Thursday, May 11, 2006

Reasons not to wear a corset, for some of us

Yesterday I mentioned why not, even as a shy woman, wear your corset around the house on a hot summer day? Here’s one good reason.

While I imagine my 6 year old daughter would have big fun untying the back lacing and retying me to something....

I thought perhaps it’s the thing to wear under that sparkly dress, see post of April 14th, my daughter is so fond of... at least the top would cover the back lacing for a bit....maybe....

But I mentioned yesterday, I’m kind of limited to the Renaissance Corset, which comes in white, a deep red (Well ok, red. And a neutral color they call Antique Rose. My daughter is sick of me in neutrals to begin with.) Or black. Now I’ve had enough of black....

Sometimes there is a plus side to being a day late and a dollar short! There’s a decision I can put off!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Corsets as outer wear, and which corsets for larger than DD Cup sized full figure women?

I wrote just previously about skipping a long torso waist cincher if I could not get the right size and would rather confront boning in a corset. Here’s some ideas about that.

Why shouldn’t a full figure woman wear a corset as outer wear? Queen Latifah wore one, or so it seemed, in a movie with Steve Martin in 2003.

Why shouldn’t you or I. OK I’m kind of shy for that kind of thing. But around the house at least, why not?

If I wore a corset as a waist cincher, and at the same time as outer wear.
Well that’s one less layer for a hot summer day.
Like this one:

It has a lace up bi-directional back, so you can adjust this to your fit. So if you gained or lost a bit of weight, you could adjust the back a bit. Fredericks corset fitting guide tells you to trim the back lacing strings after you get the right fit. I’d be reluctant to do that. Keep the extra room to move! Or in this case adjust.

It does have a hook end eye front. To get in and out of with out blowing your adjustment. It’s the easy way to get in and out of a corset. It’s hook and eye front is not mentioned in Fredericks online or paper catalog. So I called. Found out a few points of perhaps interest.

Many of their corsets are bra sized. Like their Dream corset and their Bold Hook and Eye Corsets. Customer service tells me that when their bra sized corsets say up to DD cup, believe them.

I asked what does a women, who likes their corsets, and who needs larger than a dd cup bra size do?

I suggested that perhaps the size 3X that their Renaissance corset comes in, could be adjusted out with it’s bi-directional back lacing and still pull in tight enough to fit the rest of you. She said this was very likely.

She, customer service, told me they run big to begin with!Unfortunately of all the lovely corsets Fredericks makes for full figure women, only the Dream Corset comes in 1X, 2X and 3X, (Small to Large too). On the bright side their 1X, 2X and 3X sizes are very generous, as I’ve posted here.

I’d like to try that out and get back to you on the results. But that might take a while. If it does work for me that would be a great leap for rang of Fredericks corsets. I need at least a H cup on a 38 inch frame, with currently a 38 inch waist.

It’ll be a while before I can try this though. If any large busted women out there give it a go before I get around to it, please let me know if it works!