Monday, September 11, 2006

The joys of a no-bulk down vest!

Found this beautiful down vest by Junonia. Currently, till Sept. 25th, you can get it for $19 off!! They have plenty of other nice outerwear styles on sale now too. Including ski wear, in their outerwear section.

It reminded me of my old vest. I used to wear it for cross country skiing and hiking. Also, because I:

had a old 66 Plymouth
lived in the land of alternate side of the street parking
got tired of sewing the sleeves back on my winter coat.

My old car had what I called hand over fist steering. I believe it was called a “worm gear” steering box.

I got a duck down vest, on sale in the spring! Took to wearing it with an old oiled wool sweater underneath for my winter coat. Worked great till a kind friend of mine “washed” my oiled wool sweater. Sorry I didn’t keep it. I did not know back then I’d have a toddler some day... oh well.

Any way, this Juno one is much better. Well it’s prettier. Faux fur trim on it’s high collar, arm holes and hem. It’s got a zip chest pocket. My old one didn’t.

The other thing mine did not have was the length. This Juno one has length and side vents. So you have ease of movement and a warm lower back!

And it comes in sizes 18W to 32W. My old one was a size XS. What a surprise, in the time of the desk job pays more, I gained weight. Bet that’s one main reason why we do. Hey that’s why your parents wanted you to go to college. That’s why you want your kids to do the same. So why do full figured women and heavy men get treated poorly in this society??

Sorry. Got a bit side tracked there. Anyway now we know where to get the non-bulk vest.

Do any of you ladies out there know where I can get on oiled wool sweater in like a size 2X?

With an oiled wool, repels water, sweater
a down vest
and a woven shirt under it all
you’ll have the best warmth, ease of movement, and wind resistance I’ve ever know!

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