Thursday, November 21, 2013

20% Off Panache, Sculptresse, Masquerade, Cleo Lingerie

Full figured and full busted? Then you likely know how great Panache full figure bras are!

We can get 20% off all full price intimates in their great collections at Her Room, until sometime on Friday 11/22/13.

Just click on any of the pictures of these styles below to go there. Naturally this is the time to stock up on Panache’s Award Winning Tango II balcony and / or plunge style bras! Here is a look at some newer styles!

Sculptresse by Panache Bra Sizes 36 – 46D to J

The bras and intimates in their Sculptress line are Designed for Full Figure Full Busted Women!
This Rosie Full Coverage bra style is among this line’s Best Sellers and Customer Favorites! It also comes in blush and black colors. The discount will show up in your shopping bag. 

This is one of its more unique bra styles, currently on sale for $40, with sizes somewhat limited from the a fore-mentioned size range.

The current discount does not apply, but this is a good sale price on an interesting bra style!

Most Sculptresse bras and panties are visually more along the lines of the best selling Rosie bra shown above.
So far they come in:
  • Seamless
  • Lace
  • Molded 
  • There is one, bra and panty style, with smaller floral pattern
The full price bras are $56 and $62.

Masquerade Luxuriously Feminine Intimates

These two Masquerade bras are among the 12 Masquerade intimate styles Her Room considers plus size. Naturally you should not let that limit your choices. Just saying…

This Rhea balconette bra is among the best sellers and customer favorite of the Masquerade line.
It comes in sizes 28 – 38D to H in this color below and black, for $79.


This is among their plus size customer favorite bras, available in somewhat limited sizes, on sale for $40! This bra style has nothing but 5 Star reviews at this writing!


Panache’s full priced intimates from the plus size section are in the $72 to $150 price range, with many sale styles!

Cleo: Sizzling Lingerie in sizes 28 – 38D to J

Cleo bras are bold, trendy and flirty. Her Room has 35 Cleo intimates they consider to be full figure, DD+.

Here is a beautiful example of Cleo’s bright colors and prints, $55 before the discount and no reviews yet…

Cleo’s Lucy bra below is, I believe, one of their rare styles that come back in a new color most seasons.

It has great reviews, costs $53 full price and is so popular that you would have to order a black 36GG one now to get it by February 2014!

Fortunately that is the only size and color this is true about, currently. This style comes in four full price and one sale colors.


Many of these styles are on sale, for about $30 to $40.
This is not unusual because Cleo seems to be like Freya, in that some styles are just with us for a season then gone. Another great reason to find your Cleo, (and Freya) size, if can fit them.
Their unique styles are likely to go on sale because of this inherent trendiness.
Naturally the sale styles will not qualify for this discount.
Still with sale prices like these, who needs a discount!

There are many other simply Panache styles, besides their award winning Tango II that also qualify for this excellent discount at Her Room now too!

Enjoy the savings!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Freya’s New Cornflower print Piper Bras

I have wanted to try Freya's longline Piper bras ever since I read Bust 4 Justice’s review of them here. Two balcony bras, panty styles as well as the long line bras are available in Freya’s Piper collection!

Who has Freya’s Cornflower print Piper for Less

You can click on this beautiful picture of this new Freya bra style to find it with Free Shipping and Returns at Bare Necessities, for $68. Or use this Piper Underwired Padded Long Line Bra link to find it at Figleaves for $53! Both stores have these beautiful bras in the 30 – 38D to G size range.

Up to J Cup Piper Balcony Bras

This is a picture of the Piper plunge balcony bra in its 28DD to G, 30 – 38D to G size range, for $47
If you click on its picture below you can scroll through the rest of the Piper line on the right side of Figleaves pages. There you will find the GG to J cup version of these bras, also just $47, the short pictured below and a bikini brief style too.
 Piper Plunge Balcony Bra 
The matching briefs are $21 and shorty panties are $22. 

Figleaves also has a few of the previous print, passion fruit, in the large cup version of this style left in sizes: 
  • 28J
  • 30JJ
  • 30K
  • 32K 
 These passion fruit print ones left are just $31, sale price. 

The other Figleaves prices mentioned above are full price. Most of the time full price at Figleaves is less than full price on quality bras and intimates at Her Room and Bare Necessities. This is just a typical example of that. 

The above-mentioned Free Shipping and Returns deal at Bare Necessities covers both Freya and Fantasie and ends on 11/24/13

Enjoy while you sizes are in stock! 


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Feel Better Dressed With Makeup?

What does this have to do with Plus Size Fashion? Well after all the to-do lately about being and what is 'plus size', and the models speaking out on this…

Here I find a reference to what I have wondered for a long time: If the average woman American is a size 14, why is this not called Average Size?

Time for a Size-less Post Regarding Dressing.

Makeup Starting at $3

Free Shipping Starting at $35; quite possibly available at your local Target

This year I had the almost unpardonable joy of paying $3.50 for an eye-shadow SAMPLE!

E.L.F. Makeup has eye-shadow, (+ shadow kits), liner, brow kits, (+ / or color), mascara starting at $3.00!

Luxury for Less is No Joke, even I, making almost nothing, can afford this!

Many of their best sellers are just $3.00 and they have vast palettes, of many kinds, for $6 to $35!

E.L.F. has:
  • All manner of make-up
  • face
  • blush
  • wipes
  • brushes and other tools starting at
  • & there are more than just one each for, $3!

But are E.L.F. Cosmetics Good?

Here is a search of Allure Magazine’s info on E.L.F.!

Not only that but we find that E.L.F.’s Blush and Contouring Cream below Won an Allure Best of Beauty Award, and is just $3.00! e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream

Reasons to Try E.L.F.

  • If you would rather have the extra money left over for other things, like savings
  • If you are becoming concerned about if the makeup you are using is expired, If worried, check this out.
  • If you are going to Target today anyway 
  • The Free Shipping with a $35 order, no code needed is real
  • Plus they have a Free $100 gift, which is an offer that ends on 11/18/13, which apparently you need a code for, (available at the top right of their home page, by clicking ‘Details’, something about a 44 piece Geo Brush collection… 

Me, I am in it for the $3 eyebrow kit,
vs. others I have used, from $30 to $6...
and will likely find an excuse to visit Target real soon,
or wait, what is their standard shipping fee anyway: $6.95…
Well considering I have tried all the eyebrow stuff I figure worth trying at the local drug store anyway..
And Target might not have every, or anything, in stock I am actually interesting in
where as their own web site likely will..

If you have any experience with E.L.F. makeup, especially brow kit, please drop me a comment below!



Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Cleo by Panache Baby Dolls for Much Less

Not long ago I wrote about Full Figure D to K Cup Baby Dolls, which you can check out here. Then I found Cleo by Panache’s Marcie Baby Dolls for $70, (which they still are), at Figleaves. Now I see…

Cleo’s Marcie Baby Dolls for $56

OK, it is really $55.90, today, USD, at Bravissimo! You can click on its picture to find them at this much nicer price there in sizes 28DD to J and 30 – 38D to J!
At this writing they are only low in one size, 38D.

Lingerie at Bravissimo

Bravissimo specializes in lager cup bras, lingerie, swimwear and apparel for women who wear cup sizes D to L.

  • If you are: accustomed to shopping full bust bras and swimwear
  • Trying to get a good fit in tops, jackets and dresses with a larger bust 
 You will find that, using their currency converter, at the top, left of center of their pages;

  • Their US dollar prices are nicer than the average lingerie store
  • A good selection of beautiful full bust apparel in sizes up to 18

Will the Savings be Worth the Shipping

If you are an American shopper, you are rightly asking yourself;

The price break is great, but what will I loose in shipping?

Outside of the UK and Europe, Bravissimo ships to the rest of the world for 7.95 British Pounds.

Using this Currency converter, today I am finding that equals $12.75.

Per Bravissimo’s Delivery and Returns page; Bravissimo only charges one shipping fee per order, no matter how many parcels it takes to fill that order.

So if you just purchased the Cleo Marcie baby doll, you savings would be $1.35.

If you were buying more than one item, you would likely save much more!

If you need bras and swimwear, especially in sizes 28 – 40D to L, chances are you will enjoy a great deal more the $1.35 worth of savings.

Their prices on the styles they carry are as good as, and sometimes better than, Figleaves.

Plus they have their own Bravissimo lines which get great to excellent ratings.. I can’t wait to try them myself!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Pour Moi? Bras, Nicely Priced, often on Sale

It is hard to beat the price of Pour Moi? bras, especially for up to J cup sized styles, plus they are often on sale at Figleaves. I have not tried them yet. However, about ½ down Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’s Bra Reviews for Simply Yours post Georgina Horne finds, what looks to be Pour Moi?’s St Tropez bra, possibly, to have great coverage, support with beautiful embroidery!

Bust for Justice’s Review of Pour Moi? St Tropez padded bra does say it is likely made for those of us with broad breasts and backs.

St Tropez Full Cup Bras by Pour Moi?

If you click on its picture at this posting you can find it in 7 colors and available in the 28FF, 30 and 32D to J, 34 to 38C to J, 40 to 44C to G size range for $33 to $35 at full price, yet on sale today for $23.10 to $28, depending on color, at Figleaves!
St Tropez Full Cup Bra 
St Tropez seems to be one of their staple bra and panty lines.

You will find matching shorty panties, suspenders / garter belt, thongs, briefs and a balconette padded bra in the St Tropez line. You can browse them by looking to the right of the page clicking on the above picture will take you to at Figleaves.

Pour Moi?’s Affordable Long Line / Strapless Style

Saddened by the too too pricey, yet oh so pretty long line bras by Freya and Elomi?

This Pour Moi? style is both long line and convertible to strapless and comes in 5 colors, for just $35 full price, and $28 on sale at the moment! These bras come in the 30D to F and 32 to 38B to F size range at Figleaves.
 Amour Longline Strapless Bra

Pour Moi? for Alluring Lingerie

This ½ cup bra only comes in black, and is only $44 at full price, today on sale for $35.20. If you click on its picture you can learn from its reviews and find it in sizes 30E to G, 32 and 34B to G, 36C to G, 38 and 40D to G!
 Addicted Half Cup Bra 
The matching G-String and Suspender are also on sale today, affordable at full price too, and available in sizes 8 – 16 and S to XL.

I do not have much time to research more sexy styles by them, but I had to post this one for ya. There might be more!
More about Pour Moi? Intimates
Pour Moi has many beautiful and affordable bras in sizes up to 28G and 30 to 42J and 44H. Many of their bra styles are available in A, B and C, as well as large cup sizes.

Matching panties and other lingerie are apparently the norm with Pour Moi? So making sets of their styles is both affordable and easy! I aim to try them soon myself!