Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Curvy Kate’s Seamless J Cup Full Figure Bras

While there are more and more seamless, T-shirt bras in cup sizes up to H, finding seamless larger cup size bras is still hard. I am finding two, and one of them looks like it will be here for a while at Figleaves, (who has it at the best, (full), prices in five regular colors. They also have this special hot pink version below.

Curvy Kate’s Smoothie Balcony Bras at Figleaves

Both this special version and two of the regular versions of these bras cost $47 at Figleaves and come in, what is left of apparently, the 28 and 30D to J and 32 to 38D to H size range.

Curvy Kate will donate one British Pound to the Breast Cancer Awareness Charity for each of these Coppafeel print bras sold!
 Coppafeel! Moulded Smoothie Bra 

This is their regular version of these bras. The $47 colors at Figleaves are the Wild Black and Wild Blush, (pictured below), colors. The Raspberry color is less but in extremely limited sizes and the normal black and blush colors are $66

 Smoothie Balcony Bra 
You can use this Curvy Kate Smoothie Bras icon link to find them at Her Room. They are discontinuing these bras, but have them in three colors in a good size selection, at $68, full price.

Both Her Room and Figleaves have matching shortie briefs to go with these bras

You can click on this bra’s picture below to find them in sizes 32 to 38D, DD, E and H, in three colors at Bare Necessities. They are on sale there for $46 to $47, currently with an extra 20% Off code available on their page there.

Bare Necessities has the matching bikini briefs in this Curvy Kate collection.

Bigger Bras’ Bra Cup Comparison Chart, (group 3 on their page), shows us the Curvy Kate’s bra cup sizing is on a par with Elomi, Fantasie, Faye Form, Cleo, Sculptresse and other fine intimate maker’s bra cup sizes!

Hopefully we will see more, and larger, cup sized bras with true seamless cups in the future.

I will keep looking and post what I find here.



Saturday, July 26, 2014

Extra 50% Off Clearance Full Figure Bras & More

Until 7/28 we can enjoy the full figure and large cup size bras, such as the beautiful bras I wrote about in clearance there recently, (and other intimates and apparel!), in Clearance at Bare Necessities with An Additional 50% off clearance prices!

The end of my previous post, that the link above leads you to, includes info about shopping Bare Necessities by our bra sizes.

This is likely the best way to get the most out of these on sale with an extra discount bra styles at this sale, in the least amount of browsing time.



Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ModCloth’s Most Loved Full Figure Skirts and Tops

ModCloth has plenty of plus size dresses but this is a look at a few of the skirts and some blouses that came up when I went to the Work Clothes section of their Plus Size department and sorted by Most Loved.

Highly Rated by Full Figure Women Skirts

Some of their skirt up at the top when sorted by Most Loved have few favorable reviews from fuller figure women. So I skipped those.

This skirt comes in 7 other colors too and gets mostly great to excellent reviews from women who say they are wearing sizes L to 3X, smaller sizes too! It’s sash / belt is removable.
 Musee Matisse Skirt in Crimson 
They, ModCloth, does warn us that it runs small. These skirts are unlined linen / rayon and cost $34.99. This one, in this color, is my personal favorite, just because it looks fun and I like this shade red.

This poly / rayon / spandex skirt is also getting good to excellent reviews from women who wear size 3X and smaller. A good work ready, flattering A-line style that tends to become a wardrobe staple or as one reviewer put it: ‘I wear this skirt with alarming regularity’.
 Streak of Success Skirt 

A similar cut skirt also is available in a solid sage green color.

This unlined polyester skirt has open side pockets and comes in 5 other colors and a print.
 Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt in Black 
Reviewers seem to love this skirt and many sized down, based on other reviews and were glad they did.

Things I am reading often enough in the reviews of all of these skirts are:
  • Women feel these are high quality
  • Quite pleased with them
  • They wear them often! 

Me, I am hoping to get the red one at the top sometime soon, and a nice pair of tan to camel ankle booties to go with them…

Some Highly Rated Blouses and Tops

I like the unusual neckline of this poly / rayon / spandex top, which also comes in black!
 Ooh La La Lady Top in Cherry 
ModCloth suggest wearing it with a slitted pencil skirt and I figure this is just for starters! It gets excellent reviews from full figure women up to size 3X too!

This sleeveless button down sheer blouse comes with this bow. According to at least one reviewer; The bow is a butterfly print ribbon and her favorite way to wear it is as a belt!
 Got to Butterfly Top 
It gets excellent reviews from women who wear sizes up to 3X and 4X, one of which had to adjust the armholes by adding darts, and she gives it 5 stars!

Not Exactly Highly Rated, But
If this blouse is in their Most Loved, it is way down there. They just do not have many blouses. However women who like it really like it, and some of them are wearing sizes up to 4X!
 It's Bow or Never Blouse 
This has no stretch; it is a polyester zipper back blouse. I think the fitted style with the right skirt or slacks would look great on women of many shapes. As long as it fits perfect. What do you think?

One thing I love about ModCloth’s reviews are the selfies women share in them and below the descriptions of many styles.
Helps give us really good ideas about:
  • How the styles that have this fit various women
  • Different ways to wear these fashions! 

I like browsing ModCloth, but it is one of the few places I tend to stay Much Longer than I should…

They do have an Vast Collection of plus size Dresses!

Gotta find those booties now…!



Saturday, July 19, 2014

Extra 25% Off Igigi Final Cut Sale Styles

I just found this get Igigi discount today! Igigi, if you are not familiar, has beautiful, yet price, dresses, gowns and more all designed exclusively for full figure women!

They have many waist accenting style, which does wonders to flatter our figures. How this is so is nicely pointed out in their blog’s The Importance of the Plus Size Fit and Flare Dress post. They also have more subtle styles. I will show a little of both below.
IGIGI.com | Additional 25% Off Final Cut Category. Shop Now>

Fit & Flare Igigi Dresses on Sale $70 to $85

Using that link above, I found, among the many beautiful dress and other styles, these two examples of their “fit and flare” dresses, both on sale, which means sizes are limited…

This Lynette sweater dress in teal is down to sizes 12, 14/16 and 30/32 now for $69.49.
Lynette Plus Size Sweater Plus Size Casua...
Need a non-fussy yet polished piece to be your go-to for this season? The Lynette Dress... [More]
Price: $112.00
Sale: $69.49
It has one excellent review, which says: She never had so many compliements…

While a bit pricier, even on sale, this Leah Dress is a better example, flare wise, than the next one. It is down to 12, 14/16 and 26/28 and on sale for $84.49.
Leah Plus Size Casual Dress
With an exotic border print skirt and silhouette cinching high-waistband, this dress is... [More]
Price: $128.00
Sale: $84.49
This dress has 3 five star out of its current four reviews so far.

While not much on flare, but I had to show it because of its unique belt style. So I love interesting belts…

Their Larimar Dress in Topaz, on sale for $67.49 is down to sizes 26/28 and 30/32 and has a 4.5 star review average.
This is just a picture of this style in its Topaz color. 

It also comes in an amber print, which is on sale for $59.49, no reviews yet all sizes are available, 12 to 32!
Larimar Plus Size Casual Dress in Amber
Time to shape up with winter's new graphic prints! Simply chic and flattering boat neck... [More]
Price: $112.00
Sale: $59.49

There are plenty of other dresses with empire waists and varying degrees of flare skirted parts in their sale department now too!

Some More Relaxed Midriff Styles on Sale

I like the near dropped waist look of their Brooke Dress in Burgundy, now on sale for $52.49 and available in sizes 12, 14/16, 26/28 and 30/32 with a four star review average!
Brooke Plus Size Casual Dress in Burgundy
We're absolutely smitten with this origami-pleated piece! It hits the mark for everythi... [More]
Price: $122.00
Sale: $52.49

This style is also available in black for the same sale price!

I am showing this top and skirt style, because I feel this sort of outfit is worth considering for many of us.
Also, I am a longtime lover of T-shirt and a skirt dressing!

Igigi’s Natalie Skirt is down to size 26/28 on sale for $32.49 and has a 5 star average out of its 5 reviews.

This is just a picture of this skirt but the discount link above will take you to where I found it! 

Sorry about the shirt above, but I am not finding it at Igigi. It has likely sold out… 

However, their Condessa Top in Raspberry in on sale for $34.49, (it’s the same price in black too!), and down to sizes 12, 18/20, 26/28 and 30/32 and has a 5 star average out of its current 4 reviews!
Condessa Plus Size Top In Raspberry
Build up your basics with this easy-to-wear jersey boatneck top. Wear this seasonless s... [More]
Price: $68.00
Sale: $34.49

These are just a small sample of the many dresses, gowns and some separates and accessories we can find at Igigi’s Final Cut Sale Department.

We can shop this department by:
  • Price
  • Size
  • Shape 
To speed our searches.



Thursday, July 17, 2014

20% to 40% Off E.L.F. Eye Makeup that Beats the Heat

& Humidity 

New Jersey had some very humid days last and this week, which is normal. Also normal is me sweating oceans! During most of this I was wearing their Eyebrow Treat & Tame I posted about last week and their Essential Flawless Eye shadow pallet colors, I picked up at Target, for $2, I think last year and have been using ever since! The Curvy Fashionista also has some great tips for beating the heat here!

Currently we can enjoy their so affordable makeup and beauty products for up to 40% off using this Take 40% off on orders $35+. This offer is valid until 7/18 with coupon code BDAY40. Shop Now! code.

After that, we can use their Get 30% off on orders $30+ and 20% off on orders $20+ at EyesLipsFace.com! This offer is valid through Monday, July 21st with coupon code BDAY30 for $30+ or code BDAY20 for $20+. Shop Now! tiered discount!

The Three Beat the Humidity Eye Makeups

As I mentioned above E.L.F.’s Eyebrow Treat & Tame, in Ash, with additional color from their Studio Eyebrow Kit, (which I also got at Target late last year), for a more evening into night look. Both are just $3 each.

Plus their $2 four colors, comes in 7 different pallet choices, Essential Flawless Eye shadow below! This is the one I use, because it is good for both day and night!
 e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow

Beats Heat & Humidity SPF 15 BB Cream

I have been using Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Anti-Aging in light / medium.

Considering how much I sweat, and this is largely by face, neck and D├ęcolletage Sweating it works well and a little goes a long way!

Trying adn failing to make a direct lint to this BB cream at Garnier's own site I found this! Currently $10 at Amazon! I got mine for $12 + at CVS, so this is a pleasant discovery!

To me this, seems, a little dark in color when I put it on. However my much more appearance conscious 14 year old has said Not A Thing! So it is likely good.

I do not like the heavy feel of:
  • Makeup 
  • or tinted moisturizers 
  •  on my face 
The fact that I have actually used this, for several days, two times a day, in the extreme mid-day heat and humidity we had says a lot to me!

Also worth considering: The worst, in recent week’s: heat & humidity in my car in the middle of the day.
Sadly, middle of the day car trips of late cannot be avoided…

I rarely use the air conditioner because one thing my old car and I have in common is:
Repairs as needed, little maintenance…
& we are both feeling it!
I do fit in oil changes for the car, and try to fit in exercise for me, which has been shabby of late.

The poor car has not had a tune up in over 5 years.
Yeah, when someone like me can afford makeup by anyone, it means something!

The upshot of this BB cream with its only SPF 15 protection is that even out in the middle of the day, I did not get so much as pink!

Pros and Cons: Shopping E.L.F. Target vs Online

Online has the better selection and discounts
  • If they have what you want
  • Especially if you happen to be there anyway
  • Is a great place to try or pick up just one thing
  • provided they have it and in your shade. 
Either way E.L.F. make up is excellent to use and light on the check book!



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Extra 30% Off Clearance Full Figure Bras

Until the end of tomorrow we can enjoy an extra 30% off clearance plus size and large cup bras, and more, with Bare Necessities’ Extra 30% off discount code on their pages!

Many, if not all of the DD+ bras I wrote about previously on sale at Bare Necessities are included in the 96 dd cup and larger bras at this sale.

Here is a look at some of the Chantelle, Parfait, Le Mystere and Goddess bras in their 34

Clearance Plus Size Bras at Bare Necessities

This highly rated Chantelle Basic Invisible T-shirt bra is available in the 32 to 40B to F size range, on sale for $53.99, before the Extra 30% Off!  

This is one of several Parfait by Affinitas bras at this sale. 
This one is available in the 30 to 40D to G size range on sale for $38.99, before the Extra 30% Off!

This is another of those available in the same size range and on sale at $33.99!  

 Le Mystere’s Endurance Maximum Control Convertible Sports Bras are just $28.99 at this sale. Sizes are down to 32, 36, 38 and 40B and C for these highly rated bras. That is 50% off before the extra discount!

This wire free Goddess bra is available in some sizes 38 to 50B, C and D for $31.99.  
Which brings up the sizes have become limited in many styles issue.

Browse this sale by you size to save time. Be aware, when browsing Bare Necessities, they tend to give Sister Sizes in our searches as well as the ones we asked for.

Check out The Butterfly Collection’s explanation and chart of these their Sister Sizing post!



Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Get 50% Off Everything at E.L.F. TODAY

E.L.F. makeup and beauty supplies are so inexpensive to begin with. They are also excellent quality beauty products. I use them daily, not just because they are usually around $3. Actually less because I have yet to purchase them without one of their discounts!

10/9/15: Updated this sale text link to general E.L.F. link. They always have great new deals! Shop e.l.f. Cosmetics now!

My Favorite & Daily E.L.F. Eye Makeup

I have felt eyebrow envy all my life. Then my hair turned grey...
Needless to say I do not like being seen without my eyebrows colored.

Now, thanks to E.L.F., I do not have to!
I love using their Eyebrow Treat & Tame below. 
The Treat part is clear, the brush just perfect for tidying up my eyebrows, when I am too lazy to scrub my face. 
Then I use the, (in my case Ash color), for day color & it is perfect all day! All for $3!
Then for evenings and night I like to add a bit more color with their e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit below, also just $3!
This even works in the summer heat and humidity!
I sweat A LOT! 

Previous to E.L.F. I enjoyed Anastasia’s Brow Wiz, Great stuff, but $21.
I am a single mother,
who does not get child support, so…

I tried other, drug store variety, eyebrow pencils, and ended up slightly more broke, and varying degrees of disappointed.

So yes, I do enjoy these two E.L.F. beauty products most days of every week. For $6, (less really as there is always a discount!), to me personally, this is their best deal ever.

I also use their quick drying top coat for my nails, (approx. every other day), which is $2, and dries quick no matter how many layers of it, (& other nail polish), I apply it to the top of.

If you have not tried E.L.F. makeup and beauty products, this is an excellent opportunity to try them for even less!

I do,

Updated, a bit, 10/9/15

Monday, July 07, 2014

New Flowing Chiffon and More Trendy Plus Size Fashions

& up to 40% Off, but that ends just before midnight tonight

Sealed with a Kiss, (SWAK), has new styles and a tiered discount! 25% off purchases of $100, 35% Off $150 and 45% off orders of $250.

They have more new trendy plus size clothing styles than just the dresses shown in their video below too! Also SWAK always has this We provide FREE Standard Shipping on ALL orders that total up to $40 or more, worldwide. Visit SWAKDesigns.com. No coupon needed. policy and up-to-the-minute-styles in sizes up to 6X or 34/36, which is always nice!

We can find more new:
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Tops
  • Jeggings
  • Capri pants 
  • and Cardigans 
in new arrivals there now too!
I am partial to their new Helena Handkerchief dress in the video.

Two New Styles Not in the Video

I also think their new Louisa Maxi Skirt, a comfy knit jersey that comes in four colors Louisa Maxi Skirt 
and their Eleanor Chiffon Blouse, which comes in blue, as well as black
 Eleanor Chiffon Blouse  
Would be excellent, comfy and versatile additions to almost any woman’s wardrobe! 

What do you think?