, if you think you might end up spending up to $75 or more. They do have beautiful, and generously cut, plus size women’s clothing!

Use this text link below to go to the shoe and sandal sale. It is today only though, so you know, enjoy the savings while they are there!
Shoes & Boots On SALE at! Find great deals on shoes, wide-calf boots, flats and more!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Save on Plus Size Dresses Today!

My Shape is having a one day dress sale of select sizes. Until 11:59 pm PDT today you will find select plus size dresses on sale for $60 and $100 by Igigi, Onyx Nite, Karen Kane, Jessica Howard, Donna Ricco and other of the usually pricier designers!
Use the code in this My Shape banner to save more when you check out!

Take $50 off $150 On Spring Dresses at MyShape

If you have shown up late, or are looking for Kiyonna for even less, use this Kiyonna at eBay link, to see the currently 22 styles including $25 new with tag dresses. You will also find their popular camisole, as well as Kiyonna plus size jeans there. All of these items are at Buy it Now, rather than bid, yet still low prices!

Kiyonna themselves also have 6 dresses in their sale section, at $70 to $100.

Igigi also has dresses in their sale section, with dresses, skirts and more! Yet one dress they have at My Shape by Igigi, for $100, is on sale at Igigi for over $100. This discount banner below is from Igigi.
On top of that, you have My Shape’s discount, plus if you set up you’re my shape personal shop, they can tell you if it will really work for you, in a way that Igigi’s more casual size and shape guides can not!
Good reason to do, especially your pricier dress shopping at My Shape, on sale!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Great savings on Bali, Olga and other Plus Size Bras!

It just gets better and better, then better again!
  • Not only does Bare Necessities have a buy 2 get 1 free bras deal going on, it includes Glamorize, Bali, Playtex and Olga bras! 
  • On top of that, NONE of these brands of full figure bras are in the exclusions of Bare Necessities 10% off banner below. 
  • Better still again, all of the Bali and Olga bras and most of the Playtex bras are on sale at 20% off, some of the Playtex bras, in discontinued colors, are at 37 to 40% off. While the Glamorize bras, which come in larger cup sizes, are mostly only on sale at 10% off, some styles are on sale at 32 to 62% off. The bras I mention as being on sale are all part of their buy 2 get 1 free offer!
Just click on this banner, scroll down to the buy 2 get 1 free offer, click on it to select the bras you want, and save in 3 ways! This is only good until 4/15/10 so stock up and save while the deals are on!

Bare Necessities

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Fantasie’s Gabrielle and Kara large cup size bras from $2 to $50

Fantasie is discontinuing their Gabrielle large cup size bras. If you click on this bra’s picture below, you will find it at its close out price of $50, in sizes up to 30G, 32, 34, 36 and 38FF, 40F and 42E. If you use this Fantasie Lingerie offers at Belle Lingerie link today, you will find these bras,

as well as their highly rated Kara large cup bras at much better prices. The Kara bras are at Buy it Now prices of around $25, the Gabrielle bras are at bid prices, bids ending 4/14/10, starting at $1.51, for a 36G no less!! These bras are also available, at pages further on, at Buy it Now prices of $25ish.

Both of these bras are available in a multitude of full figure sizes, so it would be simpler, once at Belle Lingerie to use their shop by your bra size feature in their left column. Belle Lingerie only carries new lingerie, no seconds! Most of their bras are marked New With Tags. They also accept returns! I cannot wait to try them my self!

Not into eBay yet looking to save on these bras? You will find some of the Gabrielle, (on sale!), and the Kara bras up to K cup sizes at Bigger Bras, whose link is at the top of our right column. They usually have a 10% off discount code in the right column of their pages, good for any size order!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Free shipping and Sales on Chantelle Bras!

Chantelle has highly rated full figure bras, which Bare Necessities has made it easier to try now with their free shipping and returns offer, until 4/19/10. Click on their 10% off banner in this page’s right column and this offer will appear to your lower right on their page.

They have lots of Chantelle bras, 9 plus size styles, up to 40B to H, and 16 full busted styles. This highly rated, at Her Room and Bigger Bras, Rive Gauche, smooth full cup bra appears in both categories!

You will find bras like Chantelle’s Body Sculpt full figure bras, in sizes up to 36H, 38G and 40B to E, in dark brown, rose, toffee or white, at Bare Necessities.

The Details of this bra at Her Room mention that petite women say the underwires of this bra do not poke!

Meanwhile, Bigger Bras, who nearly always offers 10% off codes on their pages, any size order, has various Chantelle bras on sale, some in full figure sizes! It is like a size here or there;
Like this, appears to be the multi-way strap version of the Chantelle bra above, in size 40E in blue for $31.

While Bare Necessities has a very good selection of Chantelle Bras, they do not seem to carry their very pretty, and equally highly rated, legend #2981 full figure bras

They are still available in some sizes, up to 42D, at Bigger Bras, and at Her Room the Chantelle 2981 Legende Full Figure Underwire Bra is available in many sizes 32 to 40C to H and 42C to F, in black, ivory and coffee!

Bare Necessities does carry the award winning Chantelle minimizer bra in this video below!

The Bare Necessities offer does cover Chantelle panties too!