Saturday, July 01, 2006

A brief review of an excellent plus size women’s stylish clothing store

I’m wearing their clothes now. I love them. And now YOU can enjoy their great style, quality and comfort with Free Shipping till July 12th. Go to the link "here" in the next paragraph. It'll take you to the page where The free shipping link to the store is.

Silhouette’s online store. An exclusively plus size women’s fashionable clothing store. You can see several of their plus size dresses, suits and other apparel here. On any main page at anytime these last few months. And likely in the months to come, no doubt. Because now I’m wearing them and I look and feel a whole lot better!

They carry great, figure flattering and stylish pants and skirt suits in their “Ensembles” section. plus size dresses, even little black dresses. Made to make you look great. Comfortable too. I know because I wear two of them now.

They have lovely and stylish shirts, blouses, pants, swim wear, shoes and accessories. And right now you can enjoy their excellent apparel made for us bbw with free shipping. Just take that link in the first paragraph here.

Some things I could tell you about buying from them. Their apparel is cut a bit large. No problem really. For instance, I’m usually a size 2X. Right now I’m wearing one of their size XL sized twist on the same old t-shirt style. They have plenty of dressed up T-shirts. I’ve got plenty of room to spare! That goes for their dresses and skirts too. Order a bit on the small size, you’ll still look great and have lots of room to move.

You might become join their “Frequent buyers club”, I did after my first order. Do not be alarmed that the 10% off does not show up on your online invoice when you order online. For some reason their web site lacks the capacity to do this. But you will be charge 10% less.

So feel at ease when you order from Silhouettes. I ordered on This Thursday, the 29th of June. My order arrived today, July 1st. Yes 2 days. That’s standard shipping. So DO NOT bother with extra shipping fees when the above free shipping offer expires.

Me, I just ordered a sorely needed swim skirt this morning. Mine is getting holey. I can’t wait! I most likely won’t wait long. Meanwhile Silhouettes is helping me take t-shirt dressing to a much more appealing level!

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