Friday, December 28, 2012

Full Figure Bras and more at up to 50% Off

Currently not only does Figleaves have Freya bras on sale starting at $29, they are also having their 50% off Figleaves Christmas Sale!

 Sizes are limited at both sales, so I would shop by your bra size to quickly snatch up what styles you like while they last!

For instance: at the Christmas sale, currently, you can get Wacoal’s La Femme full figure bras, in nude, for $17.40! However, they are also down to sizes 40G and 32DDD. There are 7 full figure sizes left in this highly rated bra in its black color, for $23.20.

So speed your search and shop by your bra size!

You can get the half cup version of Freya’s Deco Seamless bras for $28.80, in its ocean blue color, Freya’s Daphne balcony bras, pictured below, for $28.20 and most of the other Freya bras are in the $37 to $47 - $49 range. This is just a picture; use the Figleaves link in the 1st paragraph or right column to go browse their sale and specials!

You will find some of Freya’s new stylish long line bras in this special too!

The up to 50% Off Christmas Sale

Using the DD+ part of this sale as an example, I am finding:

  • 1042 styles, which include bras, matching panties, matching intimates, when available, like garter belts and such…
  • The above-mentioned Freya styles are here too
  • Swimwear, such as bra sized, large cup styles
  • One highly rated Miraclesuit swimwear style, that just happens to be available in sizes 10 to 18
  • Some tops and tees 

I was going to show more pictures of some of the great styles at Figleaves Christmas sale, but the $17 Wacoal bra became unavailable in approx.. 3 sizes between 7 am and when I wrote about them above. So before many more of these great buys go by:

Enjoy the sales!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Up to 80% Off at Igigi’s Sale

If you want a more polished look for next year now is the time to hit Igigi’s sale rack! You will find dresses under $90, tops under $30, gowns, top coats and more at their up to 80% off sale!

Just use their Up to 80%OFF NYE Sale! link to go straight to their current sale!

This simple yet elegant dress has mostly 5 star ratings, is available in many sizes and is on sale for $90, with free US ground shipping, until 12/30/12.

This is just a picture of it. Use their text link above and you will find it on page one of this sale!

There are 2 pages of sale styles to enjoy these savings on! Also, they have a free gift offer of the scarf you can see in the Scarf video in this page’s right column too!

If you like Igigi styles, you will want to sign up for their emails.
They do not flood your email account and they do send savings discounts occasionally!
Plus, they have great Chic Work Wear too!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kiyonna Dresses and Tops at ½ Price

Have you wanted to try Kiyonna fashions but found them a bit pricey? Their 50% off sale styles discount below should handle that!

Currently you will find their highly rated, was up until recently, customer favorite, Tory Cinch Dresses in their sale department for $88. It is available in the most sizes, 18 to 32, in its plum color and will you can try it for $44!

They also have four other dresses, an evening gown, tops, blouses and sweaters in their sale section now too.

Just note the code and use it on Kiyonna’s sale section items and enjoy fashions made to accentuate, or create your waist and make the most of full figure curves, for Much Less!

 Stylish Plus Size Dresses & Separates

If you find yourself shopping full price items while there, you can get their current 15% off orders of $150, (until 2/4/13), code on our Shopping page.

 I can tell you from experience that their styles really do make the most of our curves, until your daughter swipes them…

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bravissimo’s Winter Sale for up to 40D to L Bras

I believe this is the 1st day of Bravissimo’s Winter sale! If you need bras, swimwear, and apparel up to size 18, in fuller bust sizes, this is an excellent way to get these styles at a good price.

Bravissimo is a UK company. If you are shopping with US dollars, the prices are nice to begin with! If you are concerned about shipping cost eliminating your savings, you can read my little price comparison here. Both of the eBay stores I often buy bras at are UK ones and I have never had a problem with price, or time, of shipping from them!

Bravissimo carries plenty of well-known full figure bras and has their own brand. Their own Alana bras, sizes 28DD to J, 30DD to KK, 32 to 40DD to L, are on sale in this and 4 other colors! Plenty of sizes are available in this coral color below and this style is on sale now for $34.23!

 Bravissimo Alana bras sizes 28 up to J, 30KK and 32 to 40DD to L

These bras get great ratings and come in white, black, nude, mocha and fuchsia as well as the above on sale, (I guess seasonal?), colors too!

Their Lola bustier, at the top of our 12/4/12 Free Gifts from Bravissimo post is now on sale at $16 Off in its black and teal color and sizes all sizes 28 to 38DD are still available, and scattered others. These bustier get excellent reviews!


I was sure there were even more sizes available earlier today when I first checked this out. Rather than waste more time showing you great sale styles, just use this Bravissimo link, or their banner below and go check out the sale!


You can browse by your bra band, (back), and cup size to get to your styles quickly too!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Strapless Bra styles at 15% Off with Free Shipping

Which will be ending soon…

With the exception of Wacoal, Spanx and Elomi bras all of Bare Necessities’ Top 12 Bras of All Time are included in their current 15% Off with Free Shipping deal.

Also, for special event gowns, and summer dresses and tops to come, their special deal could be a nice way to try strapless bras and bridal bustier, corsets and the like!

Dominique’s beautiful long line torsolette below is included in this 15% off offer!


While a bit twee, in this cutesy print, (it comes in an animal print too),Whimsy by Lunaire’s 7 way strapless is just $38, before this discount, comes in sizes 32D to DDD and 34 to 40C to DDD and has one excellent review, from a plus size women, in the 55 to 64 age group! I have to figure this must be an excellent bra, support wise, for a strapless.


This style above has no reviews at Her Room…My favorite source of reviews

Large Cup Size Strapless Bras included in this deal!

One of the interesting things about this strapless style is that it comes in sizes up to 32 to 36I, 38H, 40G, 42F, 44D and 46C! This Va Bien strapless bra is one of the above-mentioned Bare Necessities’’ Top 12 Bras of All time. It is also available at 15% off + free shipping!


Looking at the reviews, one is excellent, from a woman who wears size 42C and the other two excellent, (5 stars), reviews come from three women who both wear size 32G!

OK! I am seeing even more with 5 star reviews too, from full bust bra wearers!
Bear with me; I am being astonished by strapless bras in cup sizes G and Up!

There are plenty of other strapless Va Bien strapless long line bustier you can get with the above discount too. Not all of them come in the above bra’s larger cup sizes though…

There are actually 68 strapless styles included in this discount with shipping deal. Some by Goddess, Parisa Fe, Lily of France and others.

Tomorrow is the last day of Bare Necessities 15% off with Free Shipping offer. Enjoy!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Today Only Free Shipping No Minimum at Kiyonna

Well this almost never happens! So if you are in the continental US, take advantage of Kiyonna’s special Free Shipping, No Minimum, offer today! If you are, it seems anywhere else today, you can get free shipping on orders of $150 or more…

Why would you want to try Kiyonna?

You can read about their made to flatter full figure dresses and more styles here! Their dresses, tops and other styles are made for women who wear sizes 10 to 32.

Just use this is offering FREE Shipping Today Only ! link to take advantage of this rare savings opportunity!

This emerald is a new color of Kiyonna’s customer favorite wrap top. It looks great with a pencil skirt and comes in blush, cream and plum colors.

 Juliet True Lace Wrap Top, Black Lace / Purple Lining (Womens Plus Size)

Kiyonna also has tops that add polish to both your office and jeans look. Their Abby twist top flatters all shapes, have rather forgiving sleeves and gives you a nice visual waistline. This top comes in blue, grey, black with pin-dot, purple and black.

 Casual Abby Twist Front Top, Blue (Womens Plus Size)

 Kiyonna is, perhaps, best known for their dresses. They have dresses that double as work and special occasion or cocktail dresses. They do have wedding gowns too!

Their Retro-Glam lace dresses have long been customer favorites, and like most of their dresses hit just below your knee. You can read about that here.

One of their rare maxi-dresses is their Desert Rain Maxi below. Like the Retro-Glam these dresses are customer favorites and have five star average ratings. This dress comes in black, purple and grey too.

Desert Rain Dressy Casual Long Maxi Dress, Burgundy (Womens Plus Size)

Kiyonna has many dresses, some tops, very few skirt and pant styles, as well as swimwear.

They have a great sale department and their longer running special offers will be found on our Shopping page.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

15% Off Full Figure Vanity Fair, Curvy Kate, Bali Bras and more, with Free Shipping

Use Bare Necessities’ 10% off discount banner in the right column here and you will find selected full figure bras, panties, shapewear and more at 15% off, with Free shipping, until 12/19.

You will even find new styles at this discount / shipping combo deal!

Such as; This new Vanity Fair, back smoother bras, (it must be a new color, because their own reviews of it, (excellent ratings!), start at 12/2011…These, (pale), amethyst Vanity Fair bras come in sizes 38 to 42C to DDD and 44C, D and DD, in six other colors too!


These beautiful blue velvet Bali Comfort Indulgence Bras might actually be new! Bare Necessities has them in white and nude too and neither they nor Her Room have any reviews of them yet. These Bali Bras come in sizes 34C to DD and 36 to 42C to DDD.


All of their Curvy Kate bras and panties are on sale, like their pretty Princess up to 40K and 44G bras, already on sale at 30% off in one color, extra nice with this additional 15% off with free shipping!

These new Curvy Kate Gia bras, available in the same sizes as their above mentioned bra, have 2 totally 5 star ratings from full figure women and would be nice to try with this discount too!

These are just a few of the full figure bras in their 15% off with free shipping discount. You might want to check out all the shapers, panties, sleepwear and hose in their current offer too!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

OSP’s 25% off up to 3 items and Their Holiday Tunic Sale

This week One Stop Plus’ discount is 25% off your 1st, 2nd and 3rd style. They also have a Holiday tunic sale going on.

I have been thinking of some of their metallic, and possibly sequined tunics, (tanks and Tee, also in the tunic sale), coupled with some of the more sedate colored and pastel suit separates I mentioned earlier this week.

I think their color block sequin Tee, comes in 3 color schemes, on sale for $30 to $35, looks great under this sweater! Is it just me, or is that a great, subtly glittery, look?


This style comes in sizes up to 5X and would together, or with a sweater or blazer you may already have, could be a brightening addition to any woman’s wardrobe!

Oh yeah, like all these other styles, these are getting excellent, (by which I mean 4.5 to 5 star rating average) reviews!

I thing this gently glowing and shimmering metallic tee under the Igigi blazer I have featured at the top of our suit page at the moment.


What do you think? These Ts are just $20 to $25, before you apply this week’s discount, at this sale and come in metallic silver, gold, bronze and black.

This style also has excellent reviews and can add polish to your jean outfits or simple skirts… They also have solid metallic tank tops and these sequined ones, also on sale for $20 to $25, with excellent ratings and available in six colors!


If you like flowing tunics to wear over pants, jeans or leggings this over-sized, boxy cut, tunic style and a similar sequined patterned, (a feather motif at the neckline, on a long sleeve cotton jersey), style(s) might be for you!


This tunic above and the black jersey one mentioned with it only have great reviews so far, 4 star average.

Those are just some of the styles you will find at their Tunic Sale. They also have sheer scarf tunics, long draping, bat winged styles, more traditional ones and I saw at least one velvet tunic!

If you are looking for half price wide calf boots, strangely, you will find them at the bottom of OSP’s tunic sale page, at this writing at least!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

20% Off All Panache, Excellent Full Figure Bras

Her Room’s 20% off all Panache includes their Cleo and Masquerade bra and other intimate styles too!

If you have not tried Panache bras yet, especially if you need cup sizes up to K, this is an excellent way to try their comfy and reliably supportive styles!

Currently Her Room has 88 plus size styles, 28 of which are bras. I tried their Super Bra Tango II bras when I first found my real, (larger cup, much smaller band size) bra size, and stuck with it for years. Those bras are still a best sellers, and you can read about them here. They are $43.20, less in some fashion colors, at this discount and come in sizes up to 40K, 42J and 44FF.

Cleo is Panache’s fashion forward line of intimates. Her Room has 23 plus size bras by Cleo by Panache, such as their very pretty blue watercolor like print Alexa bras up to J cup style, now just $39.95!

Cleo’s Marcie bras are both a customer favorite and best sellers. This style also comes in cup sizes up to J and is $44 today and tomorrow.


This new Jasmine bra is already getting excellent reviews and comes in sizes 30E to HH and 32 to 38D to K and is $49.60 at this sale!


There are 18 full figure styles in Panache’s Masquerade intimates collection. This bandeau balconnet style is one of them. These bras come in sizes 28 to 3D to H, in three colors and are $63.20 at this current discount. If I can someday get down to an H cup I would very much like to try this and other Masquerade styles. Many of which are cut like this one below.


 Because these are especially pricy bras, and because I am confident of my Panache bra band and cup size in their styles, I might use this Panache Masquerade bras, New with Tags link and try to find one I like at eBay stores, New, at Buy it Now prices. I do not enjoy bidding. Today there are 308 of these styles, starting at $16, Buy it Now prices! If you want to learn more about shopping new bras at eBay stores you can read about that here.

Outside of that, Her Room’s current, and similar offers that I try to post here as they come up, are a great way to try Panache’s fine quality full figure bras!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

$40 off $100 with Free Shipping at Lands End

Today and tomorrow you can get $40 off your order of $100, with free shipping at Lands End. While I am still wild about the idea of getting a quality down coat for less, and this is one way, because they do have full figure women’s coats.

They also have special occasion dresses, tops, tummy control chinos work dresses and more in their plus size department!

  • Then select Plus Size Exclusives from their left column
  • You will find 2 pages, (83 styles), of their sale fashions and outerwear! 

This includes this lined, functional cuff and pockets, with back vent jacket in sizes 14W to 26W, for $120, or for $80 if you use their Two days only! Shop Lands' End for great holiday gifts and save $40 on your order of $100 or more. Plus get free shipping over $100. Ends 12/12/12. and note the code, and pin, to use at checkout at the top of their pages today and tomorrow!

This jacket comes in plus petite sizes 14W to 26W too!

 Women's Plus Size 2-button Blazer - Rich Burgundy Heather, 26W

This sweet Bordeaux princess seamed velvet dress comes in 3 other colors in sizes up to 3X. While it is full price, for $50, if you are shopping for more, you might want it anyway, and still be able to use their current discount!

 Women's Plus Size Elbow Sleeve Velvet Dress - Sweet Bordeaux, 3X

This $40 off orders of $100 offer is good till 11:59pm 12/12/12.

40% Off Your Priciest Jessica London Style

Until the end of 12/16 you can enjoy 40%, and an Free Express Shipping upgrade, at Jessica London! Just note the code in this discount’s link, further on in this post, before you use it go browse JL! Combined with current sales like their 50% off sweaters, $50 to $90 off leather and suede jackets, dresses, pants and coats plus others sales, you can save quite a bit while updating your wardrobe for the New Year!

some Trends on Sale at Jessica London now

Page 40 1/2013 issue of Glamour shows us colorful tailored suits worn wild shoes, print tops, (naturally.) and other bold accents, in moderation of course!

They suggest near opposite of how to wear neon and other bright colors: (page 30), same issue:
If you go bold in color, go subtle in shoes and accessories.

Now I like Jessica London for their suits, and separates. For instance, these hot red blazers come in sizes 26 to 32 in pearl pink too, on sale for $35. If you look under Suiting at JL you can find them in sizes 12 to 32, in 6 other, (mostly more moderate, for those of us not into these trends), colors, including ivory, is on sale for $50 to$70 and part of a buy 2 get $10 off deal!


While it does not say this in the suit’s description, about the $10 off 2, it does on Jessica London’s suit page.

From JL's 50% off sweater deal

There you will find more colorful styles such as these cashmere soft, berry twist, and 4 other colors, including honey mustard), cardigans, on sale for $35 to $38! They also have less expensive, ($30 to $33) cardigans with matching short sleeve crew neck sweaters available for $25 to $28!


They also have shrugs, a variety of ribbed sweaters, kimono cut sweaters and more!

Just note the code then use this 40% off highest + Free Express Shipping Upgrade. Use code JLE4686 link to browse Jessica London and their current deals you can apply this discount to for extra savings!

 Sadly, the above-mentioned articles are apparently not available on line, but they do have a brief guide to dressing monochromatic! This turns out it has a visually slenderizing effect, as well as a nice way to indulge your favorite color(s), too!

I like style suggestions from places like Glamour because they tend to jog my imagination, usually taken up with the numerous responsibilities we accumulate, that prevent, me at least, from getting around to spicing up my appearance.

Some Shoe styles, from Zappos

Here are some shoes I found to set off some of the color suggestions for suits, and brights mentioned above. This pair of highly rated stacked heeled loafers come in widths up to extra wide, are on sale at Zappos and ship for Free. Also good for dressing up jeans, or prevent going too color saturated while wearing neon and bold styles…
 Annie - Broque (Brown Nubuck) - Footwear

For adding zing to pastel, cream, ivory and the like tailored suits: These satin heels come in fuchsia pink, wine stain red, this sapphire blue as well as more subtle silver and gold satin colors. These too are getting excellent ratings and come in sizes 5 to 13, half sizes up to 10.5, in widths up to extra wide.

 rsvp - Perfect (Sapphire Blue Satin) - Footwear

While not especially trendy, (you can find trendier and edgier styles, in wide and extra wide widths on our shoe page.) some of these colors will sure provide nice accent pastel outfits!

Just some ideas I had about some sale and discount styles available today mixed with an upcoming trend…

Monday, December 10, 2012

Today Only; $10 Off $50 at JMS

I like Just My Size for their suit separates, swimwear and some of their other styles too. They have Glamorize bras, Champion Sports bras and fashions at their 30% off sale today too!

JMS has a good selection of their own, as well as Playtex, Leading Lady, Bali bras and others too! Just use this JMS Bucks! Take $10 off $50 Order, today only at! Discount shown in shopping cart. Offer valid 12/10/2012 to enjoy today’s JMS discount!

This gabardine fitted blazer is just $19 at this sale! It comes in six colors in sizes14W to 32W!
 icon icon
You will find this tummy control A-line skirt, (they have tummy control pencil skirts too!), in sizes 16W to 24W, in six colors for $20 today!

Just a few examples of some JMS styles you can get on sale, with the additional discount today!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

25% Off Bras and More at Bare Necessities

Until 12/10/12

 Use Bare Necessities discount link in the right column, or click on any of their styles pictured below to and you will find their 25% Off discount and code! They have over 4430 intimate styles with this discount available!

You will find plenty of large cup and full figure bras as well as shapers, and sexy lingerie styles, (such as all 3 versions of the pearl & lace thongs I was looking at just yesterday…and more at 25% Off!

This is a great time to stock up on Le Mystere’s award winning Dream Tisha full fit bras, try Curvy Kate’s highly rated bras, panties and garter shorts, as all their full figure styles seem to be included in this discount! It also seems all the Parfait by Affinitas,Parisa Fe and Marlies Dekkers full figure styles I have featured here and at’s home page in recent months are included.

Amazingly enough Panache, and Cleo by Panache, bras are included in this discount! I notice the Panache lux version of their Super Tango II now comes in this orchid color, as well as its previous, and still available, ocean blue!
 Bare Necessities has this version in sizes up to 38K!

This Parfait by Affinitas bra I was looking at in October now has 2 excellent reviews, is included in this discount and comes in sizes up to 40G!

I suggest shopping this sale by your bra size and favorite brands soon.

If you have the time, this is a pretty good way to browse around their site to scope out something new and inspiring too!

It does end on 12/10/12, so enjoy the savings!