Monday, January 23, 2012

Dresses on Sale and New Styles

When I think Igigi, I think dresses and gowns, but they have plenty of skirts, blouses and other styles, as well as plus size dresses at their Up to 70% OFF IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel sale! Code "SEASONFINALE12"

This is a picture of Igigi's Hepburn dress. It is still available in most sizes and one of the sale styles you will find if you take Igigi's discount link above. If you order, do not forget to use the Extra Discount Code!

Every bit as unique and appealing as Igigi are Monif C. Plus Size Fashions! I cannot do as good a job as Glen Johnson of Full Figure Plus does to introduce you to Monif C.’s 2012 styles in his Pre-Order Monif C Plus Size Spring 2012 Collection post.

Are you, like me, on a tighter budget?
Roamans has Dresses at 65% Off - Over 20 items to choose from starting at $23. Which is really not to surprising. Roamans and One Stop Plus usually have a wide selection of dresses, as well as sales and discounts. One Stop Plus’ tiered discount is back in this page’s right column again too!

Avenue has many of their new arrivals on sale. Sadly, so far, the New Arrivals dresses are not part of that select sale…However, you will find beautiful new dress styles if you browse Shop for fashion in women's sizes 14-32. The best looks of the season, including swimwear, dresses, sandals and more!

This new knot detail dress is a web exclusive new style. It also comes in black and it is a washable knit!
Avenue Plus Size Knot Detail Dress
They also have great dresses in Clearance! They even have a knit sheath dress, still available in all sizes 18 to 32 and many colors for just $20!

Dress dressing made easy on us and our wallets!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Excellent Urban Fashion Savings

In recent years, I have not much enjoyed many fall and winter urban fashion styles. Too many horizontal stripes. This year has had some great exceptions, and now many are on sale!

I want to star out by saying Dereon is having an Extra 25% Off all sale styles, and a 25% off Any One Style of Your Choice deal. So these wonderful Ts below, (just an example), are already down to $7.46, this week. If you choose, you can get yours at $5.60!

I had better because it appears my daughter will be making off with mine soon! These Ts are still available in purple in size 1X and bright white and Cherry in sizes 1X and 2X. Also, unlike some Ts, (my Gap Ts for instance), these have no nasty plastic sewn in to their shoulder seams!
This T shirt is my first Dereon purchase and I am thrilled, and so is my daughter…
Dereon has 2 new styles, this evening, in their Curvelicious section. Hey, it is a start!

They also have 2 pages of Perfect Price Styles starting at $24.99! These styles include graphic Ts, dresses, hoodies, Bermuda shorts. These are a pretty even mix women’s and full figure.

Baby Phat, whose plus size skinny jeans I love and pretty much live in, has 4 pages of 75% Off original priced items, in their Full Figure Section!!

Click on these unique Henna wash, named 'Sinner Wash Signature Skinny Jeans' to go straight to that section!
Check these jeans out in their full picture. In this deal they are just $26 and available in all sizes 14 to 26!
And hands off size 14 until I get mine! Just kidding, sort of…
You will also find a myriad of tops, blouses, dresses, for like $16, outerwear, Bermuda shorts, leggings, other jeans.

At the same time, Baby Phat has new full figure Skinny Jeans, they had me worried lately, so few recently, as well as many new dresses, crop pants, sweaters and a few halter-tops in!

The reason I CAN live, when it is under 70 degrees, in Baby Phat skinny plus size jeans is I get them either on sale, or on sale at a discount.

They are real comfy and look great!
Now is our chance to get them cheap!
I just wish they would give us a break on their super fast shipping….

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Luxury Version of Popular Panache Full Figure Bras

Panache’s Super Tango II Bras were the 2009 Undies Awards Winner for Best Overall Full Figure Bras! They come in sizes 28 - 40K, 42D-J and 44DD-FF in standard and fashions colors. They offer great support, are excellent as large cup size bras. The only problem is their fabric is a bit rigid, a tad harsh.

Now they have this Luxury Satin Version of Panche’s Super Tango II Bras!

Use this Panache Tango II Lux Bras link to go to Bravissimo. You will find these beautiful bras for just $41.34 in sizes 28 to 40DD to K!

To find them in their more usual price, so far, $59, in sizes 28 to 40D to K, 42D to J and 44DD to FF, click on this picture below to go to Her Room.

You will also find these bras in New Arrivals at Bare Necessities, for the same price, in slightly less sizes…

An obvious problem for some petite women in this new style

Looking at the back view of this style at Her Room, and this is just a picture

You can see how the slide adjustment goes down toward the bra band, rather than toward your shoulders.

Now if you look at the back picture of the standard Super Tango II here
You can see the adjustment slide goes toward our shoulders.

This is exactly the problem I, all of 5 foot 1.5 inches, had a problem with the Super Tango II Bra I first received. I think it is great that this has changed, in most bras in fact.

Hopefully, this will change with the Super Tango Luxe, because I would love to try this bra!

Bravissimo tells us that this is a 10th anniversary issue of this bra style!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

15% Off Favorite Large Cup Size bras and up to 25% off Full Figure Bras

Figleaves big sale is in its final reduction stage, and clicking on the bra at the top of our full figure bras page will still take you right to the full figure section of that sale!

Meanwhile, Bare Necessities is still having their 25% off favorite bras sale. You can take this Special offers from Bare Necessities link to it. There you can get favorite full figure bras by Playtex, Olga, Vanity Fair, Bali bras and the like.

Figleaves has just started their 15% off customer favorite bras. These include many favorite Fantasie bras, Freya, Chantelle bras and a couple of others!

Click on Fantasie’s Smoothing T-shirt bra to go to the Full Figure Section of Figleaves Customer Favorites 15% Off Sale!

You will find this favorite tee shirt bra in sizes up to 30 to 38G and 40D to F, at this sale!

Browsing around a bit at Bare Necessities new arrivals, I find I am not the only one already planning for a pleasant spring!

I am finding new bras in floral and solid color saturated pastels. Currently, New Arrivals is looking better than that grey day currently out side my window!

If you need a better view where you are at, check it out at the top left column at Bare Necessities!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plus Size Short Shorts $14, Romper $17ish

Is it July in winter? No. It is just that; yesterday I was buying styles I wanted last summer, for this summer, but on sale, with a discount!

Then I decided I was going to go ahead and get some Dereon, and possibly some Rocawear styles I want, featured on our urban fashion page, that just happen to be on sale, with discounts available, this week.

Checking out the Rocawear top I want, I noticed all the Rocawear short shorts and short rompers, as well as the Dereon short shorts, and rompers are $14 to $18 and $17 to $19. Even the Torrid short shorts are in clearance for $14ish!
Apparently all the styles I had featured on our plus size short shorts page are now $14 to $19!

Here is a Dereon romper, still available in sizes 2X and 3X I did not feature there, available today for $15!

The not so great news is most of the shorts are down to size 14…
Some exceptions are:

These Dereon Goldie shorts are still available in sizes 14, 16 and 24, today $18

Rocawear’s Linen short shorts in this olive color are available in sizes 14, 16, 18 and 24, for $14 today! They are the same price in their cornstalk color, but they only have size 14…

You can find a variety of short shorts in Clearance at Torrid, for about $15!
The style we feature on our Urban Wear and other Fashions for Full Figure Inverted Triangle Shaped Women page is still available in sizes 12, 14 and 26.

You can go directly to Torrid Clearance here:

Extra 50% Off Clearance 12/27 - 1/1

Or if you are using your script blocker use this text link to go there!
Hundreds of New Markdowns Added to Clearance! Up to 70% Off at!

Is it just me? Is it because here, in NJ, we are having the mildest winter, so far, that I can recall?

Or dose trying to pick up what you wanted last summer cheap in the winter come right before planning our gardens?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roamans’ New Prints of tunics, blouses and current Discount

I love the Roamans’ cotton blouses I got last summer, 4 different colors of a print in one plus size blouse style. They will do me well next summer, but I am planning to try more, and mix it up a bit!

Roamans’ highly rated, unique, 100% cotton gauze tunics below are on sale in its three new prints as well as its remaining prints for $30!

I like all three new prints but this is my favorite…With over 630 reviews with a 4.5 star average, and Roamans’ 30% off Highest Priced Item with code RD31065, it’s easy to find a way to try this tunic finally!

I like the fact that these are gauze, as in, if there is a breeze, it will come through to cool me off!

Sadly, Roamans’ crinkle peasant shirts are only on sale in their, (Vertical!), stripe prints, for $16, if this black rose floral below as just $15. that would be my second item to use with Roamans’ discount.

These romantic button downs come in 4 floral and 2 vertical stripe prints, the floral prints are on sale for $40. These tops have a four star average out of 101 reviews, and the general rule, per the reviews is order a size, at least, smaller & / or wear a top underneath.
I love the different neckline, and especially the longish, yet out of the way and rather forgiving, sleeves!

Suffice to say I really like Roamans print blouses, and they have nice solid ones too.

Roamans animal print tunic below is on sale, for $30 off in its red and grey colors, $20 in its brown print and comes in sizes 12W to 32W!

I have been eying up the Angelina tunics, The Gauze cotton style at the top of this post, since last summer. Some women who review them have more than one and one woman makes a point of having them in all their prints. To me this is the best praise a style can have.

  • I checked out Roamans’ Clearance
  • Where I found the leaving stock prints for $18 to $20!
  • I am going to use the above link and discount to get
  • The new print I like best on sale for $30 to $40 with an additional 30% off discount
  • and an older print I wanted on sale for $18 to $20!
Now maybe I can get myself to exercise like I am suppose to do, rather than browse and shop for the warm weather in a time like January!

Monday, January 09, 2012

60% Off Outerwear Plus A Discount

One Stop Plus is having an up to 60% outerwear sale where you will find everything from vest to long coats and cape, leather and faux fur at up to 60% Off. Actually, I found a highly rated 70% off long Jessica London long wool coat too, (see it at the top of our home page at!

Use their tiered discount, (Get $15 off $50, $25 off $75, $35 off $100 with code OSPCOUPON22), to go straight to their sale. Be sure to note to code before you go! Be ready to get your maximum savings!

This chevron coat is highly rated for warmth, comfort and flattery is on sale at $80 off at this sale!

A reviewer from North Dakota says of this coat: Stylish, Flattering and ‘Best of all I will be Warm as well as Well Dressed!’

Unless you have a better discount code from One Stop Plus stores like Avenue, Roamans and the like, it might be best to shop their excellent Clearance sale prices through One Stop Plus, so you can take advantage of the given tiered discount on those styles too.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

$17 to $20 Women’s Suit Separates!

This morning I find lots of great clearance sales you can combine with the discount codes we put in the right column of!

At the same time, there are great sales, even without extra discounts!

Currently Ashley Stewart’s Perfect suit separates are on sale for $17 to $20!

While Roamans’ still has whole women’s suits for $30, Ashley Stewart has some great suit separates, several lines of them and quite often one of those lines is on sale!

Ashley Stewart’s, (back by popular), demand One Button Blazer is on sale for $20! It is still available in grey in sizes 10 to 24 and in black in sizes 10 and 12!.
Click on Ashley Stewart’s name in the upper left corner of their pages this morning and you will find 5 pages of Clearance styles!
They include dresses, evening gowns, accessories, separates, booties and intimates too!

Also under Ashley Stewart’s Suit category, under Ashley Sport, I see most of their beautiful velour active wear is on sale at 40% OFF too!
Which means that these beautiful ruched velour jackets, (they come in grey too, in sizes up to 4X), are now just $17.70!
They have plenty of other active wear styles on sale now too!

I do not know why they are in the suit separates, except, well they can be outfits, so I guess that is it.

Unbelievably, to me anyway, Ashley Stewart, and other stores already have new suit styles in too!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Finally Affordable News in Large Cup Size Bras

If you need full figure bras in cup sizes up to H, you can find plenty on sale at Figleaves’ up to 50% Off sale. Just use click on the bra at the top of our full figure bras to go straight to their Full Figure section of that sale!

If you need large cup size bras, you can find a few

Either way it is fastest to shop by bra size, using their left column menu, once you get to the sale.

HH to J Cup Size News!

One style I did find at this sale in cup sizes up to J is Pour Moi’s highly rated St. Tropez full cup bras! These bras have a 4 star average out of 117 reviews, and come in 7 colors!

You can find these Pour Moi full figure bras for just $29.20 in its Aqua color below in a vast selection of sizes. It appears that most sizes from 30E to G, 32, 32DD to J, 34 and 36D to J, 38C to J, and 40 to 44C to G!
The pretty panties come in sizes 8 to 20 and are on sale too!

What make this NEWS rather than just a Sale

This is Large Cup Size Bras NEWS because:
  • At Full Price these bras are just $36.50
  • In standard, full price, colors, these bras come in sizes
  • 28C to G
  • 30 and 32C to J
  • 34 to 38C to J
  • and 40 to 44C to G!

I hope that Pour Moi will make more inexpensive full bust bras in the future. One style is a start.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Full Figure Bras and Fashion Sales

One Stop Plus stores, and lots of others are having Clearance Sales and some of them have discounts you can apply to those sale priced styles. You can find those discounts, or links to them, in the right column of our home page at

Bare Necessities is offering Free Shipping on any size order! If you use their Special offers from Bare Necessities link, you will find their 25% Off Favorite Bras, which include many full figure bras deal running until the 5th.

Bloomingdales is having a 30% to 50% off sale, where I found this Tahari Woman sequined top at $20 Off!

I also see Bloomingdales has;
  • Wacoal full figure bras starting at $25.20
  • full figure Ralph Lauren starting at $28.50
  • and other beautiful and comparably priced full figure styles 

in their Plus Size Sale section using a sale link like this Save 30-50% on a great selection of merchandise in Womens, Contemporary, Mens, Kids, Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry, and Accessories at Bloomingdale's! Valid 1/3/12-1/11/12 link.

I think I am going to check out this Shop Plus Size Sale Items at link too.

I am still new to finding my way around Bloomingdales. The prices I am seeing are more encouraging than a catalogue I received from them in the 1980!

Beware the make up department:
I found, and promptly went into shock, my favorite Guerlain Terracotta Loose power Kohl eyeliner;
One color only at Bloomingdales, for $140
Sephora, three possible colors, still $36 each!

Bloomingdales can still be scary, but so far I have seen really nice shoes, boots and fashions at great sale prices in the last few months. Bras too.

I guess I have to become more acquainted with their store and its sales.