Monday, February 20, 2006

Need a strapless plus size or full busted bra for your prom or wedding gown? Or summer dresses and shirts?

Recently I’ve found several full figure and plus size bras and bustiers to wear with strapless and near strapless styles. If your planning your wedding or prom, or need evening wear these bras and bustiers will broaden your possible choices. Then you can wear more styles of summer dresses and blouses too! Why shouldn’t wearing these styles be a breeze for us full figure women!

I was looking into which bra you could wear this beautiful Calito evening gown with. It has an extremely deep cut back. When I found this beautiful bustier/bra. It’s by Ballet, who makes nice full figure and full busted bras. I’ll have to look into them further! Anyway this one is available in sizes up to 40F. And it’s so beautiful, feminine, but with clean sleek lines, not too frilly. Pretty enough to wear under your wedding gown, and / or as bridal lingerie for your honeymoon.

Or for daily summer wear. Think of all those strapless and near strapless styles we pass on even trying. Because we never think to go with out bra straps! I think us full figure and full busted women should start trying these and feel cooler this summer! This Ballet bra, being a bustier, will also give us additional shaping too! And that’s just one of the strapless styles of bras I’ve found so far.

More on plus size and full bust strapless bras and bustiers later. I’ve found much more already and will write about them soon. One, well possibly two, I definitely plan to try myself!

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