Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Buy 2 Get 2 FREE Plus Size Bras, Till 5/4/07!

While I’ve been griping about the high price of plus size bras, this great money saver came up!

Bare Necessities, who has Plus size bras sizes 36C to 54H, will give you a free bra up front and you can get a 2nd free bra by mail, when you shop certain bras now!

So far I’ve found many full figure bras in their Olga section with this offer! Like an excellent daily wear, smooth plus size underwire bra.

And a few by Lilyette bras. Like a truly sexy lace full figure minimizer bra and a smooth strapless bra. There is more actually.

Just take this link below, then scroll down a bit and click on the Buy 2 Get 2 offer. See if you can stock up on bras in your size and style with this excellent money saving deal!

Spring Savings - Promotions and Specials at

This makes wearing your bra once before washing much more likely. So these pricey intimates can last longer and you can get your money’s worth for a change!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Full Figure Bras are Expensive, What to Do about That

Well with what I’ve read about bra care from Glamour and at Figleaves, which I write about toward the center of this page
….It gets pricier before it gets better. The up shot of bra care is wear once and wash, or at least let your bra rest for a day before wearing it again.

Nice if you have a good supply of bras. I don’t because plus size bras cost too much.

If you can buy a few new bras and alternate them so they all wear longer, now is an excellent time.

Here’s why.
Bigger Bras is will give you 15% off your whole order on their plus size bras and shapewear. Actually whatever you order. And many of their full figure bras are on sale now. Like the very popular Goddess Smooth Simplicity Seamless Underwire Plus Size Bra . Already on sale and it comes in sizes up to 52DDD, 48G and 44H in four colors!

And they have already inexpensive plus size, summer weight, shapewear like the one at the top of this page that gets good hot weather reviews from Texas ladies! I lived in Austin Texas, as does one of this body briefer’s reviewers. Let me tell you, it’s not just hot, it’s HUMID! And summer is coming….

Just use this code, 15swim07, at Bigger Bras till the end of April and make yourself comfy this summer and those expensive plus sizes bras last as long as they can!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Full Figure Bras on Sale and Panties for Pennies!

Yes it’s definitely the season for plus size intimate sales!
You can get a very popular Goddess, smooth, seamless underwire bra that comes in sizes 38 - 52C to DDD, 36 to 48 up to G and 36 to 44 up to H cup sizes for just $21.67! Find out where and how on this page.

Figleaves is celebrating the bra’s 100th birthday! If you buy one of their select full figure bras, such as the one featured at the top of this page, you can get matching, pretty lacy panties for just .32 to .50 cents! The details about how to do that are also on that page, below the pretty lace bra’s picture.

While not a sale bra, yet, Wacoal has a new line of full figure bra!
This beautiful, smooth, plunge underwire is one of them!

This bra above comes in sizes up to 42G!!
Click on it's picture to find out more about it.

And the month is not even half over yet! Yes now seems to be the time to stock up on lots of undies for those hot days ahead!

More savings, and beauteous full figure intimates as I find them!