Thursday, May 08, 2008

JoJo you’re welcome! I’m Finding out more about these fashions my self lately!

Not long ago I had to return to the business casual world. After having got away with wearing leggings while working at home and jeans or shorts and a t-shirt when out.

With the help of input from some of my blog readers such as Anonymous’ reply
to my blog of March 6th this year I got cued in to the advantages of sweaters and skirts. This helped me a lot. But I clung to my love of a suit jacket; this is one thing I learned lately. Buying sweaters and other knits from Silhouettes is fine, for me. But unless you need lots of room in the back, I strongly suggest against Silhouettes for jackets and vest. Unless you like the boxy look, or have time to shape it your self.

Here is one of there current money saving deals combine it with the Buyer club, See bottom right of their pages, for GREAT Savings

20% off orders of 4 or more items

I kept the two washed linen vests and returned the 2 stretch twill jackets I purchased from them. That was largely because the armholes and sleeves were very wide. I exchanged them for their notched collar jacket, which was in their outlet store but is out of stock at the moment all over apparently. It has reasonably sized sleeves but still the way to big back. The fabric was fantastically soft and lovely. The collarless version of that jacket is available in some sizes and colors in their outlet store for just $19! Likely have lots of room in the back but if you need or like that, like I said the fabric is just sooo nice!

Collarless Jacket

Currently there is a box of sweaters and tunics I purchased from them on sale last week on the dinning room table. Not only on sale, but with my buyer’s club discount and their current discount, I enjoyed over $35 off my whole purchase. I know that dressing for work will be a snap starting tomorrow. Because I have worn their tunics for years and they will fit and flatter with comfort and easy!

So my recent lesson is: need or like roomy back tops and Jackets, Silhouettes full figure fashions are for you.
Like beautifully draping sweaters, and tunics? You’ll find these at Silhouettes too. They also have nice standard leggings, in long or Capri size. I’ve been wearing these for years too. They actually last for years with little sign of wear. And are so comfy I wear them near daily.

The best savings at Silhouettes are with their buyers club discount taking advantage of the current off of your choice when you favorites go on sale. You can usually find a small variety of their sale offers on the home, suits and dresses pages of my Plus Size Women’s Clothing website.