Saturday, March 25, 2006

2 stay cool warm weather outfits for us full figure women

How about this dress which would be cool, scoop up a breeze sometimes and is made for big beautiful women in sizes 12 to 26

with these stylish shoes, or a similar sleek version.

either of which would go with this dress, which at the moment you can see here

Which has a lined skirt, but if you need bust support, and your top might show have a bit of show through. This bra is pretty convertible full bust support! Which comes in which comes in sizes 30D to 42E, in a neutral bamboo color, which would go nicely with the second dress I mentioned earlier.

Ok so that’s 2 outfits, Guess I’m still thinking about the warm weather to come. I usually dread it and want to be more ready for it than I usually am.

Just incase you do too, it’s a thought.

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