Monday, December 18, 2006

No more Moo Moo BBW fashions!

The other day I got a response from HoneyBee regarding the geriatric state of many bbw fashion styles she’s seen.

Fortunately she herself is a designing woman who has designed apparel for friends and family. Plus she dreams of being a fashion designer. Aiming to design sexy and exotic wear for us curvy women! Go for it HoneyBee!

At about the same time I got an email from a mother and daughter team who are already doing it!

Check this out! This is so NOT MOO MOO FASHIONS

Jahqoi, exclusively sizes 14 to 28 fashions!.
Currently featuring uniquely stylized skirts, tops and jackets. Also in an excellent array of colors. Don’t like what you see currently? Get on their mailing list. I bet we’ll see lots of fresh, original styles any woman would be proud to wear with ease and comfort!

Strangely, it was just after Thanksgiving I was requested to find exactly that. A moo moo for a size 1X women. And it had to be cotton. Well at least she’s over 80. That explains wanting to dress that way. I guess.

Well I browsed, with vigor, my plus size apparel site’s merchants. Finally found one. And it was not even cotton. A kind friend trying to give me her business!

Still, all lingerie page , aside most of the fashions my sites promote are not especially sexy either. Well ok, some of the swim wear is too some of the swim wear is too. Especially the some of the bra sized swimsuits. Some are, but it would the depend on an individual woman’s shape. There again I’m a shy woman. So you gotta take it were it’s coming from.

This sparkling camisole could be sexy on some bbw. It comes with built-in lightly padded, underwire support cups, in bra sizes 36 to 48 C, D, and DD.


You can learn more about, or shop for, this cotton knit camisole above by clicking on it’s picture. It will take you to Silhouettes’ online store. Among one of my favorites for full figure style in mostly business and casual wear. I admit some of their tunics and dresses are shaped too close to moo moos for even shy little/big ole me.

However lots of their apparel has this nice shaping like this shirred waist dress below. They even have a drape-neck top shaped the same way.

Shirred Waist Dress

And HoneyBee did point out the problem of the shrinking sizes in her blog,
The BBW Princess. Well you won’t find that if you order from Silhouettes. Their clothing is cut broad!

Another place you should be less likey to find shrinking clothing is Argentina:
On page 291 of my paper back copy of:

Mentions that the Argentina Senate passed a bill on June of 2000. It requires that clothing makers make apparel for women of all sizes. This apparently came about because at that point 1 in 10 Argentine girls suffered from eating disorders. Complaints were that stores only carried apparel for thin women. Hopefully this has stopped by now and things have gotten better.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pro Big Beautiful Women in the news and at home

Glamour magazine, on page 161 of their January 2007 issue, points out a disturbing fact. It seems that in 1993 fashion models were a size 6. Now, in 2006, just 13 years later they are a size 0.

Glamour  12 issues

Why would fashion designers make clothing for people of such an unrealistic size?

Fortunately there are plenty of designers who style apparel for us full figure women now. The clothing you’ll find at this plus size women’s clothing store is mostly a designed just for big beautiful women! The swim and active wear at this swim wear store is also styled just for us full figure women! Even a lot of the bra size swimsuits. Fantasie of England does design their swimsuits to fit both full busted and plus sizes women. But their leg cuts are a bit high for some of us. I wear mine with a swim skirt over it.

In the media full figure women are getting more good attention! Tyra Banks has featured Tyra Banks' Full Figured Top Model Lingerie

Apparently Tyra hosted a Top Model Competition for the next US bbw top model. You can bet they all look better than a size 0! The Tyra link will take you to Hips and Curves. A store that features nothing but sexy lingerie designed just for full figured women!

If you want pretty, yet not too sexy, wear for around the house check this out!

Smocked Nightgown

If it came in petite sizes one would be on the way to me right now. It’s cotton! It’s from Silhouettes. Click on it’s picture to go there. You’ll find stylish fashions just for us bbw! But be warned, their sizes run large. Their quality is EXCELLENT! And they do have a petite section, but this item is not in it. You can find links to their Specialty petite, tall and extended sizes by taking their link in the right side column of this page.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Vote Your Opinion of the Size of fashion models

Want to tell a publication what you think of the size of fashion models? Here is your chance to tell Parade magazine. It comes in Some Sunday News Papers. Their November 12th 2006 issue asked the question on page 2. Read about it and cast your vote by clicking on this link.

Scroll down a bit while you are there and enjoy some reader’s commentary!
When I cast my vote this AM the current stats were:

  • Out of 1708 votes
  • 93% felt models were too thin
  • 7% felt they were the right size

This was all brought up by the Spanish fashion designers banning excessively thin models from their run ways. While Karl Lagerfeld says models are not too skinny. So Parade is kind enough to ask us!

And quickly, before it goes off your news stand.
I tried to find this online for us. But I’m not finding it yet.

Glamour Magazine’s December issue, page 58:
Gives us a graphic showing how Clothes DO LOOK BETTER on Healthy Bodies! In answer to the same issue. Designers being hit with criticism regarding models skinniness. With a little creative photo-shopping they give us a good contrasting eyeful. Same model. Same dress and shoes. A few pounds added and the thin one looks like a woman with a terrible wasting disease.

I’m gonna hang that right by my desk where my daughter can see it! It makes a good point for too thin looks sickly.

Glamour has for some time now been running Dress for your size, at any size and shape type articles. And why not. Why should they mind their readers coming in all sizes? Why should anyone selling to the public?

Apropos to real life:

Personally when I was looking for a amorous adventure I held with a line from a Woody Allen movie: “I’ll take the one that eats.”
And from what I’ve experienced, lot of men like women with healthy appetites too!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The pressure to be Thin is hurting Our Youngsters

Well this social pressure to be thin could be harming folks at any age. But to really destroy lives starting in primary school is just well, tragic. And it’s happening.

Fortunately lots of good people have been researching this and what we can all do about it.
One of them is Frances M. Berg. A licensed nutritionist, family wellness specialist, adjunct professor at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine, and author of 10 books.
One of which is:

Children and Teens Afraid to Eat: Helping Youth in Today's Weight-Obsessed World (Berg, Francie M. Afraid to Eat Series.)

In this book she, using a wealth of nicely noted references. And her own over 16 years of experiences reporting research and information on eating and weight. She is the founder, editor and publisher of Healthy Weight Journal.

The book I mentioned on Nov. 6th post of this year. Kelly Bliss was kind enough to suggest this book to me. I wrote her of my concerns about my, then 6 year old, daughter. My daughter told me she did not want to eat because she is afraid of getting fat.

Well I finally got my own copy and boy is it hard to put down! I bet if I had ever tried to diet to loose weight it would have been impossible to put down.

This book tells us that my little girls fear in not unusual. That many children and teens develop some of 6 major eating disorders. To rather long term ill effects, including death. If it does not kill it reduces the quality of their lives. And that is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

The book has lots of other info too. But perhaps because I’m a parent, I’m kind of stuck on this aspect.

For instance it puts in proper perspective the apparently taken to be gospel on diet now by many. That Meat is bad. No it is not.

And that cutting your intake of calories, and exercise will make you the size some height and weight chart says you aught to be. Quite possibly not. So relax and stop driving yourself crazy. Just aim for health and happiness! It’s a great goal!

She promotes a concept called Health at Any Size. Self and other people acceptance. Communication. A normal diet including a variety of foods, avoiding none really. And taking up healthy activities because you enjoy them. And doing our best to make this culture accept people of all sizes.

Naturally this book is largely about what we can do for the children and teens. But it’s gonna help us all.

Here, rather than tell you about the book, I’m going to make it my mission to act on some of the things we can do.

The book suggest plenty. Read the book!

Here I’m gonna put attention on magazines, TV and other media that get my attention regarding:

  • Good examples of all size friendly publications
  • Examples of the beautiful full figure women, Hey I don’t want to be bias against the slender. But I can’t let my daughter grow up in fear either. Besides slender women have gotten lots of attention anyway.
  • Places that we can give our feed back to regarding this size issue, I’ll be posting one of these tomorrow, if it checks out to be true.

I also brought another one of her books:

Women Afraid to Eat: Breaking Free in Today's Weight-Obsessed World

but it will be a bit before I get around to reading it. Well I like to have something to look forward to. I do that a lot. Like to have a little something put by for later.

But read the book. Get informed and start helping yourself and our youngsters today! We can do a lot to take the pressure off people for simply being large. Find out how!

We can make the move toward a more pleasant tomorrow for all! Well perhaps it’ll be hard on those loose weight fast pill folks. But really they’ve had a long run of making a buck selling unworkable solutions. Lets make a better future for all. They’ll find a better thing to do too!