Hips and Curves

I have been, both here and in general, slacking off on lingerie. Then I came accross the Daily Venus Diva post: 3 Reasons to Wear Ashley Graham's New Plus Size Lingerie Line This Fall post and feel some valid points are made. Besides lingerie is just a nice indulgence, and often not too pricey either!

I still think Hips and Curves is one of, if not the, best source of full figure lingerie I have seen on line.
Not just Leather, they also have great Panty Deals, Bra Sales, Baby Dolls, a wide selection of Corsets & much more. Lingerie, what better way to celebrate our curves?!

Shop Hips & Curves for Luxe Leather!

Granted I spend little time browsing Lingerie, so I could be wrong. However, if you are looking for full figure lingerie, you really should check them out!

Making the Most of Every Day

I think having nice daily wear, as well as special private evenings; lingerie dose put a nice spin on the everyday.

While matching panties for our favorite bras is nice, equally nice is having Hanky Panky panties that go with our favorite bras as well.

Not so much for visual enhancement, some thongs styles, such as pearl and lace thongs, are worth considering as well... Hanky Panky does have a small full figure section. Their Indulge in your inner flirt with the Hanky Panky After Midnight Collection at!Is well worth browsing too!

The below mentioned discount is, I believe, given for getting on their mailing list. Shop Hanky Panky Now and Get $10 Off Your First Purchase!

I hope to post info about other outstanding sources of full figure lingerie, or exceptional styles or prices here soon!

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