Friday, December 30, 2005

Fredericks Signature embroidered lace full figure bra and panties on sale now!

Some days ago I mentioned that wonderful Sales Fredericks of Hollywood is having on their plus size corsets. Later I noticed that their Signature embroidered lace plus size bras, panties, panty/thongs and black garters in the same line, are also on sale!

They have a lot of great full figure lingerie on sale now. If you go to their Bra section of their left menu and then to Full Figure, the 1st item you’ll see is a really sweetly sexy bra and boy leg panty set for only $14.99! The panty has a little pocket on the side front, not much info given about them, but they look great! The bra is a ruched point d’esprit mesh with stretch lace and a bow trim. It has adjustable, wide, yet pretty, straps. This lingerie set comes in pink or black, in bra sizes 38C to 44D.

Just a few small examples of the really seductive and lovely styles of full figure lingerie you’ll find right now at Frederick's Semi-Annual Sale

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Planning on exercising more next year? Champion and Glamorise sports bras are on sale right now!

While the Champion bras on sale now are not specifically full figure sports bras, you’ll find that some of the ones on sale now at
go up to 42DD! For only $19.99, for some unknown limited time…

Cheaper than their excellent Champion plus bras, one of which goes up to 46DD! If you need a larger size sports bra and prefer wireless bras, Glamorise has a beauty that goes up to 50I.
That Glamorise bra, their Magic Lift Plus Active Support Bra, is on sale now at
for $18.50!!

But if you need sports bras up to 42DD, $19.99 is a great price for Champion’s quality women’s sports wear! See
Real soon!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Women’s plus size suit jackets and pants on sale!

Right now Avenue’s online store has these satin trimmed suit jackets and pants on sale. The terrific thing about these suits separates is:

  • They come in sizes 14W to 26W
  • They are figure flattering
  • The satin trim is subtle enough so that you can wear a suit like this as business wear
    Or for a special occasions
  • Or a night out with your lover, say wearing yesterday’s mentioned Renaissance Corset, also on sale, rather than a blouse.

The nice thing about plus size suit shopping at Avenue’s online store is that, although they sell their suits as separates, they show whole outfits, if you want to view it them that way.

This makes it easy to remember what’s already in your wardrobe that might go with any of these suit pieces! Pretty nice of them right?!

Right now they have many other items on sale for as much as 50% off and are having their semi-annual bras, panties and shapewear sale too! You'll find a link to their sales here, looking to your right.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Fredericks of Hollywood’s plus size corsets on sale now!

Like their uniquely boned Renaissance corset, on sale right now at $10 off!! These come in sizes up to 3X, in black red and white. Right now almost all their plus size corsets are on sale for $10 off normal price. Such as their best selling corset, the Dream Corset, an elegant satin and appliqu├ęd lace one, which comes in 7n colors in sizes up to 44! Their lace inset is only $8 off…a bra sized corset which goes up to 44D.

With Valentines Day not far off, I expect we will see more lingerie sales to come!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Great looking waterproof Rockport women’s wide shoes and very slip resistant boots

This winter keep your feet warm, dry and looking great in wide Rockport shoes. Their Tartan. shoe is a modern looking 2 ½ inch wedge heeled loafer. And it’s a comfort shoe! Great for business wear. Or to dress up your casual look. Easy to clean and maintain. Just the work shoe to count on for wet winter and spring days.

But before spring we have the cold and icy winter days. You can wear wide Rockport mid calf boots that have a very slip resistant sole! Their Stage Point boot has a gummy sole. One of their very happy current owners and I, having experience with a gummy sole boot on ice, find great for icy winter traction! These are beautiful 1 ¼ inched heeled, comfy boots too.

You’ll find Rockport women’s wide shoes and boots are durable and easy to maintain. Always stylish and worth the price. Slightly cheaper at ShoeBuy’s online store, more customer reviews available and sometimes more colors at Zappos. You’ll find direct links to both stores here!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Breathable control brief with unique derriere design

Juno’s online store now has a new control brief I’d love to try, but it would be pointless. I know their panties run true to size, because I tried one. I can’t try these because my hip size is 2 sizes smaller than my waist. So this shaping panty, if I ordered it using my waist size, would hand like a skirt around my hips.

I’d miss out the whole new derriere designs features. It might even compromise the way the tummy panel should work. I have to resign myself to hosiery style shapewear. I can’t complain. Spanx makes comfy ones!

But if your waist and hips are in the same size range, you might want to check out their new control panty. I know I would if I could really do so.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Want something really special in a women’s wide width dress sandal?

Looking for a dressy party sandal you can dance all night in? You can wear through out the year for more special occasions. And you can wear any day in the summer?

Check out this Mephisto dress sandal! It comes in women’s wide widths in 7 festive colors! It gets exceptionally high ratings from it’s wearers for comfort and looks!

It may be a bit pricey, but remember, your feet are what you stand, dance and walk on! As long as your feet are done growing, like Birkenstocks, it may well be worth the price!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Holiday gifts under $35 and wide Rockport women’s waterproof winter boots in 5 colors

Shoe Buy’s online store has holiday gifts for all! And they have the above mentioned boots, these would also be wide calf boots. Mid calf height, with a slightly squared toe, and 2 ½ inch wedge heels. These are Rockport’s ‘Idris’ boots, while you are checking out
Shoebuy's 2005 Holiday Gift Guide, which you’ll find from the ShoeBuy link at the top right side of this page,

Pop ‘Rockport Idris’ into their search engine. These boots get rave reviews from people who brought them from Zappos online store, where they are a good deal pricier than at ShoeBuy’s online store. That is unusual; they are normally just a tad pricier.

Not just holiday gifts, but Rockport quality, wide width women’s wide calf boots, as a very good price = warm dry feet this winter!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Smoothing shapwear slip by Spanx, for daily wear or between formal wear and more formidable foundations for special occasions, and gift possibilities

I don’t know about you, but I always have some bra and panty bulges. This Spanx hide and sleek full slip would smooth them out. And it should add extra warmth.

For normal, daily wear this would be a comfy, smoothing layer between your bra and panties and your dress. Especially knits, fitted or even sheer dresses.

If you have read Wendy Shanker’s book, ‘The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life’, you may recall, while considering formal wear for up coming parties and events, what she says, (page 224), about dressing to attend the Oscars. Actually she was dressed by someone else. He layered foundation and shapewear till all the bulges were smoothed out. The total effect, while not allowing things like urinating or bending, did result in VA-va-voom, Morticia Addams very sexy silhouette! Depending on how much you value appearance over comfort, this kind of dressing could be ok for very special occasions. This Spanx smoothing slip could be the top layer of such a thing.

It’s a pretty good book. Thinking of books, right now, in a holiday sale way. I got this in an email this morning:

10% off Amazon on over 900,000 Books! New BEST-SELLERS from Michael Jordan, Patricia Cornwell, Al Franken and much more!.

Because I have gotten to read parts of books at Amazon before, I popped ‘The Fat Girls Guide to Life’ in the search box to your right. That is, by the way, at least one place you can get that above mentioned 10% off from them.

Found you can get this book in hardcover or paperback, not pricey. Tired to find a way into it to read some of the pages, like perhaps you can get to page 224, so you can read that yourself if you wanted to, directly from here.

Couldn’t find a way in from the books description, but I did run into a book called
‘Don’t Try This at Home: Kitchen Disasters and Memorable Mishaps for the Worlds Greatest Cooks and Chefs’
Could not find a way to read a bit of this either, but it sure seems both interesting and reassuring!

It may be party season and special event time for some, but for me, fall and winter is cooking season!

Oh yeah, also in this AM’s email that let me know about getting 10% off Amazon books, using the’s search box to your right, they mentioned a lot of other sale and rebate prices on electronics, which is how I normally think of…..
Here’s a few, in case you are still in the market for gifts, they have pretty good buys! And the handy search box to your right!

The Best of 2005 Music! The BIGGEST ACTS of 2005 and we have them all, including both albums released by Green Day this year, American Idiot and Bullet In a Bible!.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Free Shipping in TOYS on orders of $49 or more!.

Free Shipping AND $5 off $50 Purchase or more in Bags! Offer expires 12/31/05. Some restrictions apply. See site for details

$10 off Fox TV DVDs - New seasons of 24, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Arrested Development & more with purchase of two qualifying titles. Offer valid: 12/7/05 thru 12/20/05

These are just some gift ideas for you as the holidays approach!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Plus size evening dresses and other dresses for under $50! And full figure / full busted bikini tops for big beautiful women!

If you want a good buy on plus size evening dresses, cocktail dresses and summer dresses, check out Torrid’s online store. They are in their normal ‘Dresses’ section. You’ll find a link to Torrid at the top right corner of this page.

And now that we are nearer to winter than summer, there is new swim wear for full figure and full busted women! Must be for our winter vacations! If you are both full busted and full figured, and want extra support under your swim suit, or want to wear a bikini top and need sizes 38/40 - C/D to 46/48 – E/F, check out Juno’s new under wire support bikini tops. Read about them here!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Find Christmas and Hanukah gifts for $20 and under

There is still time left! If you go to Figleaves online store, link at top right of this page, It will take you directly to their holiday gift page. At the bottom right of that page is a link to their holiday shipping deadlines. From the gift page it self you’ll find you can shop for gifts by recipient and if you look further down you’ll find you can gift shop by price range.

At the top center of this page you’ll notice they offer free shipping and returns. That’s not just a holiday special. At Figleaves, that is standard!

Among the gifts you’ll find there for $25 and under are camisoles, ladies boxer shorts, tank tops, briefs, sleep masks, regular and marabou slippers and Cuddle Duds long john and long sleeve under pants and shirts, which come in extra large!

For all manner of non-apparel related gifts for $20 or under, look down the right hand of this blog you are reading, type ‘Gifts for $20 or under’, or cut and paste it into the’s search box. You’ll find, at the moment toys, computers, electronics, sports, bags, videos and DVDs, music, books and music downloads. OK, you won’t find a computer for $20 or under, but you’ll find accessories for them there.

Now back to apparel related gifts! If you go to at Bare Necessities’ online store, by using the ‘12 thongs of Christmas’ banner you’ll find at the top right of this page, you’ll see listed ‘Gifts $30 or under’. There you’ll find a good many gifts for $20 or under, such as a Felina garter belt, which is functional, adjustable and sexy. It comes in sizes up to extra large, perhaps for yourself? Also many lovely hipsters. Really neat and comfy looking slipper socks, an excellent gift for anyone reluctant to turn up the heat this winter! And of course you’ll find pricier gifts there too.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Where to get last holiday gifts for under $20 and get them in time for Christmas and Hanukah!

At Blair’s online store, which you’ll find a link to at the top right corner of page this link
will take you to, has towels, 6 piece towel sets, pants, sweaters, gloves, watches, blankets, ties, skirts, vest and flannel shirts, socks and more, all for under $20.00!!

They post a handy delivery schedule on their home page, so you’ll know which way to have your gifts delivered based on what December day you order it on, so that it will arrive before Christmas, and this year’s Hanukah.

At Junonia’s online store, see the top right corner of this page, you’ll find gifts for $14.95, such as soap set, eye and sinus soothing pillows, cosmetic cases and petite purses. For less than $14.00 you’ll find slippers, calendars and wine totes! Of course they have more expensive gifts too.

At Torrid, a curvy girl shop, whose link you’ll find at the top right corner here, you’ll find all manner of gifts for under $25 and many of which are under $20! And be sure to check out their clearance section, many more suitable gift items there for well under $20!

Tomorrow more Gifts finds!