Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pro Big Beautiful Women in the news and at home

Glamour magazine, on page 161 of their January 2007 issue, points out a disturbing fact. It seems that in 1993 fashion models were a size 6. Now, in 2006, just 13 years later they are a size 0.

Glamour  12 issues

Why would fashion designers make clothing for people of such an unrealistic size?

Fortunately there are plenty of designers who style apparel for us full figure women now. The clothing you’ll find at this plus size women’s clothing store is mostly a designed just for big beautiful women! The swim and active wear at this swim wear store is also styled just for us full figure women! Even a lot of the bra size swimsuits. Fantasie of England does design their swimsuits to fit both full busted and plus sizes women. But their leg cuts are a bit high for some of us. I wear mine with a swim skirt over it.

In the media full figure women are getting more good attention! Tyra Banks has featured Tyra Banks' Full Figured Top Model Lingerie

Apparently Tyra hosted a Top Model Competition for the next US bbw top model. You can bet they all look better than a size 0! The Tyra link will take you to Hips and Curves. A store that features nothing but sexy lingerie designed just for full figured women!

If you want pretty, yet not too sexy, wear for around the house check this out!

Smocked Nightgown

If it came in petite sizes one would be on the way to me right now. It’s cotton! It’s from Silhouettes. Click on it’s picture to go there. You’ll find stylish fashions just for us bbw! But be warned, their sizes run large. Their quality is EXCELLENT! And they do have a petite section, but this item is not in it. You can find links to their Specialty petite, tall and extended sizes by taking their link in the right side column of this page.

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  1. Hi, My name is Kevanya and I'm from Newark,N.J. Yes, I agree there are alot of designers that design clothing for, BBW's but ok I'm not gonna say all but alot of the clothes are not that eyecatching. In fact their more like moo-moo's, ugly prints and they look like their more for senior citizens no offense. But have big plans that include all my BBW's and even my pettites. I've always dreamed of being a fashion designer and plan to someday. I've designed quite a few things for friends and family. So to end don't despair,(our)meaning us BBW's, clothing will be just as sexy and exotic as everyone else's.