Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10% Off Full Figure Bras coupon’s last day

Some months ago, I spoke with someone at Bare Necessities who told me they would be discontinuing the use of their 10% Off coupon below today. I believe this means today is its last day you can get 10% off just by shopping their store by using this link.
Bare Necessities
They said they would be replacing this with something comparable. So far, I have yet to see it. To be sure, I will post it here and near the top of our full figure bras page as soon as it becomes available.

While we are waiting, I will post the latest money saving deals from Bare Necessities I can find for us. I will do this because they always have an excellent selection of plus size bras as well as large cup bras and shapewear. I wish they included reviews as Figleaves, Bigger Bras and Her Room does. Yet how many times Have I brought a bra, worn it and never got around to reviewing it my self? I assure you, I do this more often than not!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank You, Plusstyle and Bratique Helene! For your Swimwear replies!

Thank you both for your info on Plus Size Swimwear and Large Cup Size Swimwear!
Bratique Helen, I wear a Fantasie one-piece suit. I love itsbust support! Unfortunately, because I am short, 5’ ½”, I have to wear a swim skirt over it, as the bottom half is a bit loose on me. So the next time I got one of their underwire tankini tops, which is just perfect! Fortunately they often make many swimsuits in full figure and large cup bra sizes with adjustable leg lengths, like one featured on my swimwear page and this one below. Fantasie also has a good variety of full figure bra sized underwire tankini tops too.
Shop BiggerBras.com
Like Freya's bras, I am planning to try a Freya tankini someday. As for Tara Grinna, even Lion’s Lair does not carry Tara Grinna swimwear in bra cup sizes G and over. Lion’s Lair, who Bratique Helene was nice enough to turn us on to, has an excellent selection of large cup size swimwear, and some plus size swimwear! They have some new styles of Freya and Fantasie swimwear that Bigger Bras, and possibly even Figleaves, does not have yet. Bigger Bras has more Tara Grinna styles, some new Storm-in-a-D-Cup. Lion's Lair has several other well known D cup and larger swimwear makers, and new Panache swimwear, at their site. Well worth browsing if you need bra sized swimwear. Thank you again Bratique Helene!

Plusstyle would appear to be an even bigger fan of AlwaysForMe
than even I! Who could blame her, they carry great swimwear, lingerie and active wear, all just for full figure women! I love their own swimwear lines, which they created, based on years of input from full figure women, and research. The other brands they carry, such as Carol Wior, as Plusstyle points out, are also excellent too! I featured their lots of their swimwear and some of their active wear on the plus size swimwear 4 you site, whose link you will find in this page’s right column. I also feature their intimates on my alluring lingerie page. You can check them all at Plussize in one spot!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

About Plus Size Swimwear and Swimwear on Sale and bikini swimwear

Thank you John, who just today commented on how it is much easier to buy bikini swimwear in response to my blog here about sexy plus size swimwear from Baby Phat, of May 14th, 2007. This made me notice that when I changed this blog’s template in recent months, I neglected to put a link to the swimwear blog back up.
I am a big fan of Always for Me swimwear styles, which usually come in sizes up to 26W. This one below is on sale at 25% off! I hope to be small enough to wear their swimwear someday...
25% OFF -Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Print Twist Bandeau Tankini Bathing Suit - Style#4718 - Sizes 16W-24W

So today, I added under “The latest sales and styles of women’s plus size swimwear” links to:

  • Our website, plus size swimwear 4 you, where you can find the latest styles. At the moment that site features a, this year’s, Baby Phat tankini and one piece plus size swimsuits, as well many other current and flattering styles.
  • Our Full Figure Women’s Swimwear blog, where I post the sales and discounts as soon as I can. You will find sales posted there regarding women’s plus size swimsuits as well as large cup swimwear, under bra sized swimwear. If you need larger than a DD cup, you might want bra sized swimwear. If you do, like large cup bras, you might consider it quite pricey. I do my best to post the discounts and sales of these swimwear styles as soon as I can, and I look often too. I wear a J cup size, so you can pretty much count on me to be on the look out for less expensive, high quality large cup sized swimwear.

Here is a neat new addition to great place to shop for plus size swimwear. Now Swimsuits for All carries plus size bras lingerie, bra and panty sets and more for us full figure women! I understand their offer below is good all through April. So you can check out their new intimates and enjoy free shipping if you like what you find.
New! Plus Size Lingerie Collection - FREE Shipping on ALL Orders!! Use Code LGSHIP

About Plus Size Bikinis
The above-mentioned John gives us links to a bikini swimwear store. I checked it out and if you want bikini swimwear, theirs come in sizes up to 2XL, which according to their size charts is a bust 42DDD, waist 33/35 and hips 43/46. Tops and bottoms at that store are purchased separately.

Of the stores featured here to your right, Bigger Bras has Anita Swimwear, whose bikinis are sold as a complete two pieces by swimwear and cup size. There you will find bikinis in sizes up to 12H, 16G and 18E. That is what I have seen today. Figleaves also carried Anita swimwear, but I have not yet checked to see if they carry full figure bikini swimsuits.

Both Figleaves and Bigger Bras carry Fantasie swimwear, which comes in plus size and full figure bra sizes. Bigger Bras also carries Tara Grinna Swimwear which comes in bikini top sizes up to 42EE and bikini bottom and skirted bikini bottom sizes up to 3XL. Both Tara Grinna and Fantasie swimwear bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately.

I almost never write about plus size bikinis. Some years ago I saw a rather full figure woman at the beach in a comparatively smallish bikini. She had great skin! This made her whole appearance look good to me! I do not have great skin, so I would not try this, also I am a bit shy. I do figure if you have beautiful skin and feel comfortable in it, go for it! It is way to hot in the summer for clothes most of the time anyway!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank you Nye køkkener and again Bratique Helene! Found Large Cup Freya Bra for just $29!

Figleaves is having an up to 70% off sale! They have a nice selection of Freya Bras, as do most of the stores listed in the right column of my full figure bras page. Most of these stores have more bras in full figure bra sizes up to between D and G cup sizes. Bigger Bras, Bare Necessities, Figleaves and sometimes Her Room have the most large cup size bras, as in up to H to J or K cup sizes.
Today at Figleaves, this large cup, GG to J cup sizes Freya bra is just $29, sadly only in band sizes 30, 32, 34 and 38. Still if you need GG to J cup sized bras, it is worth checking out if you are not looking for 36.


There may well be other excellent finds, price wise, Figleaves during this sale on fine full figure bras, and matching panties too!

I really appreciate the style suggestions at Bratique Helene, see the blog roll to your right. Being full busted is a hard shape to fit, for both slender and plus size women.

Thanks again Bratique Helene!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank you for your comment Bratique Helene!

I have only tried one Freya bra, but got the wrong size, and so had to send it back. I cycle several of my Panache bra styles through the week the way you do your Freya bras. I like their full cup bras for days that promise to be strenuous and the balcony bras for milder action days.

I do intend to try a Freya bra again. Even though Bare Necessities sale ended yesterday, it appears be on sale for $48 now in black and oyster colors in sizes up to 38J!

Bratique Helene has a very nice blog and helpful style information for large busted women! If you are a full busted woman you might want to check out the Bratique Helene website for blouses and info.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Get 20% Off Bigger Bras Vast Selection of Full Figure and Large Cup Bras

For four days only, until Monday, March 23rd, use code delmar when you order to get 20% off at Bigger Bras! Some bras in their vast selection of large cup and full figure bras are already on sale! They also have an excellent bra fitting info, and bra size comparisons by similar manufacture’s charts at each bra’s description! Handy and informative!

Shop BiggerBras.com

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Get 20% to 30% Off Full Figure, Large Cup Bras and more!

Today until Sunday, March 22nd, 11:59 p.m. EST, you can enjoy great saving on full figure and large cup bras at Bare Necessities’ site wide sale! It is their biggest sale of the season and they have a wide selection of plus size shapewear and panties too! Act fast if you wear hard to find sizes. I find these go out of stock, especially in large cup sized bras, fast at their sales.
Bare Necessities
Enjoy the savings!

Friday, March 13, 2009

20% off Women’s Plus Size Clothing!

Blair, like the Lane Bryant store I just posted about this Wed., is an excellent place to shop for plus size women’s clothing standards of all kinds. Unlike the afore mentioned liquidating Lane Bryant store, at Blair your satisfaction is guaranteed! Now till March 16th you can get 20% off your whole order by using code FQT when you check out!

This women’s suit jacket comes in sizes up to 26W and 20P! You’ll find this washable, yet fully lined, women’s blazer in 12 colors for just $40 to $45 at Blairs!
Sag Harbor Fully Lined Blazer

OK. So I like the classics as much as I like hip hop and urban fashions. You’ll find the classics at Blair’s where the price is nice.

20% OFF Everything at Blair.com

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get 25% off already slashed prices on Plus Size Women’s Clothing!

Lane Bryant is a well know plus size women’s clothing store. Apparently, the Lane Bryant store that the link below will take you to is having a liquidation sale. You can get extra 25% off their all their apparel.

This extra discount ends today, 3/11/09, 11:59 PM MST. You can get an extra 25% off Lane Bryant’s already slashed prices by using code “L0311A” when ordering. If the code is not accepted, then try LO311A. It is either the letter O or the number 0, and the page that offer, and code, dose not always come up when I use one of their links.
Lane Bryant Catalog (Arizona Mail Order)
This being a liquidation sale, the catch is there will be no returns.

I have noticed that there must be more than one Lane Bryant store. If you take a Lane Bryant link from Full Figure Plus, whose link is in my blog roll to your right, it takes you to an entirely different Lane Bryant store.

Additionally; Thank you Übergrössen Mode for your comment! If you take this Übergrössen Mode you will see a website, though I do not read this language, that appears to be not only plus size women’s fashions. The stylish cloting styles featured there are modeled on what are clearly full figure women. Not unlike AlwaysForMe.com
, but very much unlike Silhouettes, and other full figure women’s clothing stores site whose products I often feature here. I believe if you are a full figure women, it helps a lot to see styles featured on women nearer to a size 20W than a size 14W to get an idea of how this will look on you. Nice going Übergrössen Mode!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

25% Off Full Figure Bras already on sale & everything else at Just My Size!

The bad news is this 25% off discount ends 3/11/09. It started yesterday but I only found out about it this AM, sorry. Just My Size is already running a bra sale! Possibly other sales as well, but I am not wasting time looking as I already feel remiss writing you all about this so late.
I do know they seem to have the widest range of sizes of Bali’s very popular, (I wish I could still fit into them), Satin Tracings full figure bras, now just $26!

Use the code in this link below to get your 25% off while you can!
Get 25% off your order for 2 days only at JustMySize.com! Use promo code: 611209 at checkout. Valid 3.9.09 through 3.11.09.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New Emoli Plus Size and Large Cup Bras, & Buy 1 get 1 free Freya Bras!

Emoli’s new Cleo bra below is a bandless, cushioned underwire bra with side support. The bandless version seen below comes in plus size bra sizes up to 44F and 42FF. These bras, with a normal bra band also come in large cup bras sizes up to 44GG and H! You can find them at Bigger Bras, (note their 15% off on this page’s right column).
Shop BiggerBras.com
Figleaves is having a buy one get one free on select, appears to be 4 at the moment, Freya bras! Of these select bras only one comes in large cup sizes, the Arabella bra below comes in sizes 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38GG, H, HH and J. That and the smaller cup sized Arabella, which comes in bra sizes up to 38D to G. Both of these bras are part of Figleaves current offer.

The lime green Daisy bra below is the third Freya bra included in this; buy one get one free offer. It comes in plus size bras sizes up to 40D to FF, and in smaller band sizes too.

The last, now, it a brilliant red Freya Rio bra pictured in our previous post, except in a vivid red. Figleaves carries this bra is sizes up to 36B to G and 38DD to G.
I do not know how long the Freya buy one free offer will last, or if it will only be these 4 Freya Bras, but it is a very nice money saving offer if you like any of these bras.