Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unbelievably low prices on 2 favorite Panache Large Cup Bras!

Well they are my favorites, for sure! Her Room is selling the Panache Super Tango II large cup bras for $30 in its hot pink and white colors! Likewise, the Panache Harmony large cup bras are on sale for $30 in white and black colors! Both of these bras are still available, in sale colors, in sizes up to 40k and the Super Bra, in plus size bra sizes up to 42J and 44FF!

The Super Tango II, above, is my go to, and daily bra most of the time.
Bit of a strange shape on the Harmony bra. Maybe I need a still larger cup size? Nevertheless, I love the lift and support.
I own several of each of these, recommend them highly and wear a J cup size.
And while it has been on sale for a while, and is now still available in few full figure sizes, 42B coffee color or white color. This pretty Chantelle plus size bra is just $40, down from $94, and it gets good ratings too!

Click on the pictures to go straight to them at Her Room and enjoy great lift, support and saving!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Plus Size and Large Cup Size Bras from Figleaves Outlet

Poui Moi? Makes full figure bras in large cup sizes, at reasonable prices! Figleaves carries this brand and now you can find this these Provence large cup bras on sale for just $26.40 in this chocolate color below at Figleaves Outlet store. They are still available in a wide range of sizes up to 34, 36 and 38G and plus sizes 40B to F!

This cocoa Elomi bra is now just $18 and still available in sizes 40E, 46C, 48C and D, 50D and E, and 52DD, E, F and FF.

This pretty English rose balconette bra, by Masquerade, is just $27 and still available in some sizes up to 36 and 38G.

And this Panache bra is still available in a bit more sizes up to 34, 36 and 38G, but at $51.20.

These are just a small sampling of, just some bras that are on sale in full figure sizes in Figleaves Outlet store today.
It would be good to check there from time to time, see what is available in your size. They have much more than just bras too!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank you again Designer Studio

For giving us a kind comment on our blog of 7/1/09. Especially nice as I have been sick since last Friday and kind words help a lot! Designer Studio does not seem to carry Plus Size Women’s Clothing, but they do have designer accessories.
Currently Designer Studio’s new arrivals featuring Kenneth Cole down jackets, but they tend to come in sizes up to XL.

This Baby Phat puffer jacket comes in sizes 1XL to 3XL. The faux fur trim is detachable, and the elegant baby phat logo cats are subtle!
Shop Baby Phat
Baby Phat also has a fur bomber, belted plaid, and other removable fur puffer cat jackets in their Plus Size Section.
For a sleeker look in jackets, I like Silhouettes’ Gillian Grey Pointe di Roma Riding Jacket, and their new Cascade Plaid Jacket below. The riding jacket comes in sizes up to 26W and this cascade jacket in sizes up to 3XL.
Cascade Plaid Jacket
Silhouettes makes it easy to get the most out of your wardrobe dollar with great money saving deals like this one below!

20% OFF orders of 3 or MORE items - AFF9PC28

Designer Studio also has True Religion Buddha hats and Ed Hardy sunglasses in new arrivals.

When I was young, I got the impression that Buddhism was a peaceful religion. I am reading The Bloody White Baron: The Extraordinary Story of the Russian Nobleman Who Became the Last Khan of Mongolia this week and finding out how wrong an impression that was! This book is not for the faint! Does a great job of filling in missing pieces of world history, in euroasia, I did not get in school. I need not wonder what exactly a White Russian, (no not the drink), is anymore!

Although the visual impressions one gets reading it are very much along the lines of the temple pieces of the above-mentioned Ed Hardy sunglasses. Curious.

My daughter, now in elementary school, says they are not allowed to wear skulls to school. Good!

But just why is Death in vogue?

I get Bomber jackets, looks great, and functional, but skull prints?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get 50% off Baby Phat’s Bohemian Chic Plus Size Women’s Clothing

Again! Today, between 12:30 to 2:30 EST, you can get select regularly priced items from Baby Phat’s Bohemian Chic styles, at 50% off! Baby Phat has lots of dresses in full figure sizes. You can see some of them on our plus size dresses page. Some are new for fall, many are on sale from $30 to $60. The Bohemian Chic line has lots of richly colored tops, like this Zig-Zag Angel Sleeve top below. Click on its picture between 12:30 and 2:30 today to go to Baby Phat. Then take Plus Size at their top menu. You will find a link to their Bohemian Chic trend in their left menu.
Shop Baby Phat

The Bra Straps no longer bit into my shoulders Weight lifting exercises

& a look at toning up in these last, say 5, years

A few months ago I wrote of how enthused I was to find after a short while of doing 2 or 3 weight lifting routines several times a week, my bra straps no longer made groves, nor bit into my shoulders!

I said I would later post links to which exercises I was doing so that readers could enjoy the same happy shoulder results! Then during the course of the summer, I tried repeatedly, and found no simple web pages to direct you to.

So I looked at the very few exercise books I have kicking around the house. I found, sure enough, I must have gotten it from this one below, as the other one is basic ballet exercise.

Now for me this was just too much reading. I love to read, but where exercise is concerned, I would rather just do it. This is a smallish book too, just 251 pages, including the index. For some reason I cannot do it, this regime, but I must remembered the weight lifting exercises I was doing from leafing through this book.

I guess my inability to read while exercising & / or to follow a regime makes it clear why ice skating worked for maintaining my, at that time, some tone, until my daughter tired of hockey skating and did not want to pursue hockey its self, or any other type of skating.

I guess I have a better chance with my inadvertent Shapeup, see post of 9/8/09, which is based on walking our newly adopted dog. I bet the dog will enjoy walking much longer than my daughter was into ice-skating. I am putting, well have already moved the follow up of that here at Full Figure Women’s Swimwear under Fitting Fitness In.

An fully expected pro of walk the dog fitness is, even though I have been sick since last Fri AM, I still walk the dog, long walks in the AM, about an 45 min. to 1 hour, time permitting. Clothes are fitting better all over! This week the bras and panties have not fit well for years do now! In addition, a dog is just as good company when you are sick as well as feeling fine!

Another unexpected find:
Or is this what they mean by Permanent Weight Loss? Or in my case, Permanent Toned Up?

  • Years ago when I first started ice skating regularly, for me, it amounted to approx 1.5 to 2 hours a week, after about 6 weeks, I went to get out of the car one day: I stood up and my jeans remained seated. I have since then worn a Levis, Misses size 14, rather than the previous size 16, jeans. Though I had begun to Feel Out of Shape, since about 1 month since we stopped skating regularly.
  • I started wearing Squeems plus size waist cincher, or Fajas the winter of 2007. It brought my waist down to 37”, where it stayed until I started walking our dog.
  • Then just a few months ago, I did those weight lifting exercises, did not last for long, our cats come to cuddle with me when I lay down, and I believe the most effective one, (perhaps you’d call it a butter fly?), was done lying down, and the weather got muggy…Regardless, I stopped. Well the shoulder groves are subtle, but though they have returned, are not red, nor sore either.

So I am thinking 2 things,

  • Any exercise program, or form of play, that appeals to you, as in Ice Skating, is worth trying for a while. You can still experience long term good results.
  • Perhaps it is just improved muscle tone ueto improved posture?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An exceptionally nice price on new style Fantasie Plus Size and Large Cup Size Bras

This new color, and apparently style, of Savannah large cup bras are just $48 at Figleaves, where this picture will take you if you click on it. The black style, which you can also see on our full figure bras page near the top, now, has a much deeper plunge and price.

Either style of Fantasie’s Savannah bras are designed to give us fuller busted women’s breast a more forward projection.
I only found two reviews of this bra, in it’s older, black with deeper plunge, style at Her Room. One from a woman who wears a 38GG, who gives it 5 stars for perfect fit and beauty. Another from a woman who wears a 34G, who says it gives fabulous support, yet has an odd shape, and itchy lace. So this time reviews are hard to tell by. Except that this bra does not appear to come in 38GG, unless it did earlier. If not perhaps, it runs large in the cup size?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2 Hour 50% off sale at Baby Phat, Plus Size Women’s Clothing included!

Today, between 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM EST you will find select styles of Baby Phat’s urban fashions, including Plus Size Women’s Clothing, on sale at 50% off!
Shop Baby Phat
If a style you like is not marked down, this offer below will give you 25% off third item, with your purchase of two full price items. Baby Phat does have a excellent selection of trendy handbags, shoes, sneakers, sunglasses, wallets, socks and even luggage.
Shop Baby Phat
They also have an extensive selection of sale items in their Plus Size section, including a $19.99 and under section right up top!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2 Great opportunities to combine Sales with Discounts

at 2 excellent Plus Size Women’s Clothing stores!
Silhouettes has their biggest clearance event going on right now. Their finial summer sale has items starting at $7. You find slightly more details near the top of the home page at Plus Size Women’s Clothing. The sale prices are on over 150 items, bur supplies are limited. So rather than waste the time showing you some of them here, note the money saving code in the link below before you take it to Silhouettes and enjoy the savings!

20% OFF orders of 3 or MORE items - AFF9PC28

One Stop Plus has many new arrivals, and sale items now. This is not surprising, because they feature apparel from several exclusively plus size women’s clothing stores!
Take advantage of their sales and discount offers they have running now, such as Roaman's women's suits suits on sale at $10 to $40 off you will see at the top of our women’s suits, then combine those savings with one of there discount offers below for maximum savings on your attire and accessories!
Just click on this link to go to One Stop Plus and get the code for the offer that works best for you.
Receive $20 off $50+, $25 off $75+, $30 off $100+ with code OSPCOUPON7.
One Stop Plus also has a fall fashion video that features the hottest trends, and how you might like to wear them.
Both The Silhouettes discount code and the One Stop Plus discounts and codes are good until 9/30/09.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bravissimo’s own design in Large Cup Bras

Bravissimo is a store where you will find large cup bras, as well as dresses, coats and jackets, sleepwear and large cup size swimwear for women who wear D to KK cup size bras. Now they seem to have their own bra design! Their Bravissimo’s Alana large cup bras come in black and white in sizes 28DD to 28J and 30 to 38DD to K. They apparently aim to defy gravity with the lift and support these bras are designed to give us full-busted women! Click on this bra’s picture below, select your currency, and then you will find these beautiful bras in lingerie, under Everyday Essentials at Bravissimo!

If you are shopping with US currency, these bras are $41.75. Matching shorts and brief style panties are available in sizes XS to 2XL.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get and addition 20% Plus Size Bras and Lingerie already reduced to up to 80% off

So far I have seen up to 75% off at Swimsuits for All’s plus size lingerie sale, but find plenty of bras, chemise and other intimate styles at great prices.
Here is a fine example: This Le Mystere full figure bra below is now 56% off and still available in sizes 36D to G, 40B and F, 42B and C and 44F. This is likely Le Mystere’s Carina full fit bra. If so, it has excellent rating, and incredibly silky straps!
You can get it with an additional 20% off by using the code in the link below it’s picture!
Le Mystere® Solid Padded Underwire Bra

This extra 20% offer ends 9/30/09. Just note the code below and click onthis bra’s picture to go straight to Swimsuits for All’s plus size lingerie section, or click on the link below, then you’ll see their lingerie section at the top center of their page.
New Plus Size Lingerie Up to 80% off! Use coupon HOT20 for an EXTRA 20% off your Order.

Enjoy the savings
Thank you Karan for the nice comment on our post of 9/2/09 regarding full figure bras and sleepwear you could have found at the time at Bare Necessities' Outlet!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Women’s Suits!

Roaman’s is having a buy one get one free suit deal now that includes about 32 pant, skirt and dress suits. You can see one each of the skirt and dress suits on our women’s suits page.

Roaman’s has a variety of jackets and women’s blazers on sale at up to 35% off too! Like this trendy Denim Military Jacket, in sizes 12W to 32W, with 318 excellent reviews, comes in black, new navy, ruby and dark plum colors.

They also have short Military jacket styles, as well as other trendy jacket and blazer styles on sale there as well.
I think the suit deal is a great way to expand your wardrobe, using the least amount of money!
Use their current deal banner below to get your maximum savings!
88x31 Roamans

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My inadvertent Shapeup

This morning I confirmed my suspicion, I found I had lost 1 ½ inches off my waist! I suspected I had lost something, as shorts and jeans seemed to be fitting looser lately. All because the Saturday before last, 8/30/09 PM, we adopted a small dog, a Shih Tzu mix. He is about the size of a cat, 14.4 lbs. Even though he is a small dog, I feel compelled to walk him a lot, because I do not want him to get bored, or out of shape. Funny I could not do this to keep myself in shape…

The inches off the waist, I have read before elsewhere, and again this weekend, in Yahoo’s Health News article What Doctors Wish You’d Do, point 3, about your waist size, getting my waist lower than 35” will be a great health advantage to help avoid heart disease, and diabetes! Well this morning, my waist 34 ½, in about 1 week and 2 days, and I have not seen it under 36 in YEARS!

And I was not even trying! So if you have been thinking of adopting a dog for years, as we had been, and know you will tend to walk it 3 to 5 times a day, say 4 to 7 city blocks, (ours is a small dog), you too might be able to inadvertently loose inches off your waist, and perhaps other places. I did not have time to measure the rest. This is now why we adopted a dog, but it is sure a great-unexpected extra bonus!

If we had adopted a dog I could really run with, I would want to wear a sports bra for most walks. I still like the Enell Sports Bra. However, for less expensive, large cup sports bras, I saw this Shock Absorber support level 4 D+ Sports Bra at both Figleaves, for $37 in sizes 30 to 308D to H and 40D to G.
If you click on its picture below you can check out the reviews or shop it at Figleaves

If you use this picture you can do the same at Her Room.

It gets the same review level at both Fig leaves and Her Room, 3 ½ stars, yet the commentary and usual inclusion of bra sizes in Her Room’s reviews make it easier to get a handle on if this bra will work for you.
At Her Room you will also find this bra was voted the Favorite Plus Size Sports Bra by the judges of the Undies Awards in support level 4, High impact, encapsulation and Compression.

If we adopted a Grey Hound, (I have heard, but never looked into this, that retired racing Grey Hounds need to be adopted.), I would likely try to run a bit with it, and would be trying the sport bra above myself. One reviewer says nothing moves when she runs with that bra on, and another says they dry really fast!

As it happens, we did not want to scare our indoor and outdoor cats, so we wanted a small dog. He can walk at a nice even pace. So you see, even with a small dog, and a bit of small, like 15 to 30 minute walks a day, it turns out you could possibly loose inches. I did step on our scale, but I do not trust it. It seems I am now 165 rather than 170lbs, but it had been a while since I weighted myself. I did however measure my waist the week before we adopted our dog and it was like 36 to 37 inches. I do trust my tape measure.

Oh and there is another health issue about this as per the same above mentioned health article: first point: Learn how to Relax, after the dog is all walked and played out, petting him is as relaxing as petting our kitties, which we still get to do. Watching a happy dog at play is relaxing, and fun too!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

20% Off quality Plus Size Women’s Clothing

Silhouettes and Kiyonna have three 20% off deals between them on their quality women’s clothing. Silhouettes’ 20% of 3 code is what you’ll find in this page’s right column. Their 20% off orders of $100 code in at the top of our Plus Size Women’s Clothing page. While, just for this holiday weekend, 9/5 to 9/7/09, you can save at Labor Day Weekend Shop 20% Off Orders $150 or more and Free Ground Domestic Shipping with the Coupon Code: NOTUS!!!

This Denim Curvy Pencil Skirt is from Kiyonna’s new arrivals. It has a bit of spandex, but is mostly cotton and polyester and comes in sizes up to 32W

Kiyonna has a wide selection plus size dresses, blouses and nice suit separates too. Unfortunately, their offer does not include Jewerly, Spanx or their Premium Denim. Their Flaunt Cocktail Dress below comes in black, red and navy and gets excellent reviews for its sexy appearance on the women who wear it.

Enjoy this weekend, and its savings of figure flattering clothing for us full figure women!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Full Figure Bras and Sleepwear finds in Bare Necessities Outlet

Bare Necessities’ Clearance is a great place to find great prices on, usually discontinued color plus size and large cup bras. Now they have an Outlet, were savings start at 40% off!
I have checked this out a bit lately and find, if your size is available in what you want, act fast! In that way this is just like the above mentioned bras in clearance.
Here are two exceptions:
This Panache convertible push up plunge bra is still available in many sizes up to 38G, at 43% off!

Glamorises’ soft cup lightly lined plus size bra below. It is now just $17, half price, available in cafĂ© and white colors, and in a multitude of sizes: 38 to 56A and B

More typical is the Fantasie bra I had meant to post above, but by the time I got around to it, it was down to 2, neither full figure, nor large cup sizes. A lot of bras there are only avaialble in one size, so shopping by your bra size is the fastest way to shop this section.

Sleepwear on sale!
Did you know Betsy Johnson makes plus size sleep wear? I did not, until I checked out Bare Necessities Outlet. So far I see her sleepwear comes in sizes up to 2XL. Betsy Johnson size 1XL = US Size 14 – 16, size 2XL = US size 18 – 20. This beautiful sheer chiffon baby doll, which comes with matching G-string, is still available in both sizes at 50% off!

If you click on its picture, in Bare Necessities’ right column at this baby doll’s description, is another Betsy Johnson sheer chiffon plus size baby doll, at 30% off, in a dark richly colored black and purple floral.
You will also find this Oscar de la Renta short, robe, finished with shimmery stretch satin and ruffled chiffon. This short robe is designed to fit full figure women, and comes in sizes 1 to 3XL, and it is now 50% off!

Now I am not going to waste any more time looking to see what else is on sale in full figure sizes, while stock disappears.

You can shop by bra size, style department, and brand at Bare Necessities’ Outlet. I will post a link in the right column here, under their clearance link. They are both worth checking out often for great savings sake!