Friday, June 09, 2006

A plus size shapewear review

I wrote of looking forward to trying Fredericks Waist Cinching Panty here back on April 30th. Here is what happened when I got the size XL.

It fit well. But apparently this style of shapewear will not work for me. When I wore it the broad waist cinching band folds down, more folds than rolls, when I bend. This must work for someone, but not for me. Perhaps I just bend too much.

So far the Spanx power panty works the best for me. But it’s got too much leg for summer. So I should try their Hide and Sleek shaping panty for summer. But that is not a hosiery sized panty.

If your like me and have a waist that is considerably, (mine’s 2 sizes), larger than your hips, you’ll likely wind up with a skirt effect around your back side. This happened to me once with another panty.

Not bad if your gonna wear it with jeans though. Perhaps I’ll try that and write it up here as to how it went. See I saw it in a store over the weekend. It looks so smooth, soft, silky and light.

Another thing I saw was a great Le Mystere bra, their full figure Carina. It’s straps are incredibly smooth and soft, yet none stretch! Sadly, I’m just a little too big for that. Maybe later. If you’re not over a size G cup, it looks real comfy, pretty and supportive!