Thursday, November 29, 2012

20% Off Elomi, Fantasie, Goddess Bras and Intimates

Ends today

Her Room’s 20% off all Eveden intimates ends today, but it includes the above mentioned brands, Freya and other fine lingerie, which are rarely available at a discount, (except at eBay stores).

This is a fine opportunity to stock up on quality and best-selling favorites like Elomi’s Caitlyn bras and ever so comfy Hermione bras pictured below.

This bra appears smooth under tight knits, even with the pretty lace over its side support panel. Its straps are very comfy and it is available in sizes 34G to HH, 36 to 40DD to HH, 42DD to H, 44DD to GG + 46DD to FF in fawn, charcoal and its newer navy color below, at 20% off today!

About some of these Eveden Bra Brands

  • Elomi and Goddess are designed just for us full figure women! 
  • Goddess bras come in small and large band and cup sizes, 34 to 44B to N, 46B to M, 48B to L, 50B to K, 52 and 54B to H and 56B to G 
  •  Elomi bras come in a less broad range of sizes, 34 to 48D to K. They provide comfort and excellent support in beautiful bras that usually have a four section, (classic 3 section, with an additional side support panel) cups. 
  •  Fantasie bras were designed for women who are full busted, yet not necessarily full figured otherwise. They have some beautiful and supportive styles and come in B to K cup sizes up to band width 44. Their award winning Smoothing T-shirt bras below come in sizes up to 30 to 34H, 36GG, 38G and 40F in nude and black.
  • While Freya bras only comes in sizes 28 to 40C to K, they have many beautiful bras in full figure sizes, and if you like fresh styles and colors in your lingerie wardrobe, their styles are well worth browsing! This is one of their newer long line bras. It is a style that seems to be unique to Freya and I am one full figure woman who could easily imagine what this long line style might be able to do for me!

Bras, panties and other intimates by the above-mentioned and other Eveden brands are on sale at Her Room.

This sale ends today, so enjoy this relatively rare event to stock on favorites and / or try new styles while it’s on!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

50% Off + Free Shipping Lands End Outerwear Sale

Lands End has coats and more to keep you warm and dry in sizes up to 3X, (up to 26W, or bust 54”). They have beautiful down coats and breathable shell, squall parkas, stadium, wool, commuters and trench coats on sale now at up to 50% Off.

They have down vests, leggings, thermals and more, (read below about more and Free Shipping details) at this outerwear sale, in their Plus Size size range section!

This, normally $199 best selling down coat comes in 6 other colors, and is available in sizes 1X to 3X, and is just $139.30 at this sale! It is even less in size XL, (chest 44”)! Click on its picture to browse it and Lands End’s Outerwear sale!
 Women's Plus Size f(x)  Down Coat - Bright Magenta, 2X

You can shop by Size Range, there are currently 66 outerwear styles in their Plus Size section at this sale. Their Average, Tall and Petite sections go up to size XL and cost a bit less!

You can shop by temperature ranges;
  • Warm 5 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Warmer -15 to 5F 
  • Warmest -40 to -15F 
They also have pull overs, squall pants, with and without bibs, think ski pants.

The Free shipping is on orders of $50 or more, and you will need its code, found across the top of their pages.

I do not know when this sale ends, so if you need quality outerwear to keep you warm and dry, act soon!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

25% Off, almost No Exclusions, Today Only at Bare Necessities

Today you can get Fantasie, Freya, Elomi, and Freya bras at 25% off at Bare Necessities!

Even Panache and Chantelle are not excluded from their current sale offer, that ends at the end of today.

Just click on this highly rated Fantasie bra today and you will find the discount code across the top of their pages.

There is a link to the details of the discount at the right side of the discount banner.

Enjoy this rare opportunity to shop Bare Necessities great selection of fine intimates with hardly any excluded brands while it lasts!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Va Bien Bras 20% Off Today, 15% Off + Free Shipping until 11/19

Her Room also has, (until 12/11/12), a $20 Gift Cert for You, that You CAN Give as a Gift, on US orders of $100 and up

Va Bien has many highly rated full figure bras, and many of them are strapless! Va Bien’s Ultra Lift Convertible Strapless bras are among Bare Necessities’ Top 12 bras of All Time actually comes in sizes 32C to I, 36B to I, 38B to H, 40B to G, 42B to F, 44B, C and D and 46B, C and D at Her Room and B and C at Bare Necessities.

Today you can click on this bra’s picture and find it, and other find Va Bien intimates, at 20% off at Her Room! This strapless bra is $46.40 today and highly rated by full figure women reviewers!

Tomorrow you can still get it at 15% off at Bare Necessities, with Free Shipping! Va Bien is one of the many qualifying brands I mentioned in the previous post of 11/13/12!

Another highly rated Va Bien style is their Ultra Lift Longline convertible Bustier. You may have seen this bustier in Fitness magazine.

This style gives you firm control at your waist, hips and tummy. It has a special support system that has earned it high ratings for years now.

Click on its picture to learn more about it in Her Room’s excellent description and enjoy it at 20% off today, or the Bare Necessities discount until the 19th, as they have this Va Bien style too!
Both Her Room and Bare Necessities have more Va Bien bra, bustier and body briefer styles!

Please Note:
While Bare Necessities does not mention this, Her Room suggests, in the their Tomima’s Tips, (Tomima Edmark is the founder of Her Room):

Regarding the Strapless styles I have looked at, such as those two above, and more feminine in styles ones as well:

Consider going up a band size and down a cup size if you are full in the midsection with these strapless bras. For instance, if you wear a 36C, consider ordering the long line style above in a 38B size, or you might want to consider getting Va Bien 104 Bra Extender, in case you would rather go with your usual size, but lack the time to wait on a possible exchange for the suggested size difference…

This sizing difference does not come in in Va Bien’s Classic Full Figure Bra # 660, (Yep! That is its name!), below. This bra comes in 38 to 44C to H, 46C to G, 48C to F, 50C to E and 52C and D. This pretty bra comes in solid black and black with red swirl embroidery accents, very dramatic, compared to this pretty look below.

It also comes in a variety of other versions, including with attached body suits and a Strapless, (in sizes up to 32 to 42DD).
The strapless style in this collection does not mention a sizing concern!

These Va Bien bra styles above have been around and gotten excellent reviews for years. If I ever get down to their size range,

I would love to try their styles and this 20% off deal is a great way to do that.

An equally great way to be ready for formal and summer gowns and dresses!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

15% Off + Free Shipping Figure Bras and more

Use Bare Necessities’ 10% off text link to your right, and down a bit, until 11/19 and you will find their 15% Off with Free Shipping deal!

Even though the usual exclusions apply,(read more about those at the bottom of this post), you can still enjoy this discount on great bras styles.

Most of Bare Necessities’ Top 12 bras of All Time, are full figure bras, and most, like the Le Mystere bras, are not excluded from this offer!

Strangely, while Elomi, Fantasie and Freya are excluded, Goddess bras, apparently, are not. This is a bit strange as they are all made by Eveden

So you can get these highly rated Goddess Keira bras at 15% off and free shipping. Bare Necessities has them in sizes up to 36 to 42N, 44L and 46K, in four colors for $42.
If you are confident of your size in this bra style I am finding them, New, with Tags at Buy it Now, rather than bid prices, starting at $24, (in the underwire version, less in the soft cup) at eBay stores.

You can use this Goddess Keira bras link to browse the, (362, and they have more colors too), underwire, long line and soft cup styles they currently have. I recommend this if you are confident of your size in this bra style.

Parfait by Affinitas bras and bra sized, underwire baby dolls are some other interesting, and often highly rated, bras and intimates, this discount is good on!

While its only review so far suggests the cup sizes might run a tad small, the other underwire baby doll Bare Necessities has by this brand has excellent ratings. This one comes in black, white and this purple color in sizes 30 to 40D to G!
This Betsey Johnson hoodie short robe, designed to fit and flatter full figure women in sizes 1X and 2X, (because that is what is left), does qualify for this discount!

To help us get workout ready, Le Mystere’s new and highly rated high impact underwire sports bra below also qualifies! These are on sale in their heather grey color, (still available in that color in a variety of sizes up to 38F), at 31% Off! These bras alos come in white, black and natural in sizes 32 to 40B to G!

If you need pretty large cup size bras, this is great opportunity to get a discount on Curvy Kate bras, and panty, styles too!

These highly rated Curvy Kate Lottie bras are now $50, down from $72 and this discount applies to them too! They are still available in sizes 32D to J, 34D to K, 36D to JJ, 38D to K and 40D to K in white with pink accent, black with pink and midnight blue with black accents.
One of the women who reviews this tells us this is a wardrobe must have!

OK! That was just a small sampling of some styles that qualify for this 15% off with free shipping offer.

Bare Necessities' Exclusions

Usually when Bare Necessities has discounts with exclusions you can find them at the lower right of their discount banner. Usually you just click on the link to “Details” to view them. That is where you will find them this time too!

Take advantage of these sales combined with discounts and free shipping where you can!

They have about 125 sleepwear styles in full figure sizes and nice pajamas and robes make good gifts, because we often do not by nice sleepwear for ourselves…
I mean, I don't. Do you?

Friday, November 09, 2012

The Price is Right Urban Fashion T-shirts

I am basically a jeans and t-shirts person, for day to day, even a skirt and t shirt type for some office jobs. Having said that, I am always on the lookout for a nice, or interesting, t-shirt at a good price.

That is what I am finding today at Dr. Jays, who has a 30% off cold weather shop and a 20% off any order discount code at the top center of their pages. Dr. Jays has a wide selection of urban fashions in full figure sizes, shoes and accessories!

This Rocawear fitted T has nothing but 5 star reviews and one of those women tell us every plus size lady should have one of these. They are still available in sizes 1X, 2X and 3X, and are on sale now for $10, and that is before the 20% off discount!
I like the simplicity of this style and it goes with almost anything where you can get away with just wearing a t shirt and the bottoms of your choice, all year!

This is one of Basic Essentials’ twists on your average T shirt, purple, for $7.99, all sizes 1X to 3X. The same shirt is $8.99 in blue and $7.99 in pink!
 In case you have not guessed, I like my t-shirts under $10. I am willing to pay more, and usually have, but I gotta consider what I see for less than $15. I am used to having plenty on hand.

Dereon has some under $10 tees in full figure size, and so does Apple Bottoms, but as I have two dark brown jackets, my attention is draw to this stunning orange crew neck one, already down to sizes 1X and 2X, but also down to $18.99, before the discount!

They have this in white too, for $14.99, but as a woman who doubts her ability to keep any apparel white, and two brown jackets…

This Coogi black tee is just $14.99 in black, and $11.99 in this watermelon like color, but down to sizes 1X and 2X…I can see how it might work for me, but I kind of prefer a bit more length on a t shirt, but still…

An older Apple Bottoms Dress 

I came across this sexy Apple Bottoms clubbing dress at eBay today. If you want to find out about getter older urban wear at eBay check out our article about it here. If you want to learn about getting bras for less at eBay stores you can learn about that here.

You can go straight to this dress, while it lasts, using this New With Tags, in sizes 2X and 3X, $64.99 at Buy it Now prices at eBay stores link.

This is just a couple of pictures of it.

I am hoping to resume my weekly search of new, interesting trendy styles and old, equally unique urban fashions for us at eBay stores!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

20% off Beautiful Full Figure Bras and more

Figleaves is a great place to find new, and favorite, full figure, as well as GG+, bras, basques, panties and other intimates.

If you use their 15% off Figleaves Customer favorites, (That offer is good until 11/13 at 5:59pm) link, and scroll down, looking to your left you will find their 20% off Pour Moi? Deal!

Pour Moi? has already reasonably priced lingerie! Naturally at a discount it’s even better! They have some beautiful full figure, and some large cup, styles too!

This is just a picture of one of their styles included in this discount. This underwire basque has excellent reviews, comes in a purple color too and in sizes 32 to 44B to F! This lingerie style in now just $42 with this discount!

The problem is, I do not know when their Pour Moi? Offer ends…

This unique underwire bra looks a bit less unique in its purple, with contrasting red ribbon; however, I find it unique, in appearance at least, as shown below in its black color. Both versions are just $24 and the black is available in sizes 32 to 40D to G.

Let’s face it, $24 is a nice price for a pretty full figure bra and Pour Moi has lots of them, with matching panties available, in sizes up to 18.

The 15% Off Customer Favorite Offer

includes 40 bra styles by:
  • Fantasie
  • Chantelle
  • Panache
  • Triumph
  • and Lejaby. 

If you select Plus Size, rather than Full Figure from their Style search in the left column of their pages, you will find:

  • 75 bras, from the same brands as in Full Figure
  • some panties 
  • and some Figleaves night wear, (thing lounge or sleepwear) styles 
  • and one, highly rated, Double Comfort cotton / lycra top by Sloggi in sizes 32, 36, 38 and 40… 
 Figleaves Also has a 20% off Curvy Kate offer and their offers are always worth checking out!

As is their new Christmas shop!

A great place to get gift ideas, and maybe even some gifts, early! So you can relax and enjoy the holiday season ahead!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Returnable Final Sale, Clearance Priced Bras and more

Until 11/9/12 you can enjoy excellent clearance prices on highly rated full figure and large cup sized bras, and more, and still be able to return these styles within 15 days of shipment from Her Room!

You will find 17 pages of full figure intimate styles at this sale! This includes plenty of beautiful, highly rated full figure and large cup size bras.

You will find Elomi’s highly rated Susie plunge bras for just $35 in their Chinese red and sapphire colors, in sizes up to 36H, 38, 40 and 44FF, 42GG and 46DD!

These are great bras! I wear them myself and Her Room’s returnable clearance deal is a great price and way to try them!

With these bras, I would suggest, if you are in doubt about your bra cup size, go up a cup size rather than down.

These bras give us excellent lift and support and are beautiful all at the same time! You will find these beautiful Panache Cleo Alexa balconnet bras for just $40 in sizes up to 38J in this clearance sale too!

20% Off discount styles at Her Room

I do not know how long this will run for, but currently they are having several 20% Off select styles in different brands:
  • Parfaits by Affinitas, 11 full figure bra styles
  • Felina, 3 bra styles, all for $29
  • 3 each Cuddl Duds full figure leggings and long sleeve tops, just $24 and $26

Her Room is an excellent online store to do business with, and these sale prices make it easy to try new styles and stock up on our favorite intimate styles!