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Chantelle's Semi-Sheer C Chic Bras Starting at $22

These, Chantelle # 3582 C Chic bras were a highly rated style that now appear to be discontinued. They came in sizes 32 - 36A to H, 32 - 40 B, 32 - 44 C, D, E, 30 - 44 F, G, H.

I am finding 96 of them in a wide variety of sizes, starting at $22, using this Chantelle 3582 New with Tags, Buy it Now Prices at eBay stores link! This is just a picture of this style. Use the text link to browse these at eBay. The current, Spacer foam rather than sheer, #3585, goes for $68.

4/30/14: Her Room tells us this bra below is Chatelle's closest replacement to their Semi-Sheer C-Chic bras. Click on its picture to find it there in the 30 to 40C to H size range in 5, (3 of which are on sale), colors. It has excellent reviews! 

Chantelle’s Semi-Sheer C Chic Bras

The following is my 10/2012 Article about these highly rated bras! Chantelle's C Chic bras, #3582, get excellent ratings at Her Room and are recommended by My Shape for most body shapes!

From a teenager to a woman in her 80s, from women who wear B to G cup sizes, women give these bras very high ratings, (at Her Room).

For some reason the most ratings are from women in their 40s to 60s and not a one who wears H cup sizes.

These bras love these bras for their comfort, up lift and support, nice round shape, stability and smooth enough to work well under t-shirts!

Two Concerns about these bras

Women who review these bras do warn the cups run small.
Bigger Bras knows all about this. They thoughtfully provide a brand comparison for cup size chart at the bottom of each of their bra's descriptions. You might want to check out Bigger Bras’ Bra Size Comparison Charts.

Another concern of some reviewers is that in cup sizes F, G and H, the top cup is lined, not sheer, as pictured. This is where it pays to read a bra's details, as Her Room does, (well did), have that clearly posted there. Let’s face it, if you are wearing a larger cup size bra, you will want that extra control anyway. However, I can understand, the sheer part is very pretty...

Details about this Bra style

Unlike other side support bras, such as by Fantasie, Elomi and Goddess bras this Chantelle side support bra really does have a three section cup.
This is because the lower cup has one, not two, section.
Even so, these bras do come in cup sizes up to H.
Even though this bra has seams, these are Transversal flat seams, not only good for their seamless effect; they also help create that nice rounded shape!
These bras have reinforced cups, sewn in three places.
This gives you maximum stay put support, and comfort!
These lightweight bras can be worn all day.

My Shape recommended this bra for all, except what they call E, shapes. Their E shape has proportioned shoulders and hips, an undefined waist, full tummy and taped legs.

Originally Written: 10/21/10

Latest Update: 4/30/14

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