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Elomi's Betty Plunge Bras

Sizes 34GG to HH, 36 - 42D to HH, 44D to G and 46D and DD

Update: 11/15/16

Once, around 2/2012, while wondering what other women considered the best full figure bra, I searched “Best full figure bras” at The Lingerie Addict's review of Elomi’s Betty bra and panty set . Now, (10/2014), this style is not at the top anymore, but well worth considering. I would read The Lingerie Addict's excellent review too.

11/15/16 Update: For the best prices on these styles check them out using this Elomi Betty Bras, new with Tags at Buy it Now prices link. At this writing I am finding them starting at $19! Additionally, I find that if we purchase through Ebates Coupons and Cash Back we get 5% Back at eBay stores!

At this 2016 update, this style is discontinued at Her Room but Bare Necessities still carries them, in 3 color choices in the 34 to 46D to H size range! We can get 1.5% cash back purchasing through Ebates from Bare Necessities!

This is just a picture, but you can find links to Bare Necessities and Her Room in this blog's right column.

These Plunge Underwire Bra

These are sheer and sexy underwire bras with polka dotted tulle. They have satin stitch embroidery at the upper cups and satin bow accents at center gore and where the straps meet the cups.

  • Unique features of these plunge bras: 1 3/4 inch center gore, in a bra that comes up to HH cup sizes!
  • The elasticized neckline of these bras give you a custom fit, even so, some reviewers ordered a cup size larger to better coverage.
  • This deep plunging bra give you lift and support without push up.
  • The side support, (or as Her Room now calls this, 4-part cups) give your breasts forward projection.
 The overall cut of these bras give your breast good lift, separation and of course the support us Elomi wearers now take for granted. Well I know I do.

These bras have these, now standard, features:
  • Leotard back, to minimize back fat and add extra support, reduce strap slippage.
  • Petite woman friendly, adjusts toward our shoulders with wide straps!
  • Elastic at top and bottom of wings for more customized fit.
  • In addition, the often-available arched center gores to better accommodate a high tummy! 
Currently these already much-loved bras come in sizes 34GG to HH, 36 - 42D to HH, 44D to G and 46D and DD.

Why Women Like, or Love, these Bras

Currently, (This review synopsis is from my original research of this style on 2/16/12), these bras have only 7, 6 five star and a 4 star, reviews.
The Raves:
  • Support
  • Comfort even Super Comfy as one woman put it
  • Fit
  • Plunge, because previous bra's wires came up too high between two reviewer's breasts
  • High Quality
  • Straps Stay In Place
  • Cute, Sexy and Beautiful are mentioned, as are gorgeous and super gorgeous. 
Additional Good to know
Many recommend this bra to other full busted women.
  • One women says she 'Cannot Say Enough about this bra'
  • One brought the matching panty, (comes in sizes medium to 4X), 
  • and tells us they are comfortable too!

Below are the bra sizes women who rave about these bras say they are wearing.
Now both Her Room and Bare Necessities give us the age and bra size of reviewers.
At this writing these rave reviews come from women who wear bra sizes:
  • 36GG
  • 38G
  • 40HH
  • 40JJ, ?*

At this 2016 Update I am only finding these bras in cup sizes up to H...

*I looked into this 40JJ and found Elomi themselves say these bras only come up to HH cup sizes. Checking here to see Elomi’s own Betty Plunge Bras page is gone. I pretty much have to assume this is a discontinued style now...(11/15/2016).

Bare Necessities give us the body type, Her Room the height, of reviewers. All four reviewers of these bras at the writing at Bare Necessities give their body type as Plus Size and all gave this bra style 5 stars!

Cons NO CONS; except, More Colors Please!

One problem we full bust women have had too much of over the years is good supportive bras made of stiff, abrasive, hard to like material. This bra, like the other Elomi ones I have tried so far, as one reviewer tell us has the lace is soft and quite comfortable!

Which Stores have these bras at what prices

10/20/13 Update: These bras are available at, in order of Best Prices:
You will find links to the above-mentioned stores in the right column.
They tend to have the last fashion colors on sale when the newest colors come in at full price. 
Full Price at these stores, except Figleaves, is, at this update, 10/20/13, $68.
If they ever come out with style in an other than polka-dot Or If I can get past my own dislike of polka-dots… I will be trying this highly rated and much recommended style myself.

Latest Update 11/15/16
Originally written 2/16/12

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