Friday, August 28, 2009

Clearance sale on a vast selection of Plus Size and Large Cup Bras!

Bigger Bras, sale section 40 Bras for under $40 has turned into their Super Summer Clearance Sale! Go to their All Sizes Bras Clearance section in their top menu, and you will find you can shop by your favorite brand, or your bra size if you like. Other wise in their 16 pages of bra sales, the best deals are first!

I am seeing a lot of Goddess full figure bras, and large cup bras by Panache, Freya and some Fantasie.
For instance this Panache bra is available in large cup bras sizes up to 30, 32, 34 and 38DDD to K, 36D and E and 40DD for just $29.40

It’s best to get to their sale soon, while supplies in your size last!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Get an Extra 15% off already on Sale Baby Phat Plus Size Dresses and Jumpsuits!

Baby Phat has lots of new plus size dresses you can see two of them at the top of our plus size dresses page today. In addition, they are having a 48 hour dresses and jumpsuit sale. Until 11:59PM EST on 8/27/09 you can get an extra 15% off the already marked down dresses and jump suits you find in their sale section!
Click on any of these dresses below to go to Baby Phat. You will find their sale section at the bottom of their left column menu in their Plus Size section.
Here are some of their sale dresses!
This chocolate halter ruffle dress is still available in sizes 1XL to 3XL in this color and its persimmon color. It was on sale at $29.99, but with the extra discount, its now just $25.49!
Shop Baby Phat
Need a beautiful black gown? This one is still available in sizes 1 and 2XL and now costs just $50.99!
Shop Baby Phat
There are 22 full figure dresses and two jump suits in Baby Phat’s sale section today. Enjoy the savings!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fashion tips from Designer Studio

Designer Studio was nice enough to comment onr Wide and Extra Wide Width Boot Sales blog of 8/17. They point out the trendy style of skinny cut jeans, suggesting if you cannot get into them, try the reverse. Try the equally trendy wide legged jeans or trousers with a short, snug jacket with high heels to go for the lean look.

I find Baby Phat has a wide assortment of Skinny Jeans in their Plus Size section under jeans. I like their Pacific Cat Skinny Jeans below, which come in sizes 14 to 24, with plus size size chart right next to the size selector!
Shop Baby Phat
Baby Phat also has skinny jeans in their sale section!

What if you are built like me with an inverted triangle shape? My waist is 38, hips 43, making me a Baby Phat full figure jeans size 18 and 14. So you order at the largest measurement, and still end up with a baggy backside. Or you could:

Leggings with tunics, loose, new trendy and classic suit jackets and cardigans already in your closet! I wear Silhouettes Legging, still $19 after all these years, just like they were the first time I brought them. My measurements make me a Silhouettes’ size XL or 16 waist with a 2X or 20 waist size. So I but their size 1XL and they fit fine!
These leggings come in black, chambray and heather grey in sizes XL to 3XL.
Leggings fit, with ease, into boots! Silhouettes’ boots are still available at pre-season sale prices!
Classic Leggings

Silhouettes has these stretch denim leggings below in average, petite and tall size ranges, in sizes 12W to 26W and in sizes 28W to 42W. These leggings come in colors black, lapis and magenta.
Stretch Denim Classic Leggings

They have these matching scrunch boots, still on sale at $20 off in widths medium, wide and extra wide!
Strap-trimmed Scrunch Boot

There is also a matching suede slouch bag to go with all these. The boots and bag come in the exact same colors as the legging!

According to the Sept. 09 issue of Glamour magazine, page 226 - 227, the leggings as tights look, just do not wear them as pants, is great for women of all sizes!

Sound advice I recall, but not from where: Do not wear tunics, and I would have to assume, sweaters and jackets, whose hems fall where you are at your widest!

Silhouettes also has a wide variety of wide leg pants now, as well as some tapered leg pants too. If you like the closet cropped top and jacket with wide leg pants.

If your area shopping Silhouettes, be sure to take advantage of their money saving code in this page’s right column!

Thank you Designer Studio for your fashion suggestions! They also have designer accessories, but possibly not full figure fashions. I have not searched the whole site.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

30% Off Le Mystere Lace Dream Tisha Full Figure Bras!

You can get these stunningly pretty pink lace Dream Tisha full figure bras at Bare Necessities at 30% off, until 8/24/09. This looks to be the same as their wonderful Dream Tisha full fit bras. Bare Necessities has this bra in sizes 32C to F, 34B, 36D, 38B to G, 40D to F and 42G. Click on its picture to shop for it before your size goes away!

If you click on this bra below, also a Le Mystere Dream Tisha bra, you will find it is on sale in, its primrose color, at 30% off too! So far I see this color still available in size 44C, D, E and F, 42C, D, E and F and more!

I am just back tracking through their sizes on this bra, looks like a good supply, though so far not in large cup sizes. Although I see sizes38B to G, 40C to G is in stock. A bit more spot checking shows large cup bra sizes 34G and 36G…Like I said, pretty good stock still on this one. Just act soon, I noticed Bare Necessities has great discontinued color bra sales, but stock goes fast. So the sooner you act, the better your chances of getting your size!

Bare Necessities is also giving us free standard shipping in the US on orders of $50 or more, until 9/7/09!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Women’s Suits, Ruffled, Men’s Wear and Form Fitting styles

Silhouettes’ three piece ruffle pants suit is a great, wrinkle resistant, suit for the money. Especially now, since this women’s suits is on sale at $20 off during their preseason sale! Silhouettes has a nice collection of men’s wear style, classics and duster jackets and cardigans, as well as new tunics, tops, Fly-away jackets and more. Some are now at pre-season sale prices! You will also find classic and men’s wear styles in Plus Size Suits from Jessica London
Three-Piece Ruffle Pantset

This suit above comes in sizes XL to 6X. It seems they have it out every year, sometimes in different colors. I have it as heather grey in 06, both grey and black in 07, I did not save the record on its 08 color, but I love chocolate brown, so I hope I can pick it up this year. I wish I had them in the previous colors as well, I’d have to hem though, I’m short. SOrry I did not get it in heather and black. It is hard to say what these colors would not go with in my business wardrobe, but I would have been up 2 muchly needed, wrinkle resistant, jackets, dress tanks and slacks if I had.

This Gillian Grey v-neck blouse is not on sale, but is not pricey and Silhouette’s does have an excellent money saving offer you’ll find here in the column to your right.
Gillian Grey ™ V-Neck Tank

For more a more form fitting women’s suit, put together Kiyonna’s Four Season’s separates. Below is their jacket and godet skirt from that collection. The Four Seasons line includes trousers, a pencil skirt as well. The bottoms come in sizes 10 to 32, the jacket, to 24. All these suit separates come in black as well as grey.

Reading the 5 star review of this skirt has, I notice a feature I know I need more of in my wardrobe, remains crisp after a 1 ½ hour drive to an interview!

Romans, who would have thought has this beautiful, curve accentuating peplum suit below. This is not the first time I have though, not our grandmother’s Roamans!
If this curvaceous suit does not appear, just click on this Roaman’s banner to go right to it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wide and Extra Wide Width Boots on Sale!

Silhouettes is having their pre-season sale on their trendy and stylish boots, as well as their classics women’s wide width boots. Now you can get them at up to 25% off! Most of their boots come in widths up to extra wide! These croco trimmed boots are now on sale at $20 off!
Croco Trimmed Boot

You will find La Canadienne wide width, and other width, boots on sale at Zappos now too!
One woman who reviews these La Canadienne stretch micro fiber boots below puts it this way, she has finally found a pair of boots that fit her EE width feet! She finally has a nice pair of boots to wear to work with skirts!
La Canadienne - Judy (Black Micro) - Footwear

Unfortunately the sizes these boots are available in are limited. These boots are now $132 down from $225!
La Canadienne - Emmy (Brown Suede/Leather) - Footwear

These waterproof suede boots above are available in many more sizes, and also in brown or black, in widths up to extra wide. La Canadienne has medium width boots on sale too, as well as high quality, waterproof leather wide width boots, up to extra wide, yet not on sale too. According to the reviews, it seems the leather boots that link takes you to, seems like basically the same style, updated each year, are worth every penny every version, every year!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Been badgered for eating treats? Check out what happened to one Treat Bashing Doctor!

If you have ever considered secretly enjoying your favorite rich or sweet foods due to ridicule and pressure from others, you might enjoy the article I found in this AM’s Yahoo News: Fla. Doc fired over ‘doughnuts equal death’ sign.

Well it appears that this doctor was putting down the enjoyment of hamburgers, French fries, KFC fried chicken as well as sweet tea. He went too far when he attacked Duncan Doughnuts!

I, for one, was pleased to read this. Normally I am not against folks keeping their jobs, but I have been antagonized enough, both as a large woman and as a smoker. I am sick of being overly and absurdly taxed on cigarettes and was thinking that the cigarette tax would also set a precedent with regard to the future of:

who knows, perhaps they will start taxing saturated fats and sugar by the same rational. Monetarily it is hard to take, plus I feel the threat of having our personal
taken away.

In recent years I have enjoyed reading about what would seem to be the French view of enjoying treats and smokes. It appears from reading the books I have enjoyed below, they feel rich foods, in moderation, based largely on what else you ate lately, and are needed, while smoking is a personal choice.

I like Entre Nous: A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl for Debra Ollivier’s writing style and that this book is chocked full of apropos facts, film info, book info, menus, what is in the pantry et al about what I guess you could call the French perspective.

I like Mireillle Guiliano’s story telling, and recipes in French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating For Pleasure

And All You Need to Be Impossibly French: A Witty Investigation into the Lives, Lusts, and Little Secrets of French Women
Which is just and simply fun to read! Well all three are actually

The thing I like best about this French perspective regards to wonderful foods is that you should both eat what we know is good for us, as well as enjoy fine treats too.

To me this makes more sense than slamming fried chicken, desert and what ever your favorite treat foods are. You would not try to live on them anyway, so why the attack! No one should be attacked for selling or eating them! Which is what that doctor was apparently doing, verbally.

But then I see the obesity problem this doctor felt he was trying to wage war against as a problem of;

  • For adults civilized desk jobs, rather than farming or hunting or other hard labor
  • For children; many, if not most, are kept inside, after they finish their homework, because many places, perhaps most, where we live, the school and police ask parents to not let them out without adults to guard them.

I guest this means the opposite of civilization, where the streets and parks are not safe for children. Usually both parents have to work, then there are chores parents must do…This seems a bigger problem to me than a doughnut or two throughout the month.

How do you feel about these issues?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2 extremely Supportive, Pretty, and Comfy Full Figure and Large Cup Bras, 1 at Clearance prices!The more v-neckline version of these full figure bras

The more v-neckline version of these full figure bras pictured below have excellent ratings for appearance, comfort, support and fit at Bigger Bras and Her Room. Both the Demi-cup, square neckline, underwire version is still available at both stores, in some sizes. These bras are just $46.99 at Her Room!. That is an excellent price, as these bras are Chantelle’s full figure Legende and Demi-cup Legende bras. Below is the full figure, more v-necked, version that will not likely go on sale. I figure the best price you will see on this is using the current 15% off at Bigger Bras code to your top right here today, and clicking on its picture to shop for it, in sizes 32 – 42C, D, E & F and 32 to 40G and H.
The reason I figure these bras above will not likely go on sale is many women who review them for Her Room and Bigger Bras say they have one in every color, have more than one, rave about this bras comfort and support. These statements are both from women who wear plus size bra sizes like 40D and large cup bra sizes like 32H!
The reviews, (only available at Her Room so far), for the square neckline, demi-cup version of this bra, at a clearance price of $46.99 below, are equally great!

At Her Room, this bra above is still available in sizes 32 and 34B and C, 36B, 40B to F and 42B and C!
Bigger Bras has this bra as well, not on sale, and only in black in sizes 32, 34 and 40E and 34, 36 and 40F.

A word of caution about Chantelle cup sizes, if you usually wear Fantasie, Freya and Panache bras:
According to Bigger Bras’, I find it reliable, Bras size comparison chart about one third of the way down their How to Fit a Bra page:
Chantelle, Fantasie, Freya and Panache are all the same in cup sizes B to D, Then:

What Chantelle calls an E cup , the other three call DD,
Then Chantelle’s F cup equals E in Fantasie, Freya and Panache
A bra cup size G is equal to what Fantasie, Freya and Panache bra cup of F
It might be best to check the chart to be sure.

I put a permanent link to Bigger Bras’ How to Fit a Bra page, with the handy cup size comparison chart in this pages right column, under Bra Sizing Information.

Also based on some of the women’s reviews of these, normal neckline, bras above at Her Room, the band size might be, like many Fantasie bras, a bit larger. So if you are in doubt about your band size, go with your smaller one.