Thursday, January 30, 2014

45% Off E.L.F. Prism 166 piece Makeup Collection!

Today, 1/30/14, from 11:AM EST for 3 hours, we can get E.L.F.’s $200 value, (compared to department stores), 166 piece Prism Collection, regularly $40 if purchased separately, for just $22 at That's 45% off! Valid Thursday, 1/30 only - no coupon needed. Shop now! Normally this kit is sold for $40.

Plus we can still enjoy free shipping on orders of $35+, even with this offer. This being E.L.F. makeup, we can get a lot of makeup, skin care and nail products when spending $13 to enjoy the free shipping!

Free On the Go Kit Offer

I do not know how this one works during this 3 hour sale, but I especially like their Free On the Go Kit with orders of $25! I do understand that this one will last until 2/3/14! 

I like it for the wipes and small size brushes.
The travel mirror and lip balm
can we ever have too much lip balm? Doubt it!
The wristlet, I love them!
The eyeshadows look good too.
Having tried E.L.F. eyeshadow, I know they will be excellent!
this includes nail files too, always handy!

So I am looking at spending $25 on other things
For me that would be the exfoliating wipes, nail colors, tinted sun screen & / or BB cream and other E.L.F. products I meant to try anyway!

Then if I spend that extra $10 to spend at E.L.F. to enjoy the free shipping,

It will be to see if my daughter wants anything too,
so we can both enjoy this one!

Knowing her, she will just wring my neck, (verbally), for not getting her the 166 piece Prism kit…

Best not let her see this one…



Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Specials in Plus Sizes at Her Room

Currently if you go to Her Room, where we can enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders $70 you will see a Red banner with this bra pictured below in it.

Within that banner is a Red Plus Size link. Click on it and you will find this bra, Elomi’s winning Caitlyn bras, Chantelle bras, and plenty more bras and panties on sale or with other special offers!

Parfait by Affinitas’ 30 - 40D to K Charlotte Bras

This is one of the sale styles, now $30.40. It has great reviews and comes in four colors!


One of the other great things about these bras is that it is normally $38.

If you are wearing large cup bras, well, then you know just how nice it is to find an actually affordable, without sales or discounts, style!

This is one of the many bras and lingerie styles in their Red Plus Size section.

I do not know how long this lasts, so enjoy it soon!

Her Room’s Gift Card Offer

Until the end of 1/30/14 Central Time we can get a, paper, $20 gift card with our orders of $100 or more.
It comes with your order and is easy to use. I have had them before.
You would have to use this one by April 28th 2014.
With all the excellent intimates at Her Room, using your gift card on time is seldom a problem!




Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Pretty Full Figure Plunge Bra for Less

Elomi’s Betty Bras just came out in a new color. These plunge bras have been getting excellent reviews from full figure women for some time now. Using this Betty Bras New with Tags link I found 306 at Buy it Now, rather than bid, prices at eBay stores this AM starting at $22!

Elomi’s Betty Plunge Bras and Baby Dolls

Click on this bra’s picture to find it in sizes up to 34 – 42HH, 44G and 46DD at Her Room. They have it in this new blush, black and two sale colors!


eBay stores will not have this new color for a while. but they have the previous ones for much less! These bras are $68 at Her Room, $49.95 in their sale colors…

Her Room also has the matching panty in sizes M to XL and this underwire baby doll version of this in black in comparable, (to the plunge bras), sizes up to 42H.


So far I am not finding this beautiful baby doll in any other color, nor am I finding it at eBay stores.

 If I do ever find it for less at eBay stores I will post a link to it here!

I would suggest we enjoy these excellent plus size plunge bras for less at eBay stores so we can perhaps better afford this great baby doll style, or other fine lingerie!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

50% Off Already Inexpensive E.L.F. Makeup

Until the 27th we can enjoy 50% Off E.L.F. Best-Selling and New makeup and more. Their makeup seems to start at $3, nail polish at $2! Their best sellers include many pallets, makeup, brushes, nail polishes and skin care their excellent eyebrow kit, $3 full price. I give a small review of mine here.

Their New Arrivals include one thing I wished they had in December.

E.L.F. BB Cream and Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

My spf daily skin moisturize, Garnier Daily Moisture Lotion SPF 28, out priced its self lately, $12.99!

 E.L.F.’s new BB Cream with SPF 20 already has excellent ratings, comes in 6 shades and is just $6, full price! e.l.f. Studio BB Cream SPF 20 That $3 with this current E.L.F. deal, for 1.06oz. with color + 20 SPF, VS Garnier’s $13 for 2.5 oz. without color, 28 SPF.
Granted at this writing 2, lighter shades, out of the 6 colors the E.L.F. moisturizing sun screen BB cream comes in are out of stock… 

They also this new, (ivory), shade in their previous tinted moisturize with a 20 SPF, which is $3 full price, so $1.50 at this sale, in the new shade.
e.l.f. Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 
This is an even smaller .88 oz. size, for $1.50
This moisturizer comes in 8 shades.
I am hoping they finally just come out with a non-tinted high, like 30, SPF daily moisturizer…

As for the price, well they always have some excellent discount running.

Just earlier this week they had free shipping on orders of $15+, which at their low prices, more than makes up for the smaller quantity, by comparison, in this case.

E.L.F.’s Crease Resistant Cream Eye Shadow

I tried this one, which they suggest applying with an eye shadow brush. It is excellent, long wearing, and I have been applying it with my fingertips. e.l.f. Essential Duo Eye Shadow Cream 

So I could not help but notice they have eye shadow brushes in their New section starting at $4, limited edition, and $2 with this current discount!

They do not seem to have any other Cream Eye Shadows.

This one really IS CREASE RESISTANT, and long wearing! It being a cream one, shows wrinkles less than powder ones!

Currently their Free shipping is on orders of $35+, which tends to be their normal shipping deal.

E.L.F. always seems to have some discount deal running, even though their prices are the most affordable in high quality make up I have ever seen.

I am aiming to try their skin care, like exfoliating wipes, nail polish, make up brushes and perhaps other makeup and skin products.

When I do, I will write about more of them here!



Monday, January 20, 2014

Award Winning Full Figure Bras at 20% Off

These bras have been Undie Awards Winners in 2012 and 2014 and come in other varieties now in 2017 too!

Freya’s Deco Seamless Plunge bras, much raved about by Busts 4 Justice here!

Freya’s Deco Plunge Bras For Less

Busts 4 Justice says this is the Deco is a Peerless D+ Push Up bra. Freya AA4234 Deco Underwire Molded Plunge Bra is Her Room’s page about this Undies Award winning bra style.

At this 3/2017 Update I am finding 2093 of these starting at $12 using this New Freya Deco Bras at eBay stores link!

This is just a picture of this bra style at Her Room, but you can find a link to Her Room in this blog's right column.

Her Room agrees with Busts 4 Justice an give the same advice regarding fit: Order one band size smaller and one cup size bigger than your normal bra size.

What Women Like about these Plunge Bras

Women Love Them, except the price.
There are plenty of reviews at both Her Room, where they have a 4.5 star average out of 362 reviews, and Figleaves where they have a five star average out of 80 reviews.

Some women have been buying these bras for years. The most raves are about their:
  • Lift
  • Support
  • Natural Round Shape
  • Cleavage 
The price if forbidding, which is why I starting shopping bras new with tags at eBay stores in the first place.

If you like a bra style, and you can find it there, it is a great way to keep your supply of your favorite bras plentiful!

I still prefer to get the right size in to me bra styles from stores like Her Room and Figleaves, then stock up on them in different colors at eBay stores.

Sales like the above making trying out new full figure and large cup sized bras much easier on the budget!


Latest Update 3/2/2017

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Valentine’s Day or any excuse for Lingerie

Yes any excuse will do! If you like new lingerie to celebrate Valentine’s Day, having the right styles arrive on time is key!

If you large cup bras and intimates, I would suggest Bravissimo’s Alana bras, and other styles there. We can also enjoy up to Panache and other D - K Underwire Babydolls.
For bras and lingerie in the 38 – 50B to FF range, Hips and Curves is a great place to browse!

A few New at Hips and Curves styles

They have fantasy wear, accessories and a wealth of pretty and sexy styles. If you like leather, you can go straight to theirs using the link at the top of our Lingerie page.

The floral mesh baby doll is new and already down to sizes 2X and 3X.

 I guess that is another reason to shop for Valentine’s Day early… 
They also have a selection of tie-cup, lace, mesh oh so many baby dolls…and this is just in new arrivals! 
This sweet baby doll comes in sizes up to 5X in five colors! Sinfully Sweet Georgette Babydoll 

Their Mon Cheri Chemise also comes in sizes up to 5X, in four colors, and this style looks so comfy and easy to wear! It also has Fitted Underwire cups with hook and eye back and adjustable straps! Mon Cheri Mesh Chemise 
I need HH cups, but for $40, I might try this style anyway!

They have plenty of other lingerie styles and currently a free shipping offer on $95 or more orders.

Hips and Curves is always a great place to browse for fun and beautiful lingerie styles!


Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Winter is for Shapewear

In my opinion winter is the time wearing shapers actually feels great! They help keep me warm! How about You?

Why Browse Classic Shapewear

They have a vast selection of shapewear, bras, leggings and more! They always have Free Shipping!

 Classic Shapewear 
Besides being an obvious choice for Always Free shipping selection of shapewear, they have a great sale section!

What I found in their Sale Section Today

You can shop Classic Shapewear’s Sale department by Size, up to XL and 4X, Brand or what area of control shapewear you are looking for, such as; Back, Hips, Rear and others.

Just because I have tried Squeem Fajas in the winter before, I tried Squeem and found this:

Squeem light control brief on sale for $19.50, sizes up to XL, (dress size 16 – 18). It has one Rave Review and their other Sqeem briefs start at $28, (panty), to $67, for the likes of this high waist as this one below.
 icon icon 

I do not find bras in their sale section, but they do have a Bras section and a Plus Size section under that, in their left column menu.

There you will find sale styles within such as Elomi’s Lara underwire full cup bras, on sale for $45.11, in sizes up to 44JJ

 icon icon 
And underwire half cup for $45.11, in sizes up to 46G

 icon icon 
It has been a long time since I have seen these in other stores. I recall looking once or twice in the past year too.

And More at Classic Shapewear

Here is an item I was thrilled to find in the sale department, largely because just last night my daughter tried to talk me out of my last pair of socks like these. These are on sale for $6.95 a three pack, and available in six different color assortments!
 icon icon 
They also have a wide selection of:
  • Leggings
  • camis
  • tank tops
  • panties
  • shaping briefs
  • some exotic lingerie 
  • and bandeau bras 
 in the sale department

Outside of the Sale Department

they have an extensive left column menu of shapewear of all kinds such as:
  • Waist cinchers, (Fajas)
  • Post-Partum 
  • Post-Surgical 
  • High Waist 
  • Long Leg 
  • Bridal 
  • Maternity 
  • Anti-Cellulite 

And many more kinds of shapers and some other things as well...
Shapewear Questions
Do you wear shapewear all year, or just parts?

Every day, just occasionally or never?

I like it in the winter for the extra warmth, but find it too hot otherwise.

Please let me know about your shapewear usage in the comments below.

I have wondered if it is just me, or what…



Saturday, January 04, 2014

Near Half Price, & less, Masquerade Bras

Masquerade bras get excellent reviews by bloggers like Busts 4 Justice, Invest in Your Chest and Bra None, but cost plenty. Today I checked them out at eBay stores and found plenty starting at $19.56!

Masquerade by Panache’s Rosetti Bras for $35.50

If you click on this beautiful bra’s picture below you can read its excellent reviews at Bravissimo. It is on sale there for $45.97, in 4 sizes. If you use this Masquerade Bras, New with Tags at eBay stores link today you can find it in more sizes starting for $35.50!


This is one of the current 271 Masquerade by Panache bras you can find there new with tags and available at Buy it Now prices. You can also use their left column menu to expedite you search by choosing from bra band sizes 32 - 38 and cup sizes E to G.

Masquerade’s Capella Bras for $49.95

While Bust 4 Justice tells us that, while beautiful, the cups run large, this lovely bra is just $49.95 and available in bra band sizes and 32 – 38 in cup sizes D to FF using that link I provided to Masquerade bras at eBay stores above today.

Click on its picture above to find it at Bravissimo. There this bra has a 4.5 star rating out of 9 reviews, for $45.15, but again, in 4 sizes.

Masquerade’s Alice Bras, for $27.93

However this Alice bra by Masquerade, reviewed by Bra None, is available in all sizes 28DD – G, 30 to 38D to G at Bravissimo, for its more typical price of $68.95, where it has 4 excellent reviews already.
Narrowing my search by looking at eBay store for Masquerade’s Alice Bras, use that link today and you will find 67 of them, it in its pale ‘Mineral blue’ color, in various sizes, (28 – 38, D to G), starting at $27.93
Other Sources of Masquerade by Panache Bras
Considering how many Masquerade by Panache bras, actually starting for $19.56, are available at eBay stores, it is surprising how few stores I normally browse for bras carry them.

Besides, currently 5 bras and 2 Basques, are available at Bravissimo and 12 bra styles are available by them at Figleaves.

Both Figleaves and Bravissimo have some of them in cup sizes up to H!

Here is Masquerade’s Rhea bra, which comes in black too. Click on its picture to find it in sizes 28 – 38D to H for $79, at Figleaves.
 Rhea Bandeau Bra 
It is pictured with the Rhea short, which comes in sizes 8 – 18 for $32.

Their Athena plunge bra looks to have come in the same size range, down to G cups in many band sizes and low stock in many of those as well, for $82. This is why I check eBay stores to save $.

 Athena Plunge Bra 

I though this set, no it does not come as a set, is pretty special. These Antoinette bandeau bras come in apparently the 28DD to G and 30 to 38D to G size range, with some G cup band sizes not available and low stock in plenty of its sizes. These are $72 and have no reviews yet.
 Antoinette Bandeau Bra 
The suspender thong it is pictured with comes in sizes 8 – 18, for $44.

I have been curious about Masquerade by Panache bras and lingerie for a while now and am glad to find it available in reasonable prices, New with tags, at Buy it Now, rather than bid, prices at eBay stores!


Thursday, January 02, 2014

On sale at 50% Off Wide Width and Calf Boots

Additional Discounts available

Woman Within has many wide and extra wide with footwear styles and wide calf boots. Currently many of their Comfortview boots are on sale at 50% Off!

They also have this Take 20% off 1st order, 40% off 2nd with 3 items. Use code WW95987, discount code we can use on most, if not all, of their sale boots!

Here are a few of Woman Within’s many wide calf boots that come in wide and extra wide widths on sale at 50% Off!


This buckle and faux fur bootie style is also available in black and grey and on sale for $60 - $65!
 Shauna wide-shaft winter bootie 
This is a wide shaft bootie style.

Like all of the boots featured in this post, are still available in many wide and extra wide sizes.

This sleeker bootie style is also available in red, brown and black and features a non-skid sole! These booties are on sale for $60 - $65 too.
 Terri wide bootie in soft leather

Mid-Calf High Boots

These 11 ¼ inch shaft boots come in black, cognac, grey and dark brown and are on sale for $50 - $55.
 Tyra Boot  (BLACK,10 M) 
 My daughter actually has these scrunch boots. They come in purple, this teal and more common grey, black and brown colors and are on sale for $60 - $65.
 Heather wide calf scrunch boot 
I got them on sale with a discount, just like this current one, for her just a few years ago. This particular style has been around a while and has excellent ratings!

Tall Wide Calf Boots

These crinkled wide-calf tall boots also come in a black and brown colors, as well as this olive one pictured below. They are on sale for $70 - $75. You can scrunch them down, or wear them over your knees!
 Kristen Wide Calf Boot 
 This wide-calf leather boots are available in this purple as well as black, cognac, grey and olive colors. This more classic boot style is on sale for $90 - $95.
 Randi Wide-Calf Leather Boots  (PLUM,9 WW) 
The sale styles above are before you apply Woman Within’s current available discount code. So you could enjoy these boot styles with an additional 20% to 40% Off their current 50% off sale price!
Woman Within Sales and Discounts
Woman Within has a wide selection of wide and extra wide width shoes too, as well as plus size fashions, swimwear and lingerie.

Use their Take 20% off 1st order, 40% off 2nd with 3 items. Use code WW95987 discount code, which is good until 4/1/14 to save on their highly rated styles! Enjoy!