Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fredericks plus size costumes for this Halloween. Also as fantasie lingerie. Yes both

This Halloween season Fredericks has some fun, sexy and alluring costumes for us full figure women. Some of these costumes can be worn to parties. Or Even trick or treating with the kids. Then when the party is over and the kids are asleep,

  • a quick change from tights to garter belt, stockings and sexy pumps or heels
  • perhaps removing the pretty camisole you might wear under the sort of sheer lace bust of their Fraulein costume’s bodice

    It’s the same costume, but now it’s erotic fantasie lingerie for you and your lover to share!

    They have a flapper costume, a cat and of course a witch costume in addition to their usual fantasie lingerie costumes for big beautiful women.

    My own fantasies run more to being a different version of my every day self. But Wearing a bustier under a suit jacket. The way the Karen Walker character in the show Will and Grace did a lot of.

    A some what plain bustier such as the Simone Perele one I mentioned in an earlier blog, for summer, as it’s white with a floral print. Or Fredericks’ Renaissance Corset. It has nice simple lines, even though it has a hook and eyelets front. And it comes in white, black and red in sizes up to 3X! I keep waiting for that one to go on sale. It never happens. Infact I think it went up 4 bucks in recent months… But that’s what would work well for me, under a jacket!

    But I’m kind of conservative. What about you?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So far no sightings of Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha seamless full fit bra for less than usual this week but other savings in full figure women’s wear foun

Found an excellent buy in a blouson tankini length swim top by Junonia. This top is available for over $50.00 less than normal in 2 of it’s 4 colors.

And one of those colors is just plain black, goes with any swim brief or swim shorts or skirts you might already have or also buy on sale.

This swim top can has a side-tie. You can wear it tankini length or at your waist. And it’s got an around the body sports bra. That means extra support!

Not a bad find while looking for sales!

While not on sale, found a lovely full figure bra by Wacoal. Pretty enough to be worn as lingerie, yet comes in sizes up to 46DDD.

That’s the largest band size I’ve seen so far while looking at their bras. Granted I have spent more time researching their shapers. I have noticed however, that companies like Wacoal, Bali and the like and find usually they go up to 40 or 42 band sizes.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Road testing one of Oprah’s Favorite bras, the full figure version

Earlier this month, Sept 8th, I wrote about finally getting the full figure “Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha seamless full fit bra”.

Since it’s thought that
70% of American women are wearing the wrong bra size, (Allure magazine, October 2005, page 185, lower right hand column).

And since bra cups sizes are not standardized, look here, look here, 2nd question

I don’t feel bad relating that I’m apparently in an ongoing pursuit of:
What exactly is my size?

A brief summary:

I started out thinking I was a 40 or 42 DD or so…
It appears to be more like a 38 H or so

Current perplexing point:

Why is it that a Le Mystere 38 G is so close in fit to a Bali 40DD, better yet still pretty darn close. How could any G cup be so close to any DD?

What ever my bra size is, it’ll take a while to ascertain.
Worse yet, it’s apparently an odd one. As I am getting closer to it, I find that that so far it involves backorders. This leads to making due with what comes close. But then so did shopping locally, but with painful pokes in the under arms and other problems.

One of the reasons ordered the above mentioned bra, even though I believe I need a 38 H at least, and they only go up to G in band size 38, I figured, it’s still better than the DD’s I can get a hold of locally.

The reason I gave for keeping it is if I loose weight, which could happen. Well I can see my self, knowing my body, loosing a cup size or 3 even, Getting below a 38 band, for me, is not likely.

OK, so I mentioned earlier this month when I got it how, I was not too surprised that the band fit was excellent, but cups too small.

Even so I said l thought I’d likely feel comfortable running in it….I did, I will again! And it was too comfy to take off afterward. I did not care that it bulged a bit. Just to comfortable to take off. How’s that for a full figure bra? I never had one like that before!

This review got to be so lengthy, I posted it here.

The upshot of which is:
If this bra comes in your size, get it, wear it and be comfy, happy and WELL SUPPORTED!

They don’t quite fit me, but it’s never been perfect. I’ve never looked perfect either. I’d be thrilled to be comfortable, well supported and not have to readjust a bra several times an hour, or so it seems, with other bras I’ve worn.

I will keep and eye out for when they go on sale. Because I want several more. And I’m far from rich. I will post it in the right column of this page, below the bra’s picture when I find sales for us! Count on it!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The upshot of what you’ll find in bra information when shopping at figleaves

When you shop for bras at Figleaves you may not find mention of adjustable straps and backs on bras. They are standard unless otherwise stated.

So don’t let their not mentioning adjustable straps and backs throw you.

But check to see if there is a back view available under the pictures. I have noticed some really good looking support / t-shirt bras there for full figured women.

Then upon looking at the back view found that they have 2 column, hook and eye closure and likewise band width. Rather than the normal 3 column width of hook and eye backs I’ve come to think of as standard, reliable and supportive in full figure bras I buy.

Also with a bit of spare flesh on one’s back a narrow backed bra band might show that more than a broader one….

But that seems to be a new development and if you have a lean back, it might not matter. Besides they have lots of other great bras, shape wear and swim wear for full figure women.

So don’t hesitate to shop FigLeaves: Full Figure Lingerie, Bras, Swimwear & More -FREE Shipping! Free Returns!

Monday, September 19, 2005

A lack of mention regarding: whether a bra has adjustable straps and backs.

When writing about the t-shirt bra I mention in my last post, and then again while checking out the full figure bras after entering to win the $1K gift certificate at Figleaves, I noticed a somewhat disturbing trend in bra descriptions at their site.

A lack of mention regarding: whether a bra has adjustable straps and backs.

So I wrote them. They first answered back letting me know that the 3 I asked about were being looked into by their warehouse staff.

I asked the same question about 3 more as well. They let me know that 3 of the 6, by then bras I inquired about have back views available at their description’s pictures. This is true but a bit hard to work out. Some photos are just not so clear, detail wise.

worthy of note, one style of bra's back picture shows a double column rather that triple column back closure. I don't know about you, but this is not adequate for this full figure woman.

Later they got back to me telling me that the warehouse staff found all 6 bras have adjustable straps and back.

I thought this was pretty good. I started this inquiry Friday PM and they looked into it over the weekend and had the full answer for me by early Monday AM!

So tomorrow I’ll just ask for all of us who it may concern, is it that we can assume that a bra has adjustable straps and backs unless otherwise stated?

Will keep you posted. After all they do have excellent service, a great stock of full figure and full busted everyday and luxury bras and other great lingerie and shape wear!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Enter to win, without buying anything, $1000 worth of quality lingerie, till Oct. 6th

You know how full figure bras and shape wear, and especially full busted and full figure bras are not only expensive, but seem to wear out pretty fast.

Well now through October 6th you can enter to win a $1000 gift certificate at Figleaves online store. And you don’t even have to buy anything to enter!

To enter, use the banner link at the top right of this page.

This online store carries lots of shape wear, full figure bras, full busted bras and underwear for us bbw. They even carry some surprises. Like this Simone Perele bustier. When I wrote about this bustier in June it was available in sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16.

Currently this bustier is available in smaller sizes. But the point of mention of this is that Figleaves carries luxury plus size lingerie. As well as daily wear plus size intimates too.

Winning that amount of gift certificate at that online store would allow you to enjoy both!

If you are full busted they carry lots of Fantasie of England full figure bras like this t-shirt bra. Good for daily wear if you need 34D to 44E, and they come in cup sizes up to GG in band sizes 34, 36 and 38.

They carry full figure bras up to cup size JJ, and excellent shapewear and undies!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Shape wear sale and pretty cotton, and not cotton, boy cut panties for us bbw!

Now till Sept 23rd at Bare Necessities online store they have 7+ pages of shapewear on sale at 25% off. Things I personally would like to try like the Nancy Ganz What a Lift Camisole I wrote of lately, and more, of course.

Now if you use their "5% off any size order" coupon link you’ll find in the right hand column here. (Some times this coupon disappears, for about a half hour, it’s worth 5% off to come back and use it later.) Then go to the “25% off shapewear” section when you get there, well You GET TO SAVE MORE!! I love stuff like that!

As it’s still hot and humid here and I still rely heavily on cotton I was pleasantly surprised to find these in plus size panties. Pretty, sweetly sexy cotton hipsters! Stretch lace low riding waist band! A Fluttery boy-cut leg style. How often do we find pretty and sexy in cotton?

Just the thing for when your shorts are a tad too short and you suspect your undies are showing. It’s not that I purposely wear my shorts too short. My daughter climbs all over me and shifts my clothing at times. And sometimes I’m on the jungle gym with her. If they are, well at least they should look nice.

For that same reason I wanted to try This Bali Studio pair. Not cotton though…The cotton ones I mention first are nicely priced! The Bali Studio ones are ½ the price of the cotton ones, but not cotton.

OK, so I sweat a lot. So I favor cotton at twice the price if need be.

Ever get to read this as part of a line in a book or story? “sweating freely”.

What is that suppose to mean? It’s as if you could consciously decide not to sweat.

It’s normally applied to over weight people of either gender. I recall being thin and sweating just as much as I and my normal weight 5 year old daughter do now.

It’s not something one decides to do or not, no matter what your weight.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Throwing our weight around and quick drying t-shirts

I found out something about being a plus sized, rather than average sized, woman yesterday. I was on the swings at the park with my 5 year old daughter. She can pretty much pump the swings her self now. So for the first time in years, I was using the swings instead of pushing.

When I went to slow down, I just stopped using my legs. But I was curious. I kept moving the upper part of my body as if I was still pumping the swings. I did not slow down till I just sat perfectly still. Apparently, we full figure women can simply shift, (or is it throw?) our weight around to create motion!

I rather liked that!

I did, however, wish I was wearing one of these shirts. True, I was wearing a all cotton t-shirt. Yes it was handy for wiping my face on the sleeves. It’s still quite hot and humid here. But I could have worn a bandana for that.

Looking at those two quick drying, and one of them moisture wicking, shirts this morning, I though, gee it’d be nice to quickly dry off in the existing breeze before getting back into the car….

Have any of you tried these active wear made of moisture wicking fabrics?

I’m curious as to what’s been found to work, wear and feel well in fabrics designed to dissipate heat and moisture.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A sleek pair of black pants with built-in shaping would be a handy addition to any wardrobe!

I don’t know about you, but having a pair of sleek, full length pants handy with a built-in shaping liner would make the coming months go easier for me!

Especially with Spanx’s idea of moderate to firm control! The power panties I have by them is “firm” control. Let me tell you it is Firm! Yet very comfortable all day!

These long black pants are made of a moisture wicking micro fiber. If they start making them in lighter colors, that would be nice in any season!

Their “Slim-X Plus Full Length Control Pants” come in sizes up to 2X. Their 2X accommodates a 39” to 42” waist and 49” to 52” hips. And they have a wide Non-Binding waist band!

You’ll find them and other great shape wear styles at Bare Necessities on line store. Use the "5% off any size order" coupon found at the upper right hand corner of this page

, and save!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

About sizing and the afore mentioned Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha seamless full fit bra

As it happens, that bra, which was on back order, did arrive the day I wrote my last post here.

Here are the results. Band fit perfect. Cup size really, too small. Although in all fairness to Le Mystere, I did order the largest cup size they had, G. Knowing that by my calculations at that time I’d need a cup size of H.

Let’s face it, if I do loose weight the cup size will get a bit smaller.

And if I don’t, I’m generally wearing a cup size of DD, which is the largest I can get at the local department store.

I can’t find a foundations store, as they wear called once upon a time. So as cup sizes go, it appears I’m stuck at too small anyway…

And that’s one reason why I’m shopping online for a full figure bra in the first place. Can’t try one on locally that really works.

Anyway this was a back order, I’d have to do some serious back tracking through the info I based this order on, and I don’t have the time for much of that.

I do believe I was getting a too large band size in the first place. I believe it was Le Mystere’s site it’s self that said two things in regard to band size that I harkened to.

OK, I back tracked after all it’s here. Le Mystere’s care and fit page and it was one, not two things.

You measure around the top of the breast, not underneath!

Well that worked!! Because it’s smaller!

I may be bulging out of the top of this a little too much, but the band width is perfect!!!

That’s half the battle! It may not be a sports bra, but I bet I could run more comfortably in it than any of my others, before I wore them out!!

Another reason I could run in it. It is extremely well built! Hard ware looks solid, as does the stitching.

It’s important, as I put a Glamorize bra I ordered once, did a single jumping jack, to show my daughter how it’s done. And the strap broke. And on that bra, the cups did fit. But if it can’t hold up to ONE jumping jack, what’s gonna happen when we are out at the park and my daughter climbs me?

My next step will be to try a Fantasie of England bra. It seems they make their bras and swim wear for full busted women, largely!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

About the sizing thing, especially regarding full figure bras

A while back I was saying how I wanted to try the Aviana most popular full figure bra . This bra, their #2353 is a soft cup. As a full figured woman, part of the special appeal is just throwing it in the laundry, rather than hand washing. The other is, of course, not being poked by under wires. Presumably the being poked is a size issue.

Well the size issue may not go away in the near future, as bra cup sizes are not standardized.

We’d like to think that at least band sizes should be standardized at present. But the info regarding measuring your band size is not.

Some time ago I ordered this bra and their #2353, I just mentioned above, and their newest, at that time, minimizing underwire bra the #2457 the #2457. I used the same sizing chart for both bras. Imagine my surprise when I got them only to find:

  • The cup sizes seemed different
  • The soft cup bra’s cups actually fit
  • The under wire’s cup were too small
  • The band size on both seemed to large

& they are the same manufacture!

Well I saved the underwire, as I know that I may loose weight and my cup size will go down, although the likelihood of my actually getting around to taking in the band, actually sewing, I’m not too sure of. It does seem well made.

The soft cup I’ve been wearing. No I did not take the band in on that. Funny thing is, even though the band is to loose, it supports nicely!

The way I figure it, I have not found the right sizing information yet. I think that basically, I need a smaller band and a larger cup size.

Trying different sizing info, I ordered another type of bra, the full figure version of one of Oprah’s favorites, Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha Seamless Full Fit , which goes up to 44G!

I believe I’ve got it right this time. But will wait and see. If I do I will pass the sizing info on to you all here and at the plus size clothing website I publish. At least it will be one know instance of bra sizing information working right for one body for one manufacture!

In the mean time, for those of us who are not yet wearing the right size and find their breast smashed together, getting sweaty and clammy in the summer heat.

I used talc for years. It’s ok. Recently I found that for this close pressed sweatiness what seems to work better, for me at least. Bath & Body Work’s “Instant Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel, with vitamins B5 & E”.

For all I know any anti bacterial gel might give the same cool, clean results, but it makes for a nice clean feel, and unlike talc, I stay feeling cleaner and fresher there longer! And it smells great too! Comes in different scents.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Several of the New Plus Size, and not, but will fit up to a 43” waist, Body shaping camisoles

I’ve noticed there are a lot of body shaping camisoles in shapewear lately. The one that looks to offer the most control is the Nancy Ganz “ What a Lift Body Shaper

The Fleexes “ One Fabulous Body Plus Size Camisole ” offers both Tummy smoothing and full figure under wire bra support up to size 42DD.

And while Spanx’s " Body Smoothing camisole " is not actually in plus size women’s underwear, The XL in this size cami will accommodate waists 41” to 43”.
This whole sizing thing needs to be standardized by someone, especially bra cup sizes, but anyway…

This Spanx's cami is made of a moisture wicking micro fiber. For that reason alone, it would be great to try, say last month, or next spring, or now even

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wide width women's shoes ahead of this years fashions?

A while back I wrote about some wide width women’s shoes along the lines of some shoes featured in this seasons pumped up classic loafers, in the Fashion Extras section of Allure magazine’s September 2005. In particular the Hush Puppies’ “Madison W” a 2 1/8" heeled loafer.

Sadly, I can not find them in stock at the online store where I found them when I wrote that article. Though they do have many other nice styles, ( ).

Did you think wide width women’s shoes had to be frumpy? These, and there were other wide width heeled loafers I was writing about earlier in the year. Could it be that women’s wide shoes are slightly ahead of the fashions?