Friday, June 27, 2014

Three DD to HH Demi Cup Full Figure Bras

If you need large cup size full figure bras here are a few beautiful demi cup bras that come in cup sizes up to HH! These lovely demi-cup bras at Bravissimo took me by surprise!

In fact they have a Tropic Exotic bras that come in cup sizes up to J too! These are too new for reviews…

Here is a look at the three they have in order of best reviews!

Totally 5 Star Buttercup Bras

While this bra style has only 3 reviews, they are all 5 Star! These, and the other 2 half-cup bras below, cost $54.50. This style is available in all sizes 28 to 38DD to HH size range.
The 3 reviewers wear sizes:
  • 40DD
  • 34HH
  • and 32HH

This sort of thing matters to me, because I am looking to see what women who wear the size, or near the size, I wear find good,
and not.

Does anyone else care about that sort of thing?

Demi Diva Bras

These half cup bras have a 4 star rating out of 11 reviews. These bras come in the same size range as the Buttercup style above, but are out of stock in some cup sizes in the 28 and 38 band sizes…

Women who reviewed these wore bras in the
  • 28DD and GG
  • 30HH
  • 32G and GG34F and G
  • 36HH sizes
so far.

Fanciful Bras

These pretty bras are only out of stock in a few of the cup sizes in band sizes 28, 36 and 38 of the same size range. (could be this is a workable large cup size range for demi-cup bras!?!?), at the same price. These also have a 4 star average out of 7 reviews!

Reviewers who gave their bra sizes wear:
  • 28F, FF
  • 30E
  • 32G 
  • and 34F

I am very interested in trying half cup bras made by Bravissimo, because they design bras for women in sizes up to L cup sizes.

I figure if anyone would be above to make good demi-bras in cup sizes up to HH, odds are great it would be them!
The fine reviews, especially of the Buttercup bras, make these look so encouraging!

My own experience, likely do to my limited budget, has been that HH to K cup bras come in Full or Balcony styles, and little else…(Oh Sob…).

So I am:
  • So Thrilled!
  • Surprised!
  • Yet still too broke to indulge… 

Hopefully soon I can afford to give you a personal review of at least one of them…
Just as hopefully, if you have one of these please comment on how you like these bra styles!


Monday, June 23, 2014

25% Off All Dresses at Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure has affordable plus size fashions in sizes 12 to 26! Currently they have a 25% off discount available on all their trendy dresses, none of which are over $50 at full price! They have party dresses; club wear, day dresses, Maxi dresses and plenty of them could be worn as evening gowns!

Use this Fashion To Figure to go to their home page, scroll down a bit to get this discount code!

Some Night Out Dresses

These are from their Night Out styles, but they also have cocktail and date night categories worth exploring!
If you are wearing all white, or black for that matter, you might enjoy Accessories by Desigual styles…I love their color saturation!
The bra friendly zip-front dress is just $34.50 and available in all sizes 1X to 3X!
Roxy Zip Front Dress
A covet-worthy dress, this must-have sports a sexy silhouette accented with an exposed ... [More]
Price: 34.50

This is one of their more colorful dress styles. This eye-catching dress is also just $34.50 and available in all sizes!
Dusk Prowler Dress
An eye-catching dress made of sleek stretch fabric, this savvy style features beautiful... [More]
Price: 34.50

They also have some chiffon, wrap, strapless, color block, peplum…a great many other dress styles, all reasonable at full price. Even nicer with their current dress discount!

Some Nearer to Club / Evening-wear styles

Not all their styles are bra friendly. They do have a good selection of mesh and lace dresses as well as some strapless dresses.

This mesh cut out dress is just $30.50 and available in all sizes too. It is also from their Night Out Dresses section.
Nightcap Mesh Cutout Dress
A sleek dress that exudes sex appeal, we love this fierce scuba dress for the ultimate ... [More]
Price: 30.50

I do not know why this Lace – Halter dress was not in their Night Out department…Maybe it just got in and they had not had a chance to place it?

This stunning dress is just $44.50 and also available in all sizes!
Rochelle Lace Halter Dress
A special occasion must-have, turn heads with this gorgeous black dress featuring allur... [More]
Price: 44.50

This is just a tiny sampling of their trendy plus size fashions we can easily afford at full price.
Let’s enjoy them now at 25% off with Fashion to Figure’s current 25% off discount!

I do not know how long this will last,
or if it is good for the dresses they have on sale at around $25…



Friday, June 20, 2014

Up to 50% Off Top Full Figure Bras

Bare Necessities is having an up to 50% off bras event including many bra styles by top brands like Playtex, Le Mystere, Elomi, Wacoal, Chantelle bras and more.

It also includes up to K cup size bras by Freya, Panache, Cleo by Panache and Curvy Kate. Actually up to cup sizes L, M and N in some bra styles!

You can go straight to this event using this Bare Necessities Power Brands Sale - Up to 50% Off Bras link! If you have a hard to find bra size, get to it and save soon!

Versions of Freya’s Award Winning Deco Plunge Bras on Sale

Freya’s Deco underwire molded plunge bras are still 10% off, ($54), at Her Room, you can use this Freya AA4234 Deco Underwire Molded Plunge Bra link to see it there. These bras are, once again, (2012) The Undies Award Winner for full figure plunge bras!

Click on this bra’s picture to find this Deco Plunge T-Shirt bra in this print and solid cobalt blue at 50% off, $32.99 and available in the 30 to 38C to GG size range at Bare Necessities’ current sale!  

They also have these Claret with dots Deco T-Shirt bras in the 30 to 38D to G size range at this sale at 30% Off, $45.99.

There are actually 3 versions of Deco Plunge Bras on sale, but their highly rated Freya Silver Deco-Charm Plunge Balcony Bra, on sale for $33.99, 50% off, are down to sizes 36D and DD

Some up to J to K Cup Size Bras on Sale

There are many up to H cup bras at this sale, but as usual, less in the J to K cup size range. 

Here are a few that got my attention at 25% to 30% off, 
which if you need larger cup size bras, you know, is still very nice! 

Curvy Kate’s Gia Balcony Bras, which have excellent reviews, on sale for $49.99 in the 32 to 40D to K size range!

Their Daisy Chain Plunge Bras are on sale for $45.99, at 31% off, in the 32 to 38DD to J size range!  

Panache’s Raphsody Balconette bras are on sale for $45.99 and available in the 28 to 42DD to K size range!

Freya’s Lacey Balcony bras, whose excellent review by Invest In Your Chest you can read here, in the 30 to 38HH to K size range are on sale for $51.99!

These are a very small sampling of the many,
and some very pretty,
bras we can find at excellent prices,
especially for J to K cup size bras,

at Bare Necessities’’ current up to

50% Off Top Bra Brands sale,
which I believe ends on June 23rd, so enjoy it soon!


Monday, June 16, 2014

30% Off Many Full Figure Bras and More

Today we can enjoy 30% off orders of select styles at Bare Necessities! Among those are Playtex and Bali bras, as well as Le Mystere, Spanx, Felina and many more great brands!

They have 406 plus size bras as well as shapewear, swimwear and more that we can get at this event that ends today!

Use their Shop Clearance Bra styles by your size banner and you will find this 30% Off event, and its Discount Code, across the top of their pages!

Enjoy it today!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

B2G2 Free Full Figure Bras

Now is the time to stock up on Bali, Playtex bras and other full figure bras for much less by taking advantage of Bare Necessities’ Buy 2 Bras & Get 2 Bras Free event!

They actually have a total of 22 bra styles at this event, 18 of which Bare Necessities considers plus size…Other brands included in this deal are Lilyette, Barely There and Maidenform,
some of which are also available at sale prices!

Maidenform’s Comfort Devotion Extra-Coverage T-Shirt Bras

This is the one Maidenform bra at this B2G2 Free bra event in their Plus Size section. These come in two sale colors, $26.99, and black, latte and violet, $40, in the 34 to 40B to DD size range.

Of the 8 reviews these bras have at Bare Necessities, 4 of them are from women who say they have a Curvy body type and all give this style 5 stars!
One even says this is her favorite bra style
and another forgets she has hers on!

Nice way to stock up on, or try these, and the other bras at this event, which ends soon…



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

30% Off Full Figure Bras and More TODAY

Take advantage of Figleaves Today Only 30% off Discount! Figleaves has an excellent selection of full figure bras, Elomi, Panache, Curvy Kate, Goddess bras and so much more!

Today Only we can find their 30% Off Everything code at the top of their pages! They also have some DD+ fashions in sizes up to 14 / 16 and 18!

$13 and $18 DD+, up to size 14 Tops

This D to E cup halter top is on sale for $12.60 and gives us moulded cups in a shelf bra bust support!
 Padded Support Halter Neck Camisole 
These are down to sizes 12 and 14. 

This D to E twist-front knot tee also offers the same integral bust support and is on sale for $18, available in sizes 10 to 14!
 Rose DD+ Padded Support Knot Front Tee

Up to size 18 Wrap Front Tops

The other two tops above are sale styles.

This one comes in black as well in sizes 8 to 18 and is $50 full price.

Using today’s discount would be way to try this and other Midnight Grace by Figleaves DD+ styles.
 Peony Sleevless Wrap Front Top
These DD+ fashions also include dresses and they do have other sale styles too!

Enjoy Figleaves Today only discount and save on great intimates and more!


Saturday, June 07, 2014

Get 10% Off Award Winning Full Figure Bras

Her Room It's Undie Awards time at Her Room! They have a Curvy Girls Winners, which includes full figure bras, (like: Best Full Figure Bra Elomi’s Caitlyn up to 42K and 46HH!), as well as Curvy Girls Favorite T-Shirt, Strapless, Sports, Multi-Part Cup, Minimizer, Plunge bras and briefs, sleepwear and swimwear.

Right now we can enjoy these award winning full figure intimate styles at 10% Off at Her Room!

Seeing as how I have written just about all I can already about Elomi’s Award Winning Caitlyn Bras, and Best Full Figure Plunge Bras: Freya’s Deco Bras. Here is a look at

Elomi’s Favorite Plus Size Strapless Bras

Click on the Elomi Strapless bra’s picture to find them for $62.10, with this discount in black and nude in sizes 36 to 42DD to GG, 44DD to G, 46DD and E and 48DD!  
These bras come with removable, convertible straps, and Her Room warns us the cups run a bit shallow. So if you are between cup size, consider going up one.

Chantelle’s Favorite Multi-Part Cup Bras

These beautiful bras have a 4.5 star rating out of their current 244 reviews!

They are available in milk, cappuccino and black, (normally for $88 when full price), and are on sale in a capri blue color for $59.95!

Click on the picture of these lovely, 3-part cup Award Winning lace bras are now on sale for $79.20 and available in three other colors in sizes 32 to 44C to H at Her Room!

Her Room tells us the lace on these bras is soft, not itchy! Also they say the cups are lined for added support!
You might have seen these Chantelle bras in the 4/2010 Redbook magazine. If these are the Chantelle bras I am thinking they are; They have been around a while and often come out in new fashion colors!

Wacoal’s Award Winning Full Figure T-Shirt Bras

Wacoal’s Basic Beauty Contour Spacer Bras are now just $49.50 with this Award Discount! Clicking on this bra style’s picture will take you right to them at Her Room wher you will find them in nude, praline and black in sizes 32 to 36C to G, 38C to DDD and 40C to DD.

A Spacer bra is one made with breathable Spacer foam, for shape and support, without bulk!

These are just a few of the Undies Award Winners we can enjoy at 10% off now at Her Room! I do not know how long Her Room is running this discount...


Thursday, June 05, 2014

Very Affordable Trendy Plus Size Fashions

I have been scoping out Ami Clubwear's Plus Size department and am finding full figure club wear and fashions that is SO INEXPENSIVE!

Using this banner today we can find a 40% Off New and Clearance Code! Once there, mouse over “Clothing” in their horizontal menu, look to the lower right to find Plus Size!
Amiclubwear Logo 
While I normally favor Kiyonna, Igigi and am looking into SWAK, I cannot really afford much of their styles. Which is why…

Some Ami Clubwear Fashions starting at $13

The following are some pictures of the styles I like at AmiClubwear so far. Both style-wise and price-wise, this 1st style is most typical of the form-fitting, trendy dresses in their Plus Size department now!

This bra friendly, yet sexy two-tone dress is down to size 3X and $21.99, before using the above-mentioned discount!

This charcoal, racer-back, trendy vest is also available in black, (just size 1X), for just $12.99, but down to sizes 1X and 2X.
This is just a picture.

A similarly beautifully draping SWAK style, which if you click on it, you will find in sizes 1X to 6X, also available in black, for $39.90.
 Harper Vest 
As a shy woman, and a lover of vests, I love them both. AmiClubwear is more affordable though.

This is a picture of their black and white chevron print outfit is available in all sizes 1X to 3X for $40.99.
This is also available, same sizes and price, in the same style black on red print version.

Ami Club Wear has many:
  • Mesh cut out
  • Cut Out without mesh
  • One Shoulder
  • Strapless
  • Lace
  • Color-block
  • Tank
  • Maxi
Dresses in their Plus Size department.

They have more than dresses too.

I was not kidding about the price.

Most of their plus size dresses are in the $20, give or take a few bucks price range and tend to be form fitting.

The styles that I, (being a shy woman, pretty much), have shown above, are a few of their loose fit styles they have as well.



Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Flowing, Draping Trendy Plus Size Clothing

I quite often post about Kiyonna and other form fitting full figure fashion trends here. Lately I noticed the Sealed With A Kiss seems to cover more fluid, draping tops, dresses, skirts and dresses.

SWAK also has some form skimming styles too, and legging. They also have this nice offer: We provide FREE Standard Shipping on ALL orders that total up to $40 or more, worldwide. Visit No coupon needed.

Some 2014 SWAK Fashions

This video, and they have plenty, shows some of their styles for this year!

They have many videos but I choose this one for its new styles.
If you’d like to check out more, use this Sealed with a Kiss Designs link, or the Free Shipping link at the top of this post.

I think it is great to have choices in our wardrobes:
  • form-fitting, (or waist accentuating!), & draping
  • more polished & less serious
  • sensuous & or fun 
styles to choose from.

To me, SWAK full figure fashions usually have some of the more interesting and creative, perhaps nearer to boho chic than say Kiyonna, tops, skirts and dresses.

Or is that just me?

SWAK is similar to Kiyonna pricewise. So this offer pretty much means equates to free shipping, when you purchase one or two items, unless some of them are sale styles.