Friday, February 28, 2014

Rarely on Sale Bra Brands up to 40% Off

Until 3/12/14 Bare Necessities has select styles on sale at up to 40% off by brands like Panache, Elomi, Wacoal, Chantelle bras and more! Some of these full figure bras are among best-selling, as in Bare Necessities Top 12 Bras of All Time and award winning styles, (such as the Undies Awards at Her Room), styles!

Here is a look at some of the newer bras included in this discount!

Elomi’s Convertible Rita Bras

These comparatively new Elomi bras have good reviews from women who call themselves plus size and great reviews from those who say they are curvy.

These bras also have a 5 star review from a petite woman who wears a size 36DDD.

You can use the J hook of these bras to convert them to wear under closer to racer-back top styles. Some women who review them like this feature because:
  • It takes the pressure off their shoulders, If you have those ‘wicked shoulder ridges’ some of us have, you know
  • Shifts pressure points, making this style even more comfortable!
  • As well as add even more support! 
 Bare Necessities has these bras in sizes 34 to 46E to K in 5 colors and they are current on sale for 30% off in 2 of them!

Chantelle’s C Magnifique Bras

These seamless T-shirt bras are too new for reviews and on sale in this color below for $47.60! A nice way to try, or stock up on Chantelle bras! These are available in the 32 to 44C to H size range!

They also have a sexy demi-cup version of Chantelle’s C-Chic bras and their Rive Gauche T-shirt bras, both at 40% off, at this sale event!

Le Mystere’s Maximum Control Sports Bras

Le Mystere’s Endurance Maximum Control Convertible Sports Bras are on sale in this color at this sale. Bare Necessities has these in the 32 to 40B to G size range, at 40% off, $34.80!

These can be worn cross back or shoulder strap style and are made of a comfortable cotton blend!

We can also find bras by Cleo by Panache, Fantasie, Curvy Kate, Goddess, Freya, Felina, Sculptresse by Panache and other great bra brands rarely available on sale or at a discount at this sale event!



Saturday, February 22, 2014

Freya’s Rio Bras in Crimson

For a long time these had been highly rated full figure bras especially because of their unique style and that they came in large cup sizes.

Then they slowly disappeared from stores, to the point where I was only seeing them at eBay stores. We can still find them using this Freya Rio Bras New with Tags at Buy it Now prices link, starting at $30! On the other hand, I am finding them in their new crimson color at two stores, for $58. Both have the matching boy short for $30 and one store has these bras in black and white too!

Crimson Freya Rio Full Figure Bras

If you click on this bra’s picture below you will find it in sizes 30 to 38D to H at Bare Necessities.  

Scroll down to find the matching panties in sizes XS to XL.

The Rio Bras in Black, White and Crimson

Figleaves and Bare Necessities have both these style picture below. If you click on this set’s picture it will take you to these in crimson, black and white at Figleaves. They have all three colors in most sizes in the 28DD to H, 30C to H and 32 to 38B to H size range!

 Rio underwire balcony bra 

If you look to your right once you are there you will see the boy short, which has a solid back.

Here is the black bra pictured with the brief, and they also have the matching thong in black.

Rio underwire balcony bra 

and white bra and brief
 Rio underwire balcony bra 

They do not have the shortie in any color but crimson.

These Highly Rated Full Figure Bras

It is a pity many stores stopped carrying them for a while, and apparently with that dropped their reviews. Bigger Bras however never did stop carrying them, in black and white, and so they still have their reviews. If you click on this Freya Rio Bra Reviews link.

A brief synopsis of them is:
A 4.4 Star average out of their current 34 reviews
and NO CONs are listed
Women Wear the For:
  • 28 Every Day
  • 17 Office
  • 11 T shirts
  • 10 Formal Occasions
  • 7 Going Out 
Women find these Bras have:
  • 30 Good Support
  • 27 Figure Flattering
  • 22 Good Coverage
  • 18 Comfortable Fit
  • 14 Comfortable Material 
  • A reoccurring compliment is, Sexy, pretty and cute are also mentioned 
Some reviewers have more than one of these bras and others plan to. To me, this is the true test of how great a bra is!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fantasie’s Beautiful Abigail Full Figure Bras

3 ways to try them

One of the most beautiful full figure bras I am seeing lately is Fantasie’s Abigail bras. Too new for reviews, and pricey, with matching briefs and boy shorts that almost demand that you get the whole set…here are the pros and cons of trying this lovely lingerie style from 3 different stores!

Bare Necessities has the Bras, Briefs and Boy Shorts

Bare Necessities has these beauteous bras in the 30 and 32D to H, 34 and 36D to HH and 38DD to GG size range. Bravissimo and Figleaves have them in the 40D to FF size range.

Bare Necessities does not have these in any size 40 bra band size. 

They do however have these beautiful boy shorts in sizes S, M and XL.  

They also have the briefs in sizes S to XL, but Figleaves has those in XS to 2XL and Bravissimo has them in S to 2XL…

Figleaves for these Bras and Briefs in more sizes

Figleaves has these bras in the 30DD to FF, 32 to 38D to G and 40D to FF size range. Click on its pictured to go to Figleaves and the briefs it is pictured with, (XS to 2XL) will be to your right there.

 Abigail Underwired Side Support Plunge Bra

Bravissimo: Best Price and Most Bra Sizes

For the best prices, and the widest range of bra sizes in this beautiful Fantasie bra style Bravissimo cannot be beat right now!

They have these bras in sizes 30DD to J, 32 to 38D to J and 40D to FF for $55.21, (US Dollar). Currently both Bare Necessities and Figleaves have them for $68

You can click on this picture to go straight to them at Bravissimo and if you scroll down you can find the panties, currently in sizes S to 2XL for $28.44. Their currency converter is at the near top center of their pages.


Their current shipping for the US is 7.95 British Pounds which comes out to $13.29 USD at the moment, using this handy Currency Converter.

That shipping rate is good on your entire order, no matter how many packages! This might be pertinent as Bravissimo has plenty of full figure and large cup size bras, swimwear styles and apparel.

Also, their prices are usually only rivaled by Figleaves. Sometimes, as with these new Fantasie Lingerie styles, even Figleaves cannot do better than Bare Necessities…
About Fantasie’s Abigail Bras
These underwire bras have a three part cup with side support as well. The upper cup is semi-sheer and embroidered. The rest has a beautiful Italian floral water color!

These bras also have inner slings and firm mesh side wings for extra support.

The close set, fully adjustable straps, (toward shoulders, important for us petite women!), are close set to prevent slippage!

These bras have a 2-hook fastener in the back in cup sizes D to G and 3-hook in sizes GG to J. They aim to provide great support, uplift and visual appeal all at once!

I do not know about you, but this is a style that is beautiful, has side support and comes in my size too! I aim to check it out as soon as I can fit the price into my budget!



Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2/18/14: E.L.F. Extended Free Shipping on orders of $15+

Great News! Just like yesterday's Presidents Day E.L.F. Free Shipping Offer. See yesterday's post below.

E.L.F.’s Beauty At All Ages Event

I just noticed this yesterday. E.L.F. is having a contest where we can enter to be in an age, (Teens to 40+) category and win great stuff and experiences! Learn about it here: Beauty at All Ages.

This is just a picture to spirit you on! We have until April 1st to enter if we like. 

The free shipping ends at Midnight tonight!



Monday, February 17, 2014

Free Shipping on E.L.F. Makeup

We can enjoy e.l.f. Eyes. All Eye Makeup Just $1 today along with their other ultra-affordable lip and face makeup, brushes, nail polish and skin care with Free shipping on orders of $15+ Today!

We can get plenty of E.L.F. makeup for $15!

E.L.F. usually has free shipping on orders of $35+, I think.

What I know is: I have tried, and now use and enjoy their:
eye shadow, cream and powder, eye liner daily
and I Love their eyebrow kit, also daily!
I also love how I tried them all at once, because they are so affordable!

I highly recommend you check them out soon, and save more on makeup than, I for one though possible!



Monday, February 10, 2014

Long Short and Colorful Blazers

Checking out Igigi yesterday I saw a rare thing, they currently have 2 new blazers, which I show now on my Suits page. Theirs are short, as are some others further down this post. I am also finding colorful blazers for spring too.

Colorful Blazers

These Bi-Stretch Jessica London blazers come in white, 2 shades of grey and black as well as this pink below. They are available in Average 12 to 32, Tall and Petite cuts in sizes12 to 28!
 Bi-Stretch Blazer (SEASIDE PINK,16) 

Jessica London’s Nassau Notched-Collar jackets come in sizes 12 to 40 in 7 colors and are also available in petite cut in sizes 12P to 24P.
 Nassau Notched-Collar Jacket (BERRY RED,16) 

While all three of these longer jackets are fully lined, only OSP’s Boyfriend jacket below mentions a back slit! These loosely cut blazers come in 7 colors in sizes 12W to 32W, sadly for me, the pockets are fake…
 Boyfriend Blazer by Denim 24/7 (WHITE,18 W) 
All three of these jackets have excellent ratings, women often have them in more than one color.

If you click on their pictures above you will often, (today, for instance), find them on sale with a discount available at One Stop Plus!

Short Suit Jackets

The two new Igigi short blazers I show on the suits page here, one has a belted back, the other, I cannot tell yet.

These styles below have plain backs. Avenue’s two new blazers below are both $60 and available in sizes 14 to 32.

These are just pictures of the two styles at Avenue, but you can use this $25 off $100 with code AV25NOW discount code and link, good until 2/28/14, to go there and you can find these blazers in New Arrivals!

Both are Ponte Knits with ¾ ruched shelves, notched collars with single button closures with welt pockets and plain backs.

However, these similar blazers from Fashion to Figure both come in sizes 1X to 3X, for $32! These jackets also come in solid black.

Blazer A New Trail Ruched Jacket
The perfect topper for a stylish business gal's wardrobe. Stay polished by day, or pair... [More]
Price: 32.00

I am a lover of suit jackets as toppers in all but the hottest and coldest weather. I like brighter colors we tend to see for spring fashions in blazers too!

Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, February 05, 2014

New Seamless, Plunge and Sheer Chantelle Bras

Usually I concentrate on how to get Chantelle bras for less, and those are usually older styles from eBay stores. However, among the excellent New Arrivals in Bare Necessities’ Plus department I saw these new multi-way foam, plunge and sheer bra styles by Chantelle I feel compelled to show you!

Chantelle Mouvance Sheer Bra

Bare Necessities has these bras in sizes 32 to 40C to F in ivory and black colors. They say the close-set stretch straps will not slip! These, unlike the other two, have seamed, lined cups with pretty embroidery.

This is just a picture but you can find it using this New Arrivals! See whats new for you at link lately.

If you are reading this much later than early February 2014, you should be able to find them Chantelle at Bare Necessities.

Mouvance by Chantelle Plunge Bra

These are seamless plunge T-shirt bras with close-set straps that will not slip! They have a tulle overlay over foam lined cups with removable inserts.

Click on this style’s picture to find them in black in sizes 32 – 36A to E, and 38 and 40B, C and D. Scroll down a bit to browse the matching sheer bikini panties are available to go with these alluring bras!

I guess we might find out if the straps do not slip and if these are potentially sheer, (are the removable inserts the foam lining?), bras if and when the reviews come in…

Multi-way Vous Et Moi Chantelle Bras

These are seamless full figure bras with memory foam cups. You can wear these bras halter, cross-back or shoulder strap style. They come in sizes 32 – 36A to F, 38B to E and 40B, C and D in black and nude colors.


Matching soft hipster and high-waist shaping briefs are available to go with these beautiful T-shirt bras!

Naturally these bras are too new for reviews so it will be interesting to see what women have to say about them, if they get around to it.

I feel pretty bad about this myself. I might review a bra I wear here, but nearly never get around to writing one for the store I purchase them from…

Do you do that too?

Not get around to writing reviews where other women considering an intimate style might learn from them.

Just curious…


Saturday, February 01, 2014

20% Off Semi-Sheer and Freya Bras

Figleaves also has a mesh, Fantasie Salsa Underwired Balcony Bra which looks like a sheer bra to me. It reminds me of Panache’s award winning Tango II mesh bras. The Salsa bra come in sizes up to 40K and are among the full figure bras in Figleaves 20% off Fantasie and Freya offer!

Freya’s Flourish Semi Sheer Bras and Panties

Figleaves has Freya’s Flourish balcony bras below for $37.60 at this discount. These are available in sizes 28 – 32D to FF and the 34 to 38D to G size range.

 Flourish Underwired Balcony Bra 

The long line bra in this line is also available at this discount in the 30 – 38D to G size range for $42.40.

The shortie style, is available in sizes XS to XL for $18.40 at this discount.

 Flourish Short 

This is just a picture of this shorty panty’s back

They also have the thong in this style, which front and back look much the same, except smaller of course.

Freya’s Rio Semi-Sheer Bras

Figleaves has this style in both black and white in the 28DD to H and 30 – 38C to H size range and is $43.20 at this current discount!

 Rio underwire balcony bra 
These Rio bras have been a favorite of women for years and I have a direct link to them, for even less, New with Tags, at Buy it Now, rather than bid prices, at the top of our Bras at eBay stores page.