Sunday, April 30, 2006

The waist cinching panties and one long torso waist cincher

Last time I wrote here I mentioned shapewear I was waiting for. I wanted to see if it would make the dress you can see in the previous post look better.

And both pieces showed up about 3 days later. One was a long torso waist cincher, the other a waist cinching panty brief. I ordered both in “nude”, what Fredericks calls “Rose Chintz”.

The dress, being one outfit, I was planning to wear these shape wear styles with is fully lined. This made wearing these shapers with it more likely. Then I had fit problems, which you can read about here. It is largely because the only full figure size these styles of shape wear do not come in. Size 1X, the one I need.

I ordered a size 2X. Which, at my largest part, is 3 inches larger than a size 1X. Both the waist cincher and waist cinching panty brief were way to large. I figure it may have been fine, fit wise for some other styles of underwear. But I guess shape wear has to be at least the right size, not larger.

I returned the waist cinching panty briefer for an exchange. Gonna try a size smaller this time. Who knows? I’ll find out and write about it here, so you can find out when I do!

As for the long torso waist cincher, I returned it for a refund. It has boning. When I talked to the customer service people at Fredericks, they said it did not. If it had been the right size, it might be fine. And I might try it later, if the waist cinching panty briefer in the size smaller than I need works. Fitting loosely does no shaping to speak of, of course. Also one gets poked in the chest. Boning.

My take on boning is that if I’m gonna wear it, I won’t be poked in the chest. It’ll be boning in a corset that will go up to and include my breasts. I have a few ideas about that having to do with corsets. Or in my case one corset. Even if it’s just one, I’ll have to save up for it!

Friday, April 14, 2006

One plus size summer dress review, from 2 perspectives

In my last post I was extolling the virtues of 2 plus size dresses. This was so true I ordered one. I forgot that the visual effect of a tiered dress. Might not be the thing for a plump, short woman. I’m 5' 1 ½" short. I did remember, being short, I’d likely be taking up the straps.

When it comes to buying for me, I’m thinking of comfort and function, mostly.

Well when I got this dress below I learned a few things. And when I showed it to my daughter today I learned a bit more...

Crochet-Trim Dress

First the things that were not written correctly in this dresses description. All to the good by the way. I changed them already in the article about this dress.

It has lots of subtle sparkle. Maybe if you back up enough it looks non-sparkly as in the above picture. But as you take it out of the bag it has lots of sparkly threads.

I wrote that the skirt was lined originally. Well so is the bodice!! Less underwear worries!!

I wrote that the U-neckline was draw string. Nope. The waist is draw string, the neckline has a tie, but no draw to it.

Well One the one hand it felt right for summer, even with all that sparkle. I believe it will absorb sweat and then hang loose and dry nicely.

One the other hand, even with taking the straps up, it’s a bit low cut for me.
On the other other hand, I have a bust, what’s wrong with showing a bit of cleavage at home.

I wanted some thing to wear at home during the hot summer cooking season. Why not. Everything I wore these last two years is, well threadbare. I, as a rule have more concern about comfort than appearance. And I hate our summer’s heat the humidity. We do not have central air in this old house.

Then there’s the: well essentially I look like a sparkly little dumpling. You know, short, with a thick waist, lots of horizontal lines. The waist line, the tiers...

I’m still waiting on some shapwear, which I may or may not actually wear in the summer.

I did learn that I had plenty of time to decide, even after the shapewear comes in.

Because I received this dress 2 weeks ago. And the expiration date on the free return shipping label is June 30th of 2006. Another reason to Shop Silhouettes!

So I was waiting for the high waist shaping panties and waist chincher.

I mentioned this dress to my 6 year old today. She was against it from the start. When she saw the picture of it when I was first writing about it. Now she loves it. She feels I’m ready for the ball. Well she is 6, Cinderella and all that.

Now it’s a keeper for sure. Even before I pointed out that it is still better than my current round the house look.

For what it’s worth. Even with the straps taken, well pinned, up, there is still lots of room in the bodice’s back. If you have a well padded back, this could be a real advantage in a woven cotton summer dress! If you’re tall. Or if you have more hips than waist, (I’m the opposite), this would look great!

I will be content with pretty, yet plump, while cooking this summer look, and feel!