Sunday, August 31, 2008

More sources of Women’s Blazers in Petite sizes

This Old Navy banner below is just entrance to 3 stores featuring women’s petite and tall sized fashions. However their fit guides say that these petite fashions narrowed shoulders and higher armholes as well as shorter body and sleeve lengths. And that is just with regard to women’s blazers. So if you really need more room in the shoulders, you might want to shop the plus size stores featured on our women’s suits page.

The Old Navy store it will take you to first has trendy and classic styles in tall and petite sizes 0 to 20!

One you click on this banner you’ll see Petite and Tall, as well as Plus at the top of the left column.

Now if you look at the very top of the screen, you see The Gap and, the somewhat pricier, Banana Republic. Both have sizable Women’s Petite and Tall boutiques, as does Old Navy. Sadly, none of these 3 stores give us the length of each piece of clothing the way Silhouettes does. But if you are less than 5’4”, you are assured at all three, petite is the way to go.

Finding petite women’s clothing at these stores is much easier than searching through to find it at Lane Bryant’s. And still have the least expensive petite women’s clothing I’ve seen so far. But the petite women’s styles at Old Navy, the Gap and Banana Republic are very stylish!

Old Navy’s come in sizes up to the afore mentioned 20, while the Gap has, blazers up to size 16 and Banana Republic has jackets up to size large, which based on the size chart I’ve found there so far, could be a size 10 or 12.

I will be looking into this further, I have just started to scope out these stores. Old Navy seems to have the widest petite size range and if you are looking for women’s blazers in petite sizes there, their Wear to Work section has some as well as a nice classic pencil skirt, us petite women might finally not have to hem up(!), at very nice prices!

AquaMarine: I hope this helps and that you are doing well and have not been hard hit by the weather. Best Wishes, Anne

Friday, August 22, 2008

Petite lengths in Women’s Blazers, & I’ll be looking further into that AquaMarine

I know what you mean! Not only is it hard to get a good length, but because of the boobs, I have shirts that are very noticeable longer in the back than front. I doubt any clothes maker, aside from some styles of shirts I saw at Bravissimo, will account for that!

As it happens, Silhouettes has a knit jacket I have featured at the top of our Women’s Suits page. But it is 32”, at least Silhouettes tells us the length of many of their apparel styles. I ordered and sent back because it was just about knee length on me, (I’m 5’ 1 ½”), a tunic that was 32” long. Strangely, while they do have their notched collar women’s blazers in 3 lengths, they do not tell us what those lengths are! That is one thing I’ll be looking into next week. Because I like a longer jacket, I ordered mine in an average length. But I sent in back, and did not measure it. It did not strike me as too too long, as the 32” tunic did.

So with that in mind here are two styles of Silhouettes of sweater and jacket with sweater sleeves, both shorter than the 32”, that on me is dress length!

This suede knit jacket is 30” long and has rib knit sleeves!
Suede/Knit Jacket

This asymmetrical sweater is 31” long. It’s on sale now and currently available in sizes XL and 1X
Asymmetrical One-Button Cardigan

Silhouettes has lots of new cardigan styles too at the moment. I also recall seeing suits, blouses and dresses in petite sizes at Lane Bryant. I’ll look into this further next week. In the meantime, have a great weekend!
Lane Bryant Catalog (Arizona Mail Order)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

One exquisitely Soft jacket is back in Women’s Suits!

This is one of the women’s blazers I tried last spring when I was trying to revamp my business attire. When it arrived I was struck by how it was so very soft! Both the jacket’s exterior and its lining. I want a bath robe as soft as this jacket. No kidding this suit jacket is that soft! This is Silhouettes’ Notched Collar Jacket. It is washable and comes in average, tall and petite lengths, as does the matching flat front pants!
Notched-Collar Jacket

These blazers come in Silhouettes generously cut sizes 12W to 26W. They also carry this jacket, and pants, in average length in sizes 28W to 42W. This year they come in black and taupe. Last year they had this jacket in more colors. If you find it too pricey but can’t deny how handy a washable, classic suit jacket would be in your wardrobe; look for it in Silhouettes’ Outlet store in the spring. I’ll be doing that myself. So, in theory, when it hits the Outlet store, I will post that here!

I returned the one I got in the spring because, when they last posted this jacket, they did not mention the “faux” pockets. I still have a thing for pockets. I hope to have a thing for handbags come spring. Also, for my self, the back was too large. But that could be easily handled with shaping darts. I’m working on the assumption I will get my sewing machine out of the attic this winter. But if you need a bit of roomy, not fitted back, this jacket is great! If you like the belted look, this blazer would drape beautifully!

I’m not a slacks girl or I’d have the matching flat front pants by now. I’m hoping they make a matching pencil or A-line skirt to go with this, just because I’d love to way the fabric feels! Did you ever here of the expression, “so soft you can pull it through a napkin ring.”? Well I would think something a little bit larger than a napkin ring for a jacket. But you get the idea right?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Freya’s Clarissa large cup bras & yes AquaMarine some women seem to have a problem with accepting cup sizes over DD, with several ill effects

These Freya large cup bras come in 2 size ranges. Both are currently less expensive at Bare Necessities. If you click on this bra’s picture, it’ll take you to Figleaves. For the maximum savings on these bras take the Bare Necessities 10% off Full Figure Bras banner! Both size ranges of these pretty Freya bras come up there. You can find them fast by shopping by brand for Freya. Bare Necessities calls the larger cup size range Full Cup, but it is a Balcony bra!

Figleaves does have the matching boy short and thong and these full figure bras in both cup size ranges, D to G and GG to J. Bare Necessities has the matching bikini panty.

While these full busted bras are not nicely seamless like the Elomi one I wrote so much about lately, they do seem to have very fine seams. I find the combination of the white print cups and dark amethyst with what looks like black trim at the bottom of the bra band a bit challenging. I guess you wear these bras under apparel you are 100% confident is completely opaque? Or as alluring lingerie! Either way I thought these bras and panties were pleasantly unique. If I could afford strictly pretty wear undies I sure would be interested in trying this bra on!

AquaMarine: I hope the tropical storm has past your area and that you and yours are well. If we are getting much news about the Tampa area up here, I’ve been missing it. So I hope all is well.

I really don’t miss those 40DD days at all. The Vanity Fair issue must have been pretty infuriating. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that when we see a lack of large cup bras at the department stores near to us, I believe it may be the store buyer, rather than the manufacturer whose is to blame. When it comes to chains of department stores like JC Penny, Macy and the like; who knows what styles and sizes to buy might even be dictated by the company its self, rather than our local branches. I don’t know about that sort of thing. It is really just a guess.

I used to go to the up to the primary school here to pick up my daughter with a certain group of women everyday. One day I was enthusing about finally finding a bra whose cup size really fit me pretty well. My first Panache Tango II in an HH cup. It could be I should have refrained from enthusing about there actually being an HH cup size bra. But even my daughter was enthused because for the first time she was not getting poked by underwires sticking out when she hugged me! Now bear in mind all of us in this group are a bit over weight, as in noticeably plus size in stature. One lady looked at the other; it was just the 3 of us that day, and said: “There is no need for anything over a DD cup size.” And the other agreed.

Not only did this actually hurt my feelings, it may give credence to what you pretty much suggest that some, if not many, women might actually feel that there is something wrong with having breasts larger than a DD cups. It’s sad in terms of size acceptance. To say nothing of the amount of discomfort some women are likely in. And it’s pretty crummy that other women, like those two I don’t walk with anymore, are willing to put larger busted women down. Though for all I know they may need larger cup sized bras themselves.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I hope you like the way I posted your review of this Seamless Large Cup Bra. Thank you again AquaMarine!

Thank you so much for letting me post your review. I posted both your original review and the additional details for how it wears as a t-shirt bra on this Wearer's review of Elomi's Seamless Large Cup Bra! page. I included the 2nd part just because it gives one of the many details that help each woman decide whether a bra is really worth $58 or not.

For Variety's sake, pictured is this Elomi seamless large cup bra at Bigger Bra’s. Their 10% off any size order code is here in the right column. But they only carry these large cup bras in cup sizes up to H. For larger cup sizes up to K shop for this bra at Figleaves, whose text link is in this page’s right column too.
Elomi seamless large cup bras
It is nice to know I was not the only one getting the low and broad matronly look from full cup bras. But got the impression that even though this Elomi large cup bra is a full cup bra its giving you the nice, rather than matron form, lift and support.

It’s also nice to know I’m not the only woman who needed large cup bras, yet kept trying 40DD’s. I just did not know that bra cup sizes got larger. Once a sales lady at JC Penny told me that cup size did not matter. Moments later she told me she normally works in the men’s department. I pretty much gave up in despair when I felt squished by the 40DD cup bras. Then I tried a 42E I found in the store and found you could be both squished and swimming in a bra at the same time.

When I started researching full figure bras for my web site I found out about large cup bras and bra sized swimwear! It took a while to figure out my real cup size. And as we know, that changes apparently with styles and bra makers. What a relief!

So it’s likely I’ll continue to keep up with new styles of large cup bras and swimwear. I wonder how many other women out there are still wondering why they can’t get a bra that fits and don’t know that bra sizes don’t stop at what the local department store carries.

Thank you again AquaMarine! I hope you like the way I presented your review. And I hope you have a really great weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks for the Elomi Seamless Large Cup Bra review AquaMarine!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us about this, apparently, the one and only, style of Seamless Large Cup Bras available to us women who wear over a G cup size! For anyone else who just stopped in and is interested in smooth, seamless large cup bras, you can read AquaMarine's review of this bra in the reply to August 12th post here.

I just have one question:
Can I post your review, likely word for word, linked to this large cup bra’s article at my website that usually promotes, first and foremost full figure bras. Lets face it, it’s hard to make anything you wear look right if your bra does not fit right. Besides it feels bad too.

The way I see it you need not apologize for being verbose about its length. All of these large cup and full figure bras are expensive. If we can save ourselves and other women some money by being informative it’s a real fine thing!

Also thank you for your previous reply relating the fit of Freya and Fantasie bras and the strapless bustier. I’ve also noticed that balcony bras seem to have wider set straps.

I also find that, with the exception of the Tisha full figure bra, that my full coverage bras produce more a broad, low, well matron form shape. I attribute some of that to longish bra straps for my short body. Where as the balcony bras I have give a better up lift and forward projection. That, for me, is another reason why I’m real glad to hear that the Elomi bra fits like the Tisha bra!

I’ll be trying it as soon as I can! In my case, that may take a while, but many thanks just the same! I kind of think if enough women who need large cup bras by this first seamless one, perhaps that will encourage those bra manufactures to make more seamless bras in large cup sizes!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thanks AquaMarine, I’ll likely try those large cup bras too

I know what you mean about being stuck wearing dark colors because of the pretty embellishments. And it’s too hot and humid most of the summer for that in New Jersey too. The Elomi seamless Large Cup Bras should handle that. I hope to try it soon my self! Please let us know when you find out.

Strangely here in New Jersey we have been having the nicest cool, dry spell. So I’ve been able to wear my seamless Fantasie Specialty Smooth Underwire Full Figure Bra pictured below. This may be considered a large cup bra, as Figleaves measures this bra in a G cup, its largest cup size, to equal an I cup size.

Regardless I still get the underwires sticking out between the breasts with this one and the inches of smashed together cleavage that lead me to experiment with other ways to find my actual cup size. It is pretty comfy till the heat and humidity go up. Then those way too close cups make this too sweaty for comfort bra. But it was a good bra before I could figure out my cup size, and it is still a good one when the humidity is low!

AquaMarine, I also find the Panache bras fit me best in a 36 bra band and Fantasie in 34. So I am assuming I’ll find out soon when that Freya bra, made by the same people who make Fantaise, fits in the size I ordered. Naturally I noticed they are made by the same people after I ordered it. So I likely ordered a 36!

Lately I strained one of my shoulders. So that bra showed up today and will remain in that cubby over my desk until I can move my arm without pain. The doctor tells me in about 5 days. AquaMarine, do you find Freya bra band sizes to be equal to Fantasie’s or nearer to Panache bras?

Know any really good large cup strapless corsets or bustier? There might be nothing like a shoulder injury to make you want to have strapless bras, corsets and the like on hand!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Seamless Large Cup Bras up to K cup sizes AquaMarine!

Elomi is made by the same people as Fantasie, Freya, Favue and Goddess bras. They have this seamless smoothing underwire foam molded bra in cup sizes up to K. You can read about who has the widest size range, and measures for US sizes, who has the best price and which store has the most reviews for these bras on my Elomi’s Seamless F to K cup Large Cup Bras article.

As usual the cup size is the tricky part: Figleaves measures for us and gives us the US equivalent of most of these bra’s sizes they carry. So if you go by what Figleaves tells us and you need a H cup you order a FF, and for a I cup order a G and for a J cup order a GG. Well some sizes like 36, they don’t carry in a GG size. At the moment their selection of this bra in 36 goes E-F-G-H. On the other hand these bras are made by Fantaise. I wear a 36 Panache, yet in a Fantasie bra I’m swimming in a 36 and they do carry 34GG which = the J cup size I’d wear.

Yet I have a Fantasie bra in an HH cup that fits snug in the cup, but well. Figleaves measures the Panache Super Bra Tango II full figure bra in a 36J that I wear all the time to equal a US 36M. The only thing I can make of this is that bra cup sizes, and apparently even inches of bra band, vary greatly between manufactures.

So I guess the idea is to, if you are going to try this At Long Last Seamless Large Cup Bra (!!!), you’d gauge by what size Fantasie, Freya, Favue or Goddess bra fits you best? That would be my best guess.

Friday, August 01, 2008

AquaMarine, I guess a seemingly seamless is better than no where near it in large cup bra & Thank You Anonymous!

AquaMarine: I’m also glad that Bravissimo responds to our input regarding what we want in large cup bras! I wrote about my full figure bras request for changes in to bra manufactures back in April this year. It is disappointing to note I got no response from the bra manufactures themselves.

This large cup bra is $9 less as pictured below at HerRoom than even Figleaves, is cup sizes up to J!

Also if you click on this picture to get to HerRoom, then mouse over its picture there, you get a real good look at this bra. A nice feature on all products’ pictures at Her Room!

I also talked to customer service at Bigger Bras. This woman told me that manufactures do read our reviews at Bigger Bras. Perhaps that means it’s likely they read reviews at other stores too! So perhaps it is worth the effort to write them with regards to what we really want. It is also nice to help other women know the pros and cons of each bra, before we purchase. I like HerRoom for reviews because most include bra size too. This post’s pictured bra only has one review at the moment though.

Anonymous: Yes seems like a good place to meet and find likeminded dates! I’d like to look into it further, but at the moment, well I’m not looking to date. Also I believe I’m already one or two passwords past complete need-to-remember overload. But if I ever was seriously looking, it seems like an apt place to start. Good company, as you imply, would handle any real need to stress about how you dress!