Monday, January 28, 2013

40% Off + Free Shipping on Le Mystere, Bali, and other Bras

Currently, until 2/4/13, Bare Necessities is running a 20% off Le Mystere bra sale. Also, until 1/30/13, their 20% off America’s Favorite Bras; Playtex, Vanity Fair, Maidenform, Lilyette, Barely There, Warners, Olga and Bali bras are also on sale!

All of the above brands also qualify their current Enjoy 20% Off and Free Shipping at with code FEBSAVE. Ends 02.25.13. discount. Also included are Curvy Kate, Parisa Fe and other makers of full figure intimates!

So if you like bras by Le Mystere, or any of the above-mentioned American Favorite bra brands, you can enjoy many of their styles at 40% off with Free Shipping!

Use this link to find out what else is on sale that you can also apply Bare Necessities discount above, (& it will be in the right column here too, whenever it is available), to.
You will find the word Exclusions or Details, usually on the right, of discount banners at Bare Necessities. There you will learn which brands are excluded from their current deals.

I find getting bras and other intimates on sale, combined with a discount is the next best thing, price wise, to buying bras New, with Tags at eBay stores!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

B1G1 at 50% Off Jeans with Extra Discount

This week you will find Woman Within’s B1G1 at 50% Jeans sale and at the same time One Stop Plus has a $10 off orders of $75, $15 off $100 and $20 off orders of $125 discount code available. You will find that discount code on OSP’s home page along with Woman Within’s jeans deal, with many sale styles!

Use this One Stop Plus link, note the tiered discount code in the horizontal grey stripe on their home page, and enjoy this, and other sales there with this additional discount!

Here are a couple of the many denim jeans included in this B1G1 at 50% off Jeans Deal.

These skinny tapered leg stretch denim 5 pocket jeans are among the top rated styles. They come in 17 colors, (including regular blue jean colors), in sizes 12W to 38W and has a 4.5 star average out of 340 reviews!

This style comes in some blue jeans shades, black, white, and a variety of colors such as fresh strawberry, Bali red, banana, pastel peach, violet, river blue, royal teal, meadow green, French roast, purple passion and grey denim. These jeans are on sale at $30 to $40 as well as part of this discount.

These two pocket boot cut stretch jeans are also among the top rated, with a 4.5 star rating out of 1479 reviews. They come in 10 colors in sizes 12W to 34W and are also on sale, for $30 to $35 and part of the B1G1 1/2 off deal.

This style has a simple elastic waist band and their colors are chocolate brown, white, black, khaki, a variety of blue jean shades.

Not all, but many of the styles in Woman Within's B1G1 at 50% off are also on sale too. You can use the One Stop Plus discount code on them because Woman Within is one of OSP's stores!

You will also find denim skirts, shorts, capri, palazzo in all manner of leg cuts and waist band styles at this Jeans sale.

Remember to go to One Stop Plus 1st and get the discount code to save the most when shopping this event!


Friday, January 18, 2013

 In Accessories I am finding pleasantly affordable San Diego Hats and Echo scarfs, and nice touches by various makers of Jewelry, pins, earrings and the like in the $50 range!

If they ever have a discount we can apply to regularly priced handbags and cosmetics, I will post it here right away and take advantage of it directly afterwards!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Something Special, Something Cheap, Lingerie Sale

Under $25 Corsets, Garter Dresses, Chemise and more at Hips and Curves Semi-Annual, up to 70% off, Sale ends Saturday.

If you click on the Hips and Curves Sale banner at the top of our Lingerie page today you will find 6 pages of sale styles where I am finding the above mentioned, as well as open cup bras, panty and thong styles and so much more!

Do corsets ever come cheaper than this? This style appears to be available in all sizes 1X to 4X, for $24.95!

 plus size corset sizes 1X to 4X at Hips & Curves

The ruffle garter dress, could also be fun, is also $24.95, and available in sizes 1X to 3X.

Ruffle Garter Dress

Perhaps these styles just went on sale because size availability seems excellent. However, Hips and Curves Semi-Annual sale does end tomorrow, so enjoy it while it’s on!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

25% Off Wacoal Full Figure Bras

Bare Necessities is giving us an unusual opportunity to stock up on, or try, Wacoal’s great bras because discounts on them are extremely rare! They have 10 select bra styles, (and one panty), in their Bare Plus section at 25% off.

Some are 25% off on the actual bra style and some are select colors, such as their Retro – Chic bras are at this discount in their purple ‘nightshade’ color. Their Body Suede bras are on sale in black and ivory colors.

However Wacoal’s pretty Spot On bras have excellent reviews and are 25% off, $46.50, in all three colors, in sizes (but use this Wacoal 855185 Spot On Underwire Bra to find them for $38 at Her Room, same colors, most of the same sizes!)


Their new Pure Couture bras are 25% off, (Not on sale at Her Room), in both their iron grey, magenta and nude colors, get great ratings and are available in sizes 32C to G, 34C to DD and 36 to 40D to DDD!


You can use their 25% Off Wacoal at Ends 01.14.13.  link to go straight to this event!

Wacoal bras are known to have generous cup sizing and you can expect quality fabrics, design and construction from their bra and panty styles.

They are rarely available at discounts, so enjoy this one while its on!


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Full Figure & Large Cup Size Bras starting at $23

Plus many more intimate styles at Figleaves Final Clearance

Actually they have an all-cotton, wireless bra, (with nothing but 5 star reviews!), for just $21 and available in sizes 34 to 44B to DD, Wacoal’s La Femme full figure bras for in nude for $17, in size 40G and the black for just $23 in sizes 36 and 38G and 40 and 42D to DDD!

This favorite Panache bras in this violet color, (and some other colors, but with sizes available), is just $26.25 and available in sizes 28 to 34D to K, 38 and in many sizes from 40JJ, 42DD to J and 44DD to FF!

This is just a picture of this style but you can take this Figleaves link, you will see the sale, go to Womens, select Full Figure from the Style menu in their left column. I had their pull down menu, just above the sale styles, Sort by Low to High price and found the bra styles starting just below a few pretty panty styles!

In fact, I found 98 full figure styles using the above mentioned search from that link above. Rather than waste time, while more sizes go out of stock at this sale, showing you more neat and cheap bras and lingerie, I am posting this now.

As usual, for the maximum quantity of your size,(s) at these excellent prices, I recommend shopping by your bra size! Enjoy the savings while these great prices last!

Monday, January 07, 2013

On Sale + an Extra 20% Off + Free Shipping Full Figure Bras

And more!

Currently Bare Necessities has a discount and free shipping code, currently in the column to your right. Sadly, their usual exclusions, such as Chantelle, Fantasie, Elomi and the like apply.

Not Excluded are their Le Mystere Curvy Kate, most of their Top 12 Bras of All Time, Bali bras and the like, panties and other intimates to name just a few!

Now if you use this 20% Off Bras at Ends 01.10.13. link and select Bras, from the numerous departments of sale items it actually leads you to, in Bare Necessities’ left column menu, you will find 126 bra styles, with 67 DD+ styles!

This Curvy Kate bra has three 5 star reviews from curvy women at Bare Necessities and is already on sale, in all 3 of its colors, for $50, with the above-mentioned discount you can get it with an extra 20% off with free shipping. They still have this bra style in sizes 32D to J, 34D to K, 36DD to K, 38D to J, 40DD to JJ, 42E to FF and 44D to G!
This is just a picture of this style, but you can find it in Bare Necessities’ Bare Plus section.

This is a picture of the back of Le Mystere’s Smooth Operator Back Smoothing Underwire Bra, which, while not on sale, could handle certain back strap problems some of us have! These, like all Le Mystere bras, are eligible for the 20% off with Free Shipping deal too. These bras come in natural and black in sizes 34 to 44C to G.

The matching, lace waist band, panty this style is shown with also happens to be part of a 3 for $36 deal too, and very pretty!

These are just some of the styles you can enjoy on sale + the additional discount + free shipping or just with the discount and free shipping!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

I mentioned Handbags

1st I’d like to mention some great looks we all might enjoy in the Good bye 2012 post at Diary of a Chic Mom. Her outfits are shown down the page a bit. I notice she favored large clutches a bit in 2012, as well as other hand bags, and I have been on the lookout for one myself…

I found what I would like at Bloomingdale's: This Coach Legacy 11.25 X 6.75 X 2.25 inch leather clutch. Sadly it is $168.

This is just a picture of it. You can find this browsing Coach under Handbags at Bloomingdale.

As I save on bras this way, I checked out eBay stores and the same Coach Clutch, New with Tags at eBay stores is $159.99, in Buy it Now, rather than bid, prices!

If you like the style, but in black, it is on sale at Bloomy's for $126.40, at their Save 25-65% on a great selection of merchandise at! Offer valid 1.3.13 through 1.15.13!

I like the black style and $100 or so is practical for me and hand bags, only because I do not change them often. This is also why black is practical, for me. Ever see a pale colored purse after years of daily wear? Just one problem, I am really tired of black.

I should take a lesson from the above-mentioned Chic Mom and change mine with each outfit. I guess this too could be a bit too pricey for me though…

Anyway, Bloomingdale's has lots of more colorful styles, but if $168 is too much for me, so are much of their colorful hand bags I have seen so far… has a good selection of clutches and leather ones are not too expensive there either! I believe I will check them out for a while! Many in the $100 to $120 range! Naturally this one, in Boudreaux color, is apparently only left in black…

 Hobo Maxine (Women's) - Black

Actually even Bordeaux

This is just a picture of it,

is a bit darker than I want for all year…and I want at least a trust worthy wrist strap too.

Any suggestions?

30% Off already inexpensive Full Figure Bras

Leonisa has full figure bras in sizes 34 and 36A to DD, 38 and 40B to DD and 42C and D. Their highly rated bras are $15 to $40 dollars at full price and most are in the $24 to $35 range.

Today you can take advantage of their ONE DAY ONLY - Buy 1 Get 1 30% OFF on all Bras at Leonisa! User promo code: THURSDAYOFFER. Offer valid 1/3/12. Shop now! to try their styles!

Their top styles are back support bras, but this pretty bra below in among their bestselling bras too. It is just $15 to $24 at full price. This style comes in 5 colors in sizes up to 34 to 42D!

Leonisa is better known for their Fajas and other shapewear styles. This is a great time to also take advantage of their Semiannual Sale - Shop Lingerie & Shapewear and get an additional 30% OFF already reduced sale products, plus Free Shipping from Leonisa! Use promo code: EXTRASALE2013 Offer valid 12/26/12-01/31/13. Shop Now! too!

Remember the B1G1 at 30% bra offer is just good for today!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year and 40% Off and Sales at Jessica London

Happy New Year All! I am not making resolutions but am looking forward to a good year and intend to have more fun with fashion and styles in general this year.

I am looking for just the right hand bag, so do not be surprised if you see purses and the like featured here for a while. I find I am looking forward to, among other things, Drew Barrymore’s Flowers cosmetic line coming to a Wal-Mart near me. I usually do not frequent Wal-Mart, but she says these cosmetics are made in the same labs as high end ones, (that part was mentioned in the January 2013 issue of Allure), but not as pricey! I am all for that!

Jessica London On Sale with a Discount

Use this Take 40% off your highest priced item when you purchase 2 or more items + FREE Returns (new Customer only) link and you can use this discount on her fashions and accessories! Many of these styles are on sale.

 I like Jessica London suit separates and if you like the bright and pastel colored suits trend here are a few of her styles that are on sale, getting good ratings and you can enjoy at easier with this additional 40% off discount above!

This turquoise linen blend capri set has excellent ratings, comes in pink, raspberry, lime, white and black and is on sale now for $50 to $60 and comes in sizes 12 to 28!


I have seen this trend worn with silver jewelry and pale colored shoes and the like. It is a beautiful style and you the accessories are easy to find, if you do not have them already!

This rayon blend suit jacket comes in three colors in its Petite sizes, (12P to 24P), and nine colors in sizes 12 to 32. These blazers get great ratings, are on sale at $50 to $70 and are part of an Buy 2 or more and get $5 off each deal at Jessica London!


Matching pants are available for this style above and are part of the same buy 2 or more and get $5 off each offer.

While there are plenty of great fashions at Jessica London to use the above 40% off discount on, if you want to easy dressing, with versatile jackets, tunics and slacks, (the rayon suit separates just happen to be machine washable!),…The above styles would make spring dressing a breeze for many women!

Oh yeah, and they are having a $50 Off coat sale at the moment too!