Thursday, September 30, 2010

174 Large Cup Bras, 181 Plus Size Bras and more Starting at 25% Off!

You will find hundreds of styles, including the above mentioned full figure bras, as well as shapers, panties, and more at Bare Necessities’ 5 day, until 10/4/10, sale. They also have another Fall Sale with bras at 25 – 45% off that runs until 11/7/10.

I would use the 10% off Bare Necessities discount banner in the right column to shop this sale. Just in case you buy items that are not in this discount’s exclusions. Olga bras are not excluded and they at both sales!

But just in case you are in a hurry here is the link to their 5 day sale!
Bare Necessities

You will find these Elomi, (yeah, I know, I am on an Elomi kick) side support, Tamarie underwire full figure bras, apparently in black, for just $45!

It is normally $60, is still available in sizes 36 to 44DD to GG, 46E to G and 48E, F and FF.

This bra gets excellent reviews from women who wear both large band and large cup sizes at both Fig leaves and Her Room.

Just an example of the fine bras, and vast size ranges, you will find at this sale.
The sale that runs until 11/7 has, or also has, a buy 3 get 1 free panty deal, as well as panties, shapewear and sports bras on sale there too!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tunics and Leggings, perfect together!

I know I put lots of attention on plus size blouses and tops that are form fitting. I also know there are times when a girl just wants something loose, yet slenderizing, to wear.

This week if you click on this Roaman's - Deals Of The Week you will find ‘The Tunic save up to 50% ‘. If you click on those words near the top left, Then under Categories, scroll up a bit you will find their Tunic BOGO. Click on that to see Roamans 30 plus size tunics, starting at $12 that you can get a 2nd one for .99.

Bare Necessities has plus size tummy control leggings by Shape fx. They are just $32 and come in size 1XL to 3XL.

They also have Shape fx’s plus size Push Up Boot cut leggings, just $27 same sizes, and gets great ratings, (Shape fx flared leggings ratings at Amazon). Amazon has the push up leggings, not flared leg, version too.
Amazon’s Shape fx leggings come in plus size, petite and tall sizes as well!

Bare Necessities also has Shape fx’s Shaping, wide leg jeans, in sizes up to 18, for $59.

At the same time Roamans has extended their stock of Lytess shapewear. It now includes a Combination Shaper by Lytess, for $90…

This is why I have “New Lytess Leggings and Shapewear” in the “My personal eBay Watch” box in this page’s right column. Lytess is so pricy. I have their bike shorts which feel perfect! The ones I have do not shape though…and they are not long enough to wear with boots and leggings in the seasons to come…

For me, tunics and leggings, with little booties, or even high boots, would be an outdoor variant of what I wear around the house most of the time.

The perfect comfy clothes!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Great Urban Fashion Savings this week!

Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms have trendy plus size fashions on sale, and discounted an extra 15% off this week! While Dereon has a $10 off $50, $25 off $100 and $50 off $175 offer, and Rocawear has sale items at an additional 20% off. Read about Baby Phat’s, and Apple Bottoms’ deals at the top of, and Dereon’s and Rocawear’s offers in the right column of our urban fashion page.

Here is a small sample of some sale items!
This Baby Phat ruched waist, cowl neck dress, also comes in black, is on sale for $30, now marked down to $25.50, and available in sizes 1XL to 3XL.
This Dereon ruffle top is now just $30 in white or sunny yellow, in the same sizes!
This lucky charms partially rayon, race back tank top is just $25, but only available in size 2X.
This Apple Bottoms draping chains tunic is marked down to $30, and now discounted at $25.50.

Here is an example of an eBay find, and a Not an eBay Find

This cross back dress, that I would love, except I really do need to wear a bra, is no longer available at Apple Bottoms.
If you click on this Apple Bottoms dresses at an eBay store link, you will find it at excellent both Buy it Now and bid prices of $36 and $20, in sizes 2X and 3X!

You will also see this dress below, for $48 in beige and blue, in sizes 2X and 3X.
If you click no this dress below, you will find it at Apple Bottoms, in blue and silver colors, for just $35, now marked down to $30, in sizes 2X
This is exactly the sort of thing I warn readers about at my Urban wear at eBay stores page.
Quite often urban fashion designer’s own stores have the best prices on their own styles!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Uniquely Flattering Plus Size Dresses

Some plus size dresses have their own unique way of flattering our figures! Kiyonna dresses have a few specific ways of accenting our waistlines, even creating a waistline if need be. They apply the same techniques to their plus size blouses and tops too!

Their faux wrap Vivienne cinch dress is a party dress. It now comes in this lipstick red below, as well as cobalt blue and black in sizes 12 to 32.

It has noting but five star reviews, according to reviewers it accents their curves, while glossing over parts they wish to be ignored! One woman, who like myself, has a different size top than bottom, was amazed to find this dress not only fit but flattered her figure! All this makes Kiyonna’s Vivienne Cinch Dress’s Dress of the month!.

I feel one of Kiyonna’s best dress styles is the wrap dress, and they have a whole section of them! If you like their wrap and faux wrap dresses, but need more dresses for work their Legacy Wrap Dress comes in a print and black and suitable for professional attire.

While their Tory Cinch Dress, every bit as flirty as the red Vivienne dress above, also a faux wrap, it comes in solid passion purple, navy and black.

They have other dress cuts too of course. Their beautiful and versatile Carnival Print Dresses are finally back in stock, in sizes 18W to 32W.

It looks to me that while some designers, like Baby Phat, occasionally make some dresses and tops that just happen to also work for full figure women, Kiyonna and Igigi dresses are truly designed just for us, and it shows in their wearer reviews!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I want it in every color Elomi’s Caitlyn Large Cup Size, Full Figure Bras

With links to these bras, New at eBay stores, for better very best prices!

As thrilled as I was with the Elomi Energise underwire, non-compression plus size sports bras, imagine my surprise when I found I am even more thrilled with their underwire, side support, Caitlyn large cup size bras!

Both the sports bras and the Caitlyn bras come in both large cup sizes, up to J and JJ, and up to full figure bra band sizes up to 46! Especially lucky for me, they also both come in the tighter side of full figure band size of 34! Most of the Elomi bras I have seen start at band size 36.

I am so thrilled about these bras, because, like their above mentioned sports bras, the side support panels, I believe, give my breasts excellent front projection, yet with a natural shape, as well as lift and support. Besides making me feel like a teenager again, it makes the most of my, thick, waistline! In addition, unlike the sports bra, it is pretty, which is why I am aiming to get these bras in every color!

Click on this bra to shop for it at Bare Necessities, or check out the link to its article above to see who usually has it in the best prices.

I am going to use eBay stores in my quest to get these bras in every color.
I will have to check often, as I seem to have an often little stock bra size. So I am going to put this New Elomi Caitlyn underwire bras link I am providing below in the right column here as well. Feel free to use it too!

  • eBay stores sometimes have bras that have gone out of stock or bras in discontinued colors.
  •  They also tend to have much better prices, even at Buy it Now prices!
  • I have been buying bras at Top-Rated Seller eBay stores, and have found them reliable.

If you are one of the lucky ladies who wear bra band sizes 36 and up might well enjoy Elomi’s seductive, plunging, Chinese red satin, tulle, embroidered new Suzie side support full figure bras pictured below too!

Elomi, and Fantasie, but I have not tried them yet, seems to have a good variety of bras with these very effective side support panels.

I think any full figure and large breasted women would benefit greatly from these pretty, and comfy bras!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

15% Off Baby Phat Plus Size Fashions!

Until midnight tonight, (est. I believe), you can get 15% off select Baby Phat plus size fashions! This time it means 16 pages of mostly new plus size blouses, tops, dresses and jeans! Yet you will find urban fashion there for as little as $25.50, as in styles from the summer! You will find the smocked, ruffle, plus size blouses I am so thrilled with I got mine in both colors, as well as the empire waist front pocket sundress / jumpers I am also thrilled with!

Click on the picture of this smocked, v-neck ruffle top, (partially rayon and nice for those warmer days, now just $34 and also available in black at this sale), to go straight to the 16 pages of plus size trendy fashions at 15% off!
They have select junior, what Baby Phat calls sizes below 1XL, and girlz styles at 15 off too, if you are shopping gifts, or for the family!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Most Wanted Bras, starting at $20, and 5 star, $9 Full Figure Bras

Click on the Bare Necessities banner in the right column, look to the lower right and you will find their Most Wanted Bras sale going on now.

They have 16 bras, in sizes up to 30 – 34K, 36 – 40B to G, 42D – E, 44D – F, and sizes up to 46DD, 48F and 50G at this sale! They have one of my favorite, Panache Harmony large cup bras at this sale for just $30! Sadly Panache is excluded from the banner to your right’s discount…

Act fast, as supplies disappear fast at Bare Necessities sales like this one!

Le Mystere Bras are not excluded from the 10% off, and Free Shipping, you will get when you use their banner to your right!

They have this lace version of Le Mystere’s full figure Dream Tisha bras, for just $50, in sizes up to 34 – 38F and 40 and 42C – E.

They also have the larger cup, lace print bras in sizes 32 to 36C – G and 38 and 40D – G, for just $50 as well!

You will find full figure bras by Vanity Fair, for $17 and also qualifies for the banner’s discount and free shipping, other Le Mystere full fit bras, a Goddess sports bra and more at this Bare Necessities Most Wanted Bras sale!

The $9 Five Star, Seamless, underwire Fruit of the Loom Plus Size Bras!

Her Room has these bras below, still in sizes:

  • 36 and 38B – D
  • 38DD
  • 40 and 42C and D

Some sizes come in pink, sand, white and black, as well as or instead of gray!

A great price on highly rated bras!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

10 to 40% off Plus Size Tops and $20 off Cavaricci Plus Size Dresses

If you click on this Torrid banner, until 3pm, (PT), you will find their 10% off 1 to 40% off 4 tops offer!

Please excuse any errors on this post, as I am trying to get it posted ASAP. Though I prefer Kiyonna and Baby Phat’s more form fitting plus size blouses and tops, they do have some elegant, yet trendy draping, layered tanks that even appeal to me.

Earlier to day, and perhaps after 3pm, if you click on this banner you might see several sale offers, as well as new trendy looks!

Like their $20 off Cavaricci couture plus size dresses. I like Cavaricci’s video, as well as some of their tops and dresses.

It is too late for me to check out if Cavaricci tops are included in the tops discount, but here is one of the several dresses you will find by them at Torrid!
Z. Cavaricci - Gold Drape Tube Dress
Some of their tops are just as form fitting as this dress, some not.
I have just started checking out Torrid, but I like some of their styles.
Do you have any experiences with Torrid? Like their clothes and styles?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Enell Sports Bra vs. the Elomi Energise Sports Bra

Thank you Anonymous for your thoughtful comment regarding the last part of yesterday’s post! I should have emphasized, and explained about My Enell sports bra. Owing to my inadvertent exercise plan, I dropped a bra band size, and about 12 to 15lbs, since I purchased My Enell sports bra. Yes Anonymous, there is no doubt about it, My Enell sports bra is at least one size too large!

Anonymous thoughtfully provides us with where we can get Enell Sports bras: Sadly, these bras are on sale at $63 there.

You can also get them for less than $60 by clicking on this fine, compression sports bra below, then using Bigger Bras’ 10% off discount code they keep on the right side of their pages!
Enell Sports Bra
Bare Necessities, owing to what their current discount, (at least 15% off), or their 10% off using their banner to your right, combined with free shipping on orders over $50, has a similar best price, depending on the size you need. Bare Necessities carries the Enell Sports bras in Enell sizes up to 4.

Her Room carries them in sizes up to 8. You can backorder them in sizes up to 8 at Bigger Bras. Currently Bigger Bras has them in stock in sizes 7 and 8, and you can back order all sizes 00 to 8 there. Figleaves prices for these bras start at over $70, all style, of which there are several, the one pictured above being what I believe to the earliest, and lest expensive.

Regard to Anonymous thinking it not possible to wear both bras at the same time: I could be wrong but, as the Elomi Energise bra has double layer of micro fiber cups, and as I recall, My Enell bra when it was the right size, was very hard to put on, yet held you in place. (period). I believe this could be done, with fantastic support.

As I mention in my original article about the Elomi Energise full figure sports bras, You can wear the Elomi comfortably all day, you can not, well I couldn’t when it was the right size, wear the Enell sports bra all day.

Now that mine is loose, it might double as a comfy bra for just at home!! So fear not loosing weight, or gaining tone!

I really think, in a simple jumping up and down test wearing it over my Elomi Energise bra will add additional support.

The problem with the Elomi Energise bra is ‘what will I wear tomorrow, when this one is in the wash!’

It’s best price, due to their discount code, is at Bigger Bras. I think Elomi might be an exclusion to Bare Necessities normal 10% off offer to your right. For me, Bare Necessities does not work, as they do not carry it in band size 34.

Bigger Bras has the best price, but what they have in stock varies. Today they only have three sizes in stock, but can back order in the whole size range of these bras.

Her Room has all the sizes, it seems, now! That is why I ordered mine from them! Click on this bra’s picture below to shop for it at Her Room.

Main differences between Elomi’s Energise and Enell sports bras

Because of the compression shape and comfort you are not likely to wear Enell Sports bras for anything other than exercise, until you tone up or loose weight, and it becomes loose.

The Elomi full figure, and large cup Energise sports bra gives you such a great shape, lift and support, you should just get one in all colors available, so you have a clean one daily. Oh yeah, and it’s a sport bra too!
Now if they could just make them in actual colors besides black, white and we see it pictured in nude, but I have not seen anyone carry nude yet.

Depending on if I feel I might need extra support once I start kick boxing, I might just get a new, smaller, Enell Sports bra. I think if you are over a D cup you should go for all the support you can get. Maybe even if you wear a B cup, why not, who needs stretch marks!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Free Panties and 50% off select Baby Phat styles today!

Between 1 and 4pm, est. Baby Phat is having a 50% off sale on select plus size jeans, dresses, tops and one slim, skinny, jegging style! Just click on this ruched leopard cowl neck dress to see these style at their sale prices, at the above given hours.
This dress comes in sizes 1X to 4X!

Just My Size is giving away JMS multi panty packs! Apparently all you have to do is enter to win, and if you are one of the 75 winners, you get free JMS panties! Find out more here! Enter the JustMySize Panty Giveaway! 75 winners will receive a JMS panty multi-pack. Exclusions and rules apply. Contest ends on Oct. 13th.

My luck with the Bare Necessities discount I posted about yesterday was 15% off!

I am trying the Elomi side support, Caitlyn full figure bra, because it is so similar in construction to their Energise non-compression large cup sports bra I am really abusing these days. I am not giving it a rest. Bad human!

Soon I will try it as an sports bra! I tried a kick boxing class, lots of jumping around, in-between punching and kicking. As I wear a HH cup, and have started wearing, to death, perhaps, my Elomi sports bra, I may well wear my Enell sports bra over it, see how that goes.

On the bright side, I am not down to the tightest bra band closure, so it might be able to support me in my kick boxing, without the additional support of the Enell sports bra. I will know by Friday evening at the latest!

Monday, September 13, 2010

15 to 50% Off at Bare Necessities!

While today is the last day of Lavinia’s 20 – 75% off discount, that you get by entering a discount code at check out…Lavinia makes plus size push up bras and other full figure bras, their best selling plus size shelf bra in sizes up to 40B to F. I am not sure how their discount works.

If you click on Bare Necessities discount banner to your right, you will find at the top of their pages a ‘Lucky Day’ discount code. This means you will find what ever discount, between 15 - 50% off your order when you apply this code as you check out. Bare Necessities takes Pay Pal now too!

They also have new full figure bras, by Panache, Freya, Fantasie, Goddess bras and more in New Arrivals!
You will find this new Elomi full figure, up to 44FF and 46DD, and large cup up to 36 to 42HH, Suzie plunge bra pictured below too.

Of a similar design, and for $19 less, They have Goddess’ Keira full figure up to 46K and 44L too. Well they have quite a selection of plus size intimates!

There are some exclusions to this discount, Chantelle, Wacoal, Spanx for intimates as well as Ugg, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans and Wolford. Its not good on gift boxes or certificates, but as exclusions, especially if you are looking for full figure and large cup size bras at a discount, this is an excellent one, even if you just get 15% off!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

15% Off Plus Size Sports Bras and a brief word about Elomi’s Energise Sports Bra!

Also, Large Cup Size Sports Bras! Figleaves, this week at least, has select Shock Absorber Sports bras on sale at 15% off. Bras styles included in this sale come in sizes up to 28 – 34HH, 36 – 40B – H and 42B – F. Click on this Support Level 4D+ sports bra below to go to all the styles at this sale! Narrow your search by size or style with Figleaves handy search feature to your left once you get there!
Now for a brief note about Elomi’s non compression underwire plus size sports bra.
I fully get it how this sport bra gets worn as every day by women who review it at Her Room and Bigger Bras! Now I am doing that too.
The best price is still Bigger Bras, owing to their 10% discount you will find on their pages. They only have it in stock, sizes 36F, 36H and 38FF. You can backorder it in sizes 38 - 46 D; 36 - 46 DD; 36 - 44 E, F, FF, G; 34 - 44 GG; 34 - 42 H; 34 - 40 HH; 34 - 38 J.

If you want it, as I did, right away, Her Room has it in stock in a wide range of sizes, apparently in stock! I ordered mine early last week, and got it at the end of the week, with standard shipping!
Click on its picture below to shop for it at Her Room, or just check out its rave, and so true, reviews!
Wish it came in more colors, but I am very enthused about this bra!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Jessica London, Silhouettes,Igigi and more, Sales, Discounts and Free Shipping!

You can combine Jessica London’s 40% off your most expensive item, using the code in the banner to your right, with the sale prices at their Labor Day sale, where you will find over 250 items at up to 70% off!

You can do nearly the same at One Stop Plus’ Labor day sale, just note the code in their text link in the right column just above the Jessica London 40% off banner! Their sale items are also up to 70% off, looks like 240+ items on sale!

Silhouettes’ has richly colored tops, sweaters, pants, beautiful shoes, boots, accessories and more! This year their 3 piece ruffled pants suit’s color is black, goes with everything else, but then so did the previous years grey and chocolate ones! They do have a Get 20% Off on all orders during Silhouettes Labor Day Sale! Now through 9/7/10. deal!

I especially like Silhouettes colorful blouses, and would like to wear them, as open over shirts, over more form fitting tank tops. Like this new Status Print tops. The other two prints this top come in look very much like Hermes scarves I have seen over the years…

Igigi has a free Shipping until noon on 9/7/10 plus a great Plus size sale section you can refine by size, shape or price! They also have new women’s suits separates and more beautiful dresses, as usual!

Check out the right column of our Urban Fashion page for great discounts like $50 off orders of $150 at Baby Phat and Dereon, 20% off orders of $100+ at Apple Bottoms. Both Rocawear and Baby Phat are taking an additional $30 off select sale items this weekend too. These stores have addition ways to save once you go to them too!

Torrid has a massive Clearance section you can shop by category and now this addition discount off clearance items for this weekend!

Perhaps I will find more savings on large cup and full figure bras tomorrow! Well I hope so! I will keep looking!
I want a good deal on Lytess Slim Wear leggings, to wear under one of those Silhouettes tops above, as well as my empire, front pocket sundress, soon to be jumper too!

Anyway, hopefully more tomorrow!