Thursday, August 30, 2007

Becky, Panache and Fantasie appear to measure cup sizes equally

As it happened, the one Fantasie bra I do have, the 4500, I purchased while I was trying to figure out my cup size, So I ended up with a 38G. And I still wear it, as well as my Le Mystere Full Fit Dream Tisha. They don’t fit quite right for what I found to be my real size, but they’ll do for lots of days, till they wear out!

Now according to the aptly named Bigger Bras online store, and I feel they may well be right, Fantasie and Panache bras are cup sized equally. If you take this:

Then select the “Fitting Help” link to the near top right of their home page.
You can see the chart, it’s rather long, comparing measurements for cup sizes to different manufactures.

They have it there, in the chart, and a bit further on down the page, that Fantaise, Panache, Freya and Fauve are all, cup size wise, equal.

Bigger Bra’s cup size chart has it that the Le Mystere Full Fit bra I’m wearing at the moment, in a 38G, as 2 cup size inches smaller than a Fantasie or Panache bra. And this seems to be correct.

My own experience, as I do not have a Fantasie and Panache bra in the same size can be described using these pictures, I think.

Now I actually wear the Fantasie 4500 seamless pictured below. Except, because mine is a 38G, and I really needed a 36HH, it fits just like the picture, but with several inches of cleavage, pushing the underwires outward away from my breast bone. Still leaps and bounds above putting up with sizes like 40DD, and the like, before I ever saw a size chart, or knew cup sizes went above E!
And with all the extra weight I put on this bra, it’s not made for HH cup size breasts, it’s holding up well!

Fantasie of England Molded Seamless Cup T-Shirt Bra 4500

Because I wear this bra below, Panache’s Super Bra 3251, in my real bra size if fits just like the picture. Super!

Panache SuperBra Tango II Underwire Balconette Bras 3251

It’s a very nice full coverage bra, loads of support, but not seamless. Me, I need a seamless, I wear lots of t-shirts.

Another Panache bra I purchased recently fits a tiny bit different. Their new Harmony bra pictured below fits me very well. But unlike the above supper bra it’s lower cut and it really pushes my breasts UP!

If you click on it’s picture it’ll take you to Figleaves, an excellent store for large cup sized bras, but if you shop at Bigger Bras, you can get the 15% off using the current bra15 code till Aug. 31st. After that, you can check back here for the next 15% off code I get. Either way, Bigger Bras almost always has a 10% off code posted on, at least the home page of, their site.

I’m still kicking my self for getting the above bra in black, as I don’t wear a lot of black or dark colors.

Now if they's just make a seamless bra in that shape, WOW!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Your welcome Becky! Glad you’re enjoying Bra Sized Swimwear too!

Yeah I did not know bra sized swimwear existed either till I started researching Swimwear for this site and full figure bras for this one.

Most of my life swimsuits made my breasts look like speed bumps. And that’s if they fit in the suit at all. I don't miss it.

I just think it’s great having swimsuits that make a full busted women’s breasts look like breasts. And not worrying about them slipping out as you swim, dive or play in the waves. Finally!

I was having a time of it figuring out my actual cup size, when I worked this out. On my way to figuring out my cup size, I ended up buying a Fantasie one piece swimsuit. And then this year, because I really wanted a two piece swimsuit, I got a Fantasie underwire tankini. Here’s a link to my wearer’s comparison of these two swimwear styles. I’m still making due with a G, rather than HH cup swimsuits, but they are still a whole lot better than any of my previous bathing suits. I love underwire support.

I wish I knew about fuller busted bras and bra sized swimwear years ago. I use to think bra cups only went up to E. Because, if I was really lucky, I could sometimes find E cup bras, but usually either D or DD cup bras at department stores. I did not even know there was such a thing as bras with cup sizes F, G, H, HH, all the way up to K!

Now I can not only swim and be in a bathing suit that looks good, I don’t have to put up with worring about my breast spilling, or getting a pain in the neck from halter ties and breaking, groove in shoulder style swim top straps!

I love bra sized swimwear and am glad you enjoy it too!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Plus Size and Bra Sized Swimwear Sales!

Well I’m nearly always going on about saving money and sales here on full figure bras and clothing. And I totally forgot to mention the swimwear sales. Well I should have mentioned the women’s plus size swimwear sales starting last month. But there are still plenty of swimsuits on sale! I post the stores with the most at the top of the home page, in the right column here.

And going fast is Juno’s sweetheart tankini top below. It was available in sizes XL to 4X on Friday. But now Junonia is already out of size 2X. To see it in solid black, also on sale for $29.95, click on this tankini top’s picture below, then select Clearance then Swimwear. But that’s only available in sizes XL, 1X and 2X now.

Sweetheart Tankini Swim Top

Also not worthy are the It Figures skirtini separates on sale at Silhouettes for just $19.99 each!

It Figures Crisscross Tankini Top & Skirt Bottom

Always for Me’s plus size swimwear is cheaper than average designer swimwear at full price. They make 3 swimwear lines. All their swim suit styles are based on years of customer feedback from plus size women, and research. I think their styles are among the most figure flattering for full figure women. Unless your like me and need an HH cup size bra. Then I doubt they’d really accommodate you.

Fortunately the stores that sell Fantasie, Freya and other bra sized swimwear are also having their sales now too! You’ll find links to those stores in the top right column of our bra sized swimwear page. You’ll find d cup and large swimwear styles in abundance at Bigger Bras! And you’ll find their current 15% off code on our bra sized page at the top right column too!

Friday, August 24, 2007

A link to the Higher end of Plus Size Fashions!

Ever see very posh and stylish plus size blog named Too Fat For Fashion?

Is part of your late summer and fall ritual is to check out the fall fashions in more magazines than you normally read through out the year? Or do you just really like high fashions? If so take the link to Too Fat For Fashion in the next paragraph.

Too Fat For Fashion, Fashions beyond sample sizes, covers lots of posh Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar and the like, clothes, beauty trends and more, for us larger women!

As well as, lately a charming plus size boutique in Brooklyn called Lee Lee’s Valise, and most recently heeled lace up Oxfords, a cute and stylish fashion trend.

Like these, tapered stacked heeled cuties. But these come in wide and extra wide widths too. And in 5 other colors at Zappos! You can click on this heeled Oxford's picture below to shop for them if you like heeled, lace up Oxfords, but need wide widths. So far these are all I’ve found, in wide widths, in this trendy style.
Annie - Darling (Brown Smooth/Brown Snake) - Women's

They qualify for Zappos free over night shipping and get excellent wearer reviews too!

Too Fat For Fashion is quite different from my save your money stuff I’m always writing about:

Techniques for saving money and making your full figure bras last longer can be found here.

How to get cheaper plus size women’s career suits on our suits and separates page And today on our home page.

My technique for finding women’s wide shoes and other wide foot wear for less here.

Ok, so I’m a single mother and I have lots of attention on saving money. Which is why, at least for me, and I imagine other women too possible, Too Fat For Fashion is a treat for the eyes and mind!

That’s probably why I often post the current plus size Baby Phat styles I like here. On the one hand I’m a shy person, and a bit tentative about wearing trendy plus size fashions. OK I’m reluctant to wear anything that might draw attention to my self. On the other had, I like designer apparel, and now it’s available for us full figure women! But I’ve got a save money, so that’s where the main bulk of my perspective goes. But still, I like high fashions, and I recommend Too Fat For Fashion to any woman who does too!

Monday, August 20, 2007

One very Beautiful and Supportive Full Figure Bra

OK Two really. One for over G cup sizes and One for B to G cup sizes
And how to get them cheaper!

Lots of online stores, at least the ones featured here are having their lingerie and intimates sales now. If you are a very full busted, plus size woman, this still tends to yield little savings in terms of full figure bras.

But if you need a plus size, or even average sized, bra with cups larger than a G cup, savings are very hard to come by.

And quality, for the best support is a must! Prices of large cup full figure bras are pretty standard. Even during this bra, lingerie and panties sale season.

If you need large cup sized bras I strongly suggest this bra purchased this way:

Panache’s Harmony underwire balcony bra comes in sizes up to 38K and 40F. And it’s a beauty! Not only pleasing to the eye, but it gives fuller busted woman, silky elegant support in black or white.

This full figure bra, lifts to the MAX, separates, supports and yet is very low cut!

This bra is available at Bigger Bras, Bare Necessities, who only has it in white, and Figleaves, and it cost $54 at all of these stores. You’ll find links to all of these sites in the right column here. Or you can go to Bigger Bras by clicking on the picture of the bra pictured below. I agree with some of the women who review this bra for Figleaves, the cups seem a tad on the small size, but it’s still incredibly beautiful, supportive and comfy.

Now here is how I got the best deal on mine, and you can too. I went to Bigger Bras, who along with Figleaves, has this bra in the widest range of sizes.
I used one of their 15% off codes!

Their current 15%off code is bra15, and it’s good till August 31st!

If you wear a plus size bra in cup sizes B to G, what you shouldn’t miss is this Le Mystere’s Carina bra pictured below.
Le Mystere Carina Seamless Underwire Bra 9155

You can shop for it at Bigger Bra, and use the discount code bra15 when you order!

I tried this on in a store once, being over a G cup, my breasts just spilt out. But it you can fit this bra that comes in full figure sizes up to 44G, This bra’s silky, yet firm, straps are pretty and out of this world silky smooth! You can get it at Bigger Bras too! In 4 colors!

I wear Panache bras, 36HH, and ½ of the time, I still wear the Fanstasie and Le Mystere size 38G bras I purchased before I tested a cup sized theory I had. Then I found that for “Lifts and Separates” HH is, for me, much better. Do you find your breast are still smashed together, not matter what bra size chart you use, and you underwires stick out between your breast? If so, give what I found out a try. You can read about it here .

Friday, August 10, 2007

Is taking Alli subscribing to a low fat diet under duress?

In case you haven’t heard, or perhaps read, Alli is a diet pill that blocks the absorption of 25% of the fat you ingest. You take one before a meal you, and eat about 15 grams less of fat in that meal. If you don’t eat less fat you apparently run a pretty real risk of sh_tting yourself. Which is to say pooping on your self. And that could happen anytime. So it’s not a one meal elective diet.

Well that is what I understood it to mean when I read about it in MSNBC’s Diet Pill Icky Side effects Keeps Users Honest.

The idea being, as if you can really plan to loose 10 pounds by dieting, using Alli, you’d loose 15 on a low fat diet.

I really don’t hold out much hope in folks loosing weight on a low fat diet. After all it would have worked so far for many more people than it has by now if it really did.

First I heard, well read, of Alli, it sounded like, well there’s a little extra incentive to eat a low fat diet.

I’ll take myself for example. My quite often breakfast. I’m concerned about cholesterol. Just a bit. I have two large breakfast nachos:
The tortilla chips have no cholesterol
The refried beans are have no fat, lots of fiber
No fat in the jalapeƱos either
The cheese has some fat, but I don’t measure and it’s likely I won’t start.
I’ve got to get to work like anyone else.

When I first heard of Alli I figured, well it’s going to block some of the no cholesterol fat in the tortillas. OK. And it’s going to block some of the cholesterol fat in the cheese. Good! Very Good! I thought this was especially as this tends to be my most often way to start the day.

Then I read the above linked to MSNB article and thought, well no. Then I’d have to take time to measure the cheese. And carefully calculate the all the other fat that gets into my diet… and go hungry when no other options are available.

As a mother I am going to be dinning on pizza at kiddies birthday parties. This is a known. I’m not going to be packing off separate meals for myself every time I leave the house with my daughter for any and every reason.

No I’m just stick with Nature Made’s CholestOff, and energetic play. At the end of the articel I read that Alli costs $45 to $55 dollar for a 20 day supply. Cholestoff is a lot cheaper than that. If I recall it’s about $11 for a 30, although it could be 60 day supply. So I have not brought it in a while. And you can rack up money off coupons on Nature Made’s website if you like too!

$45 to $55 for 20 days is a lot of ice time, I like to skate. And it’s great exercise too. Skating is likely better for one’s heart than stressing about fat contents and getting to the toilet on time. Like wise the cheese measuring would take lots of time. And that is just one meal a day for me.

At the end of MSNBC’s article a thoughtful person, same one who gave the prices, points out it’d be better to take that money and put it into better food for yourself.

He’s right! Another thing people like to put overweight people down for is eating unhealthy food. Like going hungry is healthy? When quite often, at times in many people’s lives unhealthy food is what you can afford. Chicken is no longer cheap, and neither are fruits and vegetables. Sometimes you are having the stuff that keeps the longest because that is what your schedule allows and little else.

And we are supposed to feel guilty about eating rather than going hungry?

Or pony up lots of money to take Alli and run the risk of public humiliation if we fail to “eat right”?