Thursday, July 31, 2008

AquaMarine! That Kalyani large cup bra you told me about is on sale too!

I went back to check out Bravissimo while I was looking at Breakout Bras. Checking their Sale section, I see the nice Kalyani bra you wrote me about, and lots of other fine large cup bras and very pretty camisoles are on sale there!

The Figleaves Really big sale ends in 5 days. They also have Aviana full figure bras and large cup bras at less than $14! Sizes at this sale are getting real low. I found this Freya underwire balcony large cup bra in my size shopping the sale and putting in my bra size.

I must have gotten the last one because when I went back later in the day to get this picture to show you, my size was gone. So at this point of the sale, shopping by your size and the kind of intimate you are looking for is likely to be the best, fastest way.

For some time now I have wanted to try Frey bras. I do not recall seeing this one above before and had never considered it. I consider it a pleasant surprise at ½ its normal price. I’ll finally have a fun, rather than just practical, bra!

I put a link here for Figleaves on this page’s right column along with the Bare Necessities and Bigger Bras links. This should make it a bit easier to just come here and compare prices.

I kept going back and forth between Breakout Bras, Bravissimo and the above mentioned intimates stores comparing prices. But I kept getting distracted and came to one conclusion. Do this when everyone else is asleep!

So far I can see that both Breakout Bras and Bravissimo, especially in their sale section, have excellent prices and good selections. I will watch these stores and post great prices and styles of large cup and full figure bras here as best I can.

Thank you again AquaMarine for cueing me in on these excellent places to shop bras! I’m happy to hear you are having a fun summer! Even if it is going fast.

And I too am glad, and surprised actually, to see more styles of large cup bras. Even more surprising, as I had my first real good look around this week at the G to J bra styles, is these cup sizes in balcony style!

Where they always there and I somehow missed them?
If not, could this mean a smooth, seamless large cup bra, or several, could be just around the corner?!?!

One can hope!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AquaMarine, I agree Bare Necessities is a fine place to shop Large Cup Bras too!

I’ve enjoyed good shopping at Bare Necessities this year my self. I also found exchanges and returns went smoothly! But for some reason Figleaves has Fantasie’s Olivia balcony style large cup bras, GG to J cup sizes at a full $19 less than Bare Necessities. That both stores at full price. Like wise the Fantasie Anna balcony large cup bra, E to GG cup sizes, is $17 less at Figleaves.

I have had a protracted wait on a bra from Figleaves years ago. They finally got it to me, then sent along a 15% discount on my next order code as an apology for my wait. This year they sent just as swiftly as Bare Necessities did! So I guess they handled that sort of problem!

Both stores are nice to shop. I’ll compare stock and prices here on their large cup, full figure bras and other intimates as best I can.

This Freya Arabella plunge bra is on sale in large cup sizes at both Bare Necessities and Figleaves in 2 colors. It’s $29 at, but nearly out of stock in those colors. If you click on it’s picture below you’ll find it at Bare Necessities for $41.99, a lesser savings, but still in stock in more sizes.

I notice that Figleaves full price on this bra is $2 less than Bare Necessities. Perhaps they can get full figure bras at better prices somehow?

Bare Necessities often has a Discontinued Colors section. That makes it easy to check up on bras and other intimates you might like to try, but a better prices than full. Currently you can find it by clicking on this banner. Then look to the lower left of the page it takes you to you’ll find “Discontinued Colors of Best Selling Styles”.
Bare Necessities
I’ve enjoyed excellent savings on large cup bras by doing this often.

Bare Necessities’ Clearance section is checking out too!
Bare Necessities

AquaMarine! It is nice to hear from you again! I hope you and yours are having a wonderful summer!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Large Cup Bras at great Sale Prices!

Sorry I had not noticed earlier but among the great intimates sale items at Figleaves are Fantasie large cup bras! At the moment their Belle full coverage bra that comes in GG to JJ cup sizes seems to be in the best supply. You can see it at the top of our full figure bras page. All of these full figure bras have smaller cup versions too. Just scroll down after clicking on their pictures to find them, on sale too!

These Mariette balcony large cup bras are on sale in this buttercup yellow, still in size 38H

Fantasie’s Gabrielle full coverage large cup size bras are on sale in more colors.

These above full figure bras seem to be having discontinued color sales. Fantasie’s Specialty full coverage underwire bras are a standard that comes in cup sizes H and HH in black or white. Yet these are on sale in black. They can’t be discontinuing black, can they?

I have to wear this bra a whole band size smaller than my normal size. I do not know if this is true of other Fantasie bras. This sale would have been an excellent opportunity to find out. Well it would have been if I had found out sooner. Drats!

This Fantasie Anna balcony bra comes in cup sizes D to H in band sizes 30 to 40. While not on sale it is only $43. Not bad for an H cup size bra with excellent reviews too.

Up till this AM the only Fantasie bras I knew of that came in H cup sizes and larger were the above Specialty bra and their Olivia large cup bras.
Now I’ll be looking a lot closer, especially at Figleaves.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The season for Discount Plus Size Lingerie

I seem to remember this from last year. First the full figure bra and other intimates sales begin. Then the lingerie sales follow! I am pretty sure that last year Fredericks had their best selling plus size corsets and plus size bridal lingerie on sale. This year Henry and June is having a 40% off sale that also includes corsets, bridal and other full figure lingerie too.
Tricot Long Gown

All year long you can count on Always for Me plus size sexy lingerie in their clearance sale section, new arrivals and their regular stock!

Always For Me Lingerie Featured on the Today Show

But now is the time to check out Henry and June and Fredericks for their best savings of the year on lingerie.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Up to 75% off on Full Figure Bras and other Intimates!

Figleaves sale in now in its final stage, where you’ll find bras and intimates at up to 75% off! But sizes and styles are becoming more limited. This Bali Satin Tracings Full Figure Bra is available in a few sizes, 36C to 44D from $8.70 to $14.50.

This Pour Moi? garter belt below is now just $10 in black and $12 in ivory. It gets good reviews and comes in sizes up to 18. Also at Figleaves

I looked around a bit at the same line of Pour Moi? Lingerie and found that Figleaves measured their size 18 and found it to be equal to a US size 14.

This is how I found this Shorty available in size 18, and other sizes, now at just $11.

I could go on. But it would be much better to take any of these pictures as links to Figleaves. Then click on Full Figure, select the shop the sale banner. Then put in your size or styles you are interested in. Perhaps the fastest way to find excellent prices on bras, intimaites and other plus size lingerie in your size while they last!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Full Figure Bras for as little as $17!

Figleaves is having their biggest sale ever. You’ll find a Goddess full figure bra for just $17 in sizes up to 48D in black at the top of our intimates page. This Goddess bra is just $24 and available in many more sizes in both black and nude for just $24!


Click on this bras picture and select Full Figure, then click on Shop Full Figure in the 70% off sale banner to enjoy the savings before they go out of stock!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Great sale prices on Plus Size Skirts and Shorts I have tried!

Right now Avenue is having an excellent sale on their dresses. You can use the Dresses for all Occasions link on our plus size dresses page. You can see some of their many new styles of dresses there. I hope to try their dresses soon.

I have tried their very comfy Washed Chino Skirt pictured below. Very comfy and now on sale at just $24.99!
Avenue Washed Chino Skirt Womens Plus Size

I was in a hurry and saw the pockets and went for one in each color: Black, White and Olive Green. At their original price: Ouch! But it made getting dressed in the morning a breeze. These skirts are very comfy on hot, sticky days too!

Just be sure to carefully straighten those neat pleats at the bottom right out of the dryer and they are no trouble at all!

Just recently I got these shorts in both colors, they come in white too, now $15! These shorts are the perfect length for us petite women. But you can let them down too.
Avenue Convertible Button Tab Shorts Womens Plus Size

They too, like the skirt, have a full set of 4 pockets. The only problem with these shorts is that they don’t come in more colors. The draw string, at least for me, has not a thing to do with keeping them up. So it does not make for that unflattering drawstring gather at the waist.

I could have worn the skirt and shorts in a smaller size than the 14W I got them in. But that is the smallest size they come in. So it seems Avenue plus size fashions, like Silhouettes, are cut large.

You can click on these pictures here to shop for them. Or you can find the skirt in their Outlet section, while the shorts are still at Avenue’s normal site. Take their banner in our plus size dresses page’s right column to get the current code to enjoy maximum savings on their comfy and flattering plus size fashions.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Comfy, Classic Go-To style in Women’s Extra Wide Shoes

While there are lots of new women’s wide width shoes and sandals out now, these shoes have stood the test of time. I first wrote about these wide width dress shoes in December of 2004. Not only that, I’ve tried them and the don’t make blisters while going without hose!

Hush Puppies Angle II come in widths AAA to EE in 5 colors. Click on this dress shoes picture to shop for it at just $44 with free shipping at Zappos!
Hush Puppies - Angel II (Black Smooth) - Footwear

Currently these classic pumps have 285 five star reviews at Zappos, not counting mine. I can wear them all day at work and go to an evening appointment, and even with out stockings they feel just fine!

I have very narrow heels. OK, it is more like what the help at shoe stores and the skate shop tell me: “You have no heels.” At one shoe place they gave me the free equivalent to these Petals, Heavenly Heelz below.
Foot Petals - Heavenly Heelz 6-Pair Pack Combo (Black Iris/Silver Rose/Buttercup) - Accessories

The cheap free version lasted just a few minutes, and walked right out of the shoes I put them in. I found a single pair of these Petals – Heavenly Heelz at Target, put them in my Hush Puppies pumps and even with lots of long sweaty days of wear, they are still there! So while they are still pricey, they are well worth it if you have no heels and want to wear classic pumps.

Now I really need a pair of the Hush Puppies pumps in bone or white for lighter color outfits of the season.

I don’t really have white business or dress clothes. Does this mean I should go for the bone color pumps? Please let me know. I’m more comfort aware than visual. So I’m kind of clueless about some things.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A new wrinkle in the Le Mystere Dream Tisha Full Figure Bra

I know I just gripped about this full figure bra., but yesterday afternoon I was really fuming! I wore mine, with a t-shirt, under my Baby Phat denim vest. Then I gently hand washed and hung it dry. Yesterday I was planning to wear it under a t-shirt and loose fit washed linen vest.

Nope! Now those pesky, pointy air pocket tips of this, formerly excellent, full fit bra have dimples! I pushed them back out and they just sunk back in again!

This may still work under my heavy Baby Phat vest, but it is just a little too hot for that now.

Later I wondered if this bra would still work under what appears to be this lighter weight denim Baby Phat wrap dress.

Right now lots of Baby Phat’s pages say “4th of July Sale, Extra 10% off all plus size apparel, till 7/7/08
Shop Baby Phat

Glamour’s July issue, page 62, recommends a Silhouettes’ short sleeve, notched collar wrap dress for us full figure women. A reader of this blog, earlier this year did the same when I was troubled about how to dress the size and shape I have become for business causal. She has an inverted triangle shape too.

Strangely I can not find this Silhouettes dress pictured in the Glamour issues mentioned above yet. Not too strangely, I never got around to getting a few summer dresses for work either. I would have loved to have a dress or two to avoid the whole, “Gee this shirt really does not go with this skirt…” thing that kept happening. Now I am between assignments, so it will have to wait, for me anyway.

Currently Avenue has a wide variety of dresses I’d love to try. I have pictured some of them on this plus size dresses, page. One of those dresses is a reversible! It’s solid on one side, a flattering print on the other! Like Silhouettes, they often have discounts featured in their banners on that same dress page. Baby Phat’s discounts can be found at their New Special Offers link in their left column.

Dress code at my next job permitting, Baby Phat's Sale section and Web Exclusives is where I plan to liven up, hopefully both, my business and casual wear. OK so I brought the same skirt in 3 colors and the same t-shirt in black and 3 other colors. It, with the twin sets mentioned last month, worked for the most part. It was a start.