Friday, September 19, 2014

Simple Fashion Buying Rules that Save Us Stress

While enjoying The September Issue: Find Your Etho-Chic Style post earlier this week I came across one of the many useful and interesting links there.
Transending the 7 Deadly Sins of Fashion link. I thought it was a great read that would save some of us a certain amount of Q & A time and effort and stress regarding our fashion purchases.

Also, I am a strong supporter of the concept of Slow Fashion, as stated in the former Find Your Etho-Chic Style,
which also comes up, as the Shopping Greed sin in the 7 Deadly Fashion Sins post.

As the shopping greed rule, & / or slow fashion ideas are to me, one in the same:

This is what I dress and purchase by: Slow Fashion wise:
I look for apparel I can use most of the year Shopping Greed rule wise:

I aim for quality, even if it costs more, because I lack the:
  • Time
  • Energy
  • Money
  • Desire to replace things often 

That said, sometimes we can find quality cheap!

On the one hand I am wearing, around the house, a pair of Birkenstock sandals that while in no way cheap; I have been wearing for over 8 years!

On the other hand, my one, and only style purchase for myself this summer is an all-cotton $17, H & M on Sale button down top I wear open over tanks and Tees.
I will no doubt wear it buttoned down and under sweaters, as it gets colder too!
Like the Birkenstock sandals my cheap shirt goes with all my casual wear!

Shopping like this saves me not only the above mentioned, but closet and dresser space.

I highly recommend it to all, just to make life that much simplier!



Thursday, September 18, 2014

Today Only: E.L.F. $54 Deluxe Natural Beauty Makeup Kit

Actually it says for 3 hours only, on E.L.F.'s site, or all day, ( while supplies last), if you use this Get our Deluxe Natural Beauty Kit, usually $54, for just $20 at That's 63% off! Valid Thursday, 9/18 only - no coupon needed. Shop Now! link.

Make up is nice to play with, but if you feel pressured to wear it, it is not so nice.

Relax and Be Yourself!

For those of us out there who feel they must wear makeup before leaving their homes, please check this out!

If you feel you must wear makeup, I recommend E.L.F. high quality affordable makeup and beauty products, and likely your check book does too.

That said, I have a rather casual take on when to wear makeup. I do enjoy E.L.F. makeup and wear it often.

I ran into this whilst checking out Girls with Glasses G+ page to see what is new and enjoy their Fancy Parody, (I’m Not Fancy)



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

45% Off Ami Trendy Plus Size Clubwear

& 20% Off ModCloth Fashion Essentials

Two great discounts to tell you about, so little time…ModCloth's, (I like their wear to work styles they have jeans too...), ends on Friday 12th. I do not know when the AmiClubwear, (incredibly affordable trendy fashions), discount ends…

Here is a look at some of AmiClubwear’s new plus size fashions we can enjoy at 45% Off with Free Ground Shipping!

Some New Styles from $18 to $30 full price

If you use this plus size clubwear link now you can get the 45% off with free ground shipping discount code & find their plus size fashions banner down on the right today.
Here are a few pictures of some of their newer, and so affordable styles.
Likely because this top is new, it is still available in sizes 1X to 3X for $17.99.

This shimmering gold plunge dress is just $29.99, but down to size 3X. However it does come in blue and white too, which may have more sizes left…

If you find this one there, check it out in zoom. It has an interesting texture.

Actually Amiclubwear has plenty of other plunge, one shoulder style, peplum dresses and not so revealing trendy dresses too.

Some we could even wear to work and an evening out!

They have fairly trendy styles, including mesh inset ones, cutout styles, leather inset styles and vivid prints!

This is currently one of my favorite print styles there, although there are dresses that are totally printed too… This one is down to size 1X for $27.99.

The above prices are before the discount, so you can see how inexpensive they make it to expand your wardrobe!

I like that they use plus size models too. Makes it a bit easier to get an idea of how some styles would really look on at least one fuller figured shaped woman!

ModCloth’s 20% Off Fashion Staples

Now, mostly because this offer ends on Friday the 12th, Use this Styles Staples Sale link to enjoy some of ModCloth’s best daily wear for less!

Here is one of my favorites, (to look at and consider, so far at least). Their Places to Go, People to See Dress in Scottie print also comes up high when you sort by:
  • Most Loved
  • Top Rated 
  • and Must See styles! 
If you click on this dress while this sale is on, you will find it for $67.99 at 20% off. It has a 4 star average out of its current 15 reviews and is available in most sizes up to 4X!
 Places to Go, People to See Dress in Scottie 
If you click on it and scroll down a bit, you can see this dress on three different women, all full figured, who must have shared their photos with ModCloth!

Well, It is time to go, so they are 2 Great discounts at 2 excellent stores!

Sorry I have been away for a while, followed by internet connection problems.

More Later!

Enjoy the savings and styles!