Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Best Full Figure T-Shirt Bras with Free Shipping

Currently most of Bare Necessities' Best T-Shirt Bras are available with Free Shipping! These styles include a wide variety of Freya’s Deco Bras, as well as Fantasie’s Smoothing Balcony T-Shirt bras and many others!

38G seems to be largest size for many of these T-shirt bras in their DD+ and Plus Size sections. However, there are a few surprising styles that come in H and HH cup sizes!

Two Chantelle T-Shirt Bras Available up to 44H

I do not know about you, but this surprised me! Chantelle’s Mutine Full Coverage T-Shirt Bras come in black too. Click on its picture below to find them, with Free Shipping, in sizes 32 to 44D to H.  
This beautiful bra has no reviews there yet. 

Their C Magnifique Full Coverage T-Shirt Bras come in the 32 to 44C to H size range, in six colors. Click on its picture to view them, and this bras great reviews!
The free shipping on these two might be part of their Chantelle special, or not.

Le Mystere’s Dream Tish T-Shirt Bras up to 44H

Click on Le Mystere’s Full Fit Dream Tish bra’s picture below, for $69, to find it in sizes 32 to 44C to H, also currently with Free Shipping! This long time favorite still gets great reviews and is available in black too.

While they have not come out and said it, (Free Shipping on our Best T-Shirt Bras), most of the Best T-shirt Bras in their Plus Size and DD+ sections have Free Shipping, for the moment.

Two Up to HH Cup T-Shirt Bras

Elomi’s Amelia Spacer T-Shirt bras come in sizes 34 to 46DD to HH, in three colors and have Excellent reviews!
This Curvy Kate bra T-Shirt bra comes in sizes 32 to 38DD to HH in four colors at Bare Necessities.  
It does have one great review, costs $67, however this one is not marked free shipping

Bare Necessities’ standard free shipping starts at $70. Bras, like the Chantelle bras, cost enough to qualify for Free Shipping at Bare Necessities anyway.

However, many of the other Best T-Shirt bras, such as the Le Mystere one, Freya’s Deco, Panache, Cleo by Panache, Wacoal and many others are not so pricey, yet currently have free shipping!

I do not know how long this free shipping deal will last, so enjoy it soon!


Monday, April 28, 2014

Trendy Plus Size Clothing for Less

If we click on this Avenue discount link now, $25 off $100 with code AV25NOW, (which ends in two days…4/30/14), we will find they are having a 50% Off All Tops and Capris and 30% Off Everything Else, Including New Arrivals!

Trends to Enjoy On Sale with an Extra Discount

These are just picture of some of Avenue’s new styles. You can use the discount link to get there!
This bra friendly keyhole hi lo tank comes in marina, blue and black colors and is now $20!

This beaded Aztec Shark-bite top is down to $24 at 50% Off!

Perfect if you like the black and white trend, but in a subtle way, is their new asymmetrical top, now $27!

These tops above are currently available in all sizes 14 to 32

This solid black asymmetrical top however also comes in sizes 10 and 12, as well as Avenue’s usual sizes! Shouldn’t we all have one of these?
They are now $20 at 50% off!

They have plenty of more colorful, print and solid, with
  • Great Graphics
  • Beading
  • Crochet
  • Braiding
  • Lace Details
  • Color Blocks
  • Stripes 
and Capris too, at 50% Off now too!
As for the 30% Off everything else, well Avenue has it all, fashions, footwear and accessories.

Browse soon and enjoy the styles you like on sale, with another $25 off if you get $100 of them, just be sure to note the code in their discount link above before you go in case you want that too!



Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Free E.L.F. Makeup Today!

Today we can enjoy 5 Free Mineral Eyeshadows if we purchase lots of E.L.F. makeup and beauty products and use their code in their link here!

I say lots of makeup, nail and beauty products because with E.L.F. $15 will get you plenty!

Note the code and use this Earth Day Flash Sale - Get 5 FREE Mineral eyeshadows with orders of $15 or more. Use code MINERAL5 by midnight, today, 4/22 only from e.l.f. Cosmetics! Shop Now! link to get yours!

Find out why E.L.F. makeup and beauty products are Luxury for Less!  



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Three New Panache K Cup Bra Styles

K cup size bras come out a bit less often than bras in cup sizes up to cup sizes DD to J. Some of these actually have reviews. One does not. They are all new to me and possibly you too.

Panache’s Floris Balconette Bras

This is actually a new color for this bra. These bras are on sale in their previous Rose print for $49.95. This is its new Purple Floral version, ($62). Click on its picture to find these in sizes 30 to 38D to K at Her Room.
This is a 3-part cup underwire bra we who wear larger cup sizes are familiar with.
These bras have breathable, yet non-stretch, cups, with Swiss embroidery at the tops.
The matching brief is available in sizes 8 to 20, (XS to 3X) there too.

Rumeur 3-Part Full Cup Bras

Panache’s Rumeur bras feature the traditional 3 section cup, underwire support and is apparently too new for reviews.

Click on this bra’s picture to find it in the 30 to 40DD to K size range in this beautiful Biscuit color, for $62, at Bare Necessities.
Bare Necessities says these are made of stretch microfiber.

They are not as informative as Her Room, but still an excellent place to shop full figure bras. Their reviews have gotten much more informative…Moot point with this bra for now though.

Panache’s Envy 4-Part Balconette Bras

Their Envy bra incorporates the extra side support panels, such as Elomi’s award winning Caitlyn bras, which also come in cup sizes up to K!

These bras have stretch lace in the upper cup section for perfect fit!

Her Room tells us this style is perfect for us petite, short-waisted, women, because it has shorter underwires.

Panache’s Envy bras, to me, look so much better in their nude color, which I could not get a picture of like this one.

If you click on this one, you can check out its four current reviews, and see it in nude too, at Bare Necessities.


Bare Necessities does not have Panache’s Envy in 38K in black.
I did not check to see about other sizes.
However, we can use this Panache 7285 Envy Balconnet Bra to find it at Her Room in black, (38K too), as well as nude.

More Later!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today Only $10 E.L.F. Makeup Refund

Plus Extended 25% Off Full Figure Bras and More!

Enjoy at least $30 purchase of E.L.F.’s already inexpensive makeup, nail polish and skin care today and get a $10 refund! Maybe April 15th is not so bad after all…

Plus Bare Necessities has extended their Friends and Family 25% Off site wide discount which INCLUDES great brands normally excluded!

Note the code and use E.L.F.’s Get $10 off orders of $30 or more. Use code REFUND by midnight, today, 4/15 only! Shop Now! ! Enjoy!
4/15/14 Anne

Monday, April 14, 2014

$15 Off Kiyonna Fashions

More affordable Kiyonna fashions can be had today and tomorrow! We can enjoy their discount below on new styles!
We can also use this discount on styles in their sale section! You can find a text link straight to that sale department near the top of our Kiyonna page. Kiyonna Plus Size Clothes

While this offer does exclude bridal, shapers, gift cards, accessories and wholesale / military orders,
it does not exclude fashions from their sale department!

Currently I am finding:
  • Maxi dresses
  • Form fitting, ruched dresses
  • Wrap dresses
  • form skimming dresses
  • Pin-up dresses 
  • and other dress styles
  • Multi-way tops
  • sleeveless and other ruched tops
  • chiffon tops
  • Mesh tops 
  • plenty of other top styles
  • Skirts
  • Covertible skirt / dresses 
  • Palazzo pants 
I am sure I left a thing or two out, all already on sale for up to 75% Off! Kind of nice to be able to enjoy these styles with an additional $15 if you order up to $75 today or tomorrow…



Friday, April 11, 2014

K Cup Bras, other Full Figure Bras at 25% Off

If you need large cup, such as GG to K cup size bras you know how pricey these styles are. Great large cup bra brands and styles by Panache, Elomi and seemingly all usually excluded from discount brand are included in this 25% Off Sitewide Friends & Family Sale + Free Shipping at with code FF2014. Exclusions apply, ends 04.14.14..

Some New Up to K cup Bra styles

Panache’s Rhapsody bras come in the 28 to 42DD to K size range and are $62 less 25% Off with this discount!


This China Blue color is new for Curvy Kate’s already highly rated Gia balcony bras.

They come in the 32 to 40D to K size range and at $72, it would be nice to try, or stock up on, these bras at 25% Off!


Among these three, perhaps the best buy, for $44 less 25% Off is the new turquoise color in the satin cup Keira Goddess bra style! These beautiful, yet supportive, bras come in the 36 to 46DD to N size range!

Just a small sampling of some new, or new color styles.

Of course this is also a great chance to stock up on favorites at 25% Off Too!

Enjoy this rare opportunity while it lasts!


Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Up to 40% Off E.L.F. Makeup

Until 4/14/14 we can enjoy 20%, 30% or 40% off E.L.F. makeup simply by using their Save up to 40% off purchases with the Secret Sale at! link and finding out what our discount will be!

New E.L.F. Makeup

Most of the new cream eye shadows I posted about last week are in stock again! New colors in the BB creams and Tinted Moisturizers I posted about in January are mostly in stock… The 56 piece Makeup Artist Collection is still available at $20!

This is their new Studio Blush Palette, which comes in light or dark colors, currently out of stock in both for $6, with 21 excellent reviews! e.l.f. Studio Blush Palette So we can see how it is, often,
as with the new Essential Quick Drying Top Coat for nails.
Or the Essential 3 in 1 Base Top & Strengthener for nails,
also out of stock…
If it is very new a E.L.F.,
unless you catch it just as it comes out,
it tends to be out of stock.

This new Moisturizing Lipstick does come in 10 colors. The other 9, (& one of them is a slightly darker than this pink), are in stock. This pink one however is out of stock. e.l.f. Studio Moisturizing Lipstick Of course if you are new to E.L.F. makeup, nail polish and skin care products, you might want to try best sellers first anyway…
Those tend to be more in than out of stock!

Since we do not need a code for this discount, possibly we can still use their usual Free Shipping code on orders of $35+. We can find that code at the upper right corner of their pages.

It does say This Secret Sale OR their Free Shipping offer, so perhaps not…

Their standard shipping is $6.95 in the US, Hawaii, Alaska, Territories and P.O. Boxes, $14.95 Canada and elsewhere…

Not bad when you consider the discount we get just for using E.L.F. cosmetics at full price rather than even drug store brands these days!

Good Quality Makeup at extremely affordable prices! I like their eye makeups I have tried so far and highly recommend them.

My daughter has tried much more of their products and she recommends them too!



Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Two New Beautiful Up to K Cup Bras

Bravissimo has bras in band sizes 28 to 40 and up to L cup sizes! Currently they happen to have two new full figure bra styles that come in sizes up to 40K and 40L!

Alana Bras, up to 40L, New Color

Bravissimo’s own Alana bras come in sizes 28FF to J, 30E to KK and 32 to 40DD to L in now 7 colors! This is their new one! Click on its picture to scope out the others and its reviews!  
If you use their currency converter, (left of center top of their pages), you will find this bra at an affordable, (more so than say Fantasie, Freya, Panache, Elomi at full price most places…), $46.46!

Bravissimo’s New Rosie Bras

These bras mention “side sling” in their description and if you mouse over its picture at Bravissimo, it appears to have the “side-support”, (4th section), panel of Elomi’s Caitlyn and many other Elomi and Fantasie bras! Which I, who wears an HH to J cup, feel makes this design GREAT! For whatever that is worth…

These bras are too new for reviews and come in sizes 30E to JJ and 32 to 40DD to K!  
If, like their Alana bras, this style becomes a hit, I imagine we can expect to see them in more colors in future. These beautiful bras are just $49.78!

Other Up to K Cup Bras at Bravissimo

Currently, using the numerous search options in the left menu at Bravissimo, I am finding:
  • One up to L cup bra, which must be their own Alana
  • Two up to KK cup sized bras, 
again their Alana

and their Beautiful, but limited sizes available Fleur Bra below!

These bras came in sizes 30E to K and 32 to 40DD to L. They are still available in sizes 32E to KK and many sizes 34 to 40E to K, with 34 and 36KK also still available, at this writing as well.

These full bust bras are just $49.78 and have 13 excellent reviews. This style also has the visible, (mousing over at its picture at Bravissimo), side support panel or side sling.

They also have 30 up to K cup bras!
  • 15 by Bravissimo themselves
  • 6 by Panache
  • 5 by Royce
  • 2 by Fantasie
  • 2 by Freya 
I hope to take a closer look at these styles as well soon. I am a big fan of side support bras and am glad to see two of these styles have them.

Do you care if a bra has side support panels, or side slings?

Just curious.



Tuesday, April 01, 2014

40% Off Site Wide at E.L.F. Today Only

True, E.L.F.’s 40% Off is with purchases of $25, or more, and with the coupon code…but, Well that is a lot of makeup, skin care and / or nail polish! A great way to create a new spring / summer look, skin care regime and more makeup, for less $!

You can note the discount code, then use their Take 40% off sitewide with a purchase of $25 or more with coupon code GOODDAY for TODAY ONLY at! link to go straight to E.L.F.!

New E.L.F. Cream Eye and Multi-Use Makeup

Having enjoyed previous E.L.F. cream eye shadow I have tried, I was pleased to find Their Studio Cream Eye shadow comes in three creaseless ultra-pigmented, easy to blend colors $3. e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeshadow These have a 4.1 Star rating out of 295 reviews, and are currently out of stock its darker bronze color but they are currently available in this  natural glow, above, and teal colors!

Essential Smudge Pots

Of the eight colors this comes in this the only one currently in stock! The other 7 are beautiful too, and at $2 each, well, I would have to find out if this current discount applies to when items come in. This is a smooth gel eye shadow I would like to have in every one of their great colors! e.l.f. Essential Smudge Pot Not only can we use this Smudge Pot shadow as an eye liner too, but it is enriched with vitamin E to hydrate our delicate eye lids too! Women who review it say that it is long wear, which is one reason it has a 4.6 Star average out of its current 28 reviews.

The Shimmer Palette

These creamy shimmer colors are just $3.00, and we can use it on our eyes, lips and face to create a healthy glow! I especially like this one because it comes with a brush, and a place to put it! e.l.f. Studio Shimmer Palette
This new cream makeup palette already has a 4.1 Star average out of 134 reviews.

There are plenty of great, yet inexpensive, makeups, skin care products, makeup brushes, nail polish and more we can try and stock up on E.L.F. favorites using this great one day only discount!