Friday, September 08, 2006

A Mid-thigh length plus size suit jacket

I’m real enthused about this jacket I wrote about yesterday. First of all, I like the longer suit jackets. Second, it’s got a back vent and flap close front pockets. It’s a good color too. I’m sorry I can’t get a picture of it for us.

I need pockets, and I prefer a back vent. I’d also like an interior checkbook size pocket in my suit jacket. My father had them in his when I was a child. Why don’t women’s suit jackets come with this feature? Do men’s suit jackets still come with them?

I’ve always been concerned about comfort and fit. Now my 6 year old daughter wants me to improve my look. To actually care about how I look. To wear nice clothes and make up, color my hair, that sort of thing. So now as I research clothing for the 2 web sites I post, I try to consider things beyond comfort.

It’s not always easy. But then I have always liked fall fashion. So perhaps now is as good as it’ll get for me. In terms of getting into how I look rather than feel.

Do any of you find yourself going through that sort of change for your child?


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  2. FabuPlus is bringing Sexy Back!

    I have decided to focus on sex appeal this month. Why sex appeal you ask? Well, often plus size women are not portrayed as being sexy. But you and I as plus size women, know differently. We probably desire this more than other women. I don’t know about you, but the holiday season has a certain sensualness about it. It is a time when you want to look good and feel attractive. Especially if you are planning on entertaining. It wasn’t too long ago that I avoided any type of social events, not because I lack the social graces necessary to interact. But simply because I was very self conscious about my appearance. This fear would further intensify if I had put on some extra pounds.
    Well not anymore! Ok, well, the anxiety aren’t as intense as they use to be. What changed you asked? Attitude! Attitude is everything. If you exude confidence you will be surprise how others gravitate towards that type of positive characteristic. Attitude goes a long way. With my new found attitude there was something else that also changed. I finally admitted to myself that I was no longer a size 12, 14, 16 or 18! And by doing this, I started to shop in the right departments and also at the right stores. This was not any easy transition. But I got tired of squeezing into sizes that were obviously way too small for me. When I use to exhibit this destructive behaviour and squeezed by plus size ass into smaller sizes I was so uncomfortable I could not enjoy myself. I spent more time fidgeting with my clothes than interacting and living in the moment. All the time fearing that a seam was going to pop open or that my blouse would ride up only to reveal that I could not zip up my pant or skirt. Now, I know that I am not alone in this. How often have you worn something only to leave the waist or the zipper undone just to fit into it? Too times to recall. I am the queen of half button, half zipped, half stitched attire! I have cut the lining out of my clothes to make them fit better…Crazy? Not really, but desperate to conform to what we are told are normal sizes.
    So on that note, my normal is plus size. Having accepted this, I was liberated. I have found great fashion in my size and I am a lot more comfortable. For those who are critical of large size women, let me make something very clear. I do not disregard my health. In fact it the very essence of my size that forces me to become health conscious and maintain a healthy body image. Not skinny! Because that is not going to happen, nor it is what I desire. I continue to work to improve my health. I work out and I watch what I eat. But, I know I am not what is reflected as normal on television and on the fashion magazine pages. Nor do I have to accept those preconceived notions of sexiness. So sexy? Yes, sexy is plus! So check out the lingerie section at my eBay store FabuPlus and More - . And don’t be shy – get the tongs! I love them!
    Until next month, continue to work on being the best you!
    Take care - Sandra